TRUE SHIT--Operation Northwoods

Operation Northwoods is another one of those things that sound like a conspiracy theory, but it is actually a conspiracy fact. In the early sixties, the government made proposals for false flag terrorism to be performed by the CIA to whip up popular support for an invasion of Cuba. This fake terrorism would be hijackings and bombings. The proposals never turned into actions because of President John F. Kennedy who was probably the only person in government at the time who wasn't completely batshit fucking crazy. Kennedy nixed the plans, and they never happened. But the fact that they were even seriously considered should give us all reason to pause and question our government.

True shit.


Die Hard came out in 1988. It was a weird kind of action movie for the time. This was because you had the twin titans of muscle bound macho--Schwarzenegger and Stallone--chewing up the big screen with testosterone fueled steroid pumping bad ass. Then, along comes the relatively skinny Bruce Willis who had just wrapped up his run on TV as the smartass on Moonlighting. At the time, I didn't consider him to be a convincing action star. Of course, I was a dumb ass kid at the time who knew everything. Since that time, I see that movie as being one of the best of the decade. This is because I love the character of John McClane.

John McClane is bad ass, but he is bad ass in a very different way. McClane doesn't have muscles. He isn't indestructible. In fact, he gets the shit knocked out of him in every movie he is in. The guy doesn't always have his shit together either. His ultimate talent is his wit, but it is ultimately his never say die attitude that makes it happen for him. John McClane never fucking stops. This is why the movie was called Die Hard.

The first movie is the best. McClane is a guy trying to save his marriage. His wife hates his fucking guts even though he clearly loves her. This doesn't stop her from taking a huge heaping shit on him every chance she gets. This is because Holly McClane is fundamentally a bitch. Her husband saved her sorry ass TWICE, and she still divorced him. What does a guy have to do to prove his love to a chick?

Marital problems aside, John McClane finds himself in some deep shit when some terrorist types take over the building he is in. He is outnumbered and outgunned. If that wasn't enough, he is also without shoes. McClane is in the absolute weakest worst position an action star can find himself in. Yet, he gets shit done. He simply keeps plugging away until all the bad guys are dead.

The reason I love the character and the movie is because of the philosophy behind it all. This Die Hard philosophy is very simple. Never give up. Just keep going and never quit. Shit is going to happen, and there isn't much you can do about it. Times are always going to be tough, so the only real option is to be tougher than whatever life throws at you. I love this philosophy. It doesn't mean you are bulletproof and indestructible. It doesn't mean that you don't feel pain or get hurt. John McClane gets his feet cut up, and he is beat to hell before the end of the movie. There is real vulnerability there. As such, he is a believable character and an inspiration to the rest of us.

I feel like John McClane all the time. I don't have my shit together. I don't have all the answers. I can't even promise that I am going to win. But I can promise to never quit. Ultimately, this is all you can do. We believe  that luck or talent or smarts or careful planning is what will carry the day. But most of the time, it boils down to sheer dogged persistence in the face of adversity. Looking back over my life so far, I have to say that it has been my persistence more than anything else that has gotten me through.

The Die Hard philosophy is a cornerstone to my blue collar approach to living. When I was younger, it was all about being clever. Now that I am middle aged, I see it is really just about surviving. Hanging in there when everything is against you and no one believes in you takes more strength of character than anything I have ever done in my life. Life is tough, but it is really tough when you are going at it alone.

I believe you should get up each day, put your hard hat on, and just go to work. Don't ever give up. Just keep doing what you do. You may win or lose. You may gain recognition or labor in obscurity. FUCK IT. Just don't stop. Never quit. Die hard.

Patriots and Mercenaries

Every year on my birthday, I get a card from my employer and a check for a day's wages. It is a generous gift all things considered. I certainly appreciate the thought behind it, but I do not care for the delusion that it generates. This is the delusion that a company actually cares about you as an individual. This is simply not the case.

A patriot is a soldier who believes in the cause and will suffer and fight despite tremendous adversity. This is because the patriot is a believer. Believers will forgo pay, food, and other comforts for the sake of the cause. The cause is what matters, and patriots will even give their lives for the cause.

A mercenary is a soldier who fights not for a cause but for simple cash. Mercenaries don't give a fuck. Their services are for hire, and you can count on them only as long as those checks keep clearing. Bounce one of those checks, and they will abandon you without hesitation. Fail to pay a competitive wage, and they will switch allegiances. They don't care.

Companies want patriots. The reason for this should be abundantly clear. Patriots are dupes. Governments know this. They pump out propaganda and induce people to fight and die in wars that don't have a thing to do with protecting a country or promoting freedom. Often, these wars are fought for the sake of moneyed interests. Patriots don't know any better, so they die for a far cheaper rate than those mercenaries. The downside is that patriots sometimes wise up and become extremely unreliable and unpredictable.

 With companies, the desire is to have "company men." These are people who give unswerving loyalty to a company. They will work longer hours without pay and forfeit more lucrative opportunities with other companies. This may seem laughable and stupid, but there are companies that deserve such dedication. These companies have a genuine appreciation for their people, and the loyalty is returned with a similar level of respect and gratitude. Unfortunately, there are few of these firms in today's world. Loyalty is betrayed for short term expediency, and dedicated employees find a train run on their assholes. Patriots easily become cannon fodder.

For the most part, being a patriot is stupid. This is because most companies don't give a fuck. All decisions are money decisions, and if it is choice between short term gain or long term prosperity, these companies will always opt for the short term. A company is not a charity and has to show a profit. But it shouldn't be a con game either with people feeling fucked over on a daily basis. McDonald's could save a lot of money by using less beef in its burgers, but the buying public catches on. Similarly, companies can save money by fucking over employees, but employees catch on as well.

One reaction of employees is to organize, form a union, and go on strike. This leads inevitably to the reverse situation where the workers think they can fuck over the company and loot it into oblivion. So, this is not a winning strategy. Being in opposition to the company you are working for is a dumb fucking move. There has to be a better way, and there is. This better way is to become a mercenary.

Mercenaries do good work. They have to do good work to remain employed or find other employment that pays better. You can count on the mercenaries to fulfill their end of the contract. If they don't, their market value is decreased, and they end up earning less. But mercenaries have no loyalty, and they are never surprised when their terms of employment are ended on a whim. As such, they will never hesitate to walk on an employer when the terms are no longer amenable to them. This may seem like a cold and ruthless attitude, but companies are cold and ruthless themselves. Being a mercenary is simply repaying a company with the same coin they pay to you.

If companies wonder what ever happened to company loyalty, they need not look far. Company loyalty does not exist because companies killed it. This does not keep them from trying to gin it back up with gimmicks, propaganda, and tricks. These are merely bait to resurrect a delusion that is lucrative when dupes are to be found. Unfortunately for these companies, workers know better.

Nothing kills company loyalty faster than the company regarding its employees as idiots. This is basically what happens when management talks sweetly to workers while lubing up their assholes for what is coming. The workers know this game well, and they don't fall for it. Being principled and honorable will work in winning loyalty, but no management can resist fucking a freshly greased cornhole. It is their nature to exploit imbeciles.

Mercenaries are not imbeciles. Having zero loyalty means always being prepared to move to the next opportunity. Ultimately, you can't count on a company to look out for you or your career in exchange for your loyalty and dedication. The only person who is looking out for you in Corporate America is you. Business is business. At the end of the day, you are exchanging your labor and talents for cold hard cash. This is capitalism, and for all its coldness, it works. A mercenary is merely a capitalist.

It is the fate of patriots to suffer for their delusions. I wish it wasn't so, but I would be lying if I told you otherwise. I have watched sincere and dedicated people shitcanned, fucked over, and demoted on pure whims. Some part of you expects there to be some logic to it all, but there isn't. Companies routinely do dumb shit that actually reduces their profits. They don't have the sense to not shit where they eat. But like the scorpion stinging the frog in that oft repeated tale, it is simply their nature to be this way even if it results in their own destruction.

Being a mercenary is simple. The first thing is to do good work. The second thing is to develop your skill set. Finally, always be looking for better opportunities and seize them whenever they appear. Don't ever work for free. Always get paid. And never forfeit a better opportunity. Look out for yourself because no one else will.


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


IMF Chief Christine Lagarde says the Greek people need to pay their fucking taxes. I really have to laugh at that bullshit. The tax farm nature of modern government doesn't get any more blatant than that. Welcome to "austerity."

Austerity is basically where countries like Greece cut their government services and milk their citizens of tax dollars in order to keep servicing their unsustainable debt loads. Naturally, none of this actually works to improve the Greek economy or to get Greece out of its debt. But the lenders don't give a shit about all of that. The goal is to keep those interest payments going.

Greece will repudiate its debt. To do this, it will have to leave the euro. Everyone knows this is coming. Austerity works great when it comes to cutting government and making it live within its means. But the lenders to Greece aren't interested in all that. They just want to make a buck off of Greece's misery and lend even more cash to these idiots. It's like getting credit counseling from a loan shark.

Taxation is slavery. The lenders to governments hope to profit from the one thing government has that they don't. This is the ability to make people pay or to send them to jail. At this point, the best thing Greece can do is to stiff the lenders and go it alone. The reason it is the best thing Greece can do is because it is the only thing Greece can do.


It is becoming laughable when US government officials criticize the human rights abuses in China. The US is now the land of NDAA, the Patriot Act, drone aircraft flying overhead, Gitmo, and a possible secret indictment against Julian Assange for essentially exercising his First Amendment rights. Who are these fuckers to lecture on human rights? You have to submit to sexual molestation in order to board an airplane now! Fucking absurd.


--Warren Buffett's bet that newspapers still have a future is idiotic.

--Jony Ive should be the CEO of Apple.


It is good news that coffee won’t kill you. In fact, that shit is supposed to extend your life. What is certain is that java is not bad for your health though I can attest that it will make your hands shake and give you heart flutters if taken in huge quantities. When that happens, you are feeling right. I love being wired on caffeine.

I consider coffee to be an unqualified good. This will take some explaining. A qualified good would be sex which can feel awesome and be healthy as long as you manage to avoid disease and pregnancy and heartbreak. Another qualified good would be wine which is healthful within certain limits but harmful beyond those limits. With all of these things, you have to qualify them to attain the good. You don’t have to do this with unqualified goods. In short, you can’t fuck up an unqualified good.

Coffee is an unqualified good because it isn’t going to kill you or shorten your life the way tobacco or other substances might. You can drink the hell out of it, and the worst thing that can happen to you is that you might lose a night of sleep and get a bunch of shit done. My hero on this would be Voltaire who supposedly drank 50 cups of coffee a day. I can personally attest to the stimulating powers of coffee on the brain. I do amazing shit after a few cups of coffee. I will have to work my way up to 50 cups though.

Another unqualified good is exercise. Some people may claim that you can be an exercise addict or become overtrained, but I find this laughable. This is like saying you are in danger of becoming too rich. It is a good problem to have and certainly not an epidemic.

Another unqualified good is work. Work brings happiness. It can be work for an employer or a personal project or business. It doesn’t matter. Being busy beats boredom. Plus, it is sweet to get paid for it. I have never regretted going to work, but I have regretted every day of work I have ever missed.

The downside to work that people will cite is time away from loved ones. This is that whole workaholic thing, but I honestly don’t buy into that. Like the overtraining deal with exercise, people want to claim that workaholism will destroy you and your family. This is bullshit. Being a long haul truck driver or an armed services member overseas might destroy your family. But as long as your ass is home every night, you will do just fine. I am also becoming fond of the Sabbath rest idea. You work six days and rest on a seventh. I had an English teacher in school who refused to assign homework on Fridays, so kids could go home and enjoy “family living.” That lady was smart.

The Puritans were like this. They worked six days and rested on Sunday for the sake of worship. I see that as being a good balance between work and leisure. Rest should be something you earn.

Another unqualified good is reading and study. I am a big believer in autodidacticism and lifelong learning. You can’t be too smart. You can’t read all day and also work all day, but it helps if you listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I learn a lot from audio sources.

Writing is my last unqualified good. It is always good to write. Writing is creative and makes you think. It is your mind uploaded to the world. When I am gone, my words will remain.


1. Mark Fuckerberg marries after the IPO. Probably needed a final dollar figure for that prenup.

2. Paultards, PLEASE. Ron isn't going to win. Trust me on this. Keep up the fight, but keep it real.

3. If you are Greek, see you at the bank tomorrow. Or, the riot. . .

4. Will Smith is not amused. That guy must have slipped him some tongue.

5. I'm going to need to check my calendar, but I'm pretty sure that John Travolta committed sexual battery on me back in February. Or was it March?

6. I bet Fuckerberg's marriage lasts longer than Facebook.

7. Romney has one more flop to flip--MORMON TO METHODIST!

8. If you missed out on the Facebook IPO, your next chance to become a billionaire will come when Greece goes back to the drachma. Bring your wheelbarrow.

9. Nick Stahl reappears and is surprised that anyone still remembers him from Terminator 3. Yes, there was a Terminator 3. And a 4.

10. House is wrapping it up. Loved that show. Taught me a most valuable lesson in life. Everybody lies.

Quotable Quotes

Your profits are going to be cut down to a reasonably low level by taxation. Your income will be subject to higher taxes. Indeed in these days, when every available dollar should go to the war effort, I do not think that any American citizen should have a net income in excess of $25,000 per year after payment of taxes.

The reason there is a breakdown in family values is that there is no parent at home. The reason there is no parent at home is that one parent works to support the family and the other to support the government.

Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.

The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.

True Terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.

Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

[U.] Return of the Unknown Blogger

guess who's back. U-DADDY in the HIZZY! fo SHIZZY!! miss me, bitches? i knew you did.

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time to NUT AND CUT. u-man hits it and quits it and now must book. peace to the posse. SHIT ON THE HATERS. i'm out this motherfucker.

[Buzzard County] Chapter 6

Deus ex machina

Deputy Sheriff Ralph Cox was a real bastard. When his daddy was fucking his mama, he felt his balls drain into that bitch and immediately regretted not pulling out. Nine months later, a total son of a bitch was unleashed on Buzzard County. He was not immediately a piece of shit. Children take time to develop into the evil fuckers they become later. Cox was no different. He went to school and made average grades. He played little league. Around the time of high school, he started drinking, smoking dope, and banging out whores. It was around this time that he developed a hatred for the darker races. Eventually, he would run into trouble for vandalism to an abandoned school house and go through the juvenile justice system and reform school. He would be raped by an older boy that proved traumatic to young Ralph except somewhere deep in his mind he actually liked it. Later, he would rape an 11-year-old in much the same way that he had been raped. Ralph Cox would leave those environs with his juvenile record expunged. With a clean record, he was able to become first a city policeman for the town of Buzzard and eventually a deputy sheriff under Buzzard's very own legend, Buster Nutt.

Being a sadistic piece of shit should disqualify almost anyone from a career in law enforcement, but it doesn't. Such jobs actually attract people like Ralph Cox. Now, Cox had his latest victim. This Connecticut Yankee sitting in his car didn't know it, but he was going to give Ralph a blow job. Ralph had a bit of cocaine he was going to plant in the man's car, but he was going to let this man suck his way out of his dilemma. Ralph had done this many times before. There was something strangely satisfying about turning an out-of-town straight man into a cocksucker. It thrilled Ralph's soul like nothing in this world. Being a cop was a glorious thing.

"I need you to step out of the vehicle, Mr. Hunt," Ralph said.

Mike Hunt reached to unbuckle his seatbelt.

"Awwww, fuck!!"

There was commotion and racket. Mike felt the side of his car smash as he heard Cox scream. Mike looked up to see Cox's body dragged and shredded on the highway by a monster truck. The side of his BMW was bathed in blood from the sheriff's deputy. The huge 4-wheel-drive Chevy kept trucking down the interstate as if nothing happened. Mike went to open his door, but it would not budge. He exited out the passenger side of the vehicle and walked to where Cox lay on the ground gasping blood and vomit.

"Big Troy. . ." Cox gasped. "Big Troy."

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I am watching and reading as I see Europe on the verge of collapse. The technocrats are scrambling to halt this collapse, but it is coming. Greece is done, and I expect them to exit the euro. Spain is right behind them as people start withdrawing cash in what is being called a "bank jog." I expect the rest of the dominoes to fall. On that chain is the USA.

Central banking is to blame for all of this bullshit. Granted, governments spend too much, but they are supplied with endless revenue from central banks creating money from thin air. Bailout after bailout merely papers over the much needed correction because wealth does not come from a printing press. Wealth comes from savings and production which are both punished in today's world. This is what central banking does. It punishes people who work and save. The result are entire nations who don't save and want to live on welfare.

It is said that what can't go on forever won't go on forever. This shit cannot go on forever. This collapse is coming, and there isn't much any of us can do about it. Things are going to get very ugly.


The estranged wife of RFK, Jr. hanged herself this week. She was having money problems and was struggling with depression, alcoholism, and drug abuse. But it seems that her biggest problem was being married to a Kennedy.

I read a lot about Bobby Kennedy, Jr., and the picture emerges of a man who was your typical Kennedy. In short, he was a philanderer, and Mary was deeply in love with him. She lost her shit completely when he filed for divorce. Before Kennedy, she seemed like a very together woman beloved by all her knew her. After Kennedy, her life was devastation as she discovered his affairs. One person said that Kennedy had used her up and tossed her. That is some sad shit.

Ladies, here's a tip. Don't ever marry a Kennedy.


Zimmerman is getting off. Whether he deserves to get off on murder charges is another matter, but there is no way a prosecutor can get a conviction on him. No defense attorney would accept a plea deal after the latest evidence came out confirming Zimmerman's story. The evidence merely confirms my belief that Zimmerman got his ass whipped, but it is obvious that he shot Trayvon during the ass beating from close range.

The debate seems to have shifted to issues of racial profiling and Zimmerman being too eager for a confrontation when he should have cooled his heels for the police to come and fuck Trayvon up in the legal manner. You can call Zimmerman a Rambo and an idiot, but he walks purely on the conflict itself. No murder charge will stick. This is why the cops did not arrest Zimmerman at first.

What will be the aftermath of all this? It is hard to say. I see a civil suit or perhaps federal charges on civil rights grounds. I will wait and see.


I'm all glad that Mark Fuckerberg can finally cash out of Facebook. My advice? Dump all those shares as quickly as possible. Facebook is popular but so is Snooki. There are no moats for Facebook just as there weren't any for MySpace, AOL, Yahoo, etc. Even Google is vulnerable, and that is as solid a stock as you are ever going to find in the tech world. The Facebook IPO has made a lot of rich people, but I suspect it will impoverish many more over the long term. I could be wrong, but I always ask myself one question when it comes to tech stocks. How are they going to make money? With Facebook, I can't answer that question. They can sell ads and consumer information. That's it.

I am a heavy user of Facebook, but there is a reason I hang on to my blog. Facebook is disco. It is CB radio. It isn't Coke or Levi's. As such, there is no reason why it deserves its current valuation. This is Greater Fool territory. If you own Facebook stock, cash out now. I could be wrong, but the billion in the hand is worth two billion in the bush.


Chuck Schumer really hates it when people don't pay their taxes. The claim is pretty basic. Eduardo Saverin, Facebook bazillionaire, got a little anal action here in the USA without giving the politicians in DC a reacharound. This isn't about fairness, but the fear that individual rich people will do what corporations already do which is to move their wealth offshore. Tax competition is here to stay, and Schumer shouldn't ask how he can fuck guys like Saverin. He needs to ask how he can keep guys like Saverin from leaving the USA. The answer is simple--reduce or eliminate the capital gains tax. That isn't going to happen. This is why US citizenship is fast becoming worthless.



1. Ultrarunner Micah True aka "Caballo Blanco" died from heart disease. This means that everyone should park their fat asses on the couch and eat more chips and dip. Smoking a few cigars wouldn't hurt either.

2. Somewhere, a 99-year-old chain smoker is laughing.

3. I am going to hire an unpaid intern here at the C-blog. Basically, he/she will do my chores while I blog and watch shit on Netflix. Gotta love it.

4. Mitt Romney is leading among women. Must be the hair. Gotta love the hair.

5. I don't know which implosion I will enjoy more--California or Greece.

6. My intern didn't bring me enough chips for my dip. Good slave labor is hard to find these days.

7. Working for free is incredibly stupid. As a blogger who makes zero from blogging, I know.

8. Killing a deer with a high powered rifle is way more humane than striking one on the freeway with a minivan and gutting it in the process. Entrails from the front of the van to the rear of the van. Yes, this really happened according to my local GEICO claims adjuster.

9. Deer entrails can be a messy clean up, but that's why we have interns for that sort of thing.

10. Is that snot in my chip dip?

Q & A

Q: With Ron Paul suspending his campaign, what now?

A: I give credit to Ron Paul for getting his ideas out there, and he has shown that you can use the electoral process as a soapbox for expressing those ideas. But at the end of the day, those ideas are going nowhere. Ron Paul provokes intense enthusiasm from folks like me, but at the end of the day, we are the minority. We always will be.

I call myself a libertarian pessimist because I believe that freedom works better than government in making society better and more prosperous. But freedom is never going to get the chance. People do not choose freedom. The fact that a sincere and honest fellow like Ron Paul who has been proven right time and time again stands no chance of winning serves as testimony that the American public gets the government it wants and deserves. Honest people cannot win or succeed when people give their support to the liars and the thieves.

People know Ron Paul is right. They know it the same way that you can't create wealth with a printing press or get something for nothing. But people will persist in their delusion for as long as that delusion will last. Truth for all its power is no match for stupidity. This is the essence of libertarian pessimism. People have to be beaten and fucked to their last dying gasp before they contemplate that they may be better off as free people.

Ron Paul's ideas will never take hold until runaway government spending, failing entitlement programs, and hyperinflation ruin this country utterly and completely. If you doubt this, look at how everyone absolutely refuses to learn anything from the economic meltdown of 2008. People are stupid. That is the ultimate reality. The American public is a mass horde of thieving parasitic pieces of shit wanting to live at the expense of other people. This is why they don't bat an eyelash at government bailouts because they believe money comes from a magic place. They expect to receive their magic money bailout as well.

People can ignore Ron Paul and others like him. But they can't ignore reality. Reality always has the last word. And the real sting is not that calamity occurred but that it could have been prevented. The American people will never vote for prevention. They want honest politicians but not yet. In the interim, they want the bullshit they are swallowing to actually be real. They will choke on it, and I will fucking laugh.

Old Man Crust

As I get older, I can feel the crust building on me. I'm not sure what exactly causes this. I think it is a mental reaction to enduring a lifetime of bullshit. As time goes on, you stop giving a shit. You say what you think. You show what you feel. You just don't give a fuck.

I am at that point. It isn't anger so much as blunt honesty. The world is full of dirtbags and slimebags, and you simply call it out for what it is. You encounter idiots and pieces of shit all fucking day. So, why not let them know? What harm does it cause to be honest?

The old man crust is when some codger says publicly what people already think personally and say privately. Crusty old men just throw it out there. Why should they give a fuck? Besides, they are the ones who took the most shit in life and deserved it the least. These are the ones that worked a job and paid their taxes to watch them get blown to hell on stupidity by shit sucking politicians like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. These are the ones that raised kids who turned out to be lazy pieces of shit because they are too good to work a real job but not lucky enough to get a government job.In short, crusty old fuckers were the producers in a world of parasites. As a producer, I feel that crust building up on me, too.

The world is a fucked up place. If I can boil all problems down to one, it would be this. People are averse to working. It could be the piece of shit corporate manager getting paid to hold pointless meetings. It could be the debt burdened college grad who can't get a bullshit job. It could be the government worker getting six weeks of vacation time a year and more pay than a US Senator. Or it could be all those folks on unemployment, disability, Social Security, or whatever bit of welfare they can squeeze out of the system. They all avoid work. Work is the curse. Work is something that suckers do. So, they work in order to not work. If they do work, they expect to be compensated far out of proportion to their actual contribution.

There is no substitute for work. Work is where it is at. As I move along in my life, I find that I trust the working people more while I despise the people in suits and ties. Parasites dress well to disguise their fundamental nature as slime ridden pieces of shit. Do I hate these people? Yes, I do. Fuck them. Shit on them. Piss on them. I despise them all, and I am too old to hide my disgust anymore. CRUST!


My mind is a blank. I would write something, but I am not thinking about anything except some menial chores I need to do this morning before work. I suppose I should get to doing them. The first chore is making a pot of coffee. I will make up the rest as I go along. Improvise and overcome.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


This is the big story this week. Naturally, this sets up a culture war this fall for the election. Obama comes out in favor of same sex marriage. I wonder how his base of black voters feel about this news. Most black people I talk to are not enthusiastic about gays or gay marriage. Yet, Obama will get away with it because he is black.

My own views on gay marriage are that the state should get out of the marriage business. Leave it up to churches and individuals. I don't really care if same sex couples want to declare themselves married, so Obama hasn't upset me a bit with this flip flop. But I question everything this fucker does and the political advantage this creates for him. Trust me, this is not a principled stance but a calculated move. Obama needs to make Romney look more right wing to keep his own people in the flock. Romney is a centrist with a slight tilt to the right. Obama is a centrist with a slight tilt to the left. Since they are the same guy, they will distinguish themselves on worthless culture war issues. Abortion will be next. Oh, what fun! Meanwhile, the country is fucked. Awesome.


For Republicans, voting for a Mormon is like eating Broccoli sprouts. They will do it, but they won't like it. The irony is that evangelicals were more supportive of Rick Santorum who is Catholic. But the unstated story is the man who is kicking himself for not running. This would be Mike Huckabee. Huckabee could have had the nomination right now. He is conservative, an evangelical Christian, and a guy libertarian enough that he could have almost been acceptable to Ron Paul types willing to take the lesser of two evils. Why didn't he run? And why did Michelle Bachmann ever drop out?

To be the darling of the GOP, you need to be an evangelical Christian, pro-war, pro-life, and small government. How Romney ever got to where he is at is a damn miracle. I expect Democrat super pacs to run Magic Mormon Underwear ads.


There is one myth I think I can lay to the rest. It is the idea that companies are meritocracies where the best people get hired and promoted. This is simply bullshit. The reality is that good people are hired almost by accident. Companies aren't looking for good people. They are only looking for marginally talented people that will work for the least amount possible. This is because they want to keep their payroll down and managers don't want to hire people more talented or dedicated than themselves because those people might replace them. In short, it is office politics. The result is a sub-optimal workforce. I have to wonder why anyone would bother trying to do good work for anyone.


I just read a story that the government issued a study about a study about government studies. I am not making this shit up. How does madness like this occur? Welcome to the Bizarro World of the Parasite Class. Washington is the capital of this world.

This sort of shit also goes on in big companies. Managers routinely schedule meetings to discuss when to schedule an upcoming meeting. They send emails about sending emails. In short, they basically waste time and money on utterly frivolous bullshit. They should slink back into their holes and fucking die. Instead, they convince everyone that what they do actually matters. It is people like me calling out these naked emperors. Fire these people and do not replace them. Think of all the time and money you will save.

5. HILLARY 2016

She will run. Don't think she won't. No matter what happens to Obama in 2012, Hillary is running in 2016, and she is getting the nomination. Even I admit that she will be a better president than Obama. Of course, I still despise her for being a statist. But her husband had the good sense not to destroy the American economy under his watch. I miss the New Democrats. They weren't libertarians, but they were pretty close.


"You are not a man unless you have a pickup truck." A co-worker uttered this line to me, and I agreed with him. Trucks are awesome. This is mainly because you can haul shit in them. Men haul shit. A man who can't haul shit is not fully a man. Sure, some men drive sports cars. Others drive muscle cars. There are also the rich pricks in BMWs, and the sad sacks like me in four door mom cars. Then, there are those stuck behind the wheels of minivans and SUVs. But a man with a truck is fully a man. If you are a man, get yourself a truck.



This is the aftermath of my weekend. No, I was not drunk. I was merely driving home on US301 in Florida when I struck a deer. This was around 2:30 am Sunday morning. Needless to say, I am an enthusiastic endorser of AAA. The deer is dead. I saw the carcass lying in the median as I drove by in my rental car today.

Shit happens. There is no deeper meaning in this incident than that. I like to think that there was something I could have done to prevent this shit from happening, but the only thing I could have done was choose not to drive at night. I have had so many close calls with obstacles of the human variety that encountering nature on the highway is not that big of a deal considering all the times I should be dead because of drunk drivers and street racers on the road.

I will get another vehicle and life will go on. I'm not hurt, so you don't need to pretend that you care by asking. And don't do that upside thinking where you tell me it could be worse. That is dumb. That's like telling someone who got raped that it could have been a gang rape. My car is fucked. I don't consider myself lucky that the deer didn't come through the windshield and fuck me up as well.

I am trying mightily to keep up my blogging routine, but time is really tight these days and will remain so until the end of May. I will do what I can. I'm now going car shopping.

True Love

I am a lifelong cynic when it comes to the topic of love. I don’t know exactly how that came about. I do know that as I dated one woman after another that things just weren’t working out for me in this area. I started looking at the relationships of others and the dating world in general and became more jaded as time went on. I went to the internet to research the topic and both philosophy and science confirmed what I had observed. Love for the most part is a crock of shit. Most people in relationships are going to cheat on each other. Women will use men for money. Men will use women for sex and discard them. All of this has as its aim nothing more than the reproduction of the human race. With 7 billion people on the planet, this system has worked wonderfully. The fact that those 7 billion people are left largely miserable as a consequence shows the dark side of it all. The aim of love is to leave women broken hearted and pregnant.

The glimmer of hope in all this gloom is the existence of rare couples. These couples exhibit a rare trait that I can only call “true love.” I am certain some Greek or German philosophers would coin a special word for this phenomenon and maybe they have. I don’t what that word would be, so I opt for true love as the best expression.

True love as demonstrated by these couples is a wonderful thing to behold, and it really exists. It is like finding a unicorn when you had spent your entire life believing they didn’t exist. True love exists. It just doesn’t happen often, and it is obscured by counterfeit love. But it is there. I have met couples in the flesh and online who have this true love. There is the example of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. There is the madness of the Mogul Emperor who built the Taj Mahal to honor his dead wife. True love is a real thing.

The problem with true love is that people want it, but they don’t know how to find it or even what it is. This is because the world abounds in counterfeit love. I know because I have experienced this counterfeit love many times. It feels real for a time, and then it fades into cold misery. Or, it gets shattered to pieces by infidelity or irreconcilable differences. Most people settle for whatever comes along, but what they end up with becomes intolerable. It is so bad that I think people would be better off alone.

How do you tell the difference between the counterfeit and the real? I have given it much thought, and this is what I have gleaned from my observations and experience:

1. True love is self-evident.

When you find true love, you know it. There is no doubt. But if you have never known it, you just don’t know. This inability to know before you know is why people find themselves in the misery of counterfeit love. If you’ve never known the real thing, every fake thing that comes along seems like the real thing. True love is known as soon as it happens. You will recognize it. Counterfeit love will fool you, but true love will not ever fool you. You will absolutely know it when you have it.

2. True love exposes counterfeit love.

When you find true love, you will never fall for counterfeit love ever again. You will look back on past relationships and wonder how you could ever be fooled like that. People with true love make the expression that they thought they had been in love before, but they realized they had never known love before that moment when they discovered true love. The contrast is just that stark.

3. True love is mutual.

True love is not a one sided thing. Both people feel the same thing for the other person. They may express it differently. Yoko Ono was reserved in her Japanese way while John Lennon was open and exuberant in his expression of love. But it was mutual. They absolutely adored each other. There is no such thing as one sided true love. This is better known as infatuation or obsession. This leads to tragedy. True love is not tragic in this sense. True love can only be tragic when one of the lovers dies and the other must carry on.

4. True love dreads death.

People with counterfeit love contemplate future break ups and divorce. People in true love contemplate death. The reason for this is because people in true love realize that death is the only thing that will separate them. There is no break up or divorce in their future. Their devotion goes to the grave.

5. True love is immediate.

True love does not grow or evolve over time. If it takes time to develop, this is counterfeit love. This is people convincing themselves that they can’t do any better as they learn to hold their noses and accept what they have. With true love, the sparks are instant. True love is like a volatile chemical reaction that turns into a steady simmer that does not cease.

6. True love is inspiring.

When people see true love in others, it gives them hope, and they see that it exists. The tragedy is that they then go out and fall into the first bit of counterfeit love they can find.

7. True love has no regrets.

With true love, there is no such thing as “the one that got away.” True love when discovered acts and does not fail to act. True love will not escape you or get away. You can’t fuck it up.

8. True love does not diminish or die.

True love may be overwhelming at first and settle down from that first conflagration. This is like emerging from a dark basement and having the light hit your eyes. It stings at first, and it takes time to adjust. But the light does not diminish. Your eyes simply adjust to the brightness. This light will never go out. Counterfeit love fades because it wasn’t real in the first place. True love never fades. People in true love are perpetual newlyweds.

9. True love has no ulterior motives.

True love does not care about money, status, or a fine looking piece of ass. People with true love are with each other purely to be in the companionship of the other person. Often, true love creates mismatches between people of differing looks, social classes, wealth, etc. It doesn’t matter. Those two are going to be together whether it makes sense to the rest of the world or not. True love does not use the other person for the sake of some other end.

10. True love is friendship.

People in true love describe each other as best friends. They enjoy each other’s company, and they will talk for hours. They love to do things with each other they normally don’t enjoy doing with others or alone.

11. True love recognizes true love in others.

People with true love immediately recognize others who have also found true love. There are common patterns and looks in the eyes that are familiar to those with true love. Their eyes light up when their beloved is in the room. It isn’t forced or saccharine.

I do not know how people can find true love. I don’t think you can read a book on it or visit a website or glean tips from people. True love is really a happy accident. The best advice I can give is to not waste time trying to find it. Let it find you. As for those stuck in counterfeit love, make the best of it. I don’t know what to tell you on that. True love is something you find not something you make.

Sonnet 3

She has the shiny smile and the golden eyes
That light up the bleak black dark world inside.
The man with heart of ice melts and cries
As he loses the last cold place to hide.
She is precious and a joy to his heart.
He loves this woman like no one before.
His greatest pain is to be torn apart
From this woman he loves forevermore.
No other woman makes him feel this way.
To her alone, he is faithful and true.
Hers is the beauty of the brightest day.
Her worth is demonstrated in virtue.
Her warm face shines like an eternal sun
He is made brand new by her--The One.


1. I killed Osama bin Laden. Well, actually it was the Navy SEAL that pulled the trigger on the gun that killed OBL. But I loaned the fingernail clipper that trimmed the nail on that trigger finger, so I deserve some kind of credit for that.

2. A rich man begging to be taxed is like a hot chick begging to be raped.

3. Sleep is for losers and the dead. Fuck sleep. Zzzzzzz. . .

4. Newt is officially out. Watch out for bouncing checks.

5. Runners live longer. Unfortunately, they spend all that extra time either running or sleeping.

6. There are too may superhero movies. They need to bring back something cool like the spaghetti western. I think Tarantino is working on that.

7. The problem with a minister becoming an atheist is obvious. It's called getting a job. One of those real jobs where you actually do some work. And not just on Sunday either.

8. Kurt Cobain is dead. Jack White is alive. Fuck Kurt Cobain.

9. Charities used to help. Now, they just lobby the government to help people.

10. I could use some help. The best way to help me is to stop helping me.

TRUE SHIT--The Death of Elvis Presley

As a music fan and a Southerner, I have the greatest and deepest respect for the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The man was a legend, and he changed the world with his music and his performances. He was also a swell guy to those who knew him. I do not want to diminish his stature in any way. But I must report the circumstances that lead up to his death.

Elvis Presley died on the toilet. It is well known that Elvis lived a very unhealthy lifestyle of drug abuse and a poor diet. He also suffered from chronic constipation, and his personal physician had offered to give Presley a colostomy to relieve the condition. Presley refused despite being hospitalized for intestinal blockages. Elvis died on August 16, 1977 while straining to take a dump which caused a fatal heart arrythmia. He fell into the floor and vomited with his pants around his ankles. It was an ignominious end to an icon and a legend. Death is merciless like that.

Elvis's doctor, George Nichopolous, says that Elvis essentially died from constipation. My personal belief is that this constipation was caused by those dreadful peanut butter and banana sandwiches that Elvis was fond of eating. For those who don't know about them, these sandwiches were made with white bread, slathered with peanut butter, and fried in butter. Elvis ate a lot of these. Any combination of peanut butter and white bread is enough to create constipation as I can attest from personal experience. It is also why I recommend switching to whole wheat.

True shit.

Sonnet 2

She has a spirit like a ray of light.
My own heart is a terrible black hole.
My entire life is the blackest night.
She is the one with sunshine for a soul.
She is pure kindness in thoughts, words, and deeds.
I am mean and coarse in all that I do.
She is the fulfillment of my deep needs.
She takes all the past and makes it brand new.
My dark life was empty before she came.
She filled my heart with love like none before,
And nothing I've known will be quite the same
As wounds heal and pain becomes no more.
Losses will fade and many hurts will pass.
It is her aim to consecrate my ass.

HEROES--Jack White

People familiar with music over the last decade know all about Jack White. The guy is simply the most interesting person in the world of rock right now. There are so many things I admire about the guy that I don't even know where to begin. So, I will just toss it out there as it rolls into my head.

Jack White is the guy behind the White Stripes. This band has been his main vehicle over the years and was the brand he used most extensively. But he has also made awesome music with the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather, and now, as a solo act. How many guys put out so much awesome music under so many labels? Jack White is a machine.

I admire the fact that White is humble enough to collaborate with others on projects. He is selfless in this regard even opting to play drums in the Dead Weather over his absolutely amazing guitar playing. This guy does it all. He does keyboards, guitar, drums, and vocals. There is simply no instrument he can't play. He is also a fabulous songwriter. He is multitalented and prolific.

Jack White is also a DIY type and produces vinyl records on his Third Man label. He also has a visual impact in the way he dresses that defies categories. It is retro, punk, goth, grunge, or what have you all at the same time.

Jack White is quite simply the hardest working, most prolific, most talented, and humblest man on the music scene today. I am not a musician, but White is definitely someone I aspire to be like in my own creative endeavors. He is truly a musical hero.


1. It will amaze you the anger that the price of a box of Cheerios can create in one person.

2. Most Republicans are pro-life unless the fetus is Muslim.

3. The CGI Hulk will always suck ass. They should go with the Hanna-Barbera Hulk in the future.

4. I didn't know Barack Obama was a Navy SEAL. I can't wait to see what he does against the Klingons.

5. I think Rupert Murdoch has been hacking my voicemail. I think this is why Judge Napolitano got cancelled.

6. Chris Christie is one fat motherfucker. Of course, this can only mean that I am running out of good jokes.

7. I bet Chris Christie is also a Navy SEAL.

8. Mitt Romney almost became a Navy SEAL, but they kept laughing at his magic Mormon underwear.

9. Hillary Clinton is not a Navy SEAL. But that's because Navy SEALS don't play well with girls.

10. They will make a CGI Mitt Romney Navy SEAL if he ever gets elected, and it will look like he kicks ass.


This is the first in a series of posts I am doing on my positions on various political and public policy issues. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and I am now getting around to it. Naturally, I am starting with the hardest issue which is abortion. I doubt I will have a satisfactory answer on this contentious issue, but I will toss out my two cents.

I am pro-choice on abortion. I was not always this way but became this way after becoming an atheist. This is because the overwhelming reason for someone being against abortion is religious. It isn't scientific or reality based. It is a religious principle forced upon others. This principle is the imago Dei or the image of God. I will now elaborate.

Most abortions get performed in the first trimester, and the fetus has fewer cells than in the tip of my finger. Many times, women will have spontaneous abortions during this time and never know they were pregnant. This is reality. Life as defined by Christians is regularly flushed and evacuated from a woman's uterus. If God cares about the unborn, he sure has a shitty way of showing it.

The unborn do not have a soul. This is because God and the supernatural do not exist. No human being is made in the image of God. Now, can this be justification for abortion? It would be pretty weak since on that basis no human has a soul and can be extinguished at will. So, there must be a better substitute, and that substitute is sentience.

Sentience is the ability to feel and have consciousness. On this basis, a dolphin requires more protection than an unborn child. I don't see any pro-lifers making a campaign against dolphin slaughter. This is because dolphins are not made in the image of God according to their theology. Since there is no proof for God's existence, these arguments are worthless. If you go with my sentience argument, you will come to a conclusion much like the one found in the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision. It is also why people have little to any hang ups on pulling the plug on a brain dead individual.

Drawing the line on when sentience begins and ends is problematic as well, but it is a much better standard than the imago Dei standard. You can't use theology as a standard for legal matters. Christians will howl over this, but until they prove God's existence, they can keep howling. As it stands, the Roe v. Wade ruling is the best decision I think they could have made at the time, and it could probably be tweaked in the light of new information. I just know that as an atheist that life as I define it is linked solidly to consciousness. It is also why I don't care to live in a state of diminished consciousness and why I pursue a life of enhanced consciousness.

What makes people fully human is their ability to reason and to know and to feel. In this respect, humans are like gods. If other species exhibited the same traits, they would warrant the same protections. A frozen embryo is not on this level. Now, some will go so far as to argue for infanticide which I abhor. I also recoil at partial birth abortion in the third trimester. So, where do we draw the line?

This is the age old philosophical problem of how many grains of sand does it take to make a heap. We don't know. It is a fuzzy line which is why abortion has become such a contentious issue. No one can draw the line to everyone's satisfaction. As such, it would be better to leave it to the woman and her physician than to let government decide for her.

When it comes to state funding for abortion, I am against that. It is one thing to ignore someone's religious opposition to abortion. It is another to make that person pay for something that violates their conscience. That is wrong, and it results in much of the contention we see over this issue. I will defend Planned Parenthood's mission, but I would vote to defund them in Congress every time.

This is my position on abortion. If you have contrary viewpoints, let 'er rip in the comments section.

Q & A

Q: Do you believe that Obama deserves credit for killing Osama bin Laden?

To be perfectly honest, I could give a fuck. I will give him the credit for taking out a terrorist where his predecessor failed. But, on that basis, Obama also must take the blame for war crimes committed under his watch and $4 gas. You can't have it both ways.

Politics is about stealing credit and dodging blame. I expected Obama to make a big deal about the OBL takedown, and he is performing as expected. The guy is a complete fucking failure, and he deserves to be fired. But he will point to OBL and that damn Peace Prize as achievements. Those two achievements are like gold flakes on a cow turd. The fucker needs to go.