Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Steve Addington was the crew chief for Kyle Busch, but Joe Gibbs fired his ass. Nevermind that Busch and Addington were second only to Jimmie Johnson in victories. I would call that a great job. So, who gets fired for doing good work? JGR has some shit-for-brains fools running their organization.


The General Assembly needs to let this shit go. Sanford is the lamest lame duck ever thanks to his scandals. When I talk to people here in SC, no one gives a fuck. I hear Clinton-Lewinsky cited as precedent on this matter. As one guy put it to me, "He got some pussy on the side. So, what? I bet most of the General Assembly is guilty of the same thing."


My leftard friends can't ever believe my arguments that we need less regulation instead of more regulation. But Bernie Madoff admitted in an interview that the SEC was inept and gave him credibility in duping his clients. This is the problem with regulations and agencies. People cease with due diligence expecting the government to take care of it for them. It is precisely because of agencies like the SEC that shysters like Madoff can pull off their schemes. These agencies are incompetent and will remain so forever.


I am fascinated with Red State America. SC is a Red State, so this may explain some of it. But I don't consider myself a Red State type of guy because of my libertarian, anti-war, pro-immigration viewpoints. But I have noticed a few traits of this emerging group of people-

-They love Sarah Palin. She is the Queen of RSA. When I talk to Red Staters, they tell me that McCain did not interest them, but they would readily vote for Palin.

-They love Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart triumphed precisely because Sam Walton went after the rural market, and it has paid off big.

-They love to hunt and fish. If you see a guy wearing camo, it is a good sign that he is a Red Stater. They also have a love for four wheel drive vehicles, tractors, and American made SUVs. It is also a safe bet that a Red Stater has a firearm.

-They love Jesus. Red Staters are solidly evangelical Christians.

-They love country and classic rock. A typical Red Stater will have Garth Brooks and AC/DC CDs in their vehicles along with some contemporary Christian music from people like Amy Grant. Red Staters prefer CD's to iPods which also explains why Wal-Mart sells so many units.

-They support the military. They are not necessarily pro-war because many of them agree with me that Iraq was a mistake. But they believe that military might makes a big difference.

-They want a Great Wall of Mexico. Almost all Red Staters hate Mexicans and have affinity for militia groups like the Minutemen. But this is less about racism than economic ignorance. Being blue collar, they see cheap Mexican labor as a threat.

-They really hate Obama. They could care less that he is black so much as the fact that he is a socialist. They also buy into conspiracy theories that Obama was born in Kenya and has plans for some sort of military crackdown on civilians like them. They see Obama as a Black Hitler.

These traits are not a Southern thing but stretch across the entire Southern region to California, the entire Midwest, and Alaska. I also suspect that many Red State minded folks are sprinkled in the rural areas of Blue States.

I like Red State people for some weird reason. This is more for personal reasons than for any political viewpoints we might share. Beyond not liking Obama, I don't have much in common with these people. But I think classifying them as a bunch of rednecks is a mistake. A redneck is a guy who swills beer and lives out in the woods in a trailer and doesn't vote. Red Staters aren't into the redneck thing at all. They live in nice homes, drive nice vehicles, and make good livings in blue collar trades and manufacturing. They read books and watch Fox News. And they vote. The one thing I hear from them over and over again was whether or not I voted in the last election.


There is a reason that NASCAR and football are the most popular sports in America. These are weekend sports. Basketball, baseball, and hockey play numerous games during the week, and only diehard fans can follow the action. People that work and have families prefer their sports in weekend servings. The hype builds up during the week, and people actually have time to watch the games and races. This is why the NFL and NASCAR are 1 and 2 in popularity.

Major League Baseball suffers from a steroids scandal that won't quit and a belief that the league belongs to big money teams like the New York Yankees. As for the NBA, it has been in decline since Jordan retired. Nobody I know gives a shit about basketball. As for hockey, the NHL made a dumb move expanding into areas where people don't play hockey. When the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup, no one here gave a shit or even knew the team existed. I shit you not.

Hockey is a great sport, but it is regional. It is the sport of Canadians and Northern urban areas like Detroit, Chicago, and New York. Hockey games in these areas regularly outsell basketball games. The NHL diluted their product by going to places like Texas, Florida, and California. The best thing that league can do is close down those franchises or move them to Canada.

The most exciting in sports these days is mixed martial arts. MMA and UFC are wildly popular among a lot of people I talk to. Boxing is dead, and MMA has replaced it. UFC PPV events are huge especially when you can watch them at Hooters. It is a quality product for the sports fan.

As for NASCAR, the biggest problem with that sport is when football starts. It is hard to watch a race and the Panthers play at the same time. The Chase has done nothing to rekindle interest during football time. It also doesn't help when you have a guy like Jimmie Johnson winning it every damn year.

The NFL, NASCAR, and UFC--the best stuff going.
There is a fine line between being loved and being nagged to death.
Getting DVDs in the mailbox has replaced getting them back to the store. Still a pain in the ass.


1. GMAC needs more of my money to stay afloat. This means I will never buy another General Motors product for as long as I live. At least the Japanese give me a car for my cash.

2. Andre Agassi was a druggie. That might explain the hair.

3. Agassi got way cooler when he shaved the 'do.

4. FWIW, I am not on the CIA payroll. You have to be either a dictator, a terrorist, an arms dealer, or a drug dealer to get a check from those guys. I'm just a loser.

5. I will not be dressing up as Bible Man this Halloween. I will go with something completely fictitious--an honest politician.

6. I drove 150 miles past my house on the way home from work. There was hot porn on my laptop.

7. I think redneck jokes should be considered a hate crime. What my sister and I do in the trailer is nobody's business.

8. Janine Lindemulder would make a way better mom than Sandra Bullock because she has a.) tattoos, b.) puts out for money, and c.) Dyke Diner is way better than Miss Congeniality.

9. Who marries a porn star? That's like buying a rental car that everybody still gets to drive.

10. Someone wiped his ass with my "To Do" list. I think I may have done it in a Tyler Durden moment.
Blue collar jobs are dirty but honest. White collar jobs are clean but dishonest.
They are called my Lucky Pair of Underwear because I have not beshitted them yet.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


The time has come to say it. Junior sucks. Period. Nothing more can be said for the guy. As someone bluntly put it, "He's just racing on his daddy's name."

The reality is that if Junior's last name wasn't Earnhardt he would not be in the ride he is now or have the endorsements or anything else. Championships can elude great drivers. Look at Mark Martin. But victories are required. You have to win. Junior doesn't win.

Junior fans could always point to equipment or to Tony Eury as the problem. Those excuses are gone. It all boils down to the fact that Junior can't drive that car. Compare him to a guy like Kyle Busch who can win. No one doubts that Busch will have a championship one day.

The future for Junior will be as a race team owner. JR Motorsports is becoming a great outfit. But he is going nowhere as a driver. He needs to do a gutcheck and decide what he needs to do because he doesn't deserve to drive the 88 car anymore.


The Obama White House has lost its mind going after Fox News and declaring that it is not a "news organization." Attacking the media does not sit well with the media and that includes the leftard media. Obama has shit-for-brains and has revealed that he is thinskinned. Remember, Fox News broke the Vin Jones and ACORN stories. This is why Obama is lashing out. He is pissed off. Some of the shit is finally starting to stick. It will only get uglier from here.


Despite the backlash from libertarians and conservatives, I can tell you now that we will get a public option on healthcare. It is going to happen. I don't want it to happen, but it will.

The result of the public option is pretty easy to predict. Businesses will jettison health benefits for employees. They will all be encouraged to enroll in the public plan. Since your tax dollars are going to pay for it, you will enroll in the plan. If you don't enroll in the plan, the government will fine you. One way or another, single payer will become the system we get. Costs will skyrocket from there, and without a market mechanism, government will resort to rationing. Once done, it will never be undone along with Medicare and Social Security and public education and the income tax. Leviathan grows.
I believe in equal rights for all women especially the good looking ones.
A great way to solve problems is to bitch and whine until someone else is irritated into solving them for you.
There is no greater gift than a Walmart gift card. A kidney or a liver is a distant second.
Mensa is a way for brilliant failures to salvage their egoes.
Never tell jokes on a full bladder.

Specialists vs. Renaissance Men (and Women!)

We have all heard the same advice. Find your niche. Be the best at it. SPECIALIZE. I have a problem with this.

The wonders of a free market come from what is known as the division of labor. When you have a lot of product or services to turn out, you amass a team of people each performing their singular task. The result is greater quality and productivity. This strategy has been applied to numerous fields. In football, you play on either offense or defense and then you find your position. In medicine, you can find your specialization and take it from there. Our society has become so highly specialized that we have people brilliant at one thing and clueless in all others. If you are having a heart attack on an airplane, the orthopedist two seats back can't help you.

This specialization does wonders for companies and society, but it does you harm as an individual. Lose your niche, and you have lost your life. Talk to an unemployed steel worker, and you will hear his lament. "I spent thirty years on that job. Now, it's gone. I'm too old to change and do something new." This is what happens when you put all your eggs into the one basket of specialization.

Clearly, it would make no sense for Tiger Woods to give up golf and switch to professional bowling. But it does make sense for him to learn business, finance, and other things. He can start businesses with his wealth and manage them or at least know who to hire to do these things for him. There is great value in knowing something more than how to swing a golf club. Plus, bowling is fun, too.

The path to go with is the Renaissance Ideal. Specialists deride this as anachronistic and impossible. You will be the "jack of all trades and the master of none." There is some truth to this. Any field or subfield can take a lifetime to master. Or does it? We know people who are masters at young ages, so clearly, this is not true. It takes time to learn Spanish, but children do it all the time. The same thing applies to musical instruments and what have you. These are not things you can pick up overnight, but I think dedicated study and practice will have you in a good place in 2 to 4 years.

Being the "master" of a particular discipline does take a lifetime. The reality is that a few exceptionally talented people devoted to a singular task turn out some amazing things. I don't think Stephen Hawking could have done what he did had his options not been closed off by ALS. But the vast majority of the people who aim to mimic these singular geniuses will fail.

The genius of the Renaissance Person is the ability to combine different ideas and fields. This was the genius of Henry Ford who combined meat cutting with automaking to give us the assembly line. Ford got the idea from the Chicago slaughterhouses where the carcasses went down a line and specialists cut their piece from the slab. Car making would never be the same. Often, innovative new ideas are simply combinations of old ideas, and this can only be achieved by a polymathic sensibility and a wide breadth of knowledge.

Specialization helps in having a day job. Like it or not, we all have to make money, and we don't all get to make a living from the things we are passionate about. But the advantage of a day job is that it frees you up to pursue other things. I know my own life has been a division between my work and my studies. I've been living the same lifestyle since I was a kid. I work and read, and I enjoy both equally as much.

Specialists abhor change because change diminishes their value. They don't want to learn new things. These are the old timers that still use typewriters or draw plans by hand. Specialists are static. Renaissance people are dynamic. This is why Renaissance people can handle changing economies while specialists can't. In short, expertise in a single area is overvalued and overrated. This is why mechanical engineers both make a lot of money and are also frequently unemployed. They ride a wider arc of the economic pendulum.

The biggest problem with being a Renaissance person is that learning takes time and money. But these are problems easily overcome. We have way more time than we realize, and I refer you to my article, How to Get Shit Done, for a wider treatment of this issue. You have more time than you think.

As for money, education is free. All you need is a library card. Books on every field are available at your library. More recent or available work may have to come through Amazon, but it won't bankrupt you. These are the same books you would read in a college class except they charge you for reading them. You don't buy an education in college. You buy recognition for work you can do on your own. In addition, licenses and examinations are the way specialists exert protectionism on their professions. Professionals are simply mercantilists who can't compete in a free market. Their talents are overrated.

I can't change this injustice. In order to be a lawyer, you need a law degree and to pass the bar. The same goes for doctors, engineers, or what have you. You have to jump through the hoop, but it is easily done if you are already a Renaissance type. Renaissance people solve problems in new and creative ways, so getting cash and passing a test are no big deal. But many fields are wide open to people. For instance, if you are bilingual, you don't need a license to speak Japanese. Combine that with a business degree, and you are very valuable.

Here is a Renaissance recipe for any person aspiring to a diversified skill set:

-Know a foreign language
-Know a blue collar trade
-Know math
-Know how to write
-Know business
-Be proficient in computers

These six things will make you fully employable. By themselves, they are not that valuable but combined in a single person they are very valuable. Companies save money when they have employees with a wide range of skills, and they are willing to pay more. A customer service rep who knows both English and Spanish is more valuable than one that only knows English. Throw in French, German, or Mandarin, and you can see why it matters. This enables an employer to hire fewer specialists which saves more money for the company and makes more money for you as an individual. I learned this from discovering that security guards at the airport made more if they were also licensed EMTs. This allowed the airport to meet their obligations with fewer employees.

This is also the refrain I hear from specialists. Ask them to do something outside of their specialty, and they reply, "That is not in my job description." Who wants to have someone like that working for them?

To be a Renaissance person requires certain character traits and disciplines:

-a dedication to lifelong learning

-flexibility and comfort with change

-confidence in one's ability to improvise and to solve all problems

The Renaissance person must also learn humility because he or she will be overlooked most of the time. The supreme value of a Renaissance person shines through during a crisis. Their flexibility and abilities are shown when the shit hits the fan. Being a fast learner and flexible is needed during the crunch times. Specialists abhor crisis, and they are pretty much useless. They crave routine not challenges.

I think specialists are needed, but let's face facts. Talent is as common as dirt. Specialists like to think of themselves as indispensable, but they often work with people with the same skill set they have. Their expertise is marginal. Fire a specialist, and you won't have much trouble finding a replacement. But losing a Renaissance person is like losing a limb. They are rare and indispensable. Talk about irony. Where can you find another employee as flexible and useful as that polymath?

If you do one thing over and over, you will be good at it. To be good at many things is a rare talent. Specialists will always emerge to deal with the common denominator, but the cutting edge of change and innovation belong to the Renaissance people. They live for the new and the different. Few people can make this commitment to constant change, but change is the only constant.

My advice is choose to be dynamic. Learn new things. Besides, it's more fun, and you can still keep your day job. A niche is merely a comfort zone which becomes rut which becomes a grave.


1. I felt the Tide roll. Luckily, no cash was wagered.

2. The Gators almost lost to the Razorbacks. I think they will lose the number one spot.

3. Junior has run out of excuses. He has a good car. He has a different crew chief. He sucks as a driver. His talent is exhausted. Hendrick should have stuck with Busch.

4. I might as well shit on Delhomme while I'm at it. The Panthers really suck, and I am not happy about it.

5. I make up my twits on Twitter because the truth is I don't do anything all day except work and shit.

6. We need a cure for cancer. We also need a cure for laziness. Cancer will be cured first.

7. I think I produce enough flatulence each day to recharge my cellphone. If only someone would invent a way to harness that untapped energy.

8. Ran out of ink for my printer. H-P could give away the printers for free and make it all back on those ink cartridges they charge too much for.

9. Shakespeare did it for the money.

10. We can show up to work 10-12 hours per day, but we can't spare an hour for the gym.

Fringe Religions/The Void of Atheism

The majority of people in South Carolina are theists. More specifically, they are Southern Baptists with a sprinkling of charismatics and Methodists and what have you. But by and large, this area is Christian and Protestant. Atheists like me are a small minority.

I receive no persecution for being out of the mainstream. I'm not sure why this is the case. I've always been out there, so I probably don't notice. I certainly don't give a fuck. I am also the type of guy who will fight back viciously and with intense violence if someone tried to harm me. This probably comes from the fact that I am one of the few atheists that also believes in the second amendment. The bottom line is that I am not a pussy. I think weakness provokes conflict.

The problem I have is that there are people who are religious and are not in the religious mainstream who think they have common cause with me. These would be the Wiccans and the theotards and maybe a Scientologist or two. Southern Baptists hate these folks as much as they hate atheists. As for me, I think they are all nuts. I don't care who your imaginary friend might be. If you have one, you have shit for brains.

I am all for religious freedom because of my libertarianism, but that is the limit of my tolerance. I don't like fringe religionists anymore than I like mainstream religionists. I think paganism and witchcraft are worse than Biblical fundamentalism. Yet, I encounter these people who think we are brothers and sisters in some common cause. Not quite.

Religion is much like a drug. It fulfills some psychological need. Atheism is not an issue of religious freedom for me so much as the correct way of looking at the world which is based on reality. I am sober in a world of drunkards. Fringe religionists are crack addicts.

The key reason people get into shit like Wicca, Zen Buddhism, or the Kabbalah is precisely because of their fringe status. It is no different than getting a tattoo, a nose ring, or pink hair. People want to be different. They want to be unique. They want to stand out. Likewise, they think atheists are the same. They want to be nonconformists. They couldn't be more wrong.

Aside from myself, most atheists I know are conformist to the extreme. They just had the misfortune of being inclined in a scientific direction which put them at odds with a religious society. Aside from not believing in God, they endeavor mightily to fit in and not draw attention to themselves. I don't admire this cowardice, but there is little I can do about it. For the most part, atheists are atheists not because it fulfills some need so much as these are people reconciled to reality.

For myself, not believing in God is a non-issue. It is a blank. It is no different than not believing in a flat earth. Atheism has no creed. There are no religious practices. There are no scriptures. I was amused when a Christians said to me, "You are an atheist? So, what church do atheists go to?" Mind boggling true shit.

Atheism is a negative. It is a void. People want to pursue some sort of positive atheism, but this makes no sense. Atheism is defined precisely by what you don't believe in. The only reason atheists form any sort of group is merely to show solidarity in opposition to ignorance. But eliminate that ignorance and you have eliminated the cause of atheism.

People want something to believe in, and what makes me different from other atheists is that I read a lot of philosophy. There are things I believe in. I believe in happiness and flourishing. I believe in freedom and capitalism. I believe in aesthetic enjoyment and sex. I believe in hobbies and work. These things fill the void. Atheists that dabble in attending church or meditation or what have you are like reformed addicts that enjoy the occasional joint. Some habits die hard.

For me, I enjoy choral music and stained glassed windows that don't have pictures in them. But I don't go to church. I don't pray. I don't meditate. But I do enjoy the aesthetics of religious music in a similar way that I enjoy nature without becoming an Al Gore treehugger. Religion is merely an aesthetic raised to a belief system. This is where it errs.

It is not hard to understand where the pagans got their nonsense from. We see it being duplicated today. Nietzsche would call it the "Dionysian." People want a frenzied emotional state to complement the ordered state that they derive from science and reason. This is understandable. I would counsel punk rock as an antidote. You can lose your mind for a bit, and then come back to reality. People want this. I just don't see why they have to believe in bullshit to justify it.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I believe in the death penalty in principle. I think murderers deserve to die. In practice, I am against the death penalty because of the likelihood of mistakes. Now, it turns out that just such a mistake was made in Texas and the governor is in CYA mode. Recently, SC pardoned two people it executed 94 years ago. Then, there was that mess in Illinois.

If I have to choose between a murder spending life in prison or an innocent person being put to death, I prefer the former even if it means some pissed of kinfolk will spend their lives stewing in anger. The reason is because those innocent people have kin, too. When the state kills the innocent, it is guilty of murder.

I am of the opinion that the only time you should take a life is when that person is causing imminent danger to the lives of other people or yourself.


I recently posted two links at Ultravore about kids, and they confirmed two things that I have been thinking in the back of my mind for a long time. The first is that kids cost more money than they ever return. The idea that they were a retirement plan for agrarian societies is turning out to be a myth. The reality is that humans have an insatiable need to reproduce, and they expend considerable sacrifice to do this.

The second is that raising kids to be a certain way is largely a waste of time. Kids are who they are, and you can't make them into anything. I suspect kids turn out the way they do mostly because of genetics. In short, we don't want our kids to make the same mistakes we did, but they are programmed to be just like us. Considering how big of an asshole I am, not having kids is a pretty good idea.


The Gamecocks are doing pretty good this season, but I don't see them beating Alabama tonight. Ironically, almost all the callers on the local sportstalk station were predicting an upset. This is called bias. It immediately disappears when money is wagered. I want my Gamecocks to win, but I would put my cash on Alabama.


For all his sliplippiness, Joe Biden is turning out to be the smartest guy in the Obama adminstration. His recommendations on Afghanistan make a lot of sense. He is eschewing nation building in favor of limited engagement. Basically, he says we should focus on the bad guys and let Afghanistan manage itself. Naturally, he will be ignored, and we will get escalation.


The Ron Paul Money Machine is huge, and Paul and Schiff have amassed large war chests. Can they win? This is hard to tell. It all comes back to ideas, and the voting public is largely stupid. Ron Paul had large donations, but he failed to win a single primary. If Paul and Schiff fail in their respective primaries, you can count me as a political agnostic. There will be no hope for this land of shitheads.


I hate Rachel Maddow now. She is a clueless stupid ass bitch because she has wedded her lips firmly to Obama's sphincter. Leftards need to stand on some principle and demand Obama live up to his promise on gays in the military. I'm not gay, but I do believe in equality under the law and homophobia in the military needs to end. It is wrong. It will piss off some fundies and fasctards but fuck them. They are stupid.


I got slammed with this slur in an email exchange a couple of weeks ago for referring to a former girlfriend as a "stupid bitch." I think this was justifiable because she was a.) stupid and b.) a bitch. She would confess readily to the latter but not the former. Either way, some shit-for-brains fucknut decides that I'm not PC and slams me as a "heto-sexist." Had this fucktard said this to me in the flesh, I would have shattered his teeth and destroyed his face to a bleeding pulp. I hate these fuckers.

Leftards will berate the living fuck out of Sarah Palin as being a dumb, stupid, shit-for-brains, flagwaving, moose hunting, fundie bitch. I will defend by citing that she has a nice ass. Not one word about sexism will be uttered. Mention that Rachel Maddow has tuna breath, and your ass will be reamed to hell and back by the PC crowd.

Political correctness is not about enlightenment but power. Speech codes serve only one function which is conformity to the power of the leftard cult. The reality is that I defend the freedom of women. I also want to have sex with women. There are some women I love and some women I hate. But generally speaking, I am a pro-choice, live and let live type of guy. Leftards are anti-choice, and they want to run every life they can. They are wannabe tyrants. This is why I want to punch them in the face.

No one is going to dictate to me how I'm going to think or speak. Period. NOBODY. This is why offensive types like Larry Flynt and Howard Stern are heroes. You may not like what they express, but they have the balls to express themselves which gives the rest of us freedom to express ourselves. You have to push the boundaries or else those boundaries will close on you until they strangle you to death. This is the agenda of the PC Left. They could give a shit about women as you can see from their treatment of Palin.

The best way to deal with PC people is to deliberately piss them off. Defy them. Rub their noses in it. And you can also support an organization like FIRE which fights for free speech on the battleground of college campuses where freedom of thought and expression should be championed instead of threatened.


It seems global warming peaked in 1998. Carbon dioxide has increased in the atmosphere, but no warming has happened since. What are we to make of this? I take it with a grain of salt, too, just like I did with Al Gore. The reality is that our ability to predict future climate is limited. I know this because the climate people have a hard time explaining past events.

My advice to environmentalists is very simple. Develop clean technologies that are efficient and cheap. You won't have any problem getting people to switch. This free market approach works because I use all those new compact fluorescent light bulbs Al Gore preached about. I also turn off my computer each day before going to work. My electric bill is much lower.

Enviros are clueless on economics which is why all their solutions are government solutions. The only time they consider the money side is when it comes to rent seeking like the cap-and-trade bullshit. Meanwhile, the Obama administration champions clean coal which is a myth while downplaying natural gas which is the cleanest of all fossil fuels. This is the power of lobbying and the stupidity of the Left. I don't call them leftards for nothing.
My career would go further if I could just embrace my inner slimebag.


1. While people thought I was safe at home, I was flying away on a saucer shaped balloon. Nobody cared.

2. You want to know where the wild things are? I only know the location of one wild thing. RIGHT HERE, BABY!!!

3. They should have a Nobel Pissed Off Prize. This goes to the fucktard that goes that pisses off the most people in the world. Obama will win that one, too, when he raises taxes to pay for socialized medicine, bailouts, two wars, and the maintenance of his ego.

4. Obama is appointing a humility czar. Got a keep that ego in check.

5. Odds are good that Obama will do Dancing with the Stars. Survivor is being saved for his second term. He is the POTUS after all, and he has a lot on his plate.

6. It is sad when Microsoft's new ad slogan for Windows 7 should be "Not as Fucked Up as That Vista Bullshit We Unleashed On You."

7. I have decided to go ultra-minimalist and live in a box. Less really is more. Plus, I can save a ton on rent and utilities. My only problem is deciding where to cut my urination/defecation hole. I wonder if Diogenes had this problem?

8. A gay couple was denied a marriage permit in Louisiana because one was white and the other was black.

9. The problem with the Patch Adams approach to medicine is that there is no humor in a colostomy bag especially when you're the one with the bag.

10. When you quit a job, always shit up the restroom really bad before you leave and don't flush. Leave a lasting impression.
No problem is too big for duck tape.


1. The American people have no problem with government paying for their healthcare. They do have a problem with the government deciding what healthcare they should get. Basically, they want the buffet but not the check.

2. Lindsey Graham is a fucktard.

3. It would be really cool to see a Dodgers-Yankees World Series.

4. Rush Limbaugh doesn't get to own a football team. Black football players rejoice.

5. Dow back at 10,000. Time to cash out sending it back down to oblivion.

6. The Gamecocks will be a speed bump for the Crimson Tide.

7. I wonder if Arnold will beat Maria's ass for cellphone yammering while driving.

8. Today, I yammered on my cellphone, sent some texts, searched the radio, and ate dinner all while behind the wheel of my car. Take that, fuckers!!!

9. I'd like to see Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore in a sumo fight.

10. If I got the Nobel Peace Prize, I would give every penny of it to the NRA. Or I might keep it and spend it on strippers and liquor.
People that hate working hate working with me or for me.
Socialism is theft.
Work the problem.

The Problem with Zen Habits

Self improvement is masturbation.

Leo Babauta writes a blog called Zen Habits. Zen Habits is about personal development. It is chock full of advice on fitness, finance, work, simplification, etc. It is very popular. It is also very wrong.

All of Leo's advice can be summed up in one word--SIMPLIFY. Cut out the clutter. Eliminate the unnecessary. Quit buying stuff. Blah blah blah. The articles are straight out of the magazines which is why they are so popular. Magazine articles and blog posts on ZH are identical. Identify a problem and then give a numbered list of tips to solve the problem. I mock this sort of thing with my "how to" articles. I don't think there is a magazine that exists that would publish them.

I don't have to follow Leo's advice because I already do what he thinks we should do. I live in a simple apartment furnished with objects I either rescued from the trash or bought very cheaply from a thrift store. I own one car. I work one job. I am not married, and I have no kids. I have two to three days of free time each week that I spend reading or watching TV or writing posts for this blog. I don't exercise or clean my house because I spend all my free time goofing off. My problem is not that my life isn't simple. My problem is that my life is too simple. I am bored out of my fucking mind.

You know Leo doesn't follow his own advice because his blog keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger as he writes more and more articles. How complicated can simple advice be? He also has six kids and two jobs and trains for triathlons. This is not simple living.

Most people's bad habits can be linked to one single bad habit--LAZINESS. For me, I'd rather sit on my ass than go work out or clean up my apartment. Laziness eliminates stress for awhile until things get out of control because of neglect. The stress of the neglect prompts me to get off my ass and correct the problem. Then, I return to sloth. Taking the quaalude of Zen Habits is not the answer to my problem. If it wasn't for stress, I would accomplish nothing. I am not recommending this lifestyle, but I can say that what people lack in life is not simplicity but motivation.

Boredom is not a lifestyle. It is living death. This is why people's favorite real hobbies are not rock climbing, mountain biking, and making pottery but surfing the internet, watching television, and imbibing intoxicating substances. This is because these things require little effort and are relatively cheap unless you are into cocaine.

People are bored which is why they hate their jobs, working out, cleaning house, balancing their checkbooks, and all those other good habits they are supposed to practice. Put those same people in front of a glowing box, and they will spend hours with it until they are exhausted and fall asleep. Eliminate that glowing box, and those other problems magically disappear. This is because the sheer boredom motivates people to activity.

Zen Habits creates boredom. Simplifying your life leads to living in a spare apartment staring at the walls you refuse to decorate. (It took me four years to hang a picture in my apartment when my girlfriend bought me a V for Vendetta framed picture from Blockbuster.) Minimalism might be great for a guy with six kids, but for a guy like me, it isn't.

I am all for decluttering and living below your means and all that. I live minimalism. What I have learned from minimalism is that it sucks the life out of you. You become bored and depressed and crave stimulation. It is not natural. Even the most primitive people will decorate the walls of their dwellings and their bodies and weave elaborate cultures to amuse themselves.

The reason people like me spend so much time on our glowing boxes is because the worlds contained within those boxes are rich and varied. They change constantly and present new challenges. You learn new things and explore new worlds. The variety is unending. The only problem is that all this stuff exists inside of the box. To have a life outside of the box requires variety not simplicity. You have to pursue new and different things, and these things require both time and money.

For Leo, the Zen master is the ideal. For me, the Renaissance Man is my ideal. I admire people who don't live simple lives but rich lives. This is the life most people aspire to, and this is for natural reasons. It is what makes us human and leads to flourishing. This Renaissance Ideal also requires no motivation. If anything, you become frustrated because you want to do more than what your finite resources of time, money, and energy will allow you to do. I think this is why Tim Ferris has become so popular because he crafts strategies to allow people to overcome these limitations. Those strategies are hit-or-miss, but they are insanely more useful than anything you will find on Zen Habits.

The reason people retreat to their glowing boxes is because that is the simplest and most economical way to fulfill these desires for a fuller, richer, and more flourishing life. The reason Zen Habits is so popular is because that lifestyle is very doable. Abandoning your dreams and wishes for a fuller life feels good for awhile. It is liberating for a short period. Then, the boredom sets in. Even Leo had to go after new projects.

My advice is different from the Zen Habits philosophy. I think you should complicate your life a bit, and I don't mean with drugs, financial problems, or troubled relationships. Instead, you should sit down with a notebook and write out everything you want to do with your life, and then figure out ways to accomplish those dreams. Be as grand and maximal as possible. Don't let time, money, and energy dictate your list. Craft that list as if these things did not matter. Then, pursue these things. It will fill you with a greater sense of life and purpose, and you won't be bored anymore. Your "problems" will be multiplied, but those problems are what invigorate us in our living.

Simplicity aims to eliminate problems as if a problem free existence is what we crave. This is the teaching of Zen practitioners, Stoics, Epicureans, etc. All of these paths lead to boredom. They employ negation instead of creativity. The Renaissance way inspires creativity and action and motion and life. The way of simplicity is seen as austere and arduous, and it is. Put a man in solitary confinement, and he will go insane. The Zen way is no different.

The Renaissance path is not simple, but it does require balance. This requires wisdom and skill. Going to extremes is actually easier than achieving this balance. You don't have to think to throw away all your belongings and simplify. But to create harmony is another thing altogether. It is not unlike a painting. You can paint a simple blue square on the canvas, and you have created an elegant but boring picture. Or you can fill the canvas with every conceivable thing that comes to mind which results in a chaotic mess. Or you can paint something beautiful. That middle path is hard.

Zen Habits might be the antidote to people in high stress situations, but the solution is a temporary one. Human beings always crave more. Simplicity is not the answer. The answer is balance. Unfortunately, they don't have a blog for balance.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


People are having a field day with the Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama in an overt political move and a lick to that fucker's ass. Last night, I watched as Rachel Maddow painfully made a case for Obama deserving the award. This is the same chick who ripped Obama a new one for his failure to live up to his promises on Gitmo and Iraq. What the fuck?!

Maddow has joined the Stupid Bitch Club in a big way. Despite being a leftard, I used to give her credit for being an independent thinker which I always appreciate even if I don't always agree. Now, she is simply an apologist for Obama live every other shit-for-brains leftard. Sickening shit. Stupid stupid STUPID ass bitch.


This news is a real yawner. That's because I have witnessed this sort of thing at every workplace I have ever been in. Men and women fuck. Put them together in any environment, and they will find a way to do the nasty. Biology trumps intellect. It is what it is.

What the world needs is less hypocrisy, and it won't come from less fucking. It comes from greater honesty. I have made my peace with human nature and realize that human beings are fuckbots no different than other animals. This is why I will never utter a wedding vow because that whole thing is a joke. Marriage persists because women desire money. End of story. Letterman's befuddled wife will put up with this shit because she is getting paid. Besides, there is always the poolboy.


The shine on Jay's new show has rubbed off. It is the Tonight Show without a desk. Does not play as well in prime time. OTOH, Leno has a way of surprising us. Basically, the show needs to elevate its game with the new time slot. It hasn't done this.


This looks to be a brilliant movie. Great book for kids. I remember reading it and loving it.


Billion plus viewership. No profits.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that content on the internet is not a moneymaker. The internet is a great distribution network for products such as what Amazon offers or the shit you can find on eBay or Craigslist. Businesses also use the internet to reach their customers. But strictly media companies are doomed. The internet has destroyed the record industry and will probably do the same to movies and publishing. It is very fascinating for economic minded people like me to watch.

If I was an entrepreneur, I wouldn't waste my time with internet ventures. You should not waste your time with media products. Instead, you should offer real products and services that exist in the real world and use the internet for marketing and promotion. The old media had an advantage because they offered their shit on a physical medium like paper, vinyl, and celluloid. The internet has vaporized those mediums. They are no longer necessary.

I speculate that this new non-material economy will create something new to go along with it--a new currency. The internet will develop a money that can only be spent online to purchase virtual products and services. A sort of barter exists already with link sharing, commentary, etc. The internet is already a sort of second life, so this new currency will fit right in with that. But I am speculating.

It is still a material world, and people will still need real things like clothes, food, cars, etc. These are forever. Reality never ends.
They should have a Nobel Prize for Bullshit.

PRINT-1984 by George Orwell

It has taken years, but I finally got around to reading 1984 by George Orwell. It has been on my list for a long time. The book is simply the most influential and most important work of fiction of the 20th century. Barely a day goes by without some reference to it.

The story centers on Winston Smith, a citizen of Oceania who is under constant surveillance from a telescreen and the presence of Big Brother. His job in this totalitarian dystopic nightmare is to revise propaganda for the government, erase history, and throw it all down the memory hole. The goal is cognitive tyranny. If you question this tyranny, you will be guilty of thoughtcrime and will incur the wrath of the Thought Police and endure the tortures of Room 101.

Winston endures all this when he commits the ultimate thoughtcrime. He falls in love with another human being. By the end of the novel, you realize that love is reserved for Big Brother. The novel leaves you sickened and horrified and angry. It is one everyone must read.

It is said that Orwell was a socialist, but the book indicates that his thinking evolved from that stupidity at some point. It is no coincidence that leftards seek to control thought through speech codes and what have you. It is said Orwell merely put into print the desires of his socialist peers. I believe it. I've never met a leftard who didn't think they had the right to control the lives and ends of other people.

1984 is the ultimate understanding of tyranny. Tyranny is all consuming. It is never satisfied until it has eaten every last inch of your being. It cannot be appeased or satisfied. It can only be defied. All I can say is that Oceania is a horrible place, and I would prefer death to that existence.

The Nobel Peace Prize is a Fucking Joke

It is official. The Nobel Peace Prize is nothing more than leftard kiss to the ass of one of their own. Barack Obama wins the prize this year. For what? What has he done for peace?

This is a guy who has said he wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan. He has done nothing to pull us out of Iraq. He clearly has lied about Gitmo. He is with everyone else in rattling the saber at Iran. For this, he gets the Peace Prize? The mind truly boggles.

Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize, but this was long after he had left office and few would debate that he didn't deserve it. Al Gore won it which is what made people like me want to barf. Now, a warmonger gets the prize? Stupid stupid stupid.

The antiwar crowd will have a field day with this. Clearly, the Nobel Peace Prize is not about peace. It is simply given to whoever advances the leftard agenda the most in a given year. This would be Barack Obama.

Outside of the hard sciences, the Nobel prizes are a fucking joke.
Who the fuck is Huerta Mueller?


This another stream of consciousness post. I'm using the title "SOC" to delineate these things. Basically, I just vomit whatever is in my head on the page.

Right now, I have a friend who thinks he may have knocked up this chick who says she had her tubes tied but now says she is pregnant. She has a doctor's report but won't show it or consent to a pregnancy test. I am calling bullshit on this. Fellows, you need to learn how to pull out. Heh heh. . .

I am also miffed at calls for a VAT echoing in the halls of Congress. Tea Party folks and anyone with any common sense should vigorously oppose the VAT. It is a stealth tax, and Washington gets way too much of our money now. We need those midterm elections pretty bad to help put a stop to the tomfuckery by the Democrats. We need divided government in the worst way.

In other news, I have been having a simplicity vs. robustness debate in my head. The bottom line is that I find simplicity and minimalism to be damn depressing. You should always bit off more than you can chew.

I have to do laundry now. End of SOC.
There is no shortcut to virtue.
I really despise backstabbing bitches.

HEROES-Hugh Hefner

In my Heroes/Villains series, there are two things that are clear. My villains are people who are stupid or vain. My heroes are individualists. I don't always agree with my heroes, but I admire them for being true to who they are.

Hugh Hefner may be my most controversial hero because he made his way in the world by being a high brow pornographer. I admire Hef for going against convention and helping to spark the sexual revolution. He did things his way, and he has garnered a lot of criticism for it from both religious people and feminists. I like this line from Hef:

The notion of the single man began in the 1950's. The idea of the bachelor as a separate life was new and obscure.

This is the lifestyle that Hef championed. It is the lifestyle that I have. Granted, Hef indulges way more than I ever have even at his advanced age. But he made it OK and even enviable to live as a single man. The world has never forgiven him for this.

Hefner forged a new archetype, and you can see it in sitcom characters like Ted Danson on Cheers, or Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, or Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother. It is the man who eschews family commitment and lives for the hedonistic good life. Naturally, women hate this. Being bedded and not wedded is something women are averse to, but they want sex just like any man. If this wasn't so, guys like Hef would never get laid.

But Hef is not like a Larry Flynt who mired himself in whatever is lewd and crude. Hef has class. He loves sex, and he loves women. But he has a philosophy behind his hedonism which he articulated in Playboy as the Playboy Philosophy. For porn, Playboy was very literate and intellectual. It was very redeeming socially even if it had pictures of naked women.

What Hef gave the world is the Liberated Man. This man loved not just women but nice cars, fine wine, and jazz. His hedonism was a refined hedonism. But it was also about social freedom. Hef rejected the collectivist imperative that demanded work, marriage, children, and responsibility to the greater good. Hef called men to be single and free.

Hef has not always been true to this philosophy. He has tried the family life, and it has always ended badly for him. The reality is that a married man is a miserable man. The family lifestyle is a dead end. Playboy was an escape for trapped men everywhere.

Now, in old age, Hef is blowing apart the last myth--the Bachelor Apocalypse. If you don't live in the family way, you will become a miserable old man. Hef shows this for the lie that it is. When I see him, he is smiling.

The feminists will argue that Hef has hurt the cause of women, but this is not true. Hef championed women's liberation as much as men's liberation. It is this last part that feminazis despise. Feminists were less interested in breaking their own chains so much as putting men in chains. They wanted to have their cake and eat it, too.

The opposite of Hef's liberated man is the Imprisoned Family Man who is lampooned on sitcom TV in characters like Homer Simpson or Family Guy. Generally speaking, men with family responsibilities are portrayed as idiots, and they are idiots. I know this stings a bit for some of my readers, but I am only putting into words what we are already thinking. I am trying to think of a family guy who has been portrayed in a positive light since Bill Cosby, and I can't think of one. The reason we consider these guys to be stupid is because Hef shows you don't have to go that route. The moment Kevin James plays a smart family guy will be when I change my mind on this.

The family life is a sham because wives will cheat on you and spend all your money, and the kids will grow up to hate you for being so stupid as to make them, feed them, clothe them, and pay for their college education and whatever else they put on the credit card during spring break. Hef's world is called a fanatasy world, but it isn't a fantasy world. Hef is living it. Who doesn't want to be Hef?

The last thing to deal with is the plot of every chick flick ever made. It is the imprisonment and enslavement of the Liberated Man usually played by Matthew McConaughey. The guy wises up, falls in love, and does the right thing and COMMITS. What a sucker. There are no sequels to chick flicks because in the sequel they get divorced, and she takes half his shit and runs off with the poolboy.

The dirty secret about Hef is that as much as women say they hate him they also love him, and they love him for being precisely who he is. The Liberated Man is the man that every woman wants to fuck. Being a liberated man is reinforced repeatedly by all those easy women ready to give it up. Often, these women are married and have boyfriends. Spend some time as a liberated man, and it will seal the coffin on any marital aspirations you might have.

Hef was a pioneer, and he will be remembered as such by guys like me. People who hate Hef do so precisely because he has shown a certain bankruptcy to the conventional thinking. Hef has lived life on his terms, and this puts him in my hero category.

FDL on Mackey


John Mackey pissed off a bunch of leftards back in August with his free market alternatives to ObamaCare he outlined in a WSJ op ed. Mackey revisited the subject in an interview, and you can read the leftard response at Firedoglake that calls Mackey an "arrogant asshole." People wonder why I call them leftards and worse.

The comments are also very amusing spewing forth the most venomous bile that leftards can muster for "libertarian capitalists" and the usual call to boycott Whole Foods. Just goes to show that leftards have a fundamental hatred for business and the free market. It is in every fiber of their being to support tyranny. It is Mackey's ignorance for ever building a business catering to these fucktards.

I absolutely hate leftards. They are the most nasueating, sickening, shitheaded stupid people I know. They pine for North Korea, and I wish we would oblige them and send them all there.

The Theotard Backlash

Karen Armstrong is a former nun and a theological liberal who has been making the media rounds lately to promote her latest book, The Case for God. I have not read the book yet. But her ideas are already out there, and I must respond to those ideas.

Basically, you have fundies who believe in the old time religion, and secularists like me who don't. But there is a third option--theotardation. A theotard is someone who blends the hipness of science with a quasi-spirituality. In other words, scientific facts are embraced along with religion. In short, this liberal religion is one that is corrected in the light of scientific discovery. I consider it akin to smokers living on nicotine patches or heroin addicts on methadone.

Liberal theology is stupid. The flaw in it is epistemological. It allows room for faith which is a blank that can be filled in with whatever you like. God is a blank piece of paper ready for whatever religious Rorschach splatter believers care to sling at it. As long as you don't make any claims that bear on the material world, this new religion will pass all scientific tests because science is ultimately concerned with material reality. In short, the only flaw of fundamentalism is that it makes claims about material reality.

At this point, we find ourselves in a philosophical debate over the nature of truth. I define truth in terms of my epistemology which asserts that whatever exists in reality is true. God does not exist in reality as far as the evidence goes, so there is no point to that mystery. Religious practice is simply a mystical state no different than taking a hallucinogen. Do these things exist? Only in your mind and perhaps the mind of Carlos Castaneda.

The reality is that people like Armstrong have been educated and saturated in religious worlds and institutions and cultures they simply cannot abandon. They make no pains to correct their fundamentalist peers on the errors of their ways. It is my belief they do this because they make their living from religion. To abandon this religion is to also abandon a steady paycheck. So, these people become modern day gnostics. They are essentially atheists, but they lack the courage or the finances to cut the religious umbilical cord.

I am all for the study of religion as a subject of anthropology, but I see no purpose whatsoever in religious practice. An atheist who prays is like a teetotaler who drinks. You can't be both. Theotards attempt to thread the needle on this. They try to live in both worlds and draw the ire of both upon them.

Either religion is true, or it isn't. Religious people who wake up from their delusions should do the intellectually honest thing and find a new way to make a living. This might involve food preparation or the lifting of heavy objects, but these occupations have superior advantages over religious work. They actually benefit other people, and they are honest.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Obama could not get the Olympics in Chicago. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think people fucking themselves over for the sake at getting back at Obama is pretty stupid. I can make a libertarian case for not having the Olympics because of all the public dollars that go to waste. But I'm not going to be gleeful merely because I despise Barack Obama.


The guy makes great movies; therefore, he deserves to go free. Just about everyone outside of Hollywood including lefties consider this to be some seriously fucked up thinking.


Watching the NASCAR race as I type this. Will be watching football later. I am a hopeless addict.


This Showtime series I have been watching on DVD seriously delivers. A quality program and insanely addictive. I'm reading the book as well.


Switzerland and Liechtenstein have both bent over and spread their asscheeks for the pentration of foreign governments seeking tax evaders. This is very sad. There will be no place in the world where the government cannot come and take your income. The next step will be to tax expatriates who flee for countries with better tax structures. This is the way governments are. Your only hope is gold and barter, and the government hates both.
BUMPER STICKER-Sometimes, the voices in my head have good ideas.


The snuff film is considered an urban legend, but Snuff shows that this view is naive. Through interviews and disturbing video clips, this DVD presents the case that these sickening films actually do exist, and they are more prevalent than we like to admit.

Snuff is disturbing to say the least, but it is most disturbing when it highlights not the underground stuff but the sick horror we see on the evening news or on the internet courtesy of the war. I can't watch these things, yet I know people who have watched jihadis beheading American captives on the internet and American soldiers gunning down people in the streets of Baghdad. The reality is that we are awash in footage of real people dying on camera.

What sickens us is not so much the existence of these films, but the fact that people derive enjoyment from them. That is the real horror. With all that exists on the internet, I hate to admit that there are a lot of twisted sick evil motherfuckers right here in the USA.

Fictional horror is one thing. We know it isn't real, but it helps us to come to grips with the real horrors that exist. Real horror is something else entirely. That is when we either recoil from the horror and cling to our humanity, or we embrace it.

The final scene with the porn producer who says he saw a snuff film in the 70's which sickened him is difficult to watch. This is what makes Snuff such a hard video. It grapples with human evil, and you can't come to the end of the documentary without it changing you. I recommend Snuff but only for those who can handle the reality of what human beings are capable of doing to other people. You won't leave this one feeling good.