Charlie's Blog: What Needs To Be Done


What Needs To Be Done

It is absolutely heard, that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as the like is not among the heathens; that one should have his father's wife.  And you are puffed up; and have not rather mourned, that he might be taken away from among you, that hath done this deed. I indeed, absent in body, but present in spirit, have already judged, as though I were present, him that hath so done, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, you being gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus; To deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This post is a follow up to the What I Know post about the infiltration and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church in our time. To witness and know about the depth of the corruption tends to drive someone with faith to despair. Why bother being Catholic? What moral authority can an institution have that rapes children and covers up for it? But this despair is what the Devil seeks. If you succumb to it, the Devil has won, and you will lose your soul. You don't want this to happen.

There are things that you can do to make things better. There are also many things others can do to also fight this scandal and corruption. But these things are dependent upon your state in life. Here is what I think needs to be done about this problem.


1. Pray.

Whenever our Lady makes an appearance, she tells us of awful things to come. Yet, her prescription is always the same. Pray the rosary. Somehow or another, praying that rosary is going to make the difference. As our Lady tells us, in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

The temptation in hard times is to give up on prayer. Today, "thoughts and prayers" are derided as no better than doing nothing at all. Implied in this cynicism is that God either doesn't exist, or He doesn't care. But prayer is what sustains our faith. It is also what will win this battle if we don't give up.

One of my favorite stories from the Old Testament comes from Exodus 17 when the Israelites had to do battle with the Amalekites. It became apparent that the battle became dependent upon Moses and his prayers. As he prayed, his hands were lifted. As long as they stayed up, the Israelites would win. When those hands would drop, they would start losing. So, Moses got an assist from Aaron and Hur:
And Moses' hands were heavy: so they took a stone, and put under him, and he sat on it: and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands on both sides. And it came to pass that his hands were not weary until sunset. 
Our successes in battles and in life are directly proportional to our prayers. For Moses, the fatigue was a physical one. For us, the fatigue can be psychological and emotional. But like Aaron and Hur, we can assist with out own prayers and encouragement. Prayer is not doing nothing. Prayer is hard work.

I recommend praying the rosary every day. One of the things I have discovered about this practice is that I can always do a rosary where I don't have the strength or energy for mental prayer. And I can tell you that St. Josemaria Escriva was right. If you are always praying, you will always be happy.

2. Live it.

One of the reasons that laity have tolerated so much filth in their bishops and priests is because they are no better themselves. So many Catholics are engaged in fornication, cohabitation, use of artificial contraception, use of pornography, and on and on. They vote for pro-abortion politicians and support gay marriage. I can tell you now that a primary reason God has allowed this filth and corruption to overwhelm His Church is to chastise the laity. They excuse filth in their ministers because they know those ministers will excuse their filth.

Always pull the beam out of your own eye before you go pulling specks out of the eyes of others. If your life is a scandal, you really shouldn't be going on and on about the scandals in the Church. It's like a trad that thinks the Latin Mass needs to be brought back for the sake of reverence but attends church in his flip flops and shorts. If that guy can't show reverence for our Lord, why should he pick on the priest who celebrates the Novus Ordo in a casual manner?

I know of a Catholic man who never gives to the Church, never attends Mass, never goes to confession, never prays with his family, or even says grace before a meal. But he is always quick to point at the corruption in the Church as a justification for being a half ass Catholic.

You can't cover your sins with other people's sins. On Judgment Day, your sins will be exposed, and you will own them. No matter how bad these sodomites in the Catholic Church may be, none of this filth will excuse your own lack of morals. Clean up your own house first, and you may find that it will go a long way to cleaning up the Roman Catholic Church.

3. Expose it.

If you see something, say something. The evildoers in the Church are able to do what they do because good people do nothing. Laity have no power in the Church, but they do possess all of the power in the world. If you are a journalist, you should report on it. If you are a criminal prosecutor, you should go after it. And if you are a nobody like me, you should spread the word on your blogs and social media.

4. Stop paying for it.

Finally, you need to restrict your giving to the Roman Catholic Church. Never give your support to anyone or anything that promotes modernism or tolerates sodomy or filth. This is virtually every diocese in the United States. On the parish level, if your priest is bad, cut your giving to the bare minimum even if it is one dollar per week. Direct your giving to faithful parishes even if they are ones where you do not attend. Put restricted uses on your giving or donate non-fungible things like candles. For some reason, this has gotten the attention of these bishops. It has not been enough to make them repent or clean up their acts. But it will be when they feel the pinch.

You should give to the poor and support the Church, but you can be shrewd about this giving. God put that money in your hands to have a say in where it goes. Use that right. If your priest is a sodomite or your bishop covers for this filth, stop giving them money. Cut them off. At some point, they will resort to extortion saying that if you don't tithe to the Church, you are in a state of mortal sin. But push them to that point. It will make their eternal damnation more hellish than it already will be.

I've already curtailed and redirected my giving. And when they give me those envelopes for the USCCB or the diocese, I put a note in there to let them know why I didn't give and won't ever be giving to them. Let those bastards starve.


1. Remove yourself from priestly ministry.

If you are a sodomite or a pedophile, you need to remove yourself from priestly ministry and request a return to the lay state. Even if you are living in chastity, if you have ever had consensual sex with another man, you are unfit for the priesthood. You are a sodomite. God will forgive your sins but continuing in priestly ministry is a near occasion of sin for you. It's like an alcoholic who wants to work as a bartender. This will not go well for him

Those called to be priests and bishops are held to a higher standard. I know this is a newsflash to some of you perverts, but St. James lays it out for you in James 3:1,  "Be ye not many masters, my brethren, knowing that you receive the greater judgment." Somehow, priests have the idea that because they can confess their sins and receive absolution that this somehow extends to priests. It doesn't. Your gross sins cannot remove you from God's love, but it absolutely should remove you from priestly ministry. You should take off that collar and take your place back in the pew.

Priests of a heterosexual inclination should do the same thing if they engage in fornication or adultery after their ordination. The only difference between the straight priest and the gay priest is that the straight priest does not possess an intrinsically disordered state of mind. Consequently, the priestly function is something he can lose while for the sodomite, it is a function he should have never had.

These prohibitions are already in place in canon law and papal directives, but they are ignored. But you don't have to ignore them. Your first responsibility is to save your own soul. Your second responsibility is to not be a cause of stumbling for others. Gay priests risk eternal damnation for their own souls.

2. Be a good shepherd.

The vast majority of priests that I encounter are awful. Their Masses lack reverence. They offer confession times for a mere thirty minutes per week and goof off on their smartphones in the confessional. They preach modernist garbage in their homilies. You can tell the quality of a priest by the length of the line for his confessional. I know some faithful Catholics that will drive an hour to other parishes just to confess to a good priest.

I don't think being a good priest is that big of a mystery. I am a layperson, and I already know what it takes to be a good priest. Sainthood is hard, but professionalism in the priesthood is easy. The problem is that priests are lazy much like people in other professions. If you didn't want to be a priest, you should not have become a priest. But if you are a priest, you need to work at it.

3. Rat out bad priests and prelates.

Priests are not allowed to violate the seal of the confessional. The remedy for this restriction is the screen. You should insist on all confessions being anonymous. This allows you to keep the seal and also rat out the bad people. Then, you need to take the information you have which has been gained outside of the confessional to the secular authorities and to the media. These can be anonymous tips. Good cops and good reporters can investigate for themselves. The truth is that the sins of these evildoers is practically in the public eye now thanks to social media and brazenness.

The screen is also a good way to protect yourself since you can't grope or molest someone through a screen. This will negate any false claims against you. And if you are one of the bad guys, remove yourself from priestly ministry.


1. Stop covering up for the filth.

This is a no-brainer, yet the cardinals and the bishops don't get it. I also suspect that they are involved in the filth. If you are one of these disgusting perverts, you should remove yourself from your role as bishop and priest. If you don't, you will find yourself in the lowest pits of Hell for eternity.

2. Direct your priests to be good priests.

This means being in that confessional more than thirty minutes per week. This means learning the Latin Mass and offering it. This means cracking down on priests who are bad.

3. Take a vow of poverty and live it.

The only thing that infuriates me more than a pervert bishop or one that covers for other bishops is a prelate who lives large off of the backs of the faithful. If you've living in a mansion, you need to sell that thing and put the funds in a sex abuse settlement fund. As it stands, parishes are closing for lack of funds while the bishop lives it up in a house that would pay for three parishes. This is disgusting.

Our Lord and our Lady did not live in ostenation. Neither should you especially when the faithful labor in poverty and need while providing you with that ostentation and paying for your pervert priests.


1. Bring back the Inquisition.

The Inquisition is still around, but it got renamed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. One of the things I don't like about the Catholic Church is how things get renamed to make them sound nicer and friendlier. The CDF should take back its old name and operate in every country. It should be ruthless and severe in going after heretics and perverts. All of these calls for some sort of governing body comprised of laypeople and bishops are really just calls for a return of the Inquisition.

Despite the infamous excesses of the notorious Spanish Inquisition, the Inquisition was an unqualified good thing. Without it, the Church is nothing but a toothless tiger. How much respect would we give our governments if they passed laws they never enforced? The Roman Catholic Church does not enforce its laws which is why we see all of the heresy and corruption.

The Inquisition needs to ruthlessly go after the bad guys but without putting people on the rack. It is enough to threaten people with laicization and excommunication. Then, when they are found guilty, they should be turned over to the secular authorities for any criminal penalties.

The Holy Father is the one who needs to give this directive on the Inquisition. He doesn't need a synod or council on this matter. Just do what needs doing. This one thing alone will work wonders at restoring justice and order to the Roman Catholic Church.

2. Close down the Vatican Bank.

It is no secret that the Vatican Bank is a laundromat for dirty money and criminal enterprise. Efforts to clean it up have been a farce. But banks can be closed. The criminals can take their dirty money with them. Sometimes, the best way to clean a thing is with a bulldozer.

3. Disband the Society of Jesus.

In 1773, Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuit order. It was the right thing to do at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons. But in the hindsight of what the Jesuits have become and what they are today, that decision should have stuck.

There is corruption among Dominicans, Franciscans, Poor Clares, Benedictines, etc. But the Jesuits are the absolute worst. I hear numerous stories of rampant sodomy, gay sex orgies, and the promulgation of heresies that make Martin Luther look like a good Catholic in comparison. If I were pope, I would go ahead and pull the trigger on the Society of Judas and instruct all Jesuits to report to the reconstituted Inquisition to answer for their sins. Granted, there are some good Jesuits, but they should have no problem with the Inquisition. But for the rest, they should be defrocked, laicized, and excommunicated.

Other religious orders should face the same fate especially the feminuns and lesbonuns who burned their habits when Jane Fonda was burning her bra.

4. Demand a vow of poverty from all priests and prelates worldwide.

Nothing cleans out a filthy stable like poverty. The pope should demand an accounting of the lifestyles of all of his bishops. Then, those bishops should extend that accounting down to their priests. Why should this be done? Because they all should be made to pay for the sex abuse crisis they had a hand in creating. Poverty should be their penance, and this penance should be made permanent. It should never be rescinded.

Being made to live like the sheep will go a long way to rehabilitating these shepherds. They don't feel the pain of their decisions, and they are far from the sheep. But when you have a priest living on scraps, he finds himself being nicer to the laity who invite him over for dinner or slip him $20 around Christmas time. Show me a priest in a threadbare cassock, and I will show you a good priest.

5. Abolish the Novus Ordo and return to the Tridentine Mass.

There is no question that the new Mass of Pope Paul VI has been a complete disaster. Is Father Z right? Will saving the liturgy also save the world? Absolutely. Like the broken windows theory of law enforcement, people will take God seriously when the priests start taking Him seriously. There are so many sacrileges performed on a daily basis around the altars all over the world that it makes faithful Catholics cry. They wrecked the Mass with the Novus Ordo. Everyone knows it. Now, the Catholic Church needs a pope who will admit it.

6. Demand that nuns get back in their habits.

There's one good thing about a lesbonun with a butch haircut. You know she is corrupted automatically. You can go ahead and excommunicate virtually every nun without a habit without having to appear before the Inquisition. Some nuns in habits are bad, but all nuns without habits are bad.

7. Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There has been a lot of controversy over this, but it will end when the Church does what she asked. This may have been a delicate issue during the Soviet Union, but I already know Putin doesn't have a problem with it. The consecration is late, but it needs to be done.

I doubt that the current pontiff will enact any of these reforms. The irony is that the only thing stopping a pope from doing this will be his own lack of spine in this regard. The Vicar of Christ is the only thing this world has resembling an absolute ruler. But a good pope can and will scour the Catholic Church clean even if there is a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth that goes with it.

8. Exorcise the Vatican.

It is obvious that the Bad guy moved in awhile ago and runs the place. I believe that the satanic enthronement did happen. It's time for the Devil to get knocked off that throne.


Will any of these things ever be done? Except for what the laity is doing now, I doubt it. When the sex abuse crisis broke, the response of the bishops was to fall like a ton of bricks on the laity for the sins and crimes of the priests and bishops. They enacted rules, classes, and background checks for every layperson who works in the church all the way down to the janitors. We call this sort of thing "projection." Somehow, clerical sex abuse is the fault of laypeople. What sorry sons of bitches these scoundrels be. They should be disemboweled and flayed alive for this crap.

My sincere hope is that all of these filthy bastards are tried, convicted, and locked up in prison for a long time until they are sodomized and beaten to death by fellow criminals who at least have the decency to keep their hands off of children. These scumbags deserve this because they deserve to burn in Hell forever, and they deserve this fate more than virtually any other person on earth.

I believe God will bring His chastisement upon these evildoers. Their time is coming, and it draws near. God help them to repent because even the demons will weep to see their fate.

For the time is, that judgment should begin at the house of God. And if first at us, what shall be the end of them that believe not the gospel of God?