Charlie's Blog: The Cult of the Open Mind


The Cult of the Open Mind

Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.

I am not an open minded person. I used to be but not now. This is because I am Catholic now where before I was an idiot. Being open minded is like being single. When you are single, you are free to date, but that freedom ends when you become married. Likewise, when you are a seeker, you are free to look for answers, but you stop looking for answers when you find the answer in Jesus Christ and in the church He established. I have closed my mind on something solid. To open it again would be double minded.

I am not so arrogant as to believe that I am always right. But this mindset is not having an open mind but simply being humble. I am prone to error, but there are no errors in God. My humility leads me to conform my mind to Christ. This is anathema to the Cult of the Open Mind. Apparently, you are supposed to have an open mind on everything except God. When it comes to God, that open mind snaps shut with an audible click.

The Cult of the Open Mind comes from the Enlightenment and from atheism. This is why pluralism and tolerance have become buzzwords, and anyone who disagrees is "intolerant." The philosophy of the Enlightenment is the philosophy of the Devil since it was Lucifer who was the first freethinker. Every form of thought and religion is to be tolerated as long as it is not the Christian religion especially the Catholic Christian religion. This is why so many today tolerate Islam but want the Catholic Church shut down for its refusal to ordain women. This is because Enlightenment secularism and Islam are on the same team.

Islam is not Christian. This is why the Cult of the Open Mind will tolerate it along with satanism and witchcraft. Once upon a time, I belonged to a group of atheists that decided to include Wiccans in its membership. I was a bit floored over this as I considered practitioners of voodoo, spiritualism, witchcraft, and the rest to be even worse than Baptists at the time in terms of being anti-science and rationalism. The reality is that witches and atheists are on the same team. It was just another push by Providence towards Catholicism.

The advocates of tolerance are only tolerant when they are in a position of weakness. They want tolerance for themselves. Then, when they attain power, they become extremely intolerant. the irony is when they claim to be stamping out "intolerance." As a consequence, people are imprisoned in the name of freedom.This is how the French Revolution turned into the Reign of Terror. And who did they feed to the guillotine? Nuns and priests.

Similar atrocities happened in the Russian Revolution and the Cristeros War in Mexico. If you want to see tyranny, put an enlightened thinker in charge of the government. They will justify all means until you are ended. New Atheists would prefer you didn't know these facts, or at the least, not put these atrocities on their ledger sheet. But history shows in the absence of the Christian religion, humanity becomes inhumane. It is Christianity and only Christianity that is truly tolerant. This is because Christianity teaches a dignity of all persons known as the imago Dei. We are all made in the image of God. This is why you see all those pro-life people outside abortion clinics urging women to not abort what the atheists consider nothing more than a clump of cells. It's about "choice." Notice how the atheists and the enlightenment people always point to an asbtraction while the Christians always point to God and real human beings. This appeal to abstraction over people is actually the modern form of  ancient idolatry. This is why these new pagans can sacrifice human beings to abstractions like tolerance and liberty.

This sacrifice is at the beginning stages today as Christian bakers and caterers are being fined substantially for not providing their services for same sex weddings. This will move on to imprisonment and not just for businesses but churches and clergy as well. Now, the Islamic State is throwing homosexuals off of rooftops, and mosques will be exempt from tolerance laws here in the US. But not those churches. As I said, they are playing on the same team. Everything is to be tolerated except for Christianity.

The Cult of the Open Mind is primarily about freethinking. And what is freethought exactly? It is thought free from God. God is just a superstition even though the people who say that are quite able to tolerate real superstitions like Wicca. Do not be deceived in this. The open mind is the mind hostile to God. These people want anything but God, and everything will be tolerated except for God. And if you doubt this, watch what is to come. You will be horrified at the insanity of these people who claim to be sane.