Charlie's Blog: Lexicon


These are words and phrases I use on the regular that I either invented or stole. I share them here, so you will know what I mean when I use them.--C.

blue brains
This is when you want to finish a writing project, but you have to break it off midway to tend to chores or church leaving a mental ache that persists until you return.

Catholic Guilt Ray
This is when your conscience troubles you usually during a particularly good homily or in the presence of a holy person. Its effect is muted when someone tries to misuse the Guilt Ray to manipulate you into doing something you don't want to do usually involving parish activities and chores.

Catholic Lite
These would be Anglican, Episcopalian, and Lutheran churches that look Catholic but are Protestant. They are magnets for divorced and remarried Catholics that want the flavor but not the commitment. Less filling. Tastes great.

This is someone who is virtually vegan except they can't give up cheese.

Chinese roulette
The gamble you make when you buy something from Walmart or Amazon that was made in China in the hope that it will last longer than a day and actually work.

This would be the indoor treadmill. All of the work with none of the pleasure. Better than nothing.

fast food roulette
The gamble you make each time at the drive thru where you may or may not get what you ordered.

A nun without a habit and with a butch haircut and a girlfriend who will tell you where to go to get an abortion and birth control pills. Can be seen attending the Democratic National Convention and riding in a chartered bus around the country.

ghetto mart
A convenience store in a really bad part of town that sells mostly tobacco products, rolling papers, blunts, lottery tickets, fortified wines like MD 20/20, and malt liquor. The proprietor is usually an Indian or Arab immigrant, and the restroom is always out of order.

Juice of the Magic Black Bean

See feminun.

Any person who eats meat but especially those who persecute vegans.

Christians who subscribe to the heretical Prosperity Gospel.

These are the white collar parasites who work in fields such as finance, government, and college administration who get paid good to great while producing or offering nothing of real value to other people.

Republican roulette
The gamble you make every time you vote for a Republican where you may get a conservative, or you may get a dreaded RINO who betrays everything he told you he supported.

Society of Judas
These would be the Jesuits who have betrayed our Lord and St. Ignatius of Loyola by embracing heresies and left wing political garbage like gay marriage, gender theory, religious indifference, and Marxism disguised as "social justice."

A Catholic traditionalist who is a Pharisee.