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The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.


Once upon a time in the eighties, President Ronald Reagan nominated a conservative judge to the Supreme Court. This man was Robert Bork. Seeing the threat that this man posed, the progressives torpedoed this man in such a heavy handed way that the man's name became a verb. To be borked is to be savagely trashed in the Senate and excoriated. Clarence Thomas would be borked, and he was barely confirmed as a consequence. The lesson from this is that the Left will stoop to any level and do anything to advance their agenda of pure evil. Liberal candidates to the SCOTUS face nothing similar from conservatives.

When the Bork nomination failed, Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy to the court. Kennedy seemed like a true conservative, but he was actually a libertarian. This made him the swing vote as he sided with the conservatives on some issues and the liberals on others. This is how we got gay marriage. Conservatives need to understand that libertarians are not their friends. I know because I used to be a libertarian. I repudiate that now, and I will save that for some future blog post.

It is important for true conservatives to be nominated to the SCOTUS. I suspect Brett Kavanaugh is not a true conservative. RINOs and #NeverTrumpers love the guy. Mark Levin has no love for the guy. Basically, Kavanaugh is dipped from the same bucket of crap as Chief Justice John Roberts who betrayed us with support for Obamacare. Even Kennedy was against Obamacare. I'm with Mark Levin in thinking that Kavanaugh is going to be a betrayer to conservatism and the Constitution.

The real issue at stake here is Roe v. Wade. Let's lay it out as clearly as we can. Because abortion rests on a mere decision of a court decided by five people, it is in a precarious spot. It always has been, and the liberals know it. This is how borking came to be. With Kennedy, you see that it really comes down to one guy on an evenly divided court. That's a lot of power to have but also a weakness. You are always one person away from losing or gaining in the SCOTUS game.

If Roe v. Wade was overturned, what would happen? Nothing much. It would go back to the states where only a handful would outlaw it. Like it or not, the majority of people in the USA supports murder in the womb. This country is worthy of damnation because of this. Abortion on demand in this country will not end until there is a mass conversion of hearts and minds on this matter. This is not likely to happen.

I don't expect the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade in my lifetime. Kavanaugh may or may not be against Roe v. Wade. He is likely to be better than Kennedy on matters like this, but I wouldn't count on it. In the end, a good justice can't make the difference in a bad country. Likewise, a bad justice merely ratifies what the people want. Abortion will continue unabated in America for the rest of my life.


First, there was the Atkins diet. Then, there was the Paleo diet. Now, we have the Ketogenic diet. They are essentially the same thing. For some strange reason, the promoters of this crap diet feel the need to rebrand it for a new set of suckers. Meanwhile, the vegan diet remains the vegan diet. No one feels the need to rebrand it though some people believe it needs better marketing and PR.

The essence of the Atkins/Paleo/Keto diet is that you need to eliminate carbohydrates and jack up meat consumption. The result of this nonsense is that your body is thrown into ketosis. You lose weight mainly because you are sick and end up calorie restricting. I tell people that you can lose a lot of weight by getting dysentery, but I don't recommend it.

To lose weight in a healthy way, the answer is pretty simple. You want to eat a whole foods plant based diet that is high in carbs and low in fat. You will feel great. You will get healthier. This plant based diet needs to be coupled with exercise with an emphasis on aerobic exercises like running, cycling, swimming, walking, stair climbing, rowing, etc. Strength exercise is good for building muscle but not so good for burning off fat.

The problem with the plant based diet and exercise thing is that it isn't fun. Eating crap from McDonald's is fun. Spending free time on the couch is fun. Eating grass and training for marathons is not fun. People want the benefits of the lifestyle, but they don't want the sacrifice. They want their burgers and their couches. I get it. But there is no way around this. You have to eat healthy and exercise.

The Keto diet is the way people hope to cheat the natural order. They get to eat crap and still lose weight. Burgers and bacon just taste good, and exercise is hard and boring. But the only thing these crap diets accomplish is that you will be skinny when you have your heart attack instead of fat. That's it.

Here are some HHV videos I recommend watching for anyone considering the keto diet:


Rod Dreher is still at it. Virtually anything and everything becomes a recommendation for the Benedict Option. Basically, Rod really really really wants you to buy his book. You can also read it, but he really wants you to buy it because the man needs your money. If you choose to toss it in the garbage, that's OK. Just be sure to buy another copy or ten.

If St. Peter and St. Paul had chosen the Benedict Option, there would be no Christianity. I hate to point out the obvious, but there you have it. Dreher talks so much about a post-Christian society but neglects to mention that we used to have a pre-Christian society that was way more hostile to the message. They actually killed people for believing in Jesus Christ. I know that is hard to believe, but it puts our light persecution in perspective.

Dreher is an apostate. I seem to be the only guy pointing out this glaring fact. I don't know why others don't also call him out on this. Rod Dreher is essentially an evangelist for apostasy, and the Benedict Option is a call to apostasy. I will say it again. Once you know the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Faith, you have a duty to get in the Catholic Church and stay in the Catholic Church. Rod Dreher left the Roman Catholic Church. Unlike his Orthodox brethren, he knew better. The Orthodox know better, too, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are ignorant. They are stupid, but Dreher is rebellious.

Being Catholic is tough. Belonging to a church filled with sodomite prelates and priests doesn't make it easier. But all of this calamity was foretold by Our Lady. If you cling to her, your faith will survive intact. Pray your rosary. Wear your scapular. Our Lady will not fail you as she intercedes for you.


I'm not a fan of immigration or moving. For instance, I suspect a lot of the problems in Mexico are exacerbated by the fact that the best people in Mexico jump the border and come to America. Staying and fighting is a lot harder than retreating and escaping. But eventually, you run out of places. And the new place you find yourself in has problems, too.

When should you go to a new place? I think it makes sense to go to a new place to seize an opportunity that doesn't exist in your current place. For instance, I don't see a person becoming a champion surfer living in Nebraska. Likewise, I don't see people growing watermelons in the deserts of Nevada. I also think you should leave a place when they throw you out. This would be Jews in Nazi Germany. But then you find yourself in Israel where life is not exactly paradise. But I admire that Israelis stay and fight because they don't have anywhere else to go.

Within the confines of the United States, I don't see much advantage of living in one place over another. I have an aversion to snow and ice mainly because I don't want my car destroyed by wrecks and road salt. Plus, a broken hip is no picnic either. Paul Theroux is a man who has traveled the entire world and has lived in many places. He thinks Hawaii is the best place to live. Nevermind the volcanoes and the high gas prices. I have no desire to live in Hawaii.

The only thing that attracts me to a place is its natural aspects. This would be things like mountains, lakes, beaches, and weather. These are different from place to place. But for everything else, it is much the same. This is because people are mostly the same wherever you go. The food and accents might be different, but the people are universally crappy. People are stupid, selfish, rude, and have an undying love for government checks and zero taxes. Even if you have a great place where people defy their natures, give it time. Things will erode to that base level of depravity. Texas is experiencing this now as Left Coasters take over Austin.

What is the bottom line here? Eventually, you have to stop moving and start building. Nobody wants to build anything anymore. But they want what others have built. And this is why they want to move. They want to profit from the labors of others who stayed in one place and made it great.

5. Q & A

Q: What is the difference between a bar and a beer joint?

A: The beer joint is a uniquely Southern thing. It is the midway point between Applebee's and the outdoor lounge where people sit outside on truck tailgates or overturned buckets sipping beer. Basically, there is no difference except you can get cocktails at the bar while the beer joint is mostly beer. The key difference seems to be in the furniture. A bar has proper furniture. The beer joint has plastic chairs. A bar has a pool table. A beer joint has horseshoes out back. It really boils down to amenities.


--Remake The Last Jedi? I don't think it will happen. It is probably a good idea, but I think Disney is firmly committed to destroying this franchise. I will enjoy watching it burn to the ground.

--I prefer the term "sodomite" to all of the other terms. Yes, it is insulting but in a good way. It demeans the act not the person. You cease to be a sodomite when you stop engaging in sodomy. The sodomy proponents try to make a temporary condition a permanent state of being that can't be changed. Since you can't change it, you might as well embrace the perversion. This is garbage.

--Celibacy does not cause perversion. This is some Freudian garbage about repression. Basically, if you deny your urges then they turn to pathology. The problem is that the indulgence doesn't cure the perversion. Even Hugh Hefner needed more porn to satisfy him.


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SOC 35

Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.

I am losing my mind. Writing helps me to find the mind that I have lost. Why am I losing my mind? I have delved to empty the Basket of Frustrations. That goal has become its own frustration. I feel like my life is like the Oak Island mystery where I am destroying myself to try and recover a treasure that may not actually exist. The determination is met with frustration which is met with more determination. In the end, you will destroy yourself, or you will decide that nothing is worth this self-destruction. That endgame is the resolution of frustration.

You do not make the world better by destroying yourself. This is my final verdict on the issue of social media. Social media eats time which you do not have. I've read enough articles and quit social media enough times and long enough to tell you that your life will be much improved if you simply delete all of your social media accounts. There is no question about this. So, why am I drawn back to social media? For me personally, it comes down to a desire to promote my three primary causes of Catholicism, conservatism, and capitalism. Since most people are functionally illiterate, writing a blog doesn't have the same impact as a meme on social media.

This is the irony of social media. It takes relatively little time to do a tweet or Facebook posting. Yet, social media will eat more time than writing epic posts on a blog. Social media is an endless scroll. It never ends, so your time is sucked away. Your productivity vanishes. Your life becomes worse instead of better.

My frustration comes from a desire to make a difference. I want to be in the fight somehow. Writing this blog is a way to fight, but people don't read anymore. This is one of the problems in the world today which is widespread stupidity. Social media offers the potential of changing the world, but it is a trap where you just destroy yourself. If you are worse at the end than at the beginning, you shouldn't do it.

I am discovering a principle here that is an epiphany. You do not make the world better by your self-destruction. Perhaps the opposite of this is the truth. Maybe the world is made better by your self-improvement. By saving yourself, you are doing your part to save the world.

I see this issue at the core of what is destroying the Roman Catholic Church. The Church decided that it needed to be more relevant with Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass of Pope Paul VI. The result of those things is that the Catholic Church has been destroying itself for 50 years. The Church wanted to be more accessible to the world but ended up becoming more like the world in the process. Consequently, it became insipid. The lesson here is that you don't change the world by becoming like the world.

Of course, I do not embrace the Benedict Option either. For me, the Benedict Option would be to delete my blogs along with my social media accounts and retreat to writing in notebooks in longhand. I find myself on a middle path like the Buddha. For those unfamiliar with the story, the Buddha discovered enlightenment when he chose the middle way between extreme self-indulgence and extreme self-denial. All the Buddha did was discover what Aristotle and Aquinas already knew. Virtue lies in the mean between deficiency and excess.

The mean may be the answer to my frustrations. I like to go to extremes. As William Blake put it, "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom...You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough." Social media by its inherent nature is excessive. I have emptied my email inbox before. I have run out of things to read on Feedly. But the feeds on social media never end.

Balance is hard. It requires prudence and wisdom. For instance, I like being vegan because I don't have to think about it. I just eliminate animal products. I reject the concept of a "balanced diet." This is people's sneaky way to have their Big Macs. They figure it will be balanced by a salad during some other meal. But within veganism, you get people who are raw food fruitarians which is extreme not because it is unhealthy but impractical and expensive. Conversely, you get junk food vegans who eat nothing but fake meats and Oreo cookies. I have fake meat once in awhile. Oreo cookies make my stomach hurt, so I don't eat those. And I eat lots of fruit and veggies. What is the balance here?

When it comes to technology, I think I have a better handle when it comes to finding balance. People accuse me of being a Luddite, but this is not precise. Luddites don't write blogs on the internet or wear digital watches. I carry a cellphone which I have done for almost 20 years now. But that phone is a flip phone which is where the Luddite tag gets pinned on me. This is because I do not embrace technophilia.

Technophilia sounds like a sexual perversion. Maybe it is. I just know that I am not a technophile. The technophile believes that all tech is inherently good, but we know better. For me, this becomes obvious as I watch people risk death as they tap on their smartphones behind the wheels of their automobiles. I am crazy in the sense that I think that technology should make your life better not worse. The smartphone/social media thing is making life worse for me and everyone else. Those things steal your time, make you envious and angry, and can even kill you with distracted driving.

I feel ridiculous about this issue because I first wrote about it back in 2015 with this post. That is three years of going back and forth about social media. Why do I keep doing this? It is because of a couple of basic facts. The first and most obvious is that everyone else is doing it. There isn't a website or blog that I come across that doesn't have a link to a Facebook, Twitter, and or an Instagram account. I know about a guy who works in government, so he deleted his Facebook account long ago to avoid trouble with his job. But he loves his Instagram account. The second fact is a corollary to the first fact. If everyone is doing it, the way to reach those people is to do it, too. I even heard a guy say on a YouTube video that he thinks social media is evil, but he uses it as a necessity to promote his work.

Social media is addicting, and the geniuses at Facebook and Twitter know this. Their goal is to hook you in and keep you in. Naturally, people make the argument from balance that you need to take social media in moderation. But this is so much crap. The balance comes when you delete those accounts and go back to using the internet the way it was before Facebook.

For me, the pain of it all comes down to this. I can suffer from watching all my time and productivity vanish. Or, I can suffer from watching all my time and productivity being ignored. I am at the point where the lesser evil is to be productive and ignored. Hype without substance is just false advertising.