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Charlie's Blue Collar Gospel

Out of the current confusion of ideals and and confounding of career hopes, a calm recognition may yet emerge that productive labor is the foundation of all prosperity.

There are two attitudes in the world towards work. The first and honest attitude towards work is that it makes the world a better place. Hard work is good for the soul. Work provides services and produces things that benefit other people. Work provides a living for yourself and for your family. Yet, this attitude is threatened by the second attitude that has become prevalent and predominant in certain sectors of our culture and society. This is the attitude that work is for suckers.

The "parasite class" is the name I give to these people who believe that work is for suckers. We all know these people. These are the people who have no real job except to find ways to skim off of the hard work of honest people. Most of these people are corporate managers, government bureaucrats and workers, financial services professionals, and college administrators. These people are not into honest work, but they believe they are entitled to higher compensation for their dubious professions because they are smarter than the average bear. Basically, they believe they are better than the people they dupe out of their hard earned dollars.

No one likes to be called a parasite. Yet, what else can we call these parasites except parasites? A host can live without parasites, but parasites cannot live without hosts. We don't need these people which is why these parasites are at pains to justify their existence. This is how you get a silly term like "job creator." Jobs are not created by parasites. Jobs are created by human needs. Since most needs are filled by labor, jobs appear for those who can labor. It isn't rocket science.

The capitalist will claim that jobs are created by capital, but capital is worthless apart from labor. Capital itself is created by labor, perpetuated by labor, and increased by labor. Capital does not come from a vaccuum. Capital is wealth collected from previous productive effort for the intention of increased productive effort. This would be the farmer who plows his field with a mule and saves for a tractor made by human hands in some factory. The bedrock of everything is labor.

The parasite class is not very good at producing anything. They are very good at getting paid. Their goal is to attract the greatest compensation while offering the least in return. To accomplish this requires a great deal of selfishness, self-delusion, sociopathic tendencies, and other varieties of evil and mental damage to overcome the reality that these parasites are little more than thieves. This disgusting evil reaches its zenith when these evil worms try to portray the honest class of working people as inferior and even as parasites. You can witness this when Walmart workers strike for better wages in order to get off welfare because a job should at the least allow people to make a living. And what do these people get for standing up for themselves? They get called worthless pieces of crap by the very people who are the worthless pieces of crap.

All of this begs a question. Is work for suckers? It would seem so. It doesn't make much sense to be an honest worker when you can get the same money or more for doing nothing. Why work hard? Why be honest? Why be good? The answer to that question depends not upon economics but upon theology. Is God real? And do the meek really inherit the earth?

Let's assume for the sake of argument that God does not exist, and there is no ultimate justice. This leaves striving according to the motto of the wolves of this world--GET LAID AND GET PAID. What would a world of nothing but parasites look like? It would look like nothing because it can't exist. Parasites can produce nothing for themselves in much the same way the Devil can produce nothing good but must coast on the leftovers of his fallen state. In order for good to exist in the world, there must be good people to produce those things. Parasites may not believe in God or justice, but they depend upon others to believe in God and justice to keep producing things for them to steal.

This is an argument I win on a daily basis when challenged by a parasite to produce more. I always ask why. There may be a threat of termination as if fear is what keeps me working. But since there is no God in the world of the parasites, I ask them what keeps me from taking my revenge upon them at the first possible opportunity and with as much savage pleasure as I can derive from the act. In other words, what does the slave have to lose by waiting for his master to fall asleep and slicing his throat in the night? The parasite cannot answer this. He must appeal to God and justice which is exactly what all those Southern slave owners did in the day. But this puts the parasite in the dock of his own courtroom. You can't have it both ways. You can't ask for justice while also being unjust.

What keeps the meek in check is their morality and their belief in God. When the meek are unleashed from morality and religion, their cruelty exceeds all bounds. From slave revolts to popular uprisings to labor riots, the meek always have it in their power to take instant revenge. It is not surprising that it happens but that it doesn't happen more often. But it happens often enough for the parasites to sleep in fear. That sword cuts both ways.

So, who is the fool? Who lives in fear? Is it the slave? Or is it the master? As a wage slave, I can tell you that I sleep well at night. I can look myself in the eye and not feel shame over how I make my living. I also believe in God, and I believe that all the books will be settled one day. Those who did their work honestly will be rewarded, and those who stole will enter into everlasting damnation. There will be no end to their misery, and it will be proportionate to the misery they inflicted upon others.

No one gets away with anything. Those who enjoy now will weep later. Those who weep now will enjoy later. But there must be some reward in this life for those who make an honest living. There is, my friend. This reward is called dignity. When you are blue collar, you know inside that you are better than the parasites. It is enough to be worthy of an honor you may never get. But to have an honor undeserved is despicable. Parasites know this. They try in vain, but all they can do is reward themselves with plaques and property. Never forget this. Scum drives a BMW.

Our time is a time of amnesia. People have forgotten the dignity of work and the working class. This is why our economy is in such bad shape now. We have a generation of college graduates drowning in student loan debt. How did this come about? We can blame the lenders and the colleges, but someone with the brains to go to college should be able to read the newspapers or do the math of simple interest. The reason this has happened is because those graduates wanted to escape being blue collar. They wanted to join the parasite class, but the parasites fed on them instead and left them with the tab. Their more humble and less ambitious blue collar peers now work slightly better paying jobs than Starbucks but without the debt.

The financial services sector grows and grows as they are the ultimate parasite industry sucking up the most wealth while producing zero wealth. Financial services is the fattest tick on the hide of this dog, and that tick will explode in a shower of blood and gore. The only fear of the financial services parasite is being forced to make an honest living with his own two hands. These people scream the loudest about capitalism and free markets despite the fact that they lobby hard for laws to make their debt slaves pay.

The federal government is the other tick that will explode. Unfortunately, everyone will be hurt when this happens. They jump out of windows on Wall Street, but I have no idea what they do in DC when calamity strikes. I would love to see government parasites turned out of their bogus jobs, but the only government workers that get the shaft are the military veterans. Congresscritters will get their pensions until the end of their days. Then, they will go to the lower reaches of Hell.

The people in this country need to do real work for a change, and they need to believe in doing real work again. Our nation's prosperity has slipped as parasites feed while workers tire of feeding parasites. This country needs to be blue collar. The best people in this country are the ones driving tractors and pick up trucks. These are the ones who build our bridges and our roads, wait our tables, cook our food, and care for our sick. These are the ones who teach our kids, defend our nation, and build our homes. These common people are the ones who built this nation and pay this nation's bills. And the ones who have destroyed this country are the ones who have gotten a free ride on the backs of these working people. You want to make America great again? Then make hard work count. Reward the producers and punish the parasites. When this happens, prosperity will return because prosperity comes from hard work.