Blog Overhaul

I finally got around to overhauling the blog. I changed the font to make it unreadable and simplified the sidebar a bit. It is probably not an improvement, but I did want to simplify things a bit. I had too much shit going on in that sidebar. Now, if I could just simplify my life.

A Tale of Two Juniors

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Tony Eury, Jr. are a duo that simply suck. This is the only thing left for Dale to do. He has to part ways with his crew chief.

Will things get better for the 88? That is hard to tell, but it can't get worse. But my own personal view on the subject is it is all on Dale, Jr. A driver like Kyle Busch simply wins no matter who the crew chief or the owner is. Busch is what Junior fans want in their driver. Junior sucks. Period.

I've talked to a lot of non-Junior fans, and they all say the same thing. He is a mediocre driver with a famous last name. It is harsh but true. Junior's records put him as a decent but unremarkable talent. His popularity exceeds his performance.

At some point, the Junior Nation needs to bury Dale, Sr. He is dead. He has been dead for quite awhile now, and he is not coming back. What they are doing with Junior is a form of projected necrophilia. They can't let the old man go.

I feel bad for Junior. He is in an unenviable position. He has a huge burden to bear, and I think he will eventually give it up and disappear from the sport.
Not feeling well today.
Employers get mad when applicants lie on their resumes. Job seekers get mad when companies lie on job descriptions.
The biggest argument against Objectivism is the lack of humor among randroids.
Truth is not a chess match.
Decaffeinated coffee is like a whore without a pussy.
Freedom depends on an enlightened electorate.
Hell is a smothering girlfriend.


1. I don't know what to call these things where I use the day as the title and throw out numbered one liners, jokes, commentary, etc. I just know they are immensely popular among my friends who get them in their email inboxes and share them with other people. So, I'm bringing them to the blog here.

2. I won $500 in a drawing, and this is what I've been hearing all week:

"Charlie, you are a complete fucking asshole. Can I borrow 50 bucks?"

3. I eat a lot of bean burritos. They are cheap and filling and give me the intestinal ammo I need to inflict olfactory damage. The perfect food.

4. Someone asked me to clean up the language at the Liberty Blog for the mass consumption of his website. Considering that I receive no cash whatsoever for that work, the least I can do for myself is retain the pleasure of using four letter words against cocksucker politicians. Money might change all that one day. The lesson? If you're going to sell out, at least have the decency and common sense to get paid.

5. I think Kyle Busch is on steroids.

6. Obama is looking to cut government waste. Resigning would be a great way to start.