Time to Fire the OBC

Clemson beat the Gamecocks 31-14. It was an embarrassment. A man with only six games of head coaching experience cut Spurrier's ass. What a fucking joke.

Spurrier is not getting the job done at USC, and it is clear the job should have gone to Skip Holtz. Maybe Spurrier is in a Joe Paterno like slump, and he will emerge vindicated on the other end. But I don't think so. If you include his time with the Washington Redskins, the Old Ball Coach smells like a certified loser. He is resting on his laurels which are fading into the rearview by the day.

I hate to sound so fickle, but the man has had four years to turn this team around. Maybe USC is doomed to loserdom. But Clemson had no qualms about firing their coach when he couldn't get the job done.

Dabo Swinney deserves the job at Clemson. He has been a refreshing surprise. If they don't hire him, USC should give him the head coaching position and send the OBC to the golf course because it is clear to me that Spurrier is done.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I have been neglecting the CBlog here for quite awhile. Part of the reason is because I have been pouring a lot into the new SC Liberty Blog project. All of these are leisure time activities. (I have made a personal commitment to always keep politics on the sidelines. I do politics because I have to not because I want to.)


My old man told me to never go into partnership, and that advice has been proven to me again and again. I pulled the plug on the SC Liberty Blog because it was apparent to me that I would be the only person working on the project. My partner on the project was not pleased with this, so I brought it back online. The result? I do all the work. I'm not upset over this because it is not a moneymaking venture. But it has been an interesting experiment in testing my dad's wisdom. My dad was right.

I don't believe in partnerships. Someone has to be in the driver's seat. Everyone else is along for the ride. I have seen this with my brother and his business travails. I've seen this with every major band in the world. Someone leads and the rest follow.


I really like the governor here in SC. I don't agree with him on everything, but he is a quality individual both for style and substance and courage. I don't know if he will run for president, but he would do a lot for liberty if he ever got to the Oval Office.


If Spurrier doesn't win this game, USC should see about replacing him.

5. BCS

There is one thing Obama and I are agreed upon. The BCS should be scrapped and replaced with a playoff.
I am sick of being sick.

The Problem with Corporate America and Other Organizations

I have been watching Microsoft implode over the last couple of years. Don't get me wrong. They still make money. IBM still makes money, too. But I don't think anyone will argue that they are the same company they used to be back in the glory days.

Every great company or organization began as the brainchild of some crazy out-of-the-box visionary who decided to do things a different way. This person broke all the rules and did it his way. I am thinking of Steve Jobs who despised IBM or Ray Kroc who started McDonald's. These guys did some fabulous stuff and with Jobs it keeps happening. But why isn't IBM the number one computer firm in the world?

The reality is that any organization becomes the victim of its own success. It becomes big and bloated. It loses nimbleness and innovation. It gets taken over by office politicians who take no risks and avoid all blame. Throw an innovator into this mix, and he has no chance. The bold company becomes the established company and then becomes the extinct company. It is a familiar cycle.

The story of Apple is unique because you can see these forces at work. Apple is a unique experiment because it is the only big company where the genius got fired and brought back. This produced a treasure trove of information that we can see and understand.

Basically, Jobs started this company and turned it over to others to manage. The first thing these people did was move to fire Jobs. This is very important. Nevermind that this man created the company and was its driving force. He had to go. He was seen as a threat not an asset.

Big organizations do not prize innovation, originality, creativity, or what have you. They punish these things. This is because genius produces success which leads to promotion and prominence. The surest way to get fired in a big company is to be bold and to challenge the status quo.

While Jobs was in the wilderness, he founded Pixar which was also very successful and goes to show that his genius is no fluke. Apple languished until they brought Jobs back. Since then, Apple has gone on to greater things. Steve Jobs is Apple.

Innovation is the lifeblood of business. You must always do something new or something better. Nature shows us this. You innovate, or you die. This is how some clever primates went on to leave the trees and build New York City. Then, there are alligators and crocodiles.

Alligators and crocodiles are very successful creatures. While other species have evolved and gone into extinction, alligators and crocodiles have remain unchanged for millions of years. Except for humanity, there has been no pressing need for these creatures to differentiate in order to survive.

In the business world, the aliigators are companies like Coca-Cola or Levi's that change very little from one generation to the next. We can toss in Hershey's chocolate or Wrigley's gum. All these organizations have to do is stick to what already works. Yet, all of these organizations have innovated in terms of distribution, production, marketing, or what have you. I would say that these organizations have a quality I would call "resilience." They can afford to make mistakes or have idiots in charge for awhile.

So, should we innovate? Or should we stick to the tried and true? The answer is that you still stick to innovation. Most ideas fail. But the ones that succeed make up for the failures. The fact is that alligators and crocodiles did have differentiation. It is just that nature did not favor those things much like the public did not favor New Coke. But alligators did not build New York City. Plus, a lot of the changes you can't see. Alligators and crocodiles are resilient to many sorts of germs and viruses. This can only be the result of evolution.

Nature and economics favors innovation. Bad ideas kill themselves in the short run. Good ideas survive for the long term. The key to success is to try a lot of different things and let the economics pick your winners for you. This is the secret behind indexing and venture capital firms. The winners bury the losers.

It takes discipline and courage to take productive capital from something that is already working and put into these experiments. But it was this lack of discipline that is costing GM while Toyota thrives. Both made SUV's, but Toyota was developing the Prius back when gas was cheap. Gas is now cheap again, but Toyota also has SUV's. They diversified. They tolerate the different because they never know when today's idiocy will be tomorrow's genius.

The enemies of innovation are those wedded to the status quo. These are the ones who pursue the policy of "one size fits all." I call these singular strategies. I am not fond of singular strategies. This doesn't mean that I don't think simple answers are not valuable. But I no longer believe in putting all your eggs into one basket.

Change happens no matter what. It is the way of the world. Apple is bigger than IBM. The new overcomes the old. And yes, alligators live, but it is because we choose to let them roam the swamps rather than become boots and handbags. And I can't count how many entrepreneurs who said their big break came when they got fired from some company.

Failure and Apathy

It is hard being a libertarian especially as you watch the socialist tide sweep this country. I am experiencing a bit of burnout on this and other matters.

Ambivalence is the word I am fishing for. I am ambivalent about a lot of things these days. Before I was fighting the fight. Now, I am just punching the clock. Revolutionaries burn out, too.

I will not give up because I know the reason I pursue these things is for my own sake. Being a libeterian and a freethinker makes my life better even if everyone else is drowning in the Kool-Aid.

The other thing that is getting to me is a belief that my life is going nowhere. But once again, all I can do is get up and work each day.

I think it is very important to diversify when it comes to your projects. Some will fail. Some will do alright. A few will succeed. It is these Black Swans that make the big difference. It is when you weren't expecting something that things really change.

Urban Meyer Cuts Spurrier's Ass

56-6. Damn, that is embarrassing.

Without a doubt, Urban Meyer is a much better coach than Steve Spurrier. Meyer has done more with his Gators than Spurrier has done with the Gamecocks. A big part of that is recruiting. Spurrier seems adept at getting a bunch of jailbirds. Any good receivers he gets just end up going pro early because they have to buy momma a new Cadillac Escalade.

I don't know if Spurrier will ever get the SEC crown with the Cocks, but he damn sure better beat the Tigers.

Michael Crichton, RIP

I am saddened by the news that Michael Crichton has died of cancer. He was 66.

Crichton is a hero to me because he was a writer, an MD, a Renaissance Man, and tended to share a lot of political viewpoints with myself. His death is a loss because I know he had more projects in the pipeline. That work is now lost.

Crichton was not Shakespeare or Einstein. But he struck me as someone who enjoyed life immensely and had an insatiable curiosity about all things. It really sucks that he is gone. I think his influence will outlive him for a long time to come.
BUMPER STICKER- Hell was full, so I came back.
Obama is a tax-and-spend liberal fucktard.

Starbucks Begins to Suck


It looks like Starbucks is looking a lot like Wal-Mart much to the chagrin of latte-sipping leftards. Times are getting tough.

Here's some advice for business. Stop offering benefits. Just pay cash. And lobby to put an end to overtime pay. Starbucks and Wal-Mart engage in a form of doublespeak where they try to pull off a triangulation of appeasement between government regulators, employees, unions, loony leftards, and the buying public. It is a losing game.

I believe that what kills the job market and the employee/employer relationship is the twin pincers of government and unions. Both achieve their ends through force which makes companies like GM fail and putting companies like Wal-Mart and Starbucks in a real bind.

You can't beat the laws of supply and demand. Starbucks has lost demand for its products because they cost too much. People are getting it cheaper elsewhere. The simple reality is that economics is the ultimate determiner of everything. All of the socialistic goodwill in the world will not change the fact that Starbucks is a business. A job is not a welfare program, amd capitalists are not evil for making a profit. The market has decided, and companies need to adjust. This includes employees.

My message to Starbucks employees is simple. Go work for Wal-Mart.