Charlie's Blog: How To Age Well


How To Age Well

Gray hair is the glory of a long life.

There is only one way to cure aging, and that is to die young. Otherwise, time and gravity are going to take their toll. There are two ways you can get old. You can accept aging as an inevitable part of life and make the best of it. Or, you can go into old age kicking and screaming in various ways of denying the obvious. You can age poorly, or you can age well. It is a subject I have studied, and here is a guide to aging well.

1. Don't hide your age with cosmetic remedies.

One of the saddest and most ridiculous things you can do as you get older is to try and hide your age. People will go with those incredibly stupid cosmetic surgeries and botox injections. Men will resort to various remedies to hide their hair loss, and women will color their hair. None of this stuff actually works. It just makes you look pathetic. Just be natural.

2. Stay mentally active.

The most valuable asset an older person has is wisdom. But this wisdom is worthless if it is locked in a decaying brain. Research indicates that neuorplasticity endures into old age. The way to make the most of this fact is to keep the gray matter active with cerebral activities like reading, writing, playing musical instruments, doing crossword puzzles, learning new languages and skills, and on and on. The worst thing you can do is to spend your evenings parked in front of the TV set. Don't do this.

3. Stay physically active.

You can build fitness at any age including 90 and above. It really helps if you maintain this fitness before you get old. As you get older, going to the gym or doing a routine becomes a necessity. And I have seen some ridiculously fit older people that put young people to shame. Staying fit also has cognitive benefits as well.

4. Act your age.

I think aging rock stars are pathetic. What is equally pathetic is seeing aging rock fans in the stands with gray ponytails. Folks, you can't hold on to sixteen when you're sixty. Yet, I see many aging Baby Boomers driving sporty cars and dressing like teenagers. All of this represents a loss of dignity that old people used to cultivate as they got older. Now, you have nursing homes with STD epidemics. Grow up already.

5. Never retire.

A good way to remain mentally and physically active is to stay on the job for as long as you possibly can. Plus, your best work may still be in front of you. Retirement is just a down payment on death.

6. Quit smoking and drinking.

Smoking and drinking ages you quickly. This is because both activities are toxic and take a toll on your body. I remember a woman who didn't look a day over 65. The problem was that she was 45. She was a smoker and a drinker.

7. Go vegan.

Meat is bad for you, too. A plant based diet is the way to go if you want to improve longevity and also the quality of your life. You will feel amazing, and you won't need to take Metamucil every day.

8. Listen to classical music.

Classical music has salutary benefits. It increases mental acuity. It stimulates creativity. It decreases stress. It makes you feel more tranquil and calm. Plus, it helps you act your age unlike hip hop or rock. And it never changes or causes sadness and nostalgia like listening to the oldies. It is timeless music.

9. Maintain your relationships with children and grandchildren.

This seems to be a problem for Baby Boomers as they are quick and desperate to get rid of their kids and enjoy hedonistic life again. Then, they become sad and lonely wondering why their kids and grandkids never come to see them. Once you treat family members as liabilities, it cuts both ways.

10. Live a life of faith.

When you're old, there's only one place left for you to go. It behooves you to prepare for that place, but it also has benefits for this life as well. You make friends at church. It keeps you engaged with a community of like minded people. Religion gives consolation in this life. And your faith will make you a better person that others revere and appreciate.

BONUS, Drink coffee!

Coffee is pure win. It puts pep in your step. It keeps your bowels moving which is always a cause of concern for older folks. It makes you mentally sharp. If there is a fountain of youth, it is found in a cup of coffee.


None of us will live forever, but we should live each day we have as fully as possible. Aging well requires maturity, discipline, and wisdom. If you do it right, you should live longer and better and be of great value to the younger generations who still need you and your wisdom. The goal should be to not live in extended adolescence or have one foot in the grave. Aging well is simply making the most of the time we have left that God has given us.