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Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 134

Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.


I am struggling with the RTOVS this week. I got my bell rung again with some heavy cognitive stuff. The result is that my head feels like a cinder block was dropped on it. If I do nothing, I feel fine. When I do things, I feel awful, and I have to recover. That is the essence of TBI. It is very frustrating.

I choose to do things in the hope that the incremental improvements will add up to something. The reality is that a damaged brain always remains damaged. You're just working with what's left of the undamaged portions.

I may punt on this RTOVS. We will see how it goes.


I punted after I wrote that. The exhaustion was too much. The Gentle Reader has come to expect an edition of the RTOVS each weekend, but I am not always able to deliver. I apologize. I am just in my cycle of stimulate, eat, and rest. If I overdo the stimulation, I pay for it which means you pay for it.


After the exposure of the Flynn affair, it is all coming out. The Deep State plotted a silent coup against Trump. And it all leads back to Barack Hussein Obama. They all need to be tried for treason and executed by firing squad. What they did stands as the most treacherous act in US history. The JFK assassination would be worse if LHO was not a lone nut gunman. But the jury is still out on that one.

These plotters broke the law, and I think it will be revealed that it was done at Obama's behest. It would be sweet to see Barack stand trial for his treachery. He is an evil bastard, and the worst POTUS we have ever had. He makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

Trump's fatal flaw is that he did not clean house with his administration. The reality was that these Deep State crooks were already working on their scheme before Trump was even sworn in. After that, cleaning house would have looked like "obstruction of justice." Basically, you are the bad guy if you fight back.

The Evil Empire will strike back as even Obama has gone into campaign mode for Joe Biden. I still think they are going to make a substitution with Hillary Clinton. The main thing is that the Deep State needs a dirty candidate from the previous administration. This is why Bernie Sanders and Andrew Cuomo are not desired. They don't have DC dirt on them.


I went ahead and made a BLOGS folder in my Inoreader and started following as many homegrown conservative blogs as I could. I learned a lesson from this as not all conservatives are good conservatives. Many of the blogs had good content but others had pictures of almost naked women and blatant racism. I deleted them. Here's a blogging tip. If you are pushing what amounts to porn on your political site, you need to rethink what you are about.

A good conservative is essentially a Christian, a family man, and a patriot. A bad conservative is essentially a porn addicted redneck Nazi who conceals his garbage in the American flag, the Second Amendment, and the Gadsden flag. I can't stand these people. Unfortunately, there is some guilt by association in the minds of the general public.

Libertarians are in the mix, too. They aren't as bad as the Nazi conservatives I just mentioned. They are intellectually wedded to an abstraction which leads them to not vote. I know because this is what I did when I was a libertarian. It was more about the dorm room debate than actually making the country a better place.

Finally, there is that weird breed of conservative I can only call a "slow progressive." Michael Savage would be the epitome of this type of conservative. These pseudo-conservatives fight the progressive agenda until the progressives win on an issue. Once they win on the issue, these idiot conservatives will then fight to preserve the new status quo. This is how you get a guy like Mark Levin defending and supporting Medicare. In another era, he would have fought it. This doublethink amounts to a firefighter who doesn't put out fires but is content to just slow them down in their total destruction.


There are all sorts of conspiracy theories floating around concerning Covid-19. The theories may or may not be correct, but there is one thing that is totally correct. This would be the conspiracy. That totally exists. You would have to bury your head in quick setting concrete to miss this. I will explain.

Some people believe that the virus was engineered and unleashed on purpose. Others like me believe it was engineered but unleashed by accident. Still others believe that it was purely a natural thing. None of these matters because the end result is the same. We have a crisis, and every crisis is an opportunity to the tyrannical progressives. The genesis of Covid-19 is a moot point.

The goal right now is to wreck the USA economy and the world economy to put down what amounts to a populist revolt against globalism. A main goal is to unelect Donald Trump. The progressives are essentially punishing the people for electing the guy in the first place. First, they punished Trump. Then, they punish his family and friends. Now, they are punishing you.

The lockdown will absolutely end after November 2020. It is unlikely to end before then. It could end before then, but this would require pitchforks, guns, and civil war. Evil never quits. The protests are just telegraphing the calamities that are to come.


Ahmaud Arbery was no innocent out for a jog. The men who killed him were not Dudley Do Rights defending the community by making a citizen's arrest. With the current information, I think we can reasonably conclude that this was an act of vigilantism that ended in one man's death and the incarceration of the vigilantes. The lesson to be learned here is to leave the police work to the cops. This was an avoidable tragedy.


Michigan deserves what it is getting from the tyrannical leftist witch Governor Gretchen Whitmer. I feel bad for all those good and decent people in Michigan who didn't vote for her but must live with her. But as a whole. the people of Michigan elected her. If you voted for Trump but also voted for her, you are truly an imbecile.

Here's the deal. You should never vote for a Democrat. EVER. All Democrats are bad. That's just reality. Voting for a Democrat is like crawling into bed with a venomous snake. The snake may not put its fangs into you immediately. But you are unlikely to survive the night without regretting the decision. The voters of Michigan are now learning that lesson.

The better way is to vote Republican and hold their feet to the fire. I am always bashing on RINOs and others who promise things but try to skip on delivery. Republicans will disappoint you. They're like a dog that craps the bed. It stinks, but I'd rather deal with that mess than get bitten by a Democrat viper.

7. Q & A

Q: Should you specialize or be a generalist?

A: This question comes from a recent Tim Ferriss video. I have been a longtime critic of Ferriss, but I found myself inclined to agree with the guy on this. That is one good thing I can say about Tim. The guy does learn things along the way.

Here's the crux of the problem. You can't specialize in everything. That is an oxymoron. If you're going to specialize in something, you need to be the absolute best in that thing. Ferriss tells you that you need to be the Lebron James of that thing. I would pick Michael Jordan as my example, but I agree. Specialization requires a high commitment of time, money, and energy. That commitment is so high that being less than the absolute best will result in a very colossal failure. It's like placing all of your life savings and investment dollars into a single company that goes bankrupt. Now, if that company investment ends up being Day One at Apple back in the 1970s, your gamble will be genius. But it will still be a bumpy road.

The hazards of specialization are such that virtually 99.999% of the population would be better off not doing it. Ferriss has always known this and preached this sort of thing as he hews more towards the philosophy of the Renaissance Ideal. But there are problems with that approach, too. I will see if I can explain it better than Ferriss.

The terms we are using here are specialist and generalist. It is actually more helpful to use the terms minimalist and maximalist. A specialist is a skill minimalist. A generalist is a skill maximalist. Both strategies are flawed. I thought about this quite a bit some years ago which led to my current blue collar strategy on things which is a middle position.

I think a better approach is to list those things you should not waste your time and resources on. If you bought a basket of stocks like the S&P 500, I think you could significantly elevate your returns by eliminating the obvious losers. I doubt Sears or JCPenney will ever return to their former positions of glory. You could just sell off the companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy or in bankruptcy. Since most companies fail over the long term, this is a good strategy with few downsides. How many companies ever came back from oblivion to kill it again?

When it comes to your portfolio of skills, you want to apply the same strategy. You need to decide which ones are not worth your time acquiring. A great example to me would be gardening. Learning how to grow food seems worthwhile to me. Learning how to grow flowers does not seem worth it to me. I can't eat flowers. That simple example is the essence of the blue collar strategy.

The blue collar strategy is gritty. It doesn't look pretty. Vegetable gardens are not pretty things. Now, it would be nice to plant just one thing. This could be a cash crop like tobacco, soy beans, or cotton. Yet, many farmers who went with this specialization have ended up wiped out when their bets did not pay off. The irony is that a cash crop farmer can end up broke and starving. By attempting to make a large sum of cash, he ended up in the very spot he should have been avoiding. This brings us to another aspect of my blue collar strategy which I think is essential to this discussion.

People think the goal is to win. Anything less than victory is defeat. But this is not exactly true. You win at a basketball game, or you lose. But life is not a basketball game. Life is survival. You don't need to be a billionaire to survive. It certainly helps but is not necessary.

The goal of the blue collar strategy isn't to win but to not lose. This is why I am fond of saying that I win by not losing. While everyone else is trying to win by being the top person in their specialization and maximizing income. I think it is better to focus on not being unemployed. This requires being competent with a diverse skill set. This is why you will find a Leatherman to be better than a butter knife.

You don't want to plant flowers or cash crops. You want to plant a variety of vegetables and starches to feed yourself and your family. If you end up growing more than you need, you trade those with a neighbor who is better at growing things you are not so good at growing. This allows you to eat and not watch the bank foreclose on your farm.

With your job skills, a STEM major would be the cash crop farmer while the liberal arts major would be the flower gardener. The blue collar guy learns to plant vegetables in his humble plot of land. Now, the STEM major might make bank on his one skill while the flower gardener might be able to open a lucrative flower shop. But the vegetable gardener is the only who knows for sure that he will still be eating.

This thinking is what led me to outline a program I call the "Blue Collar Ph.D." This is a basket of practical skills that will benefit you personally should you need them but can also gain you employment. For instance, being able to drive allows you to get around, but you can also become a taxi driver or Uber driver. At no point was learning that skill a waste of your time. Likewise, learning plumbing, automotive repair, electrical wiring, painting, drywall installation, masonry, carpentry, and on and on have benefits both personally and professionally. You can't lose with these things. I just had the wild idea that you should learn all of these things. I have met no one else who does this or follows this approach. When I tell people that I am interested in both plumbing and carpentry, they can't wrap their heads around this. Finally, all of these skills offer entrepreneurial opportunities if you pursue them.

Ferriss seems to recommend adding soft skills to a set of hard skills. This would be adding writing and public speaking to knowing how to code. Now, I am a writer, and I will tell you that this advice of Ferriss is bad advice. It amounts to being a specialist who knows how to self-promote. I am with Cal Newport in the belief that good and valuable work promotes itself. But that is a subject for another time. I agree with Tim Ferriss that you need more than one arrow in your quiver. Specialization is death.

Q: Are you a Catholic blogger?

A: No, I am a blogger who is Catholic. What's the difference? Basically, I write about many subjects. One of those subjects is Catholicism. A Catholic blogger writes only about Catholicism. Essentially, they are specialists. I am a generalist type of blogger.

You get more traffic when you confine yourself to a single subject and have a blog or website dedicated to that topic. If you go to a cooking blog that has various articles on bowhunting, you can't call it a cooking blog. But if it has articles on how to cook venison then it might make sense.

I find single subject blogs to be too confining. It is the same way that I don't care to confine myself to a single genre of fiction. It's also why my favorite rock band was Led Zeppelin because they did all sorts of music and not a particular genre of music. They weren't the same as Black Sabbath who were more of a one trick pony.

I am going to continue to write on a wide range of subjects. The only common element here is me.


An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions.

All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.

Contrary to orthodox belief, success is not being on top of a hierarchy. Success is standing outside all hierarchies.

A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

To this very moment slavery continues in parts of Africa and the Islamic world. Very little noise is made about it by those who denounce the slavery of the past in the West, because there is no money to be made denouncing it and no political advantages to be gained.

Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring.

The glory of a good person is the evidence of a good conscience. Have a good conscience and you will always be happy. A good conscience can bear a great deal and still remain serene in the midst of adversity, while a bad conscience is fearful and easily ruffled. Only be glad when you have done well. Evil persons are never really happy, nor do they feel peace within them; for 'there is no peace for the wicked, says the Lord' (Isa. 48:22). Even though the wicked may protest that peace is theirs and that no evil shall harm them, do not believe them. For God's wrath will suddenly overtake them, and all they have done will be brought to nothing and their plans destroyed.

Have caution in not allowing yourself to be struck down by adversity nor becoming vain by prosperity.

Do you know what it is to be truly spiritual? It is for men to make themselves the slaves of God—branded with His mark, which is the Cross. ... Unless you make up your minds to this, never expect to make much progress, for as I said humility is the foundation of the whole building and unless you are truly humble, Our Lord, for your own sake, will never permit you to rear it very high lest it should fall to the ground. Therefore, sisters, take care to lay a firm foundation by seeking to be the least of all and the slave of others, watching how you can please and help them, for it will benefit you more than them. Built on such strong rocks, your castle can never go to ruin. I insist again: your foundation must not consist of prayer and contemplation alone: unless you acquire the virtues and praise them, you will always be dwarfs; and please God no worse may befall you than making no progress, for you know that to stop is to go back—if you love, you will never be content to come to a standstill.

Occupy your mind with good thoughts, or the enemy will fill them with bad ones. Unoccupied, they cannot be.

Infinite grief I wish from My creature in two ways: in one way, through her sorrow for her own sins, which she has committed against Me her Creator; in the other way, through her sorrow for the sins which she sees her neighbors commit against Me. Of such as these, inasmuch as they have infinite desire, that is, are joined to Me by an affection of love, and therefore grieve when they offend Me, or see Me offended, their every pain, whether spiritual or corporeal, from wherever it may come, receives infinite merit, and satisfies for a guilt which deserved an infinite penalty, although their works are finite and done in finite time; but, inasmuch as they possess the virtue of desire, and sustain their suffering with desire, and contrition, and infinite displeasure against their guilt, their pain is held worthy. Paul explained this when he said: If I had the tongues of angels, and if I knew the things of the future and gave my body to be burned, and have not love, it would be worth nothing to me. The glorious Apostle thus shows that finite works are not valid, either as punishment or recompense, without the condiment of the affection of love.

Faith is a habit of the mind whereby eternal life is begun in us, making the intellect assent to what is non-apparent.

I have been all things unholy; if God can work through me, He can work through anyone.

On the whole, God’s love for us is a much safer subject to think about than our love for Him. Nobody can always have devout feelings: and even if we could, feelings are not what God principally cares about. Christian Love, either towards God or towards man, is an affair of the will. If we are trying to do His will we are obeying the commandment, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.’ He will give us feelings of love if He pleases. We cannot create them for ourselves, and we must not demand them as a right. But the great thing to remember is that, though our feelings come and go, His love for us does not. It is not wearied by our sins, or our indifference; and, therefore, it is quite relentless in its determination that we shall be cured of those sins, at whatever cost to us, at whatever cost to Him.

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them, every day begin the task anew.

Let us not fancy that if we cry a great deal we have done all that is needed—rather we must work hard and practice the virtues: that is the essential—leaving tears to fall when God sends them, without trying to force ourselves to shed them. Then, if we do not take too much notice of them, they will leave the parched soil of our souls well watered, making it fertile in good fruit; for this is the water which falls from Heaven. ... I think it is best for us to place ourselves in the presence of God, contemplate His mercy and grandeur and our own vileness and leave Him to give us what He will, whether water or drought, for He knows best what is good for us; thus we enjoy peace and the devil will have less chance to deceive us.


--I think I am addicted to oxygen. I would die if I couldn't breathe.

--You stop watching Star Wars the moment you realize that it is a gigantic toy commercial.

--Robert Pattinson has decide to not work out in order to play Batman. I assume he will also eschew the steroid abuse as well. Ironically, I think he may have the right idea. Besides, you can always use CGI to fill in the washboard abs and biceps.

--Trump has done virtually nothing to help those people who have helped him. As I said before, loyalty is a one way street with this guy. He will need that help in November, but he will find it deplatformed and incarcerated.

--Ahmaud Arbery didn't become a jogger until after he was dead.

--If tapwater cured Covid-19, the Democrats would turn off the taps across the nation and blame it on Trump.

--If oxygen cured Covid-19, the Democrats would seal your head in a plastic bag until you died, call it a coronavirus death, and blame it on Trump.

--They must have dirt on Lindsay Graham. If they do, the dirt is that he is gay.

--A reboot is where the special effects are better and the acting is worse than the original.


The knights of Columbus is a good example of second rate spiritual organization for men,  Thinking that Lay men cannot do any better,  Except to have a lodge within the Church, Instead of a real spiritual men's group,  Second rate groups always for the Laity.


Good to hear this because as a 3rd degree member and a life insurance policy holder I was planning on calling the agent to review the current policy and now I'll ask him if he's aware of the supreme knight's annual salary ($1.7 million) and (arch) Bishop Lori's ($135k) is in my view too high!


Hi John. Excellent report!! When my son joined it was 1st stop, HARD SELL to purchase life insurance. Please clarify, when you mentioned Carl Anderson's salary you said "one million, seven hundred dollars" but the number flashed on the screen was $1,700,000. Either amount, of course, beyond the pale. Sickening misuse of members $$. I am so tired of being beaten by the guilt stick, i.e., "Back off! The  koc (or whatever organization/individual) does so much good!"


My experience with the KOC is that it is a life insurance Ponzi scheme that engages in fraudulent membership head counts to keep up their non-taxed status. In many states in the US the KOC as an organization for Catholic gentlemen will simply no longer exist. Leaving in it’s place a Fortune 500 life insurance conglomerate built upon the broken backs of good intentioned but misinformed Catholic men. 
Viva Christo Rey! May God have mercy on us all during this chaotic and uncertain time.
The Catholic Church is in a war with Satan and the secular world and The Catholic Church is losing that war. ☦️


The Knights of Columbus are a great example of a rotting and corrupted organization that was formed as a Catholic Masonry alternative. 

Their heretical spondored speakers, support of Salt and Light Media, having Donald Wuhrl as a VIP attendee, Lorre as an employee, and high level members with sirious public sexual immorality is not a series of small matters.

I am not saying that every chapter is bad, but the organization is. 

I was with the Knights of Malta until the selling out of Catholic doctrine, betrayal of Fra. Festig and our order's historian, and cozying up to Francis and the globalists. 

I am sorry, but have an oath, stay to the oath, AND HOLD PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

Both orders are cowards any longer.


I shaved my head a few days ago with razor. I’m not balding or have thinning hair, but just felt that I was letting my hair control how I felt about myself and how I imagined others viewed me. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and truly believe like these guys are saying that hair is just hair and shouldn’t define you. It’s been very eye opening letting go of the vanity of self-image and focusing on the important traits that define me. It’s a great thing and support system you’re doing for the fellow man, Mr. Baldcafe. Never stop with the amazing effort you make and the lives you change every single day.


For me Benedict XVI is the Pope now. Without much power, it is true. But still the Pope. An old man, but still the Pope. Especially when we have now a somehow formal pope named Francis that is pagan, Marxist and Mason. I remember everyone that there is a video on youtube of a journalist in Argentina, on TV Evening News, several years ago, saying that Pope Francis is Mason. The journalist is very famous there. And if I remember well what he says in that video, the journalist is Mason too. Pope Francis talks like a Mason and acts like one too. It is so obvious.


He's kidding himself with this new "spiritual dimension" of the papacy. Benedict should have put on a black cassock and retired to a monastery, and not said a further word. Or he should now be condemning his antipope successor.


"he does not wish to comment on the question of the dubia as presented by Cardinal Raymond Burke and his fellow cardinals regarding Amoris Laetitia, since this “would lead too much into the concrete area of the church governance and thereby would leave the spiritual dimension which alone is still my mandate."

Here we go. Sorry you can't be one but not the other. You left the Church of Christ to the mercy of the wolves and now you perhaps are having second thoughts. You are a coward.
If you really love and keep yourself united to the Cross of Christ why you do not speak clearly and without ambiguity since more than ever "another spiritual dimension" is needed!
No, you can not change hats when you want or when is good for you.


If what Benedict says is true, the real question is, when did Christ give him authority to 'change' the papacy? That is a fair question! The papacy does not belong to the Pope. It is solely an office that was created by, belongs to, and serves Christ and His church. No pope has the authority to change that which Christ ordained.


There is no such office as EMERITUS Pope theologically or in practice over the 2000 year history of the Holy Catholic Church. And yes, a knowledgeable Catholic is qualified to say that with certainty.


Retired or not retired, "spiritual dimension of the papacy" or not, one pope or "two popes," the entire experience has been a very confusing time for the faithful. I believe it has also weakened the papacy. It hasn't helped in any way to resolve the Vatican financial scandal, nor the clergy abuse issue. "Two popes" has been a distraction. And why the urgency publish the biography now? What's the important revelation? Something is amiss.


Bux is spot on. Bishops are consecrated, Popes are elected. There is no ontological mark associated with the papacy. Benedict knows this yet he makes the analogy with a retired bishop.

His "no comment" attitude toward the dubia, has also become tiresome. Don't the faithful deserve an answer? Benedict partially owns the Bergoglio disaster.


The only Pope who ever resigned the papacy in the past, St. Peter Celestine, never claimed to retain anything of the papacy. Of course with the NO, none of this surprises me. Benedict made up the idea of "pope emeritus", and now gets to make up what it means and confuse the whole NO church.


So, in other words, Benedict doesn't understand how the Papacy works, or even how episcopal polity works. Ergo, he resigned under substantial error, which Canon Law declares a mark that invalidates his resignation/abdication. Thus, by the Law itself, Benedict is the one true and only Pope and has been since A.D. 2005. As Ann Barnhardt has shown (and has been found correct again), Benedict subscribes to the German heresy that multiple men can hold the Papacy at the same time. Does God have to literally rent the heavens in two in order for people to understand this?!


This is just the next act of the Modernist Drama called How To Destroy the Catholic Church In Three Acts. Act II has just begun. This was all predicted, by the way, in Daniel Chapter 11, where the outlines of the drama can be discerned in the symbolism of the King of the South and the King of the North. Read to the end of Chapter 11 to see what happens next.

All Hegelian dialectical movements have three phases: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. To those not familiar with it, Marxism was based on Hegelian dialectics. In the dialectical drama created by the Modernists, you have "liberal Catholics" and "conservative Catholics." The Modernist architects pit these two camps against one another until there is a "resolution."

"Conservative Catholics" don't be fooled. Ratzinger is a Modernist. He was/is an architect of the Vatican II revolution. His "role" in this drama is to be the "bad cop," the mean, "conservative" voice, the Archie Bunker, as the process plays out. That has always been his "role."

But most are going to ignore the warnings not to be duped by these people. They are going to "take a side." Some will line up with Ratzinger. Some will line up with Bergoglio. Then it will be schism and "war," which amounts to killing the Charity necessary to hold the Church together. This is when St. Michael, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Jesus will step into the theatre and stop the play.

The only proper thing for the authentic Catholic to do is to refuse to play along with the Modernists. Learn the perennial Catholic faith of Jesus and His faithful Vicars, also known as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Reject Vatican II and Modernism completely. Do as Archbishop Lefebvre did. He should be your model. Consecrate yourself to the Blessed Virgin soon. May God bless you and enlighten you.


Joe: "My product increases brain function"
Alex: "How?"
Joe: "I can't remember"


Honnold: free solos El Cap

Rogan: I’m doing sober October


Me: Should You Specialize or Be a Generalist?
Tim: Yes.


Long story short: being a specialist makes sense only if you're extremely good at what you do. If you're not, it's better to be a "specialized generalist", which means that you should combine several valuable skills, but not too many. The more rare the combination, the more successful you can be. Tim suggests three easy add-ons to whatever you do: public speaking, writing, and negotiating.

Another tip from Tim: win, even if you lose. Use the skills you learned and the relationships you built during the launch of a relatively "failed" product to be more productive in the future. Projects come and go, but skills and relationships with good people stay with you.


"Jack of all trades, master of none, oftentimes better than master of one"


I read the title as "should i socialize "


Always specialise. Go all the way, no plan B.


Thanks Tim. Heard one of my favorite quotes from Scott Adams. “You double your chances of success with each new skill you acquire.”


Just face up to it: Most of you will end up being the 90%, hopefully earning a livable wage in Slavelandia -The New World Corporate Plantation. During my career, I have met a lot of the 10%ers and they are some of the worst people on the planet (sounds like something to really aim for huh?) Just because you never became a CEO or some other so-called 'C' Suite clown, doesn't mean you've failed. My best advice is Start Your Own Business and be your own boss. Then you can 'flip the pearl' at the other brain washed masses who are all desperately fighting to get to the top of the corporate sh*t heap ;o)


The most difficult part is choosing what to specialise in, and which skills to mix and win.


I like the fact that Tim actually gives advice. 

Unlike Robert Kiyosaki for e.g. who just blabs BS and doesn’t actually give any real workable advice.


I'd rather talk to a jack of all trades any day. "Specialists" tend to have a limited viewpoint and don't always expand beyond that.


Become a specialist so that you can learn more and more about less and less until you know everything about nothing.  Alternatively  you could become a generalist and learn less and less about more and more until you know nothing about everything.  The choice is yours :)


I specialise in being a generalist.