Charlie's Blog: In Memory Of Those Who Gave All


In Memory Of Those Who Gave All

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.

The body that lies in rest in the Tomb of the Unknowns belongs to a solider who died in WWI. We do not know his name because the madness of war makes it impossible to identify many of the dead. This solider and his tomb has become the memorial to all those who die in war who cannot be identified. May God grant rest to their souls.

Today is Memorial Day when this country honors those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this country and what she stands for. We can only repay them with honor since we cannot give to them all that they gave to us. The least we can do to make their sacrifices not be in vain is to be a good and honorable nation.

How does our nation remember our fallen today? With graffiti on a war memorial. It just blows my mind that the scum of this nation would do this. This is where we are at as a country. The sacrifice of these noble men and women has been nothing more than a street canvas for thugs to desecrate at will. I sincerely wish they made such a crime a felony punishable by at least a decade in federal prison.

We are not a good nation. When this is the repayment we give to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, what does that say about this country? Why would anyone fight for this country today? This is what sacrifice is worth today. You die for this country, and it will mock and ridicule you in death. This is an abomination.

This country needs to get back to a certain level of respect. We need to honor God, families, the flag, the Constitution, and those who served and died in defense of our country. I lay the current moral decline at the feet of our political leaders who have turned everything we believe in into so much cynical game playing for the sake of money and power. The worst enemy we have today is us.

For all those who have fallen and those who have served, thank you for all that you have done. You are the best that America produced, and I appreciate all that you have done. My prayer is that others will also have the same appreciation.