Charlie's Blog: Putting Your Dreams to Sleep


Putting Your Dreams to Sleep

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

I don't have any dreams for my life. I suppose that makes me an old man, but I stopped dreaming a long time ago. I think I was 30 when the dream died for me. This was 2000. The tech bubble had burst, and the Federal Reserve began printing more money to paper over that disaster. 9/11 hit, and this really turned on those printing presses at the Fed. This fueled the build up of the real estate bubble that would implode seven years later. Naturally, the answer to that has been more money printing as the Fed reduced to a virtually free money policy resulting in the Japanification of our economy.

Barack Hussein Obama II did not help things. He took a very bad healthcare scheme in America and made it into the nightmare we know today as Obamacare. It will be known as Obamacare forever. When that son of a bitch is roasting in Hell, a demon will whisper Obamacare in his ear for eternity. On top of Obamacare, BHO doubled our national debt. Because of this, the Federal Reserve has its hands tied on interest rates. And DJ Trump doesn't seem inclined to remedy this problem.

They call it the American Dream, but it isn't really American. It is the human dream. It is what people and families have wanted forever. It is normative. It is hardwired into our beings. Men and women want to get jobs and start businesses. They want to buy property. They want to have children. They want to send them to college to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, and religious professions. In short, they want to be trees bearing fruit in accord with their nature.

People of a libertarian or progressive bent don't have these same dreams. Their days are filled with fornication, sodomy, pornography, masturbation, video games, watching comic book superhero movies, and smoking dope. There is the MGTOW movement of Men Going Their Own Way as males eschew true manhood and adulthood mainly because they can't earn enough to afford it. For everyone else, the dream is to no longer have to follow their parent's rules for living. It was not to become an adult and have a family of one's own. They want to take their adolescence and extend it forever like Hugh Hefner. They have replaced the dream with cheap hedonism. Families take planning and work. Hitting the bong takes no work.

For someone wanting to live the American Dream, here is what they face. They can go to college and pay for the bloated tuition with student loan debt. Regardless of the major, they will graduate into indentured servitude to that debt. Then, if they can get a job, they will need a car which has experienced its own bloat courtesy of car loans. Many eschew cars altogether. Then, they will attempt to buy a house in the reinflated housing bubble and hope their years of payments don't vanish in foreclosure. They will get married, and their first child will drop even more debt on the new couple as they are stuck with the enormous copay from the bloated hospital costs and their crappy health insurance. A second or third child are out of the question, so they opt for either temporary or permanent sterilization.

The Roman Catholic Church preaches about the evils of artificial contraception. Yet, they offer no assistance to couples who want to have children. They sold off their hospitals long ago while the bishops supported Democrats and Obamacare to the detriment of those families. The options left are for couples to not have children or to have kids that end up in foster care because their overworked parents are too broke to pay back the debts they owe and also feed their children. The result is that the Catholic Church is an instrument of pure evil as its liberals support the progressive state which is anti-family while the conservatives condemn couples with zero to two children as "selfish." Both beat up on the family while doing nothing to help those families. Then, they have the gall to expect those debt burdened families to send their kids to Catholic schools that they can no longer afford.

Who is to blame for this great evil? This would be the twin towers of darkness known as the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government. Both institutions have destroyed the middle class in America. This demise began in 1971 when Richard Nixon cut loose the last tether the US dollar had to the gold standard. The result was inflation which is the "hidden tax" that devalues the currency and drives up prices to the benefit of the wealthy and to the government who live off of the inflated currency. The rest of us are stuck with the consequences. The first consequence was that mothers could no longer stay home with their families but had to join the workforce with their husbands. What only took one salary or wage now took two. Additional shortfalls would be covered with debt. And additional children were out of the question as artificial birth control went from mortal sin to accepted practice.

Family life was reduced or destroyed while debts increased. The public would get some relief in the 1980s from Ronald Reagan's tax cuts and Paul Volcker's double digit interest rates. But this was a tap on the brakes. Governments and central banks know neither restraint nor common sense. The dreams of the masses were destroyed and replaced with the nightmare of massive debts and loneliness. Since the administration of the George W. Bush administration to the present day, the national debt has ballooned to stratospheric levels that can never be repaid while the Federal Reserve has created one wealth destroying bubble after another.

The government answer to these things is abortion, birth control, gay sex, and the legalization of drugs like marijuana and opioids. Drugs and sex take your mind off of your misery like they did in Huxley's Brave New World. For those strapped for cash, they simply pushed for easier access to credit. Finally, we face the specter of communism as socialist candidates like Sanders and Warren actually have a shot at getting elected. If they win, it will be on the promise of freeing college graduates from the indentured servitude to those student loan debts and a promise of a lifetime government check.

People like to blame capitalism for these things, but capitalism has not failed. Democracy has failed as virtually every sector of our society has lined up for freebies at the expense of someone else. This would be the Social Security check, the welfare check, and food stamps. This would be farm subsidies and crony capitalism. Finally, it would be interest free loans courtesy of the Federal Reserve that debase the currency to increase the wealth of the elites. And when they blow this money, Uncle Sam gives bail outs to these cronies and sticks the rest of America with the bill. And when the masses howl over this, the socialists make offers of free college and universal basic income. Somehow, all of these free lunches will get paid by someone else and not us.

The remedy to these ills is no mystery. We must abolish the Federal Reserve. We must return to the gold standard. We must cut and eliminate taxes. We must trim down the size of the federal government by abolishing everything beyond the basic functions necessary for law and order and protection from foreign enemies. But none of these common sense things will ever be done because they would require virtue on the part of the American people. People would have to work for a living instead of scheming for a living. They would have to refrain from living on the dole and engaging in government aided larceny. All of these things require nothing short of a complete change of mind in people's religious and political views. But people being stupid will only learn what they need to know in the harsh school of bitter experience. They will only gain enlightenment when the lash of tyranny hits their backsides and not a moment sooner.

Democracy is what has killed our Republic. The evil have overwhelmed the good. Virtue and morality have declined leading to a growth in the size of our government. Tyranny has replaced liberty as the common people have shown themselves unfit to be free. This leaves the few remaining good people who merely want what is just and right and good and normal to put their dreams to sleep as the parasites eat out their substance and kill our once great nation.

The good people in this country are just a remnant now. They were potent enough to elect Donald Trump, but evil is regrouping as you read this. You should look less at the shenanigans in DC and look at your family, friends, and neighbors. How are they living? Are they going to church? Are they working hard? Are they trying to live righteous lives? Or, are they spending their days trying to get over, satisfying their genitals, and smoking dope?

The calamity of our times is that the innocent must suffer with the damned. But those innocents are doing what they can to mitigate the damage. They eschew debt. They work. They homeschool their children. They join healthcare coops. They buy gold. They establish a homestead which they hope and pray will not be filched from them by the tax man. They load up on ammo and supplies and prep for the worst. They vote for Donald Trump. But they are like so many sheep among a pack of wolves. These wolves are our disgusting fellow citizens who are too stupid and too lazy and too damn immoral to do what is right. They are an abomination deserving destruction and eternal damnation. The only relief we may have from them is to see their splattered brains and bullet riddled bodies in a violent civil war. They will certainly not hesitate to kill us as all communists have done throughout history. The USA will look like Venezuela does now before it is all done.

How did we get here? We, the People, have done this to ourselves. If you believe our founding documents, our government has done this to us by our consent. We were complicit in our own demise. We voted for this. We were silent when it was done. We were asleep in the eternal vigilance that liberty requires. Now, we are awake to see our house in flames. May God help us.