Charlie's Blog: The End of Writing


The End of Writing

He who writes for fools always finds a large public.

Blogging is like playing bingo. The only difference is that you gamble away time and labor instead of money. Some people win the game, but most people leave the bingo hall as miserable losers. The way to win at bingo is to not play the game. Be satisfied with what the Lord has given you.

Last night, I had a bit of time. I could finish the blog post I was writing. Or, I could clean the bathroom. My poor wife has been stuck with that chore for years as her husband has poured his time into a blog that no one reads. So, I chose to clean the bathroom and give her a much needed break. You can put that in the win column. That blog post didn't get finished, and I don't really care. I feel more satisfaction in cleaning that bathroom than I feel in writing this blog.

I hate this blog. I write with the same compulsion that gamblers have with their game of choice. I can't leave the table. I can't just let it go. Yet, if I don't let it go, I will lose harder than I do now. That's the sick trick of gambling. You attract losers and turn them into bigger losers.

I lose every time I write a blog post. I lose the time I could have used to get chores done or learn a new skill or get some exercise or just take a much needed nap. I am tired of losing. I have literally spent years hoping that something I wrote would go viral or something and make this project worth it. I don't expect to get rich from it. But I do expect to get more from it than what I put in it.

I can live with writing as a pure hobby. I can always keep a private journal if I choose. I have started a journal at least ten times or more over the years only to lose interest in it. Keeping a journal is like playing chess. It's an awesome game to learn and play, but it doesn't have a jackpot like bingo. Blogging is bingo.

I need to stop doing this. It is a waste of my time and energy. This is my last blog post. I might change my mind about this. I don't know.  I just know that blogging and writing take more than they give. So, I'm letting this crap go to see what happens. I'll let the C-blog float out there for awhile before I blow a hole in the hull and let it sink into the abyss.