Charlie's Blog: The Decline of Common Decency


The Decline of Common Decency

The thin and precarious crust of decency is all that separates any civilization, however impressive, from the hell of anarchy or systematic tyranny which lie in wait beneath the surface.

The genesis of this essay comes from an event at church. I have been attending the Spanish Mass because it is the only liturgy that our narcissistic priest can perform without launching into show tunes or quiz show routines because his Spanish is so bad. I am not a rad trad insisting that the only valid or reverent Mass is the Latin Mass. But my priest lacks the basic decency that even many heterodox priests possess. He has to make a show out of it because he is in love with himself. For everyone else, it becomes a nauseating spectacle. So, this is why I go to Spanish Mass. The alternative is to drive an hour or two hours to another parish every Sunday to fulfill my obligation.

Because I go to the Spanish Mass, I am the minority which is fine with me. I speak little Spanish, and I take it upon myself to learn that language. I am not a xenophobe as I have met and currently know many fine people from various countries. But for some reason, Mexican parishioners love to park directly behind my car blocking me in. This has happened to me three times by three different people. I am literally trapped by their lack of consideration. This never happens at English Masses or Bilingual Masses. I have concluded that this lack of basic decency is a Mexican thing.

I don't think this lack of consideration is inherently Mexican so much as inherent to illegal immigrants from Mexico. It never gets said at our church, but I believe that 90% of our Hispanic community is here illegally. This used to not bother me as I was an open borders libertarian some years ago, and I retain some of that idiocy in my thinking. But this third infraction of the basic law of common decency has changed that for me. I now wholeheartedly support building Trump's wall on the southern border with Mexico, and I endorse deporting every illegal alien from our country as rapidly as possible. Should they return illegally they should be put in a catapult and launched back over that wall which needs to be 20 foot high and dressed with concertina wire on both sides. The third offense should be execution by firing squad, and their corpses fed to the vultures.

People who have regular dealings with these Mexicans feel way more strongly about these issues than I do. Living on the East Coast, it would be number three or four on my list of priorities. But it would be number one in Texas and Arizona. Once you spend time around illegals, you notice that they are not good people. They lack basic decency which makes total sense when you consider that they are criminals. If you came to this country illegally, this makes you a criminal. Now, if a person has no respect for the law, they will certainly have no respect for manners or just simple decency. This is how you get a Mexican's pickup truck parked on your bumper allowing you no room to leave.

Asian immigrants don't have these issues. This is because the overwhelming majority of them come to this country legally. I find them to be more virtuous than most natural born Americans. I can also say the same for many Hispanics that come here legally. They are the salt of the earth in that regard. Statistically, legal immigrants are awesome people. But illegal immigrants are another story.

This entire concept of decency got me to thinking about the state of Catholicism in America. I can honestly say that I am better than 99% of Catholics in America, and this was true even when I was an atheist. I was not a saint then, and I am not a saint now. It isn't that I am so good. It is that Catholics are that bad. They are lacking in common decency as a consequence of poor formation and poor examples from perverted sodomite priests and Marxist bishops who encourage the worst things possible such as illegal immigration and socialist wealth redistribution. They also encourage contraception and abortion either by their silence or by defying the Church's teachings on these matters.

I possessed a notion of common decency when I was an atheist. I was not a good person, but I knew that you shouldn't park on someone's bumper blocking them into a parking space. You should put your garbage in the can. And you shouldn't text and drive because you could kill someone. This is very basic stuff.

As a Catholic, I still possess this notion of common decency. Unfortunately, most Catholics don't. This is why so many perverted priests have gotten away with it for so long. Recently, a homopredator priest got busted by a good police detective who is also a cradle Catholic. The community closed ranks to defend the sodomite priest and to put that detective out of his job. All of this was reported over at Church Militant. How could this happen? This happens because most Catholics are without common decency, and this includes the laity.

I know I am nutty on these things, but I think priests that prey on the young and vulnerable should be laicized and put in jail. Why can so few see the same things I see? Why am I the champion of the lowest rung of morality? We're not talking about sanctity. We are talking about the most basic form of morality that exists.

Common decency is the last barricade before anarchy. You can see that the Musloids no longer respect decency in Europe now. The same is true here in the USA with Musloids, illegal immigrants, hood rats, and others crapping up our once great country. This is why all these groups have such awful reputations, and they defend themselves by labeling their critics as racists and xenophobes. But if they were just decent in their dealings and daily lives, most of the antipathy towards them would vanish. But common decency is beyond them. Why should anyone be decent towards them?

Here's a tip. Before you come to our country illegally, why not try it legally? Yes, it is hard and expensive, but it is worth it. Then, you should assimilate to our country. I don't even care if you learn English. JUST STOP PARKING ON THE BUMPER OF MY CAR AND BLOCKING ME IN. You don't need to know English or the Constitution to do that. This is as basic as it gets.

Here's another tip for Catholic priests. A great first step in becoming a good priest is TO STOP MOLESTING CHILDREN AND ENGAGING IN SODOMY. Keep your hands to yourself. This would be that lesson every child learns in kindergarten.

Here's a tip for the Catholic laity. When you find a priest breaking the law, CALL THE COPS. Then, support those cops in ridding you of the filth of these perverts. This is common decency.

Common decency does not require great sanctity or holiness or heroic efforts. Common decency requires common sense. And, if you don't have common decency, you're not a saint. You're a pole vaulter who trips over a crack in the sidewalk. The easiest way to achieve common decency is to adhere to the Silver Rule which is to not do to others what you would not want done to you. That's it.

Our country's sense of decency is eroding fast. This means that anarchy is close at hand. Some will claim that I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but I subscribe to the broken windows theory of law enforcement. New York City solved its crime epidemic when it started cracking down on people jumping the turnstiles on the subway and painting graffiti on subway trains. Basically, they enforced a level of common decency which had a multiplier effect. Edmund Burke said much the same thing when he declared that statecraft was soulcraft. When you tolerate the small things, you will get the bigger things as a consequence.

Right now, our hospitals are rife with infection because healthcare workers can't practice the basic hygiene of washing their hands. Similarly, our country is full of lawbreakers because we just let criminals walk right on in unimpeded and even pay them welfare checks. Why should they respect our customs and culture when they don't even respect our laws? When they see that pathetic barrier on our border, that tells those illegals everything they need to know about our country.

Decency matters. Decency is the last thing to go. It stands to reason that it should be the first thing restored in bringing back law and order. So often, the thing that makes people change their minds is seeing that last bit of decency vanish. You may never witness a murder or get raped or mugged. But you see that pile of human dung on the sidewalk of your city, and that's what sets you off. It seems like such a small thing, but it is really a huge thing. This is because people have lost the ability to do even the minimum. When you see feces and needles in the street, that city deserves to be burnt to the ground in fire and brimstone.