At night, I like to listen to AM radio in the dark while I try and sleep. I say try because people who know me will tell you that I don't sleep enough, and I am very restless. Part of this comes from massive quantities of caffeine. The other comes from having a brain that simply refuses to turn off. When you live in the flow state, you don't want to sleep. Sleep becomes the enemy. This is because sleep robs you of experience and opportunity. Flow demands that you move and create. But I digress. . .

There is something neat about the pop and crackle of AM radio in the dark. Add on top of that the weird tales you hear on Coast to Coast AM, and it makes for interesting late night and early morning experiences. It also fucks with your head a bit if you are traveling remote roads late at night. I admit that C2C is a weird show, and I certainly don't subscribe to the craziness you hear on the show. But it is wildly entertaining, paranoid, and creepy.

I have a high tolerance for weird and offbeat people. In fact, I actually like those types of people. Granted, I am not going to believe wild tales of UFO abduction and anal probes. But you have to admit that these people are wildly imaginative and inventive. Crazy people are mostly harmless, and their weirdness doesn't rate any worse than many of the religious beliefs out there that get official tolerance. The really neat thing is when these people actually hit on something that is true or correct. Their craziness helps them to see things the rest of us might overlook. These crazy people are like canaries in the coal mine alerting us to the real dangers that come along.

I like C2C because they exhibit the same tolerance on their show that I exhibit in my daily life. I don't believe there is any such thing as "normal," so I give these people the latitude and the freedom to indulge their weirdness. C2C does this every night. This is also why it wins its time slot over any other programming. People love this show.

Regular C-blog readers may wonder what has happened to our biggest fan of C2C, the Unknown Blogger. He is still there sending me crazy shit, but I don't have time to watch his vids and edit his shit into something readable. I spend weekends traveling and working, and I play catch up during the week. I will see what I can do about getting the U-man back on the air here.

Finally, I must also confess that I have been taking some massive shits lately. I try to include more fruits and vegetables in my program along with the usual Taco Bell consumption. The result is that I take a dump 3 to 5 times a day, and I don't mean diarrhea either. This is the real deal shitting here. We are talking horse manure. Lots of fiber is going through my colon. Is this TMI? I suppose it is. But it is what is on my brain as I write this. Regularity is very important to me. If you aren't shitting 3 to 5 times daily, you aren't eating right.

More coffee, a shower, and off to work. Have a great day and a great week, folks.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


When I discuss the higher ed bubble on Facebook and other places, I always hear people rate the value of various degrees in terms of earnings after graduation. But as I pointed out, I can't think of any undergrad major that would justify six figure student loan debt. On the graduate level, medical school might make more sense. The bottom line is that too many people go to college, and the financing comes from the government which drives up the cost of tuition. Naturally, some fool wants to criticize liberal arts majors for this problem. This is stupid.

Universities are not trade schools. Their role historically was not to turn out a skilled worked force. Universities were always about academics first. If some good workers got churned out in this process, so be it. But learning, scholarship, and research were paramount. Fuck profits. Somehow, this has been lost. The result is that universities really suck at teaching and the things they did really well.

Now, I'm all for trade schools. I think trade schools are great. A skilled workforce especially in the blue collar trades is needed. But universities should not ever be concerned with this task. The reality is that applied knowledge rests on a much larger foundation of academic knowledge that was pursued with no regard to profit. Universities are now profit seeking affairs, and it shows. They suck now. Students merely go to earn a piece of paper signifying nothing. So, not only are they saddled with inescapable debt, they are also stupid as fuck. Awesome.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but military personnel have been frequenting prostitutes for centuries. The fact that some Secret Service guys got caught is just laughable. There are four branches of military doing the same shit. As a libertarian, I don't care unless they are using taxpayer dollars. Then, I care a whole damn lot.


Apple is enjoying awesome earnings and an outstanding stock price. Steve Jobs is dead, but people say it doesn't matter. My advice? Short that stock. Apple isn't going to last. Apple almost died without Jobs one time. It will certainly die this time. In the end, leadership matters. It can't be quantified except in increased earnings and market share. But companies need good leaders. This shit can't be taught. You either have it, or you don't. Jobs was the life of Apple. That life is gone.


If Zimmerman gets off, the state of Florida will turn into a gigantic race riot. I have foreseen it.

VIDEO--The Notebook

This is a movie I have resisted watching for a long time. The reason for this is obvious. I am known for misogyny and anti-romantic attitudes. The Notebook is a total chick flick, and it begs me to shit on it. But I can't shit on it. I will tell you why.

The Notebook is a tale of true love. The reason the movie is poison to males is because there are few men who believe in such devotion to a woman. They plug their woman into the same role of the woman in the movie, and it is all they can do not to gag. This is because most women are worthless. That is a sad but true fact.

The movie opens with an elderly couple in a nursing home. The man reads to her from a notebook, and it becomes clear that she has Alzheimer's disease. The notebook contains the story that unfolds on the screen which is basically a tale of love across social divisions. The couple played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams do an excellent job of playing a realistic couple madly in love with each other. He is a blue collar man from the wrong side of the tracks working in a sawmill while she is the daughter of old Southern money. Her mom and dad put a stop to the relationship. Blue collar man buys the house where they almost made love and renovates it. They reunite and live happily ever after until you realize they are the couple in the nursing home.

The most touching moment is when James Garner playing the older man breaks down when his wife gains a moment of lucidity and then slips back into dementia. It is hard to watch. You realize the absolute devotion this man has to this woman. If you are a cynic, it will make you puke. If you are a believer, it will make you cry.

Am I a cynic or a believer? These days, I am a believer. I have seen true love with my own eyes. It is rare, but it exists. As such, I will not shit on this movie. If you are a cynic, don't watch it. But if you are a believer, then watch it. It will be worth your time.


1. So, I lent money to Newt Gingrich. Why does my sphincter hurt?

2. Starbucks profit is up. And it is all due to one female I know.

3. They've played coy and given each other blue balls. But now, Obama and Romney are going to fuck. Haven't been this happy since Sam and Diane hooked up on Cheers.

4. The NFL cancels the Pro Bowl. They are probably worried about a prostitution scandal. That would be unprofessional.

5. I think I can safely call bullshit on global warming now.

6. Student loan debt is at one trillion. Do you hear that ticking sound?

7. Snooki is going to be a mom. Poor kid.

8. Jimmy Carter says he would be comfortable with a Romney presidency. Hell, that is a fucking endorsement if I ever heard one. When the last bad president presiding over a shitty economy turns on you, you need to hang it up. This means you, Barack.

9. I don't think voters want the new guy so much as they want to fire the old guy. Obama will be fired.

10. Obama was the first black president. Now, we can wait for the first good black president. He will probably be a Republican.

TRUE SHIT--Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman

Ernest Borgnine and Ethyl Merman were married in 1964. The marriage lasted 32 days. There is a lot of conjecture as to why the marriage was so short. Borgnine claimed that Merman could not withstand his larger billing as a star, and her ego was shattered. The reality is worse than this. Much worse.

It is reported that Borgnine gave Merman a Dutch Oven on their wedding night. This involves ripping off a nasty fart and then pulling the covers over the head of your bed partner forcing him or her to inhale the stench. This fact has not been officially verified. Merman's only commentary on the marriage was a single blank page in her autobiography.

True shit.

Blue Collar Blues

The blue collar theme here at the C-blog is not a popular one. Of course, I don't care. I became popular by being unpopular. The reason the blue collar stuff goes over so badly is because of the sickness of our present society. This sickness can be summed up in one statement. Work is for suckers.

People don't want to work. When you have an entire nation with that mentality, it cannot go well for that country. This is where the United States is today. I hear it, and I feel it everyday. I get it every time somebody tells me to slow down while I am doing my job. I see it when some mechanic half asses his fucking job. I get it when my work ethic is criticized by a guy with no work ethic. There is no love for the working man in our society. If you work for a living, you are considered an imbecile unfortunate enough to get out of working.

I see a lot of people trying to escape work. You have retirees who can run marathons and climb mountains but can't hold down a job during their 30 year vacation they get to take at the expense of those who are working. You have people milking their unemployment checks as they labor mightily to avoid getting hired. You have college students and grads racking up student loan debt that is now larger than credit card debt and even auto loan debt. Essentially, they are enjoying a reprieve from adult responsibility that will condemn them to a life of indentured servitude. And why do they do this? Because they think that a high paying bullshit job awaits them at the end of their amazing college experience. And where are these jobs? That's simple. These are government jobs. These are middle management jobs. These are financial service jobs. These are jobs working in college administration collecting all that student loan money.

Europe is further down the road than the USA. You have France with their 35 hour workweek. There is Greece which has run out of other people's money. Then, there is Germany where some glowing ember of the work ethic remains alive, but it leads those people to conclude correctly that they need to get the fuck out of the EU.

I do not subscribe to the labor theory of value, but I do believe that wealth is the product of work and deferred consumption. Anyone who got rich without working either stole it or got it out of pure dumb luck. I hear the refrain about working smarter not harder, but I can't help but notice that the people who utter that trite bullshit neither work harder nor smarter. They just don't fucking work. "Working smarter" is merely a euphemism for getting out of work by gaming the system or fucking someone over.

You can't get something for nothing. That may be a shocker to a lot of people. But we have an entire nation dedicated to that notion. And who are the people who reject this bullshit? These are the working people. These are the ones like me who go in and punch a clock each day and do the dirty work that keeps this country going. These are the people who drive our trucks, fix our toilets, manufacture our appliances, pave our roads, build our houses, cook our meals, and on and on. They learned a long time ago that work is the price for living, and they just do it. And what does everyone else do? They shit all over these people. It is fucking amazing to behold.

For awhile, I thought the denigration of working people would cease as people woke up and saw the bullshit. I thought there might be new appreciation for the working person. There isn't. It hasn't stopped, and it isn't going to stop. It has always been this way. Status and honor are given to thieves while derision is heaped on the honest and the hard working.

If you're going to be blue collar, you learn to live with being underappreciated. You learn to care about your work, but you also learn to not give a shit what people think about you. At the end of the day, it feels good to not owe five and six figures in student loan debt. It feels good to be able to pay your bills. It feels good knowing that your work makes the world a better place. And it feels really good knowing that you are the salt of the earth while everyone around you is a piece of shit.

Q & A

Q: Who do you like between Obama and Romney? 

A: This is like asking a man if he would rather have electrodes to the testicles or take it up the pooper. It is such a silly question. Hook me up to the electrodes, baby! Some things are just that easy.

In all seriousness, both candidates suck a camel's dick in the desert as far as I am concerned. I can't stand either one. But if I had to choose the lesser evil, it would be Romney. He wouldn't be better, but he would be different. After four years of bullshit, maybe the horseshit will taste better in comparison.

As for me, I'm not voting anymore. I'm sick of it. I love Ron Paul, but all those people who said he had no fucking hope of winning were right. The only victory libertarians can take away is a moral victory. We know better even if the rest of the country doesn't.

Stupid people can't elect smart leaders. It is just that simple. And stupid people will always outnumber smart people. Libertarian pessimism wins. Freedom works, but it won't ever get the chance.


The fucktards at Blogger have elected to change the way I post to my blog, so I have to adjust to the cosmetic change to the way I maintain this blog. It is aggravating because I have to adjust to the change which sucks. I like having my stuff in familiar places. Change messes with that and affects my productivity.

I'm not averse to change. Change is good. What bothers me is radical change especially radical unexpected change. These traumatic changes often create as many problems as they solve. To this extent, I am a conservative. I don't believe in turning over apple carts just to see the things roll around.

I just got home from work as I write this post, so you are getting me stale, stinky, and tired. I am listening to All Things Considered, and I am trying to move myself to go make a pot of evening coffee. I drink coffee all day now which is insane. But I do it. I vainly try to get things done in the evening, but I usually fail. This is because I lack the energy and inspiration to make anything in the evenings. Mornings are better for creative endeavors.

Fuck it. I'm done. My brain is a fucking blank.

Creativity and Misery

It is stereotypical for artists and writers to be miserable. Many are the tales of drunkeness, depression, and suicide amongst the creative class. Why is it like this? And can happy people create?

I remember hearing advice that if you ever had writer's block that the antidote is to write about writer's block. I am using this antidote now as I seem to have a case of it at the moment. I have projects I can work on, but I don't feel inspired to actually work on them. The reason is because I am in a period of absolute bliss. Bliss cuts down on the creative impulse. People are motivated by pain, and creative people are no different. Creation is relief from pain.

The easiest way for me to bring back the pain would be to fuck things up with the source of my bliss, but that simply isn't going to happen. So, I must learn to create from a state of bliss as opposed to a state of misery. I think I can do this because I was already doing it before. I was happy in the flourishing sense before this bliss came into my life. I should be able to maintain it.

When we think of misery in creativity, we automatically consider Hemingway or Van Gogh. But I like to look to those who seemed happy while creating. I think Shakespeare was one of those people. Granted, not all was sweetness and light with the Bard, but he did enjoy considerable success in his own lifetime and lived a superb life for his times. He also produced a large body of work that stands the test of time. Similarly, the Beatles were very happy but still managed to produce music that literally changed the world.

I think the reason misery has become so prized in today's creative climate is as a direct result of nihilistic worldviews. People look to gloom and despair in creative work because it reflects the gloom and despair they feel in their own lives. In order to feed this insatiable demand for misery, creative people who are miserable enjoy great success. This would be the likes of Kurt Cobain.

I think you can use both happiness and sadness in your work. I don't think life always has to be sour and dark. There are good things in life, too. The challenge for the creative person is to capture the good which is a bigger task than capturing the bad. In the end, the secret to creativity isn't misery. It is work. Pain is a great motivator. But pleasure can be a motivator, too. You just have to stop being lazy and soaking in your bliss.

Shark Catcher


Needless Divisions

Steve Jobs was an incredible individual. One of the things I appreciate most about the guy was when he said that Apple was the marriage of left brain and right brain sensibilities. He brought art and craft to an industry dominated by nerds. The result of that marriage has brought us the elegant products Apple makes today. The rest of the nerds are content to copy Apple because they have no taste of their own.

What Jobs put his finger on was a needless division between left brain and right brain types. Art and math don't have to be opposed. They can be complementary and united. They can work together to make awesome things. Yet, there is that needless division between the artists and the engineers. You have to wonder what Leonardo da Vinci would have made of all this.

I think many of the divisions we have are artificial and stupid. This comes to me often as a libertarian as I find myself in alliance with or opposition to conservatives and progressives on a whole host of issues. The funny thing is when some shitheaded leftard tries to equate me with Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. Because I'm not a socialist, I must automatically be some Fox News fasctard. Conversely, fasctards equate me with leftards because I think bombing Iran is dumb. I'm at the point where I think people do whatever they are told because they wear a label as opposed to having actual thought and consideration of the issues. The fact is that many Republicans are probably not homophobes, but they can't say this out loud because it would result in expulsion from the group.

I have learned not to think in these categories or groups. It blows my mind how people automatically go to the polar extreme on an issue as they oppose the other side that occupies the other polar extreme. A great example would be vegan people and Paleo people. I'm in the middle preferring lean meats and whole grains. I am a semi-vegetarian which has resulted in me losing weight, feeling great, and not being deprived of entire food groups. At this point, I think those sides are not in touch with reality anymore but have taken to extremes as they make their case.

I can go down a laundry list of groupthink to show these needless divisions in action. They make no sense. So, why do they happen? I think it goes back to high school as kids sort themselves into different groups. The math nerds separate from the goths. The bookworms separate from the jocks. Then, these groups live up or down to the expectations of them.

For me, there are two things that keep me from these needless divisions. The first is my belief in individualism. The second is my appreciation for the Renaissance Ideal. I think it makes sense to be both a good poet and an engineer. The result of this is that I end up making friends across group lines. I feed myself on a variety of ideas. I have no problem having the R&B station next to the country station on my radio. And I don't think there is really anything I can't do given time and motivation.

If you can move beyond needless divisions, you can do some beautiful things. This is what Steve Jobs did at Apple. He was not content to leave computers to a bunch of soulless nerds like Bill Gates. He did awesome things because he wasn't hindered by a needless division. I think the future belongs to people like Jobs that move beyond these artificial boundaries and dividing lines. These divisions are needless, and they hold us back. Fuck those divisions.

VERMEER, Girl With a Pearl Earring


Lately, I've been fascinated by things that are Cuban. In this case, the Cuban thing I treasure most are their coffee makers. I have had the pleasure of using one of these Cuban coffee makers that makes a fine espresso that will knock the living shit out of you. The amor de mi corazon refers to this espresso as "crack coffee." It is truly good shit.

Unlike other espresso makers, the Cuban coffee maker is simple to use. There are few parts to it, and it makes the coffee very quickly. One of the top brands of coffee is Cafe Bustelo. That shit is quality. The grounds are so fine that they look like powder. After it is brewed, Cubans add milk, sugar mixed with the coffee at the begining made into a paste, and sometimes, Cayenne pepper. There is a lot of variety in the final drink. But make no mistake about it. Cuban espresso is the shit.

Another item I also enjoy is the Cuban sandwich. It is simply the best tasting sandwich you will ever eat. It is ham, pork, and cheese along with mustard, mayo, and pickle served on Cuban bread and pressed. The cheese is melted while the meat is heated up. It is fucking good. Like the coffee, the Cuban is served in a variety of ways. They are all good.

I also hear a great deal about Cuban cigars, but I don't smoke. I can't tell you shit about those, but aficionados swear by those things. It is also the single biggest item linked to the US embargo with Cuba. I fucking hate that embargo. Castro has luaghed at it his entire life, and the Cuban community in Florida need to recognize the futility of embargoes. It is better to trade.

I anticipate a Cuban Renaissance when the Castro brothers are gone. They can't die fast enough for me, but they will certainly die. There is no question about this. When they do, I would like to see that island opened up again. I don't know how it will affect Florida, but I think it will be positive.

I must apologize to my readers as always for being so slack ass on blogging. I have been having some fleshspace adventures, and I put flesh before cyber. I will try and be a more dedicated blogger. But if I fail, you will know the reason why. I am enjoying life. Right now, it is very sweet.

Edit Your Relationships

I get a lot of questions and flak for being estranged from my family or no longer speaking to friends I used to have. The impression this makes is that I am some sort of cold hearted bastard that will just drop people on the slightest whim. Yet, the people who actually remain in my life don't think that way of me whatsoever. Why are things like this?

I edit my relationships. That is all there is to it. There are people who belong in my life, and there are people who don't. My determination over who stays and who goes is elementary. If you hurt me, you are gone. It is a simple rule, but people are never simple.

I didn't always edit my relationships. This is how you end up homeless living out of your car. This is how you get that car stolen. This is how you wind up with mystery charges on your credit cards for cigarettes and beer. This is how you end up on a highway in the middle of the night being told to fuck off because you won't lend money to be lended again to some other guy with a fresh DUI charge who doesn't want his car impounded. This is how you get a bogus arrest warrant against you because you had to kick out the stray living in your apartment that you saved from the streets but turned your place into her hook up space. I can go on and on with these tales.

I have a friend of mine who tells me that I brought a lot of this on myself, and he is right. I did. I gave out kindness, generosity, and friendship like a cow gives milk. I did not discriminate. The result of this policy is that you become bait for narcissists and users who will stop at nothing until they have exhausted your goodness. Then, they toss you like garbage.

I discriminate now. People who hurt me are gone. People who could potentially hurt me are also gone. This is why I choose not to be friends with moochers, drug addicts, users, and the like. I'll add anyone on Facebook, but I have high standards for those I let into my fleshspace. Anyone who has hurt me or has a high likelihood of hurting me is eliminated from my life. Naturally, this makes me some sort of bastard. I don't really care.

The reason we tolerate shit from others is because we don't think we have options. But we do. There are good people out there who aren't like the human garbage. These people are the ones who make your life better. They make you feel better about yourself. But this is little comfort to those who face the real prospect of being alone. So, I go the next step. You are better off alone than having these destructive people in your life. If you want peace in your life, you need to get used to your own company.

The antithesis of my discrimination policy is the doormat policy. This is the philosophy of people like Hillary Clinton who always forgive their cheating spouses no matter how much they cheat. This is the philosophy of my enabling aunt who did no favors for her drug addicted son by always bailing him out of his scrapes. I am someone who lived the doormat philosophy, so I know exactly what that gets you. You end up with what you put up with.

I don't hurt people. People who claim that I hurt them get the favor of me not being in their lives anymore. Basically, I pull the trigger on myself because I don't want to be like the people who have used me and hurt me. So, I stop being in relationship with them, but they have an annoying habit of wanting me to call them back. I know I am blameless, but those people would rather play a game of guilt to get something out of me. For a bastard, a whole lot of people want to be my friend.

The alternative to being like this is to become a complete jerk and a dickhead with the strategy of always getting the best of any raw deal. Relationships are not built on mutual love and trust but on mutual advantage and common ends. This is the sort of relationship that Eli Wallach had with Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. You have common aims, so you make an alliance. This may be advantageous, but it is hardly a good cornerstone for friendship or a marriage.

I don't see the people in my life as a means to my end. They are ends in themselves. Because I am a happy person, I overflow, and I have no qualms about helping in the happiness of others. I promote the projects of those people I love, and I celebrate the good things I see in them. But if there is no good in you, I am not going to waste my time. I care less about what you do for me than about who you are as a person. In that respect, I am exceedingly generous. I give to those who share my values and sense of life. I give nothing to parasites.

I am selective about who I let into my life. I only want good people in my life. If you're not good, go and become good. The problem is not with me. The problem is with you. This is not my fault. I am also under no responsibility to fix you, aid you, or do anything for you. This is something you need to tend to in your life. And if you want to be friends with me, follow one simple rule. Don't hurt other people. Don't hurt me. It will surprise you how such a simple rule is so difficult for so many people.


People who believe in many conspiracy theories are regarded by the wider population as being nutters and kooks. Often, their tales of conspiracy defy logic and imagination. Then, you stumble across what I call "conspiracy facts." Project MK-ULTRA is one of those conspiracy facts.

In the 1950s, the CIA began experiments in mind control. Many of the subjects of these experiments were unaware that they were participating in these experiments that involved everything from LSD to hypnosis. This shit is sick, but it really happened. One infamous experiment was Operation Midnight Climax where the CIA used whorehouses to see the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals. Individuals were lured to the brothels and studied from behind one way glass. Other programs were set up at universities, prisons, and military institutions to study more of the effects of the experiments. One suspected participant in such experiments was the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

This information came out in 1975 as a result of the Church Committee investigation in Congress. The CIA destroyed much of the information relating to MKULTRA and other similar programs. The CIA denies that experiments of this nature continue, but this is disputed.

True shit.

Q & A

Q: Am I my brother's keeper?

Fuck no.

I hear this phrase all the time from mostly leftard types who want a license to run roughshod over the rights of other people. It is pretty sickening to take away someone else's freedom, so leftards like to cite some moral justification for doing this. Yet, I don't think they have ever considered the origin of this expression.

In the Bible, Cain kills his brother Abel out of jealous rage. God confronts Cain over his crime, and Cain replies, "Am I my brother's keeper?" God never answers the question, but he punishes Cain for his murder. Yet, this stupid story has become the justification for busybodies the world over. I cannot fathom why.

When it comes to other people, there are positive obligations and negative obligations. The negative obligations are pretty simple. Don't hurt other people. Do not deprive anyone of their life, liberty, or property. Positive obligations go beyond this. It requires us to make sure that everyone has the necessities of life. It is not enough that we haven't hurt people, but we are also required to help people.

The problem with being a brother's keeper though is that the notion of a keeper refers to one who tends livestock. An animal such as a cow or a goat is property that is tended to and cultivated. People are not livestock. In order to be a brother's keeper, you are essentially denying to that person their life, liberty, and property. And that is the whole point. The brother's keeper language is merely justification for what can only be considered criminal activity. This is how theft becomes "wealth redistribution." This is how censorship becomes "sensitivity." This is how food policing becomes "health promotion." In everything, they cite some greater good.

It is perfectly fine to help people as long as you don't deny them or anyone else their life, liberty, and property in the process. Libertarians such as myself are pilloried as being cruel and heartless because we hold the negative obligations as being higher than the positive obligations. This is why we think it sucks that there are people suffering atrocities overseas, but we refrain from calling for bombing the living shit out of the place. This is because you don't help people by blowing them up. That is kind of a no-brainer for us.

The reality is that people just want to blow shit up, and they resort to ex post facto justification for things they have already determined to do. You don't help people by hurting them. This is common sense, yet common sense eludes the leftard. If you leave people worse off rather than better off, you haven't helped them. This is what leftards do. Whether you come at it from a philosophical or a consequentialist viewpoint, socialism and other leftarded bullshit is inherently flawed and destructive.

The downside of freedom and Silver Rule ethics is that the responsibility for your well being and the consequences for your actions falls squarely on you. People don't like to hear that shit, but there it is. If leftards want to be busybodies, then you have those who want to escape responsibility. It sucks to have to work a job to earn your living. It sucks to party all night and feel like shit the next day. It sucks to eat crap food and lay on the couch all the time and then get winded as you move your girth to the bathroom to take a shit. This is the way life is. Freedom comes with responsibility. People need to grow up and be adults. Instead, we have people who want to be perpetual parents and infants.

Here it is. I don't have a keeper. You are not my keeper. You need to mind your own fucking business. If you can't do this, I will help you out by cussing you out at first. If you persist, this will be followed by a severe ass beating. Finally, I will blow your fucking brains out. Don't help me. Help yourself by leaving me the fuck alone. No one deprives me of my life, liberty, or property without a fight. I always fight. ALWAYS. You have been warned.


I have been a terrible blogger over the past two months. It is an open secret that I am in a relationship with someone. I am fixing to say good-bye to her in just a few minutes. It sucks saying good-bye.

A boyfriend once told his girlfriend that he would climb any mountain and cross any sea to be with his beloved, and he would be over to her house on Tuesday if it wasn't raining. There is something to be said in favor of adversity. That which is easily gained is lightly esteemed. And words are cheap. Deeds are what make the difference.

Fate has been cruel to me but also kind. I have a bad habit of personifying Fate and giving it a capital F. I know it is all random chance, and the universe is indifferent to all that I do. Over the last few months, I have noticed that I am both lucky and unlucky in many ways. Ultimately, these things boil down to what we choose to notice and not notice. For me, I am indifferent to circumstance. I will surmount the difficulties to get what I want or die in the attempt.

True love needs adversity. This is how we know it is true love. It sucks that we go through what we go through, but there are better days ahead and worse. I have to be with this woman. This isn't steelhead salmon talk. I just know that she is the One. You just know. And when you know, you are going to be with her. There is no question about it.

Time to say good-bye.

The Four Classes of Wealth

When we think of wealth, we think of money and material possessions. The problem with this thinking of wealth is that it is one dimensional. There are some things money can't buy, but we find them valuable. Similarly, someone who has run up their credit cards may be rich in terms of material possessions but is actually quite poor. It is easy to chastise the greedy wealth seeker as some amoral accumulator of filthy lucre, but I tend to disagree with these sentiments. I think the pursuit of wealth is a fine endeavor. The problem is how we define wealth. We define wealth almost in the purely material sense while overlooking those other things that are just as important and instrumental to a flourishing life. I put wealth into four classes, and here they are.

1. Material wealth.

This is how much money you have in the bank and your investments coupled with the things you own minus whatever you owe. This is what you are worth in the material sense. What I remind people is that money is necessary for happiness, but the amount of money you need to be happy is actually very little. This is why I embrace minimalism and endeavor to practice it. It isn't that I reject material wealth, but I prefer the bulk of my wealth to be in cash and investments instead of a bunch of crap that I don't need like a couple of jet skis. Living a simple lifestyle while having money put away does wonders for the nerves.

2. Intellectual wealth.

Today, education seems valued purely in terms of its moneymaking ability. The result of this mindset is that we have people pursuing ever more degrees at significant cost in terms of tuition and debt while learning less and less. Never before in American history has a college degree cost so much and been worth so little. Yet, that same education is free at the local library. All you need is a library card and the discipline to read a lot of books.

We have lost sight of the fact that education is something we should pursue for its own sake and not merely as decoration for one's resume. This is why I encourage people to become autodidacts. For most people, learning ceases the moment the sheepskin is in hand. But thanks to libraries and the internet, you can learn virtually anything for free. Idiots sneer at this as if paying six figures and spending a lifetime in indentured servitude paying off student loans is the smart thing to do.

Being smart is worth it for its own sake. People should prize intelligence and depth of learning. Knowing things makes your life better.

3. Physical fitness.

They say if you don't have your health, then you don't really have anything. To a certain extent, this is true. But you can do a lot with a messed up body as Steve Jobs and Stephen Hawking have demonstrated. One of my favorite writers is Flannery O'Connor who died at age 39 from lupus. I have already outlived her, yet she has written more and better than I ever have.

Our bodies don't always do what we want them to do, but as far as we can, we should take care of them because ultimately we are corporeal beings in a material universe. The best way to take care of your body is to eat right and exercise. Having a body that is durable and does what you want it to do is always better than the body in rebellion to your wishes. The single best thing you can do for yourself in this regard is to get regular exercise.

4. Personal relationships.

The last class of wealth is personal relationships. You want good people in your life. Good people amplify all the good things in your life already. They make your life better in so many ways. Conversely, bad people make your life worse and drain away your energies, your time, and your money. This is why I tell people to ruthlessly edit out the bad people in their lives. When people fuck up and fuck you over, they need to go. Similarly, when you meet good people and make real friends, you want to hang on to those people.

It isn't the quantity of people in your life but the quality of people in your life that really matters. The best people you can ever have in your life are people that are happy and make you happy as a consequence. The worst people you can have in your life are the ones who use you merely as a means to their end which is usually hedonistic or material pursuits.

The purpose of life is to be happy, and the purpose of wealth is to provide the means to that happiness. Wealth in all its forms is meaningless if it doesn't result in happiness. I have lost count of the number of stories of people who have acquired material wealth but were miserable. If you're rich and unhappy, you want to rethink your relationship to wealth. Happiness doesn't come purely from what you own but from what you do and who you are.

How to Cheat on Your Wife and Get Away With It

Let's face facts. Men are cheating dogs. I know because I interact with them on a daily basis, and I know what they do. Men cheat. They will lie and do whatever it takes to get some trim on the side. With that comes another fact. They almost always get caught. It could be Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Jesse James, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, or just a regular guy. These guys can't keep their dicks in their pants, and they can't get away with cheating. This is because they are stupid. So, I am going to help these guys out with a few tips I have gleaned over the years from watching what professional cheaters do. Of course, I suspect wives will read this and take notes on how to catch their man, but I can't help this. So, the first unofficial tip is to make sure your wife never reads this because if she does, you are fucked. You might actually have to honor those vows you foolishly made so long ago or prepare for divorce and/or severing of the male sex organ from the male anatomy. On with the tips.

1. Become morally empty.

The biggest problem with being a cheater is the guilt. You made a promise to someone that you don't want to keep. If she finds out, she will be devastated. The woman you profess to love and that you married will be crushed by the revelation that she is married to an utter piece of shit. This knowledge makes having an affair difficult because you will end up looking guilty. So, you need to learn to blunt that pesky conscience with bullshit reasoning, so you don't feel so bad about being a philanderer. Guilt can be seen on the face and will rat you out quickly. You want to avoid this.

The best way to accomplish this is with binary thinking. The successful cheater thinks of his wife sort of like a queen while his side women are considered something else. For instance, one cheater I know said his wife was the steak while all the other women were pork chops. He always came home to the steak. Italians in the New York area refer to their mistress as a "goumad." Whatever it takes, you want to think of your wife as still being special while your mistress is something common. This will trick your brain into thinking you are still faithful in some way instead of being the piece of shit that you are in actuality.

2. Establish a separate identity.

This is what I call the Batman Strategy. Batman was actually two people. The first guy is Bruce Wayne. The other guy is some fucked up vigilante in a bat suit. Wayne/Batman was adept at keeping those two identities separate. People didn't figure out that they were the same guy. This is what your goal is as a successful adulterer. You don't want your wife to find out of course. But you also don't want your mistress to find out either. This is where many cheaters fuck up. They keep no secrets from their mistress, and the mistress will fuck you when she gets good and ready. This usually happens when your promises to leave your wife turn out hollow. That will be another tip in our list.

Batman had his own car and his own pad called the Batcave. He had his own phone number that the commissioner could call. And you better believe Batman didn't carry around his Bruce Wayne wallet on his utility belt. Your separate identity should go as far as having a totally different name than yours. All the rest of these tips concern this separate identity.

3. Have a separate phone for cheating.

In order to make arrangements and work your women, you need two separate cellphones. Successful cheaters know this tip. Stupidity in this area is what nailed Tiger Woods. You want to use two separate carriers and have the bill for your cheater phone going to a separate address. If your wife sees a bill from AT&T and you are on Verizon, you are fucked. As for wives reading this, if you ever see your man with a different phone or second phone, he is cheating on you. He might say the other phone is for work or some shit as that. Don't believe it.

4. Have a separate place for cheating.

This place will be your Batcave. It might be a favorite motel, or it could even be a separate apartment. It all depends on your income. Rich men are notorious for putting up their mistresses in all sorts of fancy digs. The main thing to remember is to never bring your whore to your home. This is incredibly stupid. Your wife will nail you, but if she doesn't, the mistress knows your address now. When you fuck her over (and you will), she will not hesitate to come home to your loving and unsuspecting wife and spill the beans on your lying cheating ass.

5. Always use cash.

One of the biggest ways cheaters get caught is to leave a money trail. You can't do this. Always use cash. Never pay with check or plastic. Throw away all receipts as soon as you get them. A bill for a motel room or a fancy dinner will undo you. Wives merely need to look over financial statements each month to nail their man. Often, he will hide these through his work.

6. Use a separate vehicle.

This is the most difficult tip because cars are expensive. But if you use a rental car or take a cab, this will help things along. Mistresses can take down your license tag number and track you down this way. Whenever possible, let her drive her car or meet somewhere. But if you drive your car, your identity will be compromised as the mistress checks out your vehicle registration card while you stop at the store for a pack of smokes. Never use your own car and always lock the glove box.

7. Never use a woman's name.

Another way cheaters fuck up is to utter some other woman's name accidentally. This usually happens during sex with the wife. The successful womanizer knows that all woman have the same name, and that name is "Baby." Use it with all of them, and you can never fuck up. Of course, the wife who gets called "baby" all the time may pick up on this. But you have more plausible deniability with "baby" than you do with "Joyce."

8. Wear a separate set of clothes.

The successful cheater always has his cheater clothes that he changes into and out of when he needs to. Many a man has been caught because of the smell of perfume or lipstick on the collar. Wearing separate clothes and taking a shower will do wonders for covering your tracks. The downside is that you have to do your own laundry. Get your mistress to do it for you.

9. Manage your time.

You know Batman wasn't getting much sleep patrolling Gotham every night, and you won't either if you are a cheater. If keeping one woman happy is hard work, you can imagine what it takes to keep two or more happy. Since it is impossible to be in two places at the same time, the successful cheater learns to carve out time on a regular basis to do his dirty work. Trips out of town, late nights at the office, or the lunch hour hook up are all common plays in the cheater's playbook. The most successful cheaters I have ever seen were small businessman, contractors, and self-employed types who had flexibility in their schedules and used their jobs for cover. The main thing is to be consistent with those times. Unusual absences will set off the warning bells. The easiest way to catch a cheater when all is said and done is merely to look at his calendar.

10. Never make promises or lie to your mistress.

You can lie and cheat on your wife and get away with it. You can't do the same with your mistress. Don't tell her you will leave your wife and marry her. Always let her know the nature of your illicit relationship. She is some worthless whore you are balling on the side. You might fuck up and accidentally fall in love with her. Or she might fall in love with you. Relationships like this are like playing with a live hand grenade. You can do this, but if you drop the pin, you will have your hands full for awhile. The mistress will fuck you in ways you never imagined. Never forget this. As long as she doesn't know that you are really Bruce Wayne, you can drop her.

If all these tips seem like a lot of money and hard work, they are. If you want to cheat and get away with it, you are going to have to hustle your ass off. But men get lazy, and this is how they get caught. Yet, if they put in half of their time and effort into the women they married, they would probably find themselves better off and happier. But that would make too much sense. The name of the game is to get down with some strange. It is the thrill of the hunt and the danger of being caught. Cheating makes life exciting. But so does jumping out of airplanes. Try the skydiving for awhile and see what that gets you. It is way cheaper and takes less time and work. Plus, you get to keep your conscience and your good name and the woman who loved you enough to marry you.


Adversity sucks. There isn't any other way to put it. Every day is a struggle and a fight, and you just have to man up (or clit up if you are female) and endure it and overcome.

I have adversity in my life right now. I am enduring a crucible of suffering like none before. But I am trying my best to get through it. This is because I don't have any other options. I have to do this.

You can endure anything if the payoff is worth the sacrifice. I am becoming intimately acquainted with pain in various forms. Pain is your friend. People are stunned when I say that, but they shouldn't be. Pain is the indicator that something is wrong, and it motivates us to make it right. To that extent, I am a highly motivated individual these days. The pain is my fuel for being.

I tell people all the time that people respond less to motivation than they do to irritation. Motivation is where you pursue a positive reward. Irritation is where you move to avoid a negative stimulus. It is very hard to get a person to leave a comfy couch, but they do it easily when that couch is set on fire.

In my situation, the adversity I am enduring makes me do things I wouldn't normally do. I am struggling and being patient as I attempt to move from one state of being to another. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, it is worth it. In this situation, I have both motivation and irritation spurring me on.

One of the things that is nagging at me lately is my reduced writing output. I have a backlog of essays and fiction that I want to write. You never get to a state of done when it comes to writing. There are always more things to write, and I have never run out of writing projects in my life. Writing takes a lot out of you, but you just have to get it done.

I have been having fun making my art lately, and I have amassed a huge collection on my hard drive of c-art. The thing that is surprising to me is that I actually like looking at some of the things I have made. I can't draw for shit, but I do love colors and color combinations. The result of that work is that I now put together some decent eye candy. I doubt I will ever be mistaken for Picasso, but I like making art. It taxes the brain in a distinctly different way than writing. I can only write for about four hours before exhaustion settles in. It isn't like this with art. I can keep churning it out piece after piece. Clearly, the visual takes less effort than the verbal.