You cant be forever young, but you can be forever fit.
Mother Nature should spread her asscheeks, so I can hit that hole, too.

Obama Wants Some Stimulation

There is only one good thing I can say about the bailouts and the stimulus packages. We are going to see the empirical failure of Keynesian economics. Once and for all, the economists will have the data they need to finally discredit this stupidity once and for all. Unfortunately, socialism still lives, and I suspect the same will be true for Keynes.

The key to Obama's success on this is ramrodding it through Congress as quickly as possible without reflection or consideration. We don't have time to think. Thinking makes it worse.

The reality is that spending makes it worse. But the American public is filled with economic illiterates, and the government will fuck us all hard and deep. Sad sad sad.

* * *

You can read more of my political commentary at the SC Liberty Blog.

Optimal Pay

In these econimically troubled times, people think about what they are paid and a "fair" wage and all that. I have thought about it as well. When are employees underpaid? And when are they overpaid?


These are union workers. Union guys will line up in the hopes of getting work because it pays so well. They even forfeit the chance to work at paying jobs in order to wait for some union guy to call off sick or something. The upside for the employer is that he never worries about filling a spot. The downside is that he is probably getting his ass reamed by both the help and the competition.


These are your fast food workers who treat the job as disposable. People don't show up. When they do show up, they don't give a fuck. And the manager of the place puts up with the shit because they can't attract better employees. Usually, the manager just does all the work. That guy is underpaid. As for the dirtbags, they are overpaid thanks to minimum wage laws.


Optimal pay would be the midpoint between these extremes. A business can attract solid employees and still turn a profit. The employees value the job, but they don't treat it the way a union member would.

A wise person once said that if you pay peanuts, all you get are monkeys. In the job market, there is wage competition, and it this competition that determines what people get paid. So, why aren't people paid what they are worth? I think the answer lies in distortions in this market created by labor laws and laws against illegal immigrants and the presence of unions. I think if you eliminated these elements then wages would adjust to where they should properly be.

What I can say is this. Good employees end up with good pay. When you accept the economics of it all, you find that hard work generates rewards. This is because work and the compensation that goes with it flow to the good. It is what the market wants. The lazy find ways around this market mechanism to be the dirtbags that they are.

The New Presidential Fuckhead

The bulk of my political commentary these days can be found over at the SC Liberty Blog, but this is still a political blog, too. I just mishmash it with all the other shit I am interested in.

I was a bit sickened to watch the inaugural spectacle yesterday. It is more like a coronation of a king or something. Makes me want to puke. I also thought Obama's speech was an utter load of horseshit. You could see the steam rise from it as it hit the cold DC air. How does Obama expect to pay for all this shit? Am I the only one who asks about where the money is coming from?

I think the president is a direct reflection of where the USA is as a people. We are definitely beyond the race thing but not entirely. I see many black people wince when I call Obama a fuckhead and question his stupidity just like I did with George W. They would like to pull the racecard, but they can't.

Right now, people aren't asking questions. They want to believe that Obama is more than just a full-of-shit politico who lied his way into office like all of his predecessors. I hate to break it to you, folks. Obama is not the messiah. He is a fucknut that can fake it.

I shudder as I contemplate the days ahead. My only hope is that he sobers up, moves away from some of the ambitious imbecility, and does less damage than I expect. It's like hoping for a jailhouse rapist with a small dick.

The answer for me is still the same. Work. Save. Live my life. Be happy. I will find the humor in all of this absurdity.

DVD-Eagle Eye

This movie sucks. Why? Stupid plot.

Here's the gist. From now on, I am going to spoil every movie I review here. Deal with it. I am going to spoil this one for you. It's a computer. Both of them are set up and will die, but Shia and Billy Bob save the day. But you won't give a fuck.

Eagle Eye is just a slick action flick that tries to be a bit sophisticated but ends up being dumb. I'm not against dumb action flicks. Just rent something with Jason Statham instead.

Reality Distortion Field

Steve Jobs is dying. Those opaque press releases might satisfy him, but everyone knows the truth now. Jobs is a goner. I predict he will be gone by the end of the year.

When Jobs dies, Apple will die. They won't die immediately, but they are done as a company. It will become bureaucratized and quaint sort of like AOL is these days. Probably be bought out by Microsoft or Google. And so it goes. . .

Prince Harry's Troubles

Prince Harry gets the smackdown for calling someone a Paki and using the term "raghead." It sucks being a prince.

Harry is just a regular guy. From everything I have seen of him, he is just your ordinary joe that got born into a famous family. I don't think he is a bad guy or racist. But he is someone who does not live as if he is in the spotlight even though he is. Compare him to Prince William who seems to carry the burden of his heritage with more gravitas.

The downside of being a prince is that you can't resign. The upside is that you can't get fired either. I would tell the world to suck a dick and live my life. Fuck 'em, Harry.


The Gators win the National Championship with one loss on their record. Meanwhile, Utah went undefeated with a weak schedule, but they did beat Alabama. Then, there's USC who plays in a weaker conference than the SEC but could probably take the Gators if they played right now. Then, there's the antitrust lawsuit being brought by the Utah AG.

College football screams for a playoff system.


I have a friend of mine, and I like to break his balls by telling him to go get his shinebox.


I'm starting on a classic movie binge, and my first one was Dracula. Basically, this is the essential vampire flick. Before Bela Lugosi, vampires had little if any sex appeal. It wasn't cool to be a vampire. Lugosi made it cool with his accent and cape.

This film is dated and not scary. A rubber bat on a string is not scary. Then again, CGI isn't scary either. Minus the bat, this would be a bit more frightening. But the black and white rendering does make it creepy.

I don't know if any vampire movie could be scary. But Dracula is a classic, and I will not argue with the critics about its place in the cinematic canon.

2009 Sucks Already

A lady backed into the side of my car Monday morning. Naturally, I have to quell rumors of drunk driving, domestic violence, alien abduction, etc. I'm hoping to get my car fixed this week. Just waiting for the new door to arrive.

I just have bad luck. Shit happens to me. Fortunately, my body has been spared so far, but I'll probably break a bone or something this year. I don't mean to be pessimistic on this shit, but I am frequently involved in one scrape or another. It takes resilience to shake this shit off and keep going.

Generally, I am happy as always. I have a relatively no-drama girlfriend and that is going well for me. I am still gainfully employed and always will be though maybe not at my current job. The handwriting on the wall is not good. But I have found that getting a new job is easy as hell. There is no shortage of work. It is the loss of health insurance in the interim that sucks.

I will make the most of 2009, and I will keep on being happy. It is what I do.
Nothing increases urgency more than the dire need to shit or piss.