Charlie's Blog: November 2015


Black Dog

Let me tell you 'bout this poor old dog because he was a retriever in his early days, and the only thing he could ever find in his late days was his old lady who lived two houses away from where we were recording. And he used to go see the old lady quite regularly, but after he'd "boogied" and everything else he couldn't get back. And we used to carry him back.

The story goes that Led Zeppelin named the song "Black Dog" after a nameless retriever wandering around the studio at Headley Grange. I always liked the story because it was a nifty answer to a problem that all creators face which is giving a name or title to their work. Even God subcontracted out the naming of the animals to Adam. Lately, I have been ambivalent about blog post titles, so I have been naming them after Led Zeppelin songs. You can blame it all on that black dog.

My ambivalence lately has been the result of the simple fact that I write a blog that no one reads. I could blame this on short attention spans or on the simple fact that I am just one bubble in this vast ocean of information. Or, maybe I am no good as a writer. The problem with that last bit is that people have told me that I was a good writer my whole life. Then, when I tell them about the problem of being unread, they always tell me to promote myself more.

Self-promotion works to the extent that you might reach more people, but they won't stay with you unless there is some sort of substance to what you write. But if you post your cat doing some neat cute thing on YouTube, you might get a million hits in a weekend. This is the internet equivalent of winning the lottery. What's my point? Shakespeare had to compete with the bearbaiting up the street, and I compete with cat videos. I have to laugh at the absurdity.

This brings me to a question. Why do I write? I want to believe that I am writing for God, for the good of society, and for fellow human beings. But since no one actually reads what I write, I am back to the conclusion I reached over a decade ago when I decided to start blogging and writing fiction again. I write for me.

I feel a certain guilt over admitting that now. I did not feel that guilt so long ago when I was an atheist/libertarian/jerk devoted to his own goals and amusements. But no one feels guilt over working out at the gym which is an activity spent on the self. So, if I write for myself, does it make me a better person? The answer is yes.

Writing helps me organize my thoughts and to reflect. I wouldn't read or know nearly as much as I do if I did not write. Recently, I have tried to stop writing. I have tried and failed. I keep coming back to it. I write because I need to do it. I need it like prayer, eating, sleeping, and exercise. I want to reduce writing to something like smoking cigarettes or drinking too much. Is it my habit? Is it my hobby?

Writing is definitely a habit but so is brushing my teeth. It is also a hobby because it has never paid the bills and never will. This only leaves the fundamental questions. Is it a good habit? Is it a good hobby? I have been inclined to say no simply because it eats time. It benefits no one and earns no money. But it does benefit me. It sharpens my mind. It elevates my life above being just a producer and consumer of goods and services.

Is writing selfish? If I wrote something and simply tossed it into the fire, then it would be selfish. But I never do that unless I think it is bad. I go through trouble to publish this stuff, and that act alone makes it unselfish. In a similar way, exercise is also not selfish because it renews the body. It becomes selfish when it leads to vanity. My writing does not lead to vanity because the fact that no one reads what I write is a daily humiliation. When I write, I pour myself into the words with considerable suffering. I publish those words, and they vanish into the vast obscurity of the world wide web.

I have to decide where I want to go as a writer. One thing I know and made my peace with a long time ago is that I am a failure as a writer. To be a success as a writer is to be read. Money doesn't matter. Writers want their words to live beyond them. My words will die with me. So, I am back to where I was so long ago when I decided to write for me. Am I better for doing this or worse? I believe I am better, and that is all I need to keep doing it.


When the Levee Breaks

What the West does not understand about Islamism is that Jihad is very systematic. It has stages. If Muslims have the upper hand, then Jihad is waged by force. If Muslims do not have the upper hand, then Jihad is waged through financial and political means. Since Muslims do not have the upper hand in America or Europe, they talk about peace in front of you while supporting Hamas and Hezbollah in the back room. The whole idea of Islam being a peaceful religion emanates from that silent stage of Jihad.

I am still processing all the reports coming in from the media about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. As of now, ISIS has claimed responsibility, but it was obvious from the moment they began that this was Islamic in nature. I have to wonder when large scale attacks like this will come to the shores of the USA. If France was attacked for air strikes against ISIS, the USA will certainly be targeted as well. America has fared well since 9/11, but I know that tranquility can end at anytime.

Over the last couple of years, I have learned much about Islam. Anyone who makes a distinction between good Muslims and bad Muslims doesn't know what they are talking about. We never make distinctions between good Scientologists and bad Scientologists. We never make distinctions between good neo-Nazis and bad neo-Nazis. We never make distinctions between good KKK members and bad KKK members. Yet, we do this with Islam. Why?

The first reason we give a pass to Islam is because we actually know and see Muslims who don't engage in murder, rape, and mayhem. But on this basis, should we not give a pass to neo-Nazis and KKK members who also refrain from murder, rape, and mayhem? Conversely, there have been many Christians and Jews who have done nefarious deeds, yet we do not hold those belief systems accountable for those misdeeds. This leads to the second reason, and the most conclusive reason we give a pass to Islam.

The second reason we give a pass to Islam is because we are ignorant of its teachings and its history. Yet, to know Islam is to acknowledge that it is an inherently evil religion. It was always so and always will be. The one thing I can say about the Islamic State today is that it is the fullest embodiment and purest expression of all that Mohammed taught. And the reason virtually no moderate Islamic voices speak out against ISIS is because the moderates know this.

Islam basically has two modes but one purpose. In the peace mode, this is Islam in the state of non-violence. This is simply a period of gathering strength for the second mode which is war. So, Muslims will remain at peace when their numbers are small, or they will make peace treaties when they can't win. But when their numbers have grown and their strength is restored, they will show no mercy to those who were merciful to them. This is jihad. It is really all jihad. The aim of jihad is simple. The entire world will bow before Allah and declare that Mohammed is his prophet. Those who do not submit will be slain. Their children will be slain as well or turned into slaves. Their wives will be turned into sex slaves. All crimes are permitted against those who do not embrace the faith of Islam. This would be Christians, Jews, atheists, or anyone not sufficiently Muslim. Here is the Quran on the subject:

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement. 
Quran 5:33

There is no mercy for the infidel. If you are not a Muslim, then you are an infidel. It is simple as that. And when jihad comes to you, your once peaceful Muslim neighbors will be the ones taking off the heads of you and your family members. You don't have to imagine this. You only have to look to Iraq and Syria where this is taking place now.

The danger today is the bifurcated thinking the West has about good Muslims and bad Muslims. But this is not a war between people or nations but a religious war. It is no less than the war against the Nazis or the communists that previous generations fought. Israel knows what the West faces. Now, Russia knows. Europe just learned yesterday. You figured the USA would have learned since 9/11, but it hasn't. Islam is the religion of death. How do I know this? By this:

The internet and social media is replete with images and videos much more disturbing than this. It hurts my insides to look at this stuff, so I turn my eyes away from it. I don't need to see atrocities to know they happen. But I have to wonder about those who can watch such evil and not feel anything. Has the West succumbed entirely to nihilism? Can it not feel or care anymore for suffering humanity? Perhaps ISIS is God's judgment on the atheism of the West.

As for President Obama, the man is an imbecile. I won't join with those who say that Obama is a closet Muslim because I see nothing to indicate that he is. But I can see where they get the idea because Obama has bent over backwards to not offend Muslims while walking all over Catholic sensibilities on things like abortion and contraception. The one thing I can say in defense of George W. Bush is that he would not have sat back and let things get to this point though he had a hand in the chaos that birthed ISIS in the first place.

The one world leader that seems to get it is Vladimir Putin. He has had to deal with Muslims for decades in the former USSR, so he knows what they are about. And his strategy is simple. Support legitimate governments against terrorists. That's it. They don't have to be good or anything. They just have to preserve and promote order. George W. Bush did the opposite when he brought down Iraq, and we are now paying for his stupidity. A true conservative knows that freedom comes from order not chaos. Always pursue order.

France is now getting it. If they had any reservations about the fight they face, they were extinguished yesterday. Europe now faces the prospect of being devoured from the outside and from the inside. Jihad is here. It is not something that will happen tomorrow. It is happening now. Other countries like Sweden, Austria, and Germany see it as well. Citizens are arming themselves. Political leaders still afflicted with the same disease of imbecility as Obama are seeing their support evaporating. This would be Angela Merkel.

The only way out is to acknowledge the fundamental evil of Islam. Then, once acknowledged, it must be destroyed. The Muslim religion didn't become bad. It was always bad from the beginning. I urge all my readers to educate themselves about this threat. Here are some great websites I recommend:

I also recommend reading the Quran, the Hadith, and a good history of Islam. Know thy enemy.

I also recommend not ever voting for a Democrat ever again. For my entire lifetime, Democrats have shown to me that they are complete fools on foreign policy, domestic crime, and national defense. I must also admit that I have returned to my conservative hawkish viewpoints late in the game after a decade of being a virtual pacifist. But pacifism is the luxury of those protected by the warriors. I am totally down with people who don't want to fight. I get it. But don't get in the way of those who fight for you to keep you safe from the evil in this world.

I pray for France, the rest of Europe, and the United States of America. I pray that we all wake up and face this threat with conviction and courage. As for Muslims, I must also ask a question. How can you belong to a religion that is so evil? How can you worship a god who promotes murder and rape? How can you be religious with a conscience blunted to such atrocities? How is your religion anything but an abomination on humanity? Or, is your only response to kill all those who point out that Islam is a religion of murder? God help you in your ignorance.


Immigrant Song

We have a bubbling successful melting pot in this country so long as the ingredients are essentially European.

Immigration is a big issue in the news today. First, there is the xenophobic campaign of Donald Trump that is part common sense and part imbecile on the issue of immigration. Then, Europe is threatened to be swallowed by a horde of Muslim refugees coming for socialist welfare benefits while creating zones of sharia and terrorism tolerated under the ridiculous notion of multiculturalism. Everyone seeks desperately for a one-size-fits-all solution, but that notion is the fundamental problem. There is no single solution to the problem because immigration is not a singular issue. This is because immigration depends on the quality of the immigrants.

The most potent example of this quality of immigrants that I can give would be Cuban immigrants in Florida. When Castro took over Cuba, a steady stream of Cuban immigrants came into Florida seeking asylum. For the most part, the Cuban community in Florida has been a blessing. They have come and prospered and displayed strong family values and fidelity to the things that make America great like hard work and entrepreneurship. When I am in Florida, I soak up the community atmosphere that the Cubans have brought to the state. But not all has been sweetness and light with this immigrant song as Castro took advantage of the political asylum the USA was offering to Cuban immigrants to empty out his prisons and insane asylums and dump his unwanted on America's shores in 1980. These criminals were the Marielitos who became a curse when they arrived. This mixed blessing taints all immigration as those who come to a country can either be a benefit or a detriment to that country.

With Europe, the issue is clear cut. Muslims are an abomination. This is because Islam is an abomination. Most of the world's religions can be tolerated because they make people better instead of worse. It makes them care for their families and refrain from murder and rape. This is not true of Islam. Muslims are so bad that even other Muslim countries don't want Muslim immigrants. Even many of the Muslim immigrants have figured this out making many of them deny their Muslim faith and embrace the Christian religion of Europe. My advice to European states is to reject all Muslim immigrants. What we may see as immigration is actually an invasion of a people that mean their new countries no good.

In the USA, the story is much different because the immigrants here are mostly from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America and profess the Christian religion. I meet many of these people, and I see them as the salt of the earth. But I would be a fool to think that all Latinos are family oriented and God fearing people. Some of them are merely looking to live off of the welfare state here in the USA while others are involved in the drug trade and gang activity. Those people don't belong here. But if you take the Trump approach, you would destroy the good in your aim at the bad.

The problem with immigration is that people don't want to make these judgment calls. As the USA and Europe has become more secularized, the criteria for deciding who should stay and who should leave has been lost. Political correctness has replaced Christianity as the measuring rod, and racism and xenophobia are the backlash to the political correctness. The result is that one side wants everyone in while the other side wants everyone out. The immigration problem is fundamentally a problem of national identity crisis. Is this a Christian country? Is this an enlightened modern secular progressive country with utopian delusions? Or is it merely a white country for whites only?

The way out is simple. Christian countries need to identify themselves as Christian and only allow Christian immigrants within its borders. This puts out the Muslim, the unwed mother, and the thug with a face tattoo. Naturally, this solution is DOA which leaves atheism and racism to make the decision. With Christianity relegated to the sidelines, once great countries will become cesspools of degradation. My one hope is that the USA will learn from Europe as that continent will collapse before this country does.