Charlie's Blog: Filler



Most of us have only two or three genuinely interesting moments in our lives; the rest is filler.

I follow a fellow who makes YouTube videos. He is an old man who lives in Nebraska, and his videos have a homemade quality about them. They are short and come out about once a week. I watch every one of them. What makes him so watchable is that he never wastes your time. He gets to the point and doesn't ramble. His videos are short. They are typically around five minutes. His videos have no filler. I wish many of the other YouTubers made videos like this.

I am a blogger, and it hit me that I was doing something similar with my posts. I was creating filler. For some reason, I felt the need to post daily. I saw this as a recommendation from some website that gives advice on blogging some years ago. I think it is bad advice. To post on a daily basis, you end up with filler. The better advice is to only write and post material that is worth reading. Don't waste the reader's time.

I have removed most of the filler from this blog that I accumulated over the years. My rule now is to only post evergreen posts that have some enduring value and appeal. I wish every post could be a hit, but that it isn't possible. What is possible is not wasting people's time. Just because you have the power to publish everything you write doesn't mean you should.

I am against filler across all mediums and platforms. Stop wasting people's time. Get to the point. And, if you have nothing to say, shut up for awhile. A good post on a weekly basis is better than bad posts on a daily basis. Fundamentally, make better content and trust that it will be found.