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Plant Based For Life

There are two types of cardiologists: vegans and those who haven’t read the data.

There was a recent groundbreaking study of the vegan versus omnivore diet involving identical twins. I won't bore you with the nerdy data. I will cut to the chase. The vegan diet was the hands down winner, and the study gave every possible benefit to the omnivore diet while not so much for the vegan diet. I see this study as the capstone to what I discovered a decade ago and has been confirmed to me again and again. A whole food plant based diet is the optimal way to eat.

I know that I will always eat a plant based diet for the rest of my life. The evidence for this diet is overwhelming. Only the most profoundly stupid person on the planet could ignore this evidence and keep eating meat, dairy, and eggs. My only regret with going plant based is that I didn't embrace it sooner. It still ranks as the most important thing I have ever done for my health.

You will hear all sorts of bad information from people especially low carbers that a plant based diet is bad for you while meat is good for you. These people are liars. The data does not support their idiocy. And they know it. It is because of these lying fools that we have all of this confusion about diet.

In my perfect world, you can eat meat, dairy, and eggs without any problems. I wish this perfect world existed because I loved eating this crap. I would get a narcotic high from eating a bacon double cheeseburger. I loved it so much that it would thrill me to no end to read that the vegans were all wrong about this. But they're right.

I have a nasty habit of following and seeking the truth wherever it leads me. I believe we all have a moral duty to seek the truth. Unfortunately, I am the only person I know that does this. I haven't always gotten it right, but I never stop looking for the truth. This is why I eat a plant based diet. It is the truth.

I don't care about the ethical treatment of animals or the environment when it comes to what I eat. I only care about my personal health. Those side issues have made "vegan" such a loaded term that people will shun anything that carries the vegan label. This is why vegans only comprise 1% of the population, and every vegan restaurant or food company has an almost 100% certainty of going bankrupt. If the meatheads make things bad with their lies, the ethical vegans help those meatheads with their fanaticism.

There is one thing I have learned from the keto craze and the gluten free fad. People will make changes to their diets if they think those changes will improve their health or trim their waistlines. If they do this on the basis of false information, I think they would do the same with the truth. Unfortunately, ethical vegans can be counted on to fumble the ball. That's a real shame.

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