Charlie's Blog: An Update From the Long Defeat


An Update From the Long Defeat

As many of us have been warning for the last four years, the Trump Revolution would ultimately be derailed, not by liberals, but by pseudo-conservatives.

My wife was quite livid when she heard that the SCOTUS had decided that sodomites and transgender lunatics will have the same protections as other groups under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This ruling would probably be a shock to the original framers of that legislation who probably never imagined that we would have gay marriage and transmutilation one day. The thing she found most galling was that this ruling came from betrayal. Justice Neil Gorsuch not only joined the progressives on the court but even wrote the opinion in order to add insult to the injury.

A lot of conservatives would like to blame Trump for this betrayal, but you may as well blame Jesus for the actions of Judas Iscariot. The reality is that betrayers exist. The sickness of their betrayal is so bad that it makes you appreciate your enemies for their honesty. Trump simply took these people at face value. If you think he was foolish for this, consider that no one on the right put up much protest on either of his nominations to the SCOTUS. They were considered splendid.

I have experienced so much betrayal in my own life that it doesn't shock me anymore. I expect everyone I know to let me down. When I voted for Trump, it was with the expectation that he would let me down. He has done things that I thought were stupid or wrong, but he has disappointed me the least relative to my expectations of him. This is the power of diminished expectations. I just know that things are better now than if Hillary had won.

When Democrats promise to do evil, they keep that promise. When Republicans promise to do good, they do not keep that promise. I know that it is hard to get things done in politics, so I don't expect success or victory. I just expect fidelity to conservative principles. Very few Republicans pull this off.

There are some things that need to be said. Here is one of them. Abortion will never end. It will not end in your lifetime or mine. It won't end in your children's lifetime or your grandchildren's lifetime. The unborn will be slaughtered right up until the moment of Jesus Christ's return. I know that is a bleak prediction, but it comes from watching almost 50 years of prayers and protests yield nothing in overturning Roe v. Wade. If I were still an atheist, I would point to this glaring fact as ample evidence that God does not answer prayer. As a believer, I just live with the disappointment and mystery of it all. God did nothing to spare the innocents slaughtered by Herod. Why should it destroy my faith that all the prayers for the end of abortion go unanswered?

The primary reason Roe v. Wade is forever is because every justice on the SCOTUS could be replaced with a Republican and a conservative, and they will still fail to overturn that awful decision. This is because when we win we still lose. Roe was approved by a 7-2 vote. 6 of those 7 votes came from Republican appointees. Why should this ever change?

To add even more insult to the injury, blue states expecting Roe to be overturned have strengthened and extended their laws concerning abortion rights. Essentially, more babies are being killed now because of pro-life efforts than before. And the pro-choicers are more galvanized than ever. It is so bad that it makes you want to quit trying.

Reader, are you discouraged yet? Does it make you want to quit? And this is where I pull you back from the edge of the ledge. Life gives you two options. You can win with the bad guys, or you can lose with the good guys. The answer to that choice should be obvious. You should always choose good over evil. The problem is that people want to win, so they decide to join the wicked in order to taste victory. This is how you get a slimebag betrayer like Neil Gorsuch.

I have learned to trust people only when I have to trust them. Even then, I expect them to screw me and to screw the cause. The betrayal hurts less when you do this. As for the betrayer, they end up like Judas Iscariot in greater or lesser degrees. The cop who kneeled like a sniveler before the BLM protesters now expresses remorse and regret over his shameful actions. He said he will live with the shame of that until the day he dies. He is correct. Likewise, Gorsuch will never be able to read a newspaper or go online without hearing people like me deride him and curse his name. As for the progressives, they will also shun him since even they have better sense than to be friends with a traitor.

I expect Brett Kavanaugh to join Gorsuch at some point in betraying us. He has already telegraphed his intentions to do exactly that. Progressives went all out to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed. They vilified him and smeared his good name and reputation. I don't even know why they bothered because Brett Kavanaugh will certainly disgrace himself at some point.

We have two principled conservatives on the court--Thomas and Alito. You can count on those guys to be like Scalia and do the right thing. It would be nice to have an entire court of justices like this. But good men and women are few while the wicked are many. And all I can say is that most people go to Hell. There is a special place in Hell for the betrayers, and I think it is the hottest part of eternal damnation. No one will say they didn't deserve it.