1. I thought it would be a good idea to get back to my daily posts. For some reason, when I write these things, they turn into a list of jokes. I never set out to do this, but it just happens that way. Sort of like getting drunk and having sex with the goat.

2. The House puts the cock block on Senate Democrats trying to raise the debt limit. Unfortunately, the ruffies and champagne will take over before the end of the night, and those House Republicans will find themselves freshly fucked in the backseat of a car.

3. This is a good article:

3 Life-Changing Truths from 3 Years of Minimalism

Unfortunately, minimalism will not get you laid.

4. I watched the Frontline report called "WikiSecrets." The gist I got from it was that Bradley Manning was pissed about being a gay man in the military under DADT. So, in anger, he goes out and changes the world. For this, he needs to be executed. Great journalism, Frontline. I still hope they cut your federal funding.

5. Cellphones might give you brain cancer. This is debatable since there is no evidence. But there is evidence cellphones make you drive slow as fuck irritating people like myself who wish you would get brain cancer and DIE!!

Marriage is Stupid

Celebrity break ups and divorces fascinate me. I don't care about the marriages or the beginning of the relationships. I just like watching them implode. The reason for this is obvious. I like watching rich good looking famous people experience the same misery the rest of us do. It isn't that I don't want them to be happy. I just appreciate the fact that they demonstrate on a regular basis the futility of it all. The bottom line is that marriage is stupid.

I have written on the topic of love before in Love is Bullshit. That is a popular post. The fact that marriage is bullshit is just an extension of that earlier piece. If love is a doomed enterprise from the start, it definitely makes no sense to tie the knot.

I am sure we are all familiar with the stats. Half of all marriages end in divorce. This number may be declining as more people wise up and decide not to marry. The more telling stat is the fact that the vast majority of both men and women report cheating on their spouses leaving the rest to lie about it. I have read that 80% of all marriages are touched by infidelity. This is damning considering that people have overwhelming incentives to lie and delude themselves.

Men have no incentive to marry. There is nothing for them to gain from the arrangement. A man can only lose in the deal unless he is marrying some rich heiress dumb enough to not ask for a prenup. For women, the opposite is true. A man is a virtual slave once he ties the knot. This is why women want rich older successful men to tie the knot with. This is a way for them to acquire money they did not earn.

The older guy might not be able to perform sexually anymore, but this isn't a problem for the woman who is not going to be faithful anyway. Marriage just makes a cuckold and a sucker for any man foolish enough to fall in the trap. Or, he may find himself in a loveless sexless marriage.

The smart man is wise to this trap and stays out of it. He knows marriage is a raw deal. He knows that what women want is security which means money to burn. Women consider sex some atrocity to endure in order to "earn" the money they are going to blow. Don't get me wrong. Women enjoy sex. They just don't enjoy sex with their husbands.

The stupid man falls for the lies, marries, gets cheated on and used, and tossed like a sack of garbage. Or, he is a total cad being married to a woman for social reasons while getting much ass on the side. Either way, marriage is really dumb for either the cuckold or the womanizer.

For the smart man, the problem comes when he dates some woman who starts putting the pressure on him to marry. When this happens, he needs to move on. This is the end of the relationship because the woman has revealed her true desire--your money. Suggest to her that you have nothing to gain from marriage and that she should earn her own money as befitting a liberated modern woman. Watch that smile turn upside down. Then, she will lay the guilt trip on you about you not loving her. Agree with her. You don't love her. She doesn't love you either.

The simple fact is that humans are not monogamous and love is a lie to make us reproduce. Marriage only brings money, property, and the custody of children into this septic tank of stupidity. Divorce is rampant, heartbreaking, and expensive. Yet, as the joke goes, divorce is expensive because it is worth it. Generally speaking, women profit from the marriage, but men profit from the divorce. Men will go on, and their lives will improve. The women's lives tend to stagnate unless they can find some other sucker to take them.

Society has certain expectations that we all marry, but society is wrong. Being single means being free. It means owning your own property and not sharing it. It means making your own decisions and doing whatever the fuck you like. But the best thing about being single is that you can dump your lover at the drop of a hat, and you will. Relationships are temporary. Marriage is like trying to turn a disposable razor into an heirloom with the results you would expect from such a foolish endeavor.

Love is one big colossal cruel fucking joke. When you are unattached, you can at least walk away from the joke. When you are married, you are trapped. That is the point. This is why women like marriage. It delivers what they really want which is not love but security. Marriage is an attempt to make permanent an arrangement that cannot last. The only thing that becomes permanent is misery.

I know few happily married couples. Those few happy couples are the bait for the trap in much the same way that a few lottery winners inspire the rest of the people to play a losing game. Deciding not to marry is not going to keep you from finding this wonderful person that might truly make you happy. What will keep you from finding this right person is being married to the wrong person for a decade or more. So, you are always better off remaining single because it keeps you out of a bad situation but also leaves you more open to a good situation.

For the women reading this, it may piss you off to no end, but do I lie? Are women anything other than gold digging sluts? I'd sure like to meet one that wasn't. But so far, I've never met a chick that wasn't after the money. When I realize that a woman is more interested in what I can do for her than what I am as a person, her ass is gone.

Never getting married is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am much better off, and I have zero regrets on remaining a bachelor. As for loneliness, the world abounds with whores. This includes the married ones who cheat. Love is dubious, but lust is constant. You can always count on lust.


I am learning a valuable lesson right now. This lesson has to do with values and association. More specifically, it has to do with whether or not a militant atheist and a devout Christian could ever be married. I think the answer is fairly obvious.

On Facebook, I noticed a lot of libertarians also have libertarian spouses. I don't think this is coincidental. Like with the Christian and the atheist example I gave, I don't see how a libertarian and a statist could make it.

If there is a key to a successful relationship, I think it lies in having shared values. All my relationships with women have been failures, and I realize that none of the women I dated shared my values. I basically kept my mouth shut until I had enough and said fuck it.

I can be friends with people of different backgrounds and persuasions. I am friends with many theists and statists. I am also friends with people who don't give a fuck about any of those things. It is not really an issue because we find something in common in other areas whether it is merely an interest in politics or philosophy or because we are coworkers or like sports. I find it extremely easy to make friends with just about anyone. The same is not true with my relationships with women or my family.

I see our relationships as occupying an inner circle and an outer circle. Most people have a large inner circle and a small outer circle. My situation is the opposite. My inner circle is very small while my outer circle is vast. I have 5000+ Facebook friends, am very popular at work, but I eat dinner alone and sleep on the couch. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I don't even talk about it because it is just damn embarrassing at this point. When you realize that the two of you have so little in common that you can't even have a conversation anymore, the relationship is over.

I have never had a meaningful romantic relationship in my life. I can't identify a single woman that I have ever dated that I can say has had a positive or memorable impact on my life. The result of every break up I have ever had has been a dramatic improvement in my life and my mindset. I have never dated a single woman who made me a better person.

I don't know what all my ex-girlfriends think of me since there is no one to conduct an exit interview. I suppose I am hated or at least forgotten. I just never talk to them or run into them. I did run into one of them at the bookstore, and she gave me the hint that she'd like another spin on the merry-go-round. I turned her down.

What I realize is that the reason things don't work out for me in this area is because I date women who don't share my values. All of the conflicts revolve around these differing values. No two people are going to be exactly alike, but there needs to be a large amount of common ground in order to make joint decisions. I am simply an uncommon individual.

Some women may not necessarily share the same values as you, but they are at least supportive of you and what you do. Unfortunately, I see these women as being about as useful as picture frames. This would be marrying a Filipino and making her your glorified housemaid. I have never been interested in this type of relationship. It goes completely against my values.

What I want in a relationship is clear to me now. I want to be with a woman who shares interests with me. I want to date a woman who is a libertarian and an atheist. I want to be able to have an intelligent conversation with her instead of listening to her bitch about problems and money. If there is one thing all my ex-girlfriends have in common, it is that they are all incredibly stupid and boring. Imagine this conversation:

MAN: We have discovered something vital in the laboratory. It is a way to turn solar energy into a liquid fuel to be used in cars. This process can be done at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to refine oil into gasoline.

WOMAN: OK, whatever. Can I borrow some cash to fill up my car?

Now, I don't have anything to share that is as groundbreaking as a new clean fuel that will change the world. But that second line is verbatim from a conversation with an ex-girlfriend. Who wants to be with someone like this?

Being with these stupid worthless woman is a living death. I have learned something from the Objectivists, and it is to not waste your life on a woman that doesn't share your values. This same principle extends to family members.

The Objectivists believe in the trader principle when it comes to personal relationships. This means giving value for value. Familial relationships rarely follow this model. They are usually lopsided since family members rarely share the same values. It would be like a guy with real money trying to make exchanges with people who have Monopoly money. The funny thing is when those with the Monopoly money refuse to take their own money in trade.

I asked my ex-girlfriend why she dated me, and she told me that I kept a job and always worked. I didn't drink, do drugs, or any of that shit. I paid my bills and gave no drama. I believed in fidelity. When I asked myself why I was dating her, the answer was pretty clear to me. There was no reason. I dated her because there was no one else. She had none of the values I had. I got nothing out of the relationship except her indifference.

I have evolved into my present viewpoint in this matter. Without values, there is no meaning to a relationship. There is no point in dating someone who isn't simpatico with you. When you are with the right woman, you should feel like a very lucky man to have found someone like her. I have never found a woman like this. I don't even know a woman like this. I doubt I ever will.

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Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Rand Paul showed the world this week that he is the best senator this country has when he filibustered the Patriot Act. The chances of defeating this shitty and unconstitutional act are virtually nil, but I admire what Rand did. It would have been nice if some principled lefty senators had stood with Sen. Paul, but they didn't. I'm just glad there is at least one voice for freedom on that side of the Hill.


The Netanyahu address before Congress was sickening as senators and congressman debased themselves to lick the ass of the prime minister. I watched the speech, and the gist of Netanyahu's argument is that the land belongs to Israel because it says so in the Old Testament. He is willing to make concessions for peace, but it is so much empty rhetoric. The Old Testament called for genocide of the original occupants of the land, and it seems that modern day Israel is carrying it out in slow motion. They would do it faster, but then they would look exactly like their old enemies the Nazis. So, they string it out. By 2050, the Palestinians will be gone in much the same way American Indians are virtually gone in the USA.

I believe America should stay out of this foreign entanglement. Stop giving foreign aid. Let the Middle East sort it out. It is a religious war, and those are the worst kind. At this point, it has to be cheaper to drill for oil in the US. Oil is the only reason this country gives a fuck about what goes on over there.


Paul Teutul, Sr. of American Chopper fame has been implicated in a steroid abuse ring. Reports say he spent over $50K to get steroids. I always thought the guy was naturally big. Then, I noticed that he got considerably smaller. So, I did some reading up on the subject, and I see that steroids are not just for bodybuilders and athletes anymore. Celebrities of various stripes are in on the action, too.

I'm kinda weird, but when I see muscle bound freaks with their vascularity and all that, I want to puke. I don't see why people think this is attractive. I think being in shape is good, but steroids takes it to an extreme level that produces results that are just unnatural.

PRINT-The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination by Leo Babauta

If you've read more than one book by Leo Babauta, you get the feeling they are all the same book. This is not precisely true since there are differences in the books depending on the subject. But the advice is largely the same. The fact is that Leo Babauta is the AC/DC of personal development writers. His shit is simple. It doesn't change much. But it fucking rocks!

Much of this book on beating procrastination overlaps with the work Leo did on focus, but he deals specifically with procrastination which is a form of fear. Leo doesn't waste a lot of time philosophizing or analyzing it. He just gives concrete advice for getting over the hump and getting the inertia going. Once the fear evaporates, the procrastination is gone, and you are on your way.

I read this book during a load of laundry at the mat, so it is a breezy read. But like with all of Leo's books, you find yourself rereading them. If I could give a tip to Mr. Babauta, he should put all his work in one volume to be published in hardback. It would sell.

Blogger Sucks

I am having trouble accessing my blog using Google Chrome, but I seem to be able to get through with Internet Explorer. I don't know what the fuck is going on with Blogger, but I am extremely pissed over the situation. Google has fucking idiots working for them.

I don't know what the future of the C-Blog will be as this shitty fucking service is letting me down again. I probably need to migrate to a new platform. For five years, I've been here with no problems. Now, in just a month, everything has gone to shit. They need to take the fucking retard responsible for this clusterfuck and beat his worthless ass to death.

I apologize to my readers for this bullshit. I will try and keep you posted as best I can.

Minimalism and Choice

The tyranny of choice is a common theme running through much academic and popular literature today. The most well known explorer of this theme is psychologist Barry Schwartz and The Paradox of Choice. Basically, Schwartz argues that having more options doesn't necessarily lead to greater well being but to paralysis and regret. By having more choices, we find it harder to choose, and we live with regret over the choice we make no matter what the choice is.

Much of what I write here is fairly popular, but nothing generates as much enthusiasm as when I write about minimalism. Among minimalist bloggers, what I write about minimalism seems richer and better because I deal with these heavier themes and issues. The other bloggers deal with the answering the how questions, but I cut to the why question. Why be minimalist?

Minimalism is the antidote to the tyranny of choice. I have read others deal with this issue. Economist Tyler Cowen writes about neurodiversity and how being more autistic helps us sort through a world of overwhelming information. Alan de Botton deals with a lot of the anxieties that an affluent American culture produces. I see myself as a bridge between these heavier thinkers and the more practical advice of bloggers like Leo Babauta. I make the connection.

Minimalism is popular because it cures paralysis and regret. By limiting your choices, you have more freedom to live your life. Now, I don't want to erase the amount of choices our wonderful society gives us like Chairman Mao making an entire population wear coolie pajamas. The problem isn't choice but how we think about the choices we make.

If we lived forever, our choices wouldn't matter so much. This is because we could always change our mind and try new directions. I think of an immortal being like Connor MacLeod out of Highlander. An immortal cannot have regret because a virtually infinite life can never be wasted. Without regret being a consideration, there is no paralysis when it comes to choosing. There are no wrong choices. You are free to dabble and explore in a variety of directions. You don't have to choose between being a doctor or a lawyer because you have plenty of time to be both. But we only get one shot, so we become anxious that we make that shot count.

The problem with choice isn't that we have many options but few resources. We believe that we must choose well with the scarcity of these resources. Should I go to law school or business school? Should I have kids now or wait until my career is established? Should I go with the iPhone or the Android?

Hoarding is one of the strategies people use. For instance, we have the TiVo that allows us to save TV programs to watch later except later never comes. So, they have removable storage for the DVR, so you can build a library of unwatched programs. Books and movies go the same way. Then, you have products, cluttered closets, rented storage space, and the like. At some point, this stuff has to be cleared away. Yet, what makes it so hard to delete the clutter both digital and physical? It is the choice. Hoarding is simply choice deferred. If you ever watch Hoarders, you can see the drama of these choices. We watch because they mirror our own lives and the choices we must make.

At this point, you are feeling anxious as you read this. You think about your own choices, your regrets, and the paralysis about what to do next. Why is this happening to me? It is because in all of these choices we face our own mortality. We face the fact that we are going to die, and we must choose how to live. What looks like a rusty old bicycle cluttering your garage is actually existential despair.

Minimalism cures this despair. It is no coincidence that minimalism has a certain Eastern feel to it. This is because of the Buddhist teaching that despair comes from desire. Happiness and fulfillment does not come from fulfilling all desires but by limiting them. This is why maximalist types end up reporting such high levels of dissatisfaction while minimalists report such high levels of satisfaction. This doesn't come from how much or how little you own so much as your relationship to that stuff. The same thing applies to our chosen professions, starting families, picking hobbies, etc.

The first choice you have to make as a minimalist is to choose to accept your own mortality. You are going to die. Not only are you going to die, but you will be forgotten. In the vast ocean of eternity, you will be nothing. The people you love will be nothing. This planet will be nothing. The universe will go on and even Connor MacLeod will join the rest of us in death. The difference between a long life and a short life is laughable. The difference between success and failure is also laughable. It is like having a first class ride on the Titanic. Our lives while we live them are simply a momentary amnesia of the undeniable reality we live in.

The second choice you have to make as a minimalist is to acknowledge that every choice you make has a drawback as well as a reward. Being fit has the reward of feeling and looking better. It also has the drawback of many lonely hours spent in the gym. Similarly, being a workaholic has the benefits of a lucrative career and advancement but the drawback of diminished time with family and friends. Every choice has a regret. There are advantages and disadvantages to every choice we make. I have met bachelors who wished they had married, and husbands who absolutely hated being married. Ultimately, there are no right or wrong choices but only what is right or wrong for us.

The third choice you have to make as a minimalist has to do with your identity. You have to know who you are. This makes a huge difference because it determines if you're going to buy the Carhartt or the Armani. For me, this came to me when it came to my music collection. I used to have very eclectic tastes in music, but I realized that 90% of the time I wasn't listening to Bach but to Bachman-Turner Overdrive. My musical tastes are country music and classic rock. I was only listening to that other stuff to be sophisticated, but I really hated it. If you are living in defiance of your identity, you will never be happy. You will be pretending to be something that you aren't.

The fourth choice you have to make as a minimalist has to do with your values. By knowing what your values are along with your identity, it allows you to say no to more things. If you value your family, you are going to say no to that promotion that requires 20 extra hours of work each week. If you value honesty and integrity, you are going to turn down that job offer from Goldman Sachs. If you value thrift, you are going to pick the Honda over the Mercedes.

Minimalism comes with a certain set of values already built in. You pick smaller over bigger. You pick quality over quantity. You pick simplicity over complexity. You pick saving over spending. You pick less instead of more.

The fifth choice you have to make as a minimalist is to decide to always be a minimalist. It is one thing to be a minimalist when you are poor. It is another thing to be a minimalist when you are rich, and if you live as a minimalist, you will become rich. Money has a way of accumulating for those living simple lives. For the most part, I've never seen a sincere downshifter go back to their old ways. People who came through the Great Depression were famous for their lifelong thrift. But there are going to be double minded people who consider minimalism a temporary phase.

I think everyone should reserve the right to change their minds. Being static can be counterproductive. But rethinking every decision you make can also be just as counterproductive. Minimalism is not a decision you need to rethink. You can change your religion, your politics, your style of dress, and you probably will. But you should never change simple living in the same way that you should never stop being honest or compassionate. Simple living and virtue are joined at the hip. Various cultures and traditions from first century Christians to Buddhists to Quakers to the Amish to environmentalists to Epicureans and Stoics to grunge rockers all advocated some sort of simple lifestyle. Conversely, excess seems to precede every fall both culturally and personally.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy, but you don't need an infinite number of choices to be happy or an infinite life to explore them all. What you need is the knowledge that there is no wrong path. The right path is the path you took whatever it may be. As long as you chose in accordance with your identity, your values, and with no regret, it will be the right path for you. If you choose in defiance of your identity and your values, your time on that path won't be long. You will hate it and find your way back to where you should be.


Q: What should a graduating high school senior do in terms of education and career?

A: I get hit with this question almost weekly especially from folks on Facebook in regards to things I post concerning the higher ed bubble. I will do my best to answer it.

The most basic advice I can give is to never take on debt to acquire an education. With tuition so high, the job market sucking ass like it does, and the fact that the debt is yours until the day you die, borrowing money for school is a certain ticket to financial hardship and ruin no matter what you major in. At some point, this bubble will reach a crisis and pop. I don't know when that will be, but it can't be much longer.

If you can go to college and not amass debt, you are ahead of the game. This can be done with scholarships, going to a cheaper school, having rich parents, taking advantage of the GI Bill, etc. It also helps if you work while going to school.

I don't think everyone should go to college. This requires a gut check, but I would tell anyone that unless you are an A student in high school you should consider learning a trade. This doesn't mean that you are dumb. I wish I had stuck with a trade, and I would like to learn one now. What young people need to understand is that people don't go to college, so they can end up serving coffee at Starbucks. The reason this happens is that B students who would excel at a trade were pushed into the A track and ended up with C results. Even the ones who do fairly well and end up in their chosen profession see their earnings eroded by debt payments such that they are no better off than someone who learned a trade. In fact, they are worse off.

For the smart kids, the question comes down to pursuing an education versus pursuing a marketable skill. There is a difference between education and training. Education goes to your development as an intelligent person. You can tell the difference between an educated person and someone who merely learned a skill. The educated person talks with a certain richness and depth that comes from an expanded worldview. The merely trained individual talks about professional wrestling. The fact is that you can train animals to do complex tasks, and the uneducated are not much different than chimpanzees. You can always tell the uneducated because if you talk about Shakespeare or Aristotle their eyes roll back in their skulls, and they immediately want to change the subject.

Everyone should strive to be educated, and this is what college originally was about. Along the way as employers started to see the value of these educated individuals, they gave them preference in hiring. Colleges became glorified trade schools for the nerds, and bullshit generators for the status seekers. The result is that college grads today have never been dumber than they are now. Paying for this substandard education makes no sense now. The person seeking a true liberal arts education should put together a home study course such as the Great Books curriculum and teach themselves. This is way cheaper and more valuable.

This leaves the issue of training. The only schooling you should pay for is that required to get a job. This may be as simple as attending a trade school or community college or as advanced as getting a medical degree. The job you seek should be of real value to the real world. An engineering degree is worthwhile but definitely not a liberal arts degree or a business degree or anything in the social sciences, law, etc. But even then, these degrees can also be problematic as is discovered when talking to an unemployed computer programmer or mechanical engineer. This is because job markets fluctuate with the law of supply and demand. The only answer to this is a diversified skill set.

This is the age old debate of the generalist vs. the specialist. The specialist either makes a ton of money, or he is eating Alpo on the street. The generalist makes average pay, but he is rarely eating Alpo. It is a given that today's hot job market will experience a reversal within a decade. My advice is to diversify that skill set. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is develop job skills while going to college that are complementary. The electrical engineer should work as an electrician. The mechanical engineer should work in a garage. The pre-med major should also double in pharmacy or nursing. Becoming proficient in a foreign language helps.

I have found in my working life that what employers really want aren't the best and the most talented, but the ones who could produce the most value for the least amount of cash. The employees who do this are the ones with a variety of skills. As a consumer, you know this. You want those extra features. You want a smartphone with a GPS. You want the DVD player in the headrest for the kids to watch. Employers are no different.

A young person with a good work ethic, a diversified skill set, and no debt will always do well. This is what college used to give young people. Back in the day, college students worked menial jobs, learned a heavy course curriculum, and could graduate with a blank financial slate. Nowadays, college is a four to six year party and a lifetime hangover. I realize now that when I graduated from college that my generation was the last one to be able to get a real education at an affordable price. This is over with thanks to the federal government.

If I were starting over today as a fresh high school graduate, I would just read a lot of library books and stuff on the internet for my own enrichment, and I would pursue apprenticeships as a plumber and an electrician or perhaps go to my local tech school for training. I would pursue a "blue collar Ph.D." that emphasized practical skills in a variety of fields. The people I meet who do this seem to enjoy their jobs, make a good living at what they do, and never worry about a job. I would not recommend this career path for the next Einstein, but I was never an Einstein. I'm just a B student who liked to read.

The Chief Vice

The answer to hard times is hard work.

It seems that everyone has their vice. Some drink. Others smoke. There is overeating and gambling. People don't exercise. There is sex addiction. There is internet addiction. But these vices pale in comparison to the ultimate vice. Of all the vices, this vice is the cornerstone. The chief vice is laziness.

I see this everywhere I go. This is a nation of slackers. People don't want to work. Much of our economic problems stems from this laziness. When a nation looks to finance instead of industry as the way to go, this is laziness taking over. When a generation pursues worthless college degrees at huge expense for the sake of a white collar job that doesn't exist and to end up back in the nest with mom and dad, this is laziness. The big horror for this generation is not unemployment or bankruptcy but having to get a job as an electrician or a plumber. What makes these jobs so horrible? They are hard work.

People don't want to work. Work is something hated and to be avoided. If it can't be avoided, it needs to be for 30 hours or less preferably in a controlled climate like an office and pay way more than the market rate. This is the American Dream today. And how is such sloth vindicated. "I want time to spend with my family."

All that free time gives birth to the other vices. Drinking, drug abuse, gambling, excessive consumption of media, overeating, etc. are simply activities pursued to alleviate the boredom of idleness. The answer to boredom is to eliminate the idleness, and the best way to do this is by working more. But no one wants to hear this.

The welfare state is also an outgrowth of this laziness. We pay all sorts of able bodied people to not work which are the disabled and the elderly. We consider 55 retirement age. People fake disability to collect a check. You have people languishing on unemployment whose only goal in life is to not find a job. Meanwhile, I see want ads staring me in the face. When I mention these jobs to people, they always say they can't do the jobs because it is more than 30 hours a week doing hard work.

I was watching a report on the news where some kids were doing 10 hours a day of farm work. This work is exempt from child labor laws, and naturally, the report was completely one sided as it talked about the "cruelty" of kids helping out their parents during hard times. People were flabbergasted that kids were working. Naturally, they wanted a law against this sort of thing, and people wonder why teenagers can't find a summer job.

I read all this personal development websites, but none of them ever advocate the work ethic as the answer to many personal problems. You get advice to cut spending, meditate, use the Law of Attraction, and on and on. But nobody ever tells people to get off their ass and go work. Got debt problems? Work a second job. Messy house? Get off your ass and clean. Out of shape? Get off your ass and run.

Work brings happiness. Work makes us money. Work provides the goods and services we all use. Work is what makes other people admire and appreciate us. Work gets us through the rough patches when we would rather lay on the couch and mope. Work is an unqualified good. Work works.

Everybody is lazy to one extent or another. I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to slack. The difference between me and other people is that I am not looking for some magical answer to problems. The answer is work. People don't want to hear that answer. They want some alternative which is where the crooks come into play. Their answer almost always entails some easy way out of the required suffering the world brings. There are no easy ways. Their solution is to find some hardworking person and fuck them over. Or, they just fuck you over and leave you worse off than before.

The answer for everyone is to embrace work. Get used to working. Make it your lifestyle to wake up every day and put in a solid day of productive effort. Accept that you are going to do this every day for the rest of your life. Once you have this acceptance, everything else in your life will get easier and better. What makes work suffering for people are the thoughts they add to it. But work is not misery. I know because I work. I have been working since I was 13 years old. Work has been a constant source of joy for me. The only irritant has been the bleating and whining of the slackers. Even that has been fun because I talk much shit to these lazy fuckers.

These are hard times, but the answer to hard times is hard work. There is no other way. You can only simplify your life so much. After that, you need to get to work. Work will save you. Work will overcome those problems. Work will make you happy. The world and you needs productive effort. Work will change your life for the better. I guarantee it.


One of my Facebook friends graduated with a mechanical engineering degree back in 1995. He is still paying off the student loan debt and has been in hardship status on the loan since 2008. I graduated in 1994 with a useless English degree, but I don't owe anyone any money on anything. Which one of us is better off?

I get a bit perturbed when people blame the higher ed bubble on liberal arts majors with useless degrees, but what gets overlooked are the many math, science, engineering, and computer science majors who are either unemployed or underemployed. I have been Googling the stats on this shit, and it confirms what I know. The hard majors experience a level of unemployment comparable to the soft majors.

The story that gets overlooked is the one Mike Rowe talks about which is the shortage of skilled labor. I know what the problem is. We have had a government and a society that urged everyone to go to college, and they did. They greased the skids with all those student loans. Now, we have machinists making more money and with better job prospects than graduating engineers. Supply and demand.

The big story for me the past 20 years has been the nursing shortage, but I heard on NPR that this shortage has ended. It may return as baby boomers retire, but it goes to show what I have always known. There is no such thing as a safe high demand field. And if you are making above the median income, don't be surprised when this reverts to the mean, and you end up making far less.

I feel the best way to go is to accept that median income and diversify your skill set. This is anathema to the wider culture that pushes us to become high earners, but I think this is a sucker's game. Like with stock investing, you are better off investing in low priced index funds and taking the average return rather than trying to pick stocks. With your career, you are also better off developing a portfolio of skills rather than trying to be tops in one field. The goal of this diversification isn't to make more money but to always be employable.

I have seriously considered law school, business school, and other things. But as my Facebook friend pointed out to me, his sister has an MBA and a JD and $250K in debt to pay back. I never thought that being a loser like me could feel so good. I am just a blue collar guy with zero debt.

I think most people crave status while I crave freedom. This is reflected in the way I live my life. I am an atheist. I am a libertarian. I am not married. I am blue collar. I live a really simple life.

I like the way I live, and I don't want to change it. I resist all the pressures to marry, take a promotion, go back to school, and on and on. I am such a loser, but I feel like a winner as I watch everyone else struggle with divorce, unemployment, debt, and general misery. The only issues I deal with in my life are my wishes to amend some bad habits like eating in the car.

I also admit that my antisocial tendencies come from the simple desire to not listen to or become involved with other people's problems. This is because I don't care. Life is about choices, and people make those choices. They just can't bear the consequences. I never complain about needing money or being lonely. If I didn't have the government to bitch about, I would have little to bitch about whatsoever.

The reality is that I have a good life. As for my inner peace thing, I realize that the cause of my turmoil is other people and their problems. I live in an empty apartment, so everyone tries to give me their clutter. I live debt free, and everyone wants to borrow money from me. I have free time, and everyone wants to suck it up for their worthless bullshit that I don't give a fuck about. I don't complain, so I have to hear about everyone else's complaints.

I am happy. Everyone else is miserable. When I tell them how to be happy, they never listen.

A Prophet Without Honor

And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

This is an old verse for me, but it still rings true. A prophet can get respect in lots of places, but his own people really don't give a shit about him. It isn't just prophets. It is inventors, philosophers, leaders, rock stars, etc. You can be a hero to millions, but the people who claim to love you will regard you as a piece of shit.

This hit me as I was having breakfast with my girlfriend today. I was telling her about something that I care about when she told me to shut up. She wasn't interested. This is not the first time she has done this to me. But it has become the last.

It occurred to me that I was spending time with someone that really didn't give a fuck about me, my values, my beliefs, my dreams, or anything else about my life. I cared about all those things concerning her. But I don't now.

My family is no different. I have always felt their disdain for me my entire life, so I don't talk to them anymore. The best they can do is try and tear me down. This is what families do. The idea that you need people like this as your "support network" just isn't true. They don't support you. They just talk shit about you behind your back and think you are a worthless piece of shit. Who needs people like this?

I can admit that it helps to have people to keep you humble. But the world abounds with critics willing to perform this service. Their criticism may sting, but they actually do you a service if you care to listen. But the people who claim to love you are not interested in making you better. They want you to fail.

What is the reason for this? Why is the prophet without honor in his hometown and among his relatives? The answer is obvious. It is envy. We feel status consciousness relative to our peers, and being amongst the people that know us best breeds this contempt in the worst way. This is where we get the famous line,"Familiarity breeds contempt."

The worst aspect of this is when your significant other turns on you. They fake interest in you at the outset, but as time goes on, it becomes very apparent they have no real interest in you as a person. They might like that you pay for things. Maybe they get some status boost from being with you. But they don't really enjoy you or even care about you. I can say that every girlfriend I have ever had has done me this way. I can understand losing interest. But why keep dating me? I'd rather be dumped.

This aspect of life is not going to change. It is universal. That Bible verse comes from 2000 years ago, and it is quoting from a saying even older than that. But we recognize its truth. If you want honor, respect, and even love, you have to find it with strangers. The ones who claim to love you don't give a fuck about you.

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Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Newt Gingrich has been a disgrace since the 90s, and he disgraced himself again this week by tonguing Obama's nutsack by giving his endorsement to the individual mandate and castigating Paul Ryan's budget cutting plans. I am reminded of how Garry Trudeau used to draw Gingrich as a lit bomb in the Doonesbury strip. The guy is destructive in countless ways, but the best way is his self-destructive ways. This gigantic worthless sack of shit would be a nightmare as president. Basically, Newt headed straight to the center before the GOP primary season even began hoping to appease seniors and other parasites who are addicted to the big government tit. Needless to say, Gingrich is a worthless fucker, and I really have to laugh when pundits laud his rigorous "intellect." For such a smart guy, Gingrich is real dumb ass.


Mitt Romney is not much different than Gingrich. He just keeps his mouth closed or just flat out lies. That guy will say anything to get elected, and he does. Gingrich has the courage to stand for what he believes in. Unfortunately, what he believes in is wrong. Romney is a spineless fuck who believes in nothing more than getting into office. But both Gingrich and Romney are beholden to the same people who want the same thing which is more expansive government.


Michele Bachmann has the best chance of winning in my opinion. This is not an endorsement but a frank assessment of where she stands. She is a evangelical born again pro-lifer which gets the Christian vote. She is pro-war. She is for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and a leader in the Tea Party. In short, she is a unifier for the party and is Reagan with a vagina. Plus, she is kinda hot. If Palin decides not to run, Bachmann gets the Palin votes lock, stock, and barrel. Plus, she is tough in media appearances and can hold her own. She is going to be the one to beat.


I would love it if either of these guys got the nomination. But in a real world, neither stands a chance of winning. I will vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, but I know we will not see him on the ballot in November unless he goes third party. I will be voting for the straight ticket GOP regardless of the outcome. I despise Democrats.


Arnold busts his nut in a housekeeper a decade ago, knocks her up, pays for the kid, and keeps Maria in the dark. Without a doubt, Shriver needs to drop this sack of slime. The thing that blows my mind is why she had such little self-esteem to ever be with him in the first place. But even more mindblowing than this is how both the press and California Democrats didn't get wind of this scandal and ride it for political advantage.

The reality is that human beings are not monogamous. I doubt Maria has been faithful to Arnold. Here in SC, I fully believe that Governor Nikki Haley has slept with blogger Will Folks and countless others. I don't care either. Between celebrities, athletes, politicians, the boss at work, or whoever, it is quite obvious that adultery is more common than uncommon. Most people cheat. As such, only idiots get married.


In local news where I live, we had three (or more) gangstas terrorizing the community with a crime spree. They invaded homes and even robbed a Food Lion grocery store. People were scared shitless thinking these guys were perpetrating random acts of violence. In one of the home invasions, they shot and killed the guy because he was dragging ass on opening his safe. Then, they kidnapped the man's wife and child and forced her to drive them to another location. Of course, I knew the victims of the home invasions were actually drug dealers who had cash in their homes. Anyway, the cops got these guys, and it is one of those rare times when I applaud the job law enforcement did. The people involved with apprehending these guys should feel good about the job they did.

This is what law enforcement should be about. These were real criminals aggressing against real victims even if they were drug dealers. The fact is that drug dealers are not the ones we should be afraid of. I don't fear them because I know they are hustling to make their money albeit in a way that is against the law. I met a notorious drug lord in a bar once, and he was an honest, decent, and honorable man. It blew my mind. But you have to be this way to earn the trust and loyalty of subordinates. Commerce demands this. But being in the black market without police protection, this drug lord was always armed. The last I heard about him, he had caught a bullet. He lived, but I don't know if he is still living now. This guy is no threat to me or regular people. It is the people that rob people like him who are the real criminals. As with the crime spree where I live, those guys saw no difference between the drug dealers and the Food Lion. They just wanted the money.


The only thing I can say about this is that the real scandal is at the IMF, and it doesn't involve sex. Unfortunately, the real scandal will go on unnoticed while the gossip swirls. The IMF is the aider and abettor of third world kleptocracy.


Gas prices are hurting right now. Businesses are finding it more expensive to operate. They pass their costs along to customers. Employees find the commute to work becoming more and more expensive. Overall, it sucks. Between politics, taxes, supply, and inflation, people are getting very pissed at the pump. Obama's bin Laden bounce in the polls is gone. The celebration ended when people realized they didn't have any cash left for cracky-snacks after filling their tanks.


As I write this, the Rapture has not occurred. If Jesus does return, I invite him to kiss my atheist ass.

PRINT-Voluntary Simplicity--2nd ed. by Duane Elgin

Duane Elgin's Voluntary Simplicity was originally published in 1981 and has gone on to become a touchstone for environmentalists, the simplicity movement, and minimalists. It was revised, and it is the second edition that I read. I do not know how faithful or improved it is to the first edition.

The radical part of Elgin's book isn't the writing but the title. Voluntary simplicity is a concept that is revolutionary. It is to choose to live simply when you live in a world of options and abundance. Presented as a lifestyle choice, the concept is very appealing. But Elgin does not present it as a lifestyle choice. He presents it as an environmental necessity in a world headed for a Malthusian apocalypse. The result is the book sucks dick. It does not live up to its title which is that simplicity is voluntary and makes you happier. Instead, it is an environmentalist tract for green living. Fuck that.

The best arguments for a simple life are the selfish ones. By owning less, you get to do more, enjoy more, and have less stress and worry. Decluttering your garage is not going to do a damn thing for the environment. In fact, it goes against green philosophy because the bulk of your shit is headed straight for a landfill. Having a smaller home and car helps because it saves on energy, but beyond this, a simple life and a more complex life are not much different in terms of the environment.

I think minimalism should be value free in terms of politics and the environment. Too often, I see people ranging from Leo Babauta to Duane Elgin putting a Marxist/green spin on it that I find nauseating and stupid. I don't think this should be done. The first reason is that living simply doesn't advance those causes very much at all. The second is that it hampers the broad appeal that simple living can have. The third is that it gives simplicity a sanctimonius ring to it that it doesn't need.

You should pursue voluntary simplicity because it is going to be a better and more optimized lifestyle for you. It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican. It doesn't matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu. Ultimately, simplicity brings freedom. In a world with heavy mortgage payments, gas guzzling SUVs, and jobs you hate but can't afford to quit, the simplicity as freedom argument is very appealing. People are downshifting and not regretting it a bit.

The simple life may have beneficial impacts for the environment, but this should not be a key selling point. On this basis, we should shun electricity and indoor plumbing. Luddites and the Unabomber are the result of this green minimalism. This is when people step off the train and go back to their McMansions and SUVs.

Voluntary Simplicity is not very good unless you like guilt trips. Read something by the many minimalist bloggers out there instead.

The Different Kinds of Rich

I was watching Keith Olbermann give an impassioned rant about Tea Partiers and taxes. It blew Keith's mind that middle class and working class people would fight for rich people to keep more of their money. Keith's argument was that these poor imbeciles thought they were going to be rich one day themselves, so they were fighting for their future rich selves. He then went on to say this was a pipe dream. These people were never going to be rich. Needless to say, it gave a lot of food for thought.

The first thing I can say is that eating the rich doesn't work when it comes to saving this country from its fiscal problems. There isn't enough money among rich people to plug that hole, and that is assuming that you loot them to the last penny. The bulk of the money rich people have is not invested in solid gold plumbing fixtures, so the rich can shower and shit in style but in capital investment that provides goods and services. Eating the rich only results in cutting your own throat.

The second thing I can say is that eating the rich doesn't work because the rich can escape. They already do this now by moving their money offshore. They will simply go the next step and move themselves. People may argue that there should be laws to prevent this sort of thing, but it would ultimately result in the USA becoming a prison nation like North Korea. This is pretty ludicrous.

I'm alright with rich people keeping what they earn, and it isn't because I think I will become rich. But my heart doesn't break for them either. If compassion for the poor does not move me to support the welfare state, you can be certain that I have no compassion for the rich. The rich loot just as much as anyone else looking for bailouts, subsidies, and tax breaks denied to the rest of us. Among the rich, you will find few libertarians because the rich support the status quo. They support the welfare/warfare state. If that same state should turn around and loot those rich fuckers, I think this is ironic justice. Serves them right.

But I want to focus on Keith's assertion that Tea Party people were imbeciles because they think they are going to be rich someday. How true is this? Do these people really think like this? And considering that Olbermann is a rich asshole, where does he come off saying shit like this? Is he an elitist?

What I can say is that it is stupid to believe that the average person is going to be Bill Gates. This isn't going to happen. People don't appreciate just how truly rich these billionaires are. There is a wider gap between what Bill Gates makes and what Michael Jordan makes than there is between a doctor and a janitor. When a rich liberal like Olbermann can rant about the rich, he isn't talking about himself. He knows this gap. Even as a millionaire, there is a smaller gap between Olbermann and a janitor than there is between Olbermann and Gates. This is why Keith identifies more with a working class guy like me than he does with a guy like Bill Gates. This is why it blows his mind when a guy like me identifies with a guy like Bill Gates. But I don't.

It is relatively easy to go from poverty to making the median income in the USA. This is because the median income is the average. You have to be lazy or very unfortunate not to make the median income. You can make more than the median income with hard work. This means working a second job or becoming a dentist or starting a plumbing business. This is the kind of rich that most Tea Party people dream of becoming, and their number one foe is the government. Between regulations and taxes, it is damn hard to be entrepreneurial. This is what Olbermann doesn't get. The fact is that the poor/middle class/rich categories doesn't capture how things really are. Here's how it really breaks down.

The lazy poor: These are people who don't work but get by because of welfare and sponging off friends and family.

The working poor: These are people who do work but can't make enough money to support themselves or their families. They make below the median income and struggle.

The blue collar middle class: These are skilled wage earners who make the median income or above. Some even start their own businesses. They do not have college degrees, but they are hard working and know their trades.

The white collar middle class: These are people who make the median income or above, tend to have college degrees, and work in an office. This would include professional workers like doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.

The small rich: These are people who make more than $250K a year but under a million. Some are even millionaires because of savings, investment, ownership of a business, or what have you.

The celebrity rich: These are millionaires who basically make their money from being famous. This would be Keith Olbermann, Madonna, Lady Gaga, musicians, athletes, Charlie Sheen, etc.

The big rich: These are people who make millions and work largely in the financial services realm. These are your Wall Street types. These are your hedge fund managers. To a smaller extent, you have CEOs of large companies. The one common thing they have is they live in service to capital.

The mega rich: These are the billionaires. These are the people who hold the real wealth. There aren't many of them, but their large bases of capital give them enormous power and influence.

I think my class divisions give a much better picture of how things really are. If I plotted this stuff on an x and y axis with x being wealth and y being virtue, the celebrity rich and the lazy poor would be very close together despite a large gap in income. Here's how it would look:

This is a rough graphic, but this is how I picture it in my mind. When you add in the virtue element, you can see where social affinities come from. The reason a guy like Olbermann can champion the lazy poor is because he has as much virtue as they do. He doesn't do real work. He gets to rant on air and entertain people. Granted, he makes way more than these people do, but this is largely due to luck. If you believe being rich is simply a matter of luck, you are going to identify largely with those down on their luck and despise the virtuous rich. But the rich aren't all the same. A guy who builds a construction company from the starting point of a hammer and his own two hands is far different than a sportscaster turned political curmudgeon who happened to find an audience on cable TV.

People who work are better than people who don't work. How you work identifies you more than how much you make. If you doubt this, consider a lawyer and a plumber who make the same amount each year. The lawyer drives a Mercedes while the plumber drives an F-150. Who do you think will most identify with the waitress serving breakfast at the Waffle House? Now, who is going to identify more with the bum panhandling on the street? The fact is that the plumber will identify more with the waitress while the lawyer will identify more with the bum. This is why lawyers and their ilk will support charities while plumbers tip better at diners but curse a homeless person.

The dividing line is the issue of work vs. luck. If you believe becoming rich is a matter of work, you are going to have one set of values. If you believe becoming rich is a matter of pure luck, you are going to have another set of values. The ones who believe in luck are going to support the welfare state and redistribution while those who believe in work are going to see this redistribution as looting, theft, and a disincentive to work.

Who is right? Is work a matter of work or luck? The answer is both. Even the hard working plumber would have a rougher time of it had he not been born in the USA. I'm sure Keith Olbermann manages to show up at work each day. But the dividing line comes down to whether it was a greater ratio of luck to work. The plumber who builds a business through establishing a solid reputation is much different from the lawyer who had a class action lawsuit fall into his lap.

I can always tell what kind of rich a person is by their attitude towards working people. I find that the founders of companies have great affinities for the working class while the sons and daughters of those founders do not. Talk to a long time Walmart employee, and they will tell you this. Sam Walton was the richest man in the world, but he was good to his workers. His children have not been so good. This is the difference between luck and work.

Tea Party people are not imbeciles for wanting lower taxes. They are people who believe that true wealth is derived from productivity and thrift. They are stupid for thinking they are going to be rich like Olbermann, but I think many of them see themselves starting a business for themselves. KO thinks this is stupid. If wealth is a crap shoot, these people are no better than the fools who play the lottery.

Now, there are people who mix it up. For instance, someone who became wealthy through luck but credits it to hard work is a conceited fool. On the flip side, people who become wealthy through hard work but claim it was luck are seen as being humble and self-effacing. Then, there are those people who know wealth comes from luck, but they believe they can bend luck their way. In short, they are more clever at playing the game. The reality is that these are the crooks, and they will prosper before going to jail.

For me, it boils down to work versus luck. You either decide that the way to get ahead is work more, or you decide to roll the dice. You choose to either grind or bluff your way through life. Both strategies work. I just choose to be a grinder. I'd rather work than gamble. And as I get older, I find myself alienated more and more from the gamblers. This hit me as I ran into a blue collar worker outside of a college. He remarked that there must be a lot of money coming and going through that institution in reference to the tuition. I agreed and added, "Yeah, but they aren't learning anything there." We both laughed at this irony knowing most of the students were going to be pouring coffee at Starbucks.

You have the bums, the celebrities, and the shysters on one side. You have the working class, the entrepreneurs, and the honest people on the other side. I know which side I am on. This is the real divide in this country. It isn't rich versus poor. It is between those who make an honest living and those who are lazy and full of shit. In between are those who haven't made up their minds. This is the college student with six figure white collar dreams. This is the waitress rubbing a quarter on a scratch off lottery ticket. This is the house painter that gets into flipping houses.

If there is a chief vice in all of this, it is not greed. It is laziness. I will save this for a later post.

HEROES--Marco Olmo

In life I’m a loser, I was born poor, as I am still poor now. I run to revenge myself. I run for vengeance.

Marco Olmo is a remarkable individual. Born poor, he left the countryside for the blue collar work of a cement factory. He began running at age 26, but he did not achieve success with running until he reached his fifties. At age 58, he won the Ulra Trail du Mont Blanc or UTMB against competitors half his age. He repeated the performance the following year at age 59.

Olmo is a simple man. He is self-effacing and humble. But he has a tremendous ethic when it comes to training and competition. His age seems to make him tougher not weaker. The fact that he accomplishes what he does at his age is testimony that getting older is not necessarily a reason to lay down and die. Olmo is a man who lives in defiance--of aging, of humble origins, of the elements of nature, of his own exhaustion. This is what makes him a hero.

Lust and Jealousy: Why Polyamory Doesn't Work

"Polyamory" means "many loves" but is basically another term for swinging. The gist of it is that two committed partners agree to get sex on the side from strangers but be open about it with each other instead of hiding it like adulterers. The argument for this lifestyle arrangement is that humans are not monogamous, so people should not fight their lust but satisfy it. Practitioners claim this arrangement works for them. I don't think it does.

I can agree that you can't turn off lust. Lust is natural. Lust is the reason we have 6 billion humans crawling all over this planet. The sex drive is a biological drive to procreate. It is powerful. I can agree with polyamorists on this point. You aren't going to turn this off. But you aren't going to turn off jealousy either.

Jealousy is as much a biological drive as lust. Jealousy wants exclusivity. This helps further our genes over the genes of others. It also makes women want to keep their provider on hand to help tend to the offspring. Jealousy is as natural as lust.

The result of all this jealousy and lust is a biological double standard. Humans want to be promiscuous, but they don't want their partners to be promiscuous. This selfishness fits perfectly in line with the drive to reproduce. It does not fit in with our desire to be happy.

Most people cheat, and this is just a fact of life. The dismalness of this fact is the primary reason I do not care to marry. I want to be able to expunge any woman I am dating with the least amount of hassle because I know it is only a matter of time when she decides to fuck some other guy. I have always been happy with one woman, but I am rare in this regard. Love is like one giant sadistic game. Everyone who plays is a loser.

I practice serial monogamy. I stick faithfully to one woman in a temporary relationship. Instead of lust and jealousy, I have love and mistrust. It takes a certain amount of delusion to get married, and I don't have it. It also takes a certain amount of sickness to hurt someone with infidelity, and I don't have this either. I am neither victimizer nor victim. It is the best answer I can come up with.

The bottom line is that love does not last.


The key to writing these things is to not think but write. I stare at the screen and contemplate what I should write when the point is to write whatever comes into my head at that particular moment. Of course, the only thing in my head at the moment is how good a cup of coffee would taste right now.

I am seriously considering starting a journal of some sort. The idea is to buy a cheap notebook from Walmart and seriously write it all down each evening. I could be the Samuel Pepys of my time. Or maybe not. Keeping a diary or a journal is a serious daily commitment. I don't know if I can pull it off except I have been blogging very consistently for five years. The motivation to pull this off is the rush you get when you instantly publish something. I have realized over the years that most of what gets written is virtually ignored. This is why Wikileaks doesn't have a bigger impact. No one has the time to read through all of it.

If I do keep the journal, I think I will transcribe it to Google Docs and keep it in private mode. Then, I will print out a hard copy. Between the handwritten, virtual, and printed copies, it should last through the years. I wish I could say the same for the C-blog, but my faith in Google has been shaken considerably. They took down Ann Althouse's blog which she had kept for seven years. They claimed it was "spam." This is simply bullshit.

If my blog got nuked, I could get over it. I have had my whole life destroyed before, and I got over that. The one thing I have learned in life is that the greatest threat to me comes from other people. The result of this realization is that I have no friends and no family. The fewer people I have in my life the more stable I become. I have wondered why this is the case.

The cornerstone of being an individualist is a need to be self-reliant. You have to stand on your own two feet. If you want freedom, you must also take responsibility. People don't want responsibility. They want others to care for them. These others are quite eager to care for you as long as they get to rule you. When people rule over you, they feast on you and destroy you.

Most of the people in my life are on the level of acquaintance. I meet them on the job, in the marketplace, or online. I like this level of interaction because I am left alone. The moment I decide I don't like that person I don't have to interact with them anymore. At home, I am alone. The result is zero strife. There are no arguments. There is no drama. This is why I feel greater stability alone. I don't want to live with other people's shit.

People think I am lonely, but I am not. I always have things to do, and I find people to be distracting in this regard. Being alone gives me the time and the peace to create. I don't need other people.

I just got done watching a guy on Facebook tell about his troubles after moving in with some other folks in NH. I don't know all the details, but I could have told him that was how it was going to go down. Never ever lean on other people. They will completely fuck you.

This concept is known as self-reliance. This is what Emerson was talking about. It doesn't mean being a complete loner. It does mean being willing to no longer conform but to do your own thing.

[U.] Alien/UFO Footage, the Law of Attraction, and Other SHIT

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props to the U and shit on the haters. the u-man is out of this MOTHERFUCKER.

Quotable Quotes

Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. When you were younger the mind could make you dance all night, and the body was never tired...You've always got to make the mind take over and keep going.

As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.

Companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive.

All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones.

Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I've been waiting on this for years. I am amazed they've been together for 25 years. Arnold is well known for being an aggressive sexual harasser. She is a leftard. Of course, I blame the split on the loss of Arnie's abs.


I think sexual reassignment is dumb. I'm OK with people being gay or lesbian. But I see sex change operations as mutilation. I already know Cher is horrified over this.


I've been having trouble this week getting posts up and shit working here at the C-blog because the geeks at Google have been fucking around with the platform here. Others have had the same issues including whole blogs deleted by mistake. Trust me, if you come to this URL and the C-blog is gone, it isn't my doing. You don't pour five years into a project and then nuke it.

Google is being stupid. They want to promote cloud services, yet they are straining people's faith in their fidelity to safeguard and protect information. I am a heavy user of Google services, but they are making me question my fidelity to them.

I also posted a fourth update to my tri-bash post. It has disappeared. Thanks, Blogger.


I live in SC, so this story is pretty important for us. We live in a federal system which means that states get to follow their own laws which produces competition between states. It is part of what makes this country so innovative. Now, this dynamism is threatened as the federal government tells Boeing it doesn't get to set up shop in a right-to-work state. Unfuckingbelievable. If this doesn't show the absolute tyranny of the Obama administration, I don't know what does. This is totally unconstitutional. The Founders would tell us to revolt.




Replacing Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher is an incredibly stupid idea. Just cancel the goddamn show.

VIDEO-John Entwistle: An Ox's Tale

John Entwistle died on June 27, 2002 at the age of 57. He had fucked a stripper named Alycen Rose and did some cocaine which caused him to have a heart attack. It was a totally rock and roll death and a glorious way to go out. But you won't hear that detailed in John Entwistle: An Ox's Tale.

Entwistle was the remarkable and revolutionary bassist for The Who. He is attributed with the first bass solo on a record with his work on "My Generation." Entwistle was a hellacious bass player and took the instrument to new levels. He was easily the most talented member of The Who as a multinstrumentalist playing brass, singing lead vocals, writing songs, and being the first member of the band to record a solo album. He also liked to party and earned the "Ox" nickname from having such a strong constitution when it came to drugs and drink. He was also the bosom buddy of the hard partying Keith Moon who would fall to his own rock and roll death much earlier.

This video celebrates the life of Entwistle, but it is flat and not very good. It doesn't satisfy the musician's curiosity about how good of a bassist Entwistle was. A lot could have been added about Entwistle's gear, his sound, style of play, etc. No really good solos are included in the video which is a shame. The guy could flat out play.

There are also some sour grapes from a critic who blasted Townshend and Daltrey for continuing on without Entwistle as The Who. I think this criticism is unfounded and petty. Bands shouldn't ended when one member dies. You grieve, you remember, and you carry on.

I was also interested in Entwistle's lifestyle which was quite large. He lived in a large manor and collected many instruments and cars. Pete Townshend made a note that he and Daltrey downsized long ago while Entwistle had not. The other notable fact about Entwistle was that he loved to play live and was a bit of a workaholic. The man would play with his own band when The Who was not out performing.

Overall, the video is decent and will be of interest to Who fans and bassists. But it is an incomplete work and does not do full justice to the man. Entwistle was one-of-a-kind, and he is missed.

The Death List

Fans of The Bucket List will draw parallels between that movie and this essay, but this list and that list are quite different. A bucket list is simply a list of things you want to do before you die. It might be anything from seeing the Great Pyramids to banging an Asian chick. The Death List is quite different from a bucket list. It requires that you get a death notice first. This is when the doctor tells you that you have Stage 4 cancer or you are in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's or you pass your 80th birthday. In short, you realize you are in the final chapter of your life which is sad in a way, but it also opens up certain opportunities you may have forfeited to that point because of their self-destructive nature. This is the essence of the Death List. The DL is everything you are free to do now that you know it won't matter. Here is my Death List.

1. Do lots of drugs.

I don't use drugs or alcohol. I have never even smoked marijuana. But all that will change when I get the death notice. I am going to do it all with a daily dose of bourbon or vodka and lots of weed. I will then move on to psychedelics, heroin, and cocaine. If I am lucky, I will die from a pleasant overdose. The reason I don't do drugs now is because it would mess up my life. But if my life is ending anyway, I think doing drugs makes perfect sense.

2. Do lots of whores.

Depending on what I have, this is always an option thanks to Viagra unless I have cancer in the affected area. Of course, if I am with a woman who loves me, this option is off the table since I don't want to hurt the ones I love. But chances are, I will be an unattached bachelor. If this is the case, I am going to snort cocaine off their naked bodies.

3. Do dangerous activities.

These will also depend upon my physical condition, but I think I can make it up in an airplane and jump out. I am also going to add several BASE jumps to the list and bungee cord jumping over some bridges. Like with the drugs, if I am lucky, I will plow into the earth and be dead.

4. Perform a suicide mission.

This will be the hardest item on the list since I might not be able to pull it off. Basically, I see myself going overseas and trying to kill a terrorist or a tyrannical dictator. I will also be high and have notched several death defying acts by this point. But I would love to kill someone who unquestionably deserves to die. Mass murderers fit this bill. I don't expect to come back alive.

5. Write my last book.

My last book will be a journal of my fulfillment of the Death List. It will probably have that as the title. Naturally, when I croak, someone else will have to pen the epilogue detailing how I died. But that is the plan, and I will make arrangements for it to happen.

Now, none of this shit may happen. I might die from a massive heart attack one night. I might get hit by a bus or go down in a plane. This would be death without prior notice, and I am cool with that, too. It sucks that I won't have time to do the items on my Death List, but I also won't have time to be overly depressed that my life is ending. In the case this happens, I want to live as well as I can. For this reason, I go with my bucket list which everyone should have.

The upside of the Death List is it gives me something to look forward to as I get older. It makes a wonderful opportunity out of something inevitable. I believe you should live life to the absolute fullest because you only get one shot and that's it. Being told you are going to die only means that I get to light the fuse and go out with a glorious bang.

Q & A

Q: Is humanity basically good or inherently evil?

A: This is an interesting and intriguing question. In a previous mindset, I would have said humanity was inherently evil because of the Calvinist doctrine concerning total depravity and original sin. The gist of that doctrine was that all human actions are tainted by sin. Needless to say, I have evolved considerably from that viewpoint.

The first aspect of answering this question is to ask another question. What is evil? I define evil as causing the suffering and harm of another individual purely for its own sake. We define this as being sociopathic. Basically, an evil person derives enjoyment from the suffering of other people and injustices committed against them. This is opposed to the bank robber who shoots a guard while attempting to escape. The act is criminal but was perpetrated for some other reason which in this case was making an escape. A sociopath just shoots people because it feels good.

On the basis of this definition, humanity is not evil. Some will argue that the reason people don't commit sociopathic acts is because of the consequences of getting caught and punished. But this isn't true. I know that I can get in my car and drive to some city this weekend and kill some random stranger, come home, and nothing will ever happen to me. The reason I don't do this sort of thing is because I find it abhorrent and sickening. But some people do things like this which is what makes serial killers so damn hard to catch. It is the pure randomness of their acts. You can get away with murder as long as there is no connection between you and the victim. Fear of punishment is not a factor here.

The fact that many soldiers and Marines are coming back from overseas and committing suicide is testimony to the fact that murder is largely an unnatural act for most people. Even during the Holocaust, the Final Solution was devised because so many German officers were conscience stricken and could not pull off the crimes they were ordered to do.

Natural disasters are another example. Records of charitable giving are set for things like the Haitian earthquake. The capacity for human compassion is quite remarkable. Even foolish things like the welfare state which do more harm than good spring from a basically charitable nature and impulse. It is difficult to see where humanity is predisposed to atrocity and evil acts.

The bulk of evil that is perpetrated seems politically or religiously driven. Governments and religions are responsible for more death and human suffering than any other human institution. From the Holocaust to the Cruades to Stalin to Pol Pot, most human atrocities are associated with religious or political causes. To a lesser extent are criminal endeavors involving organized syndicates and gangs, but these exist in tandem with government and its prohibitions.

What I can agree with is that human beings are inherently selfish. But selfishness is not a bad thing. Selfishness gets labelled as evil which puts us prostrate before an Almighty God and those who serve him. That is the point. But all actions stem from selfishness. The guilt over this is nothing more than a logical trick to gain control over others. The primary motive for all people is happiness. Self-negation is impossible. We do all things from the atrocious to the sacrificial in order to fulfill ourselves.

When we put all this information into the Argument Blender, we come to the conclusion that humans are inherently selfish, but their actions are variable. People respond to what they know and believe. This is how a devoted father of two can go overseas and kill another devoted father of two. Evil in this instance comes from a belief that what is being done is actually good. When that realization changes, guilt is soon to follow which is why more US service personnel now die from suicide than from actual combat.

Ideas matter. The bulk of human suffering comes from bad ideas. When people believe bad things, this leads to bad actions. If we can say anything about humanity, it is inherently stupid. People respond more from ignorance than malice. The fact that the Holocaust or slavery or Jim Crow are considered atrocious by most people now show that there is hope that people can change.

People are only good to the extent of their knowledge and enlightenment.