You cant outsource fitness.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I am partnering with my friend Dean Smith on this project. I'd like to get more contributors on board, but I realize that most people won't jump on a bandwagon until it is a roaring success.


Madonna and Guy are splitting up. I wonder if A-Rod's dick played a role in all of this.


I will tell you like it is. I've talked to a lot of white folks here in SC, and they have candidly told me that they don't want a "nigger in the White House." On the flip side, I don't think any of the black people I talk to believe me when I say the reason I'm not voting for Obama is strictly on policy grounds. A pox on both of them.

I'm not anymore afraid of Obama being president than I am of McCain being president. I just know it will get us out of Iraq which is an unqualified good thing in my book. But I also know that Obama is committed to "humanitarian interventions" which means we will be moving troops from Iraq to Darfur. Not a good thing.

I think it will be an interesting four years.

4. AC/DC

I haven't listened to Black Ice yet, but I will. I just like the way AC/DC has stuck to their roots and their principles. They are selling a CD, telling iTunes to piss off, and churning out straight ahead rock and roll. Metallica could learn something from Angus and the crew.


On the flip side, I'm glad that the producers of the James Bond series threw out the playbook and rebooted this franchise. The lesson? Bad ass always wins.


CU alumni hated Bowden, and I think they will pay anything or do anything to get a winning coach. They expect nothing less than the ACC crown and a bowl game. Meanwhile, Spurrier basks in the lowered expectations at USC.


What can you say? The guy and the team have it together. Kyle Busch's crew let it slip away. As for me, I am letting my support of Tony Stewart fade as I see him sliding into semi-retirement and his dreams of ownership. I will probably hop on the Earnhardt bandwagon now.


I thought the French were getting it together when they elected Sarkozy, but Sarko is turning out to be another turncoat statist shithead. As always, fuck the French.


She loaded up on pricey clothes and appeared on SNL. She knows McCain is going to lose. She also knows she is a winner. You will see more of her in the future.


I expect more bailouts. GM, Ford, and Chrysler are next. Sad.


I've been watching House on DVD for the past few weeks, and I must admit that it is one of the best shows on TV. I'm beginning Season 3 this weekend, but this is a review of the whole series.

Dr. House is Sherlock Holmes as an M.D. I suspect his name is derived from the famous detective (Holmes=Homes=House), and you have characters like Wilson (Watson) and his disciples who do House's bidding in Baker Street irregular fashion. The number on House's pad is 221 just like Sherlock. Both characters are peculiar and obsessed with solving their respective mysteries. They both play musical instruments, and they both have drug addictions. House is Sherlock Holmes.

There is a difference between the two characters. House has a bum leg. He is a wounded healer, and that leg creates a deal of plot for House and the rest of the characters to deal with. Basically, the show is a medical procedural, but somewhere, someone fucked up and gave us this fascinating character. As a result, the show absolutely delivers. Between the medical cases, the drama with House, and his wickedly funny lines, you are utterly entertained.

You have to like House, and you start to agree with his methods even if they seem questionable. The guy is an asshole, but his honesty wins the day. He isn't always right, but he manages to figure it all out by the end. Then there are the breaking and entering points in the show that strain belief. What doctor would risk his career on a felony conviction? But clearly, they all have House's disease. They are fixated on solving the puzzle.

There is one constant theme running through the show. People lie. More than anything else, the reason these people get sick is because they simply can't tell the truth. Often the causes and cures of their ills are ready at hand, but their lack of honesty puts the patients in dire straits. The show is about coming to grips with reality.

Needless to say, I highly recommend these DVD's. They are quite addictive.


I got this comment from Mister Agenda over on the SCLB:

You sound smarter on your blog than you do in person.

It made me laugh a bit. I find it funny because I get comments like this all the time. There should be a term for these paradoxical statements. I admit that I have a very conflicted reputation. I'm not sure why that is. Here are some examples:


I get the whole negative/positive thing all the time. I'm either too optimistic or too cynical. It really depends on the issue for me. I will piss on fantasies, but I also like to reassure people that things are almost never as bad as they imagine.


I get this a lot as well. People are surprised to discover that I went to college, and I sometimes slip up and use big words. But I also like NASCAR and scatological humor.


People tell me I am full of myself. They also tell me I hate myself. I don't go around worrying about what other people think about me, and they interpret this one way or the other. I have a blog, a logo, and a self-deprecating wit. Plus, I write blog posts titled "Me." Hmmmm. . . .


This is probably the most troubling for me. I admit to not getting things done, but I do love to work. I find the reason something doesn't get done is because I am maxed out on obligations. I fear being without activity. But I will watch House episodes all afternoon if the mood strikes me, and my schedule permits it.

There are other paradoxes about me that filter back to me along the grapevine. I am either an asshole or a nice guy. I am a troublemaker or an asskisser. It goes on and on and on. I am simply clueless on this stuff. But I think the reason why I have this conflicted reputation is because most people think in categories of two while I think in categories of three. For instance, I think I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist but a realist. Reality can be positive or negative depending on the situation. I also make no distinction between highbrow and lowbrow pursuits. I can read Camus and watch ultimate fighting.

People spend way too much time trying to craft an identity, and I don't do that. I am an individualist, and whatever I like is what I am. I just don't care what people are thinking about me. Combined with being a cultural omnivore, I have a very unusual reputation. I admit to being eclectic and offbeat at times. But what troubles people is when I say or write something or do something that is just right. I do take a certain conceited pleasure in that.

In conclusion, I don't know what to conclude. I am mystified when people hate me, but I am also mystified when they like me. As I tell my brother all the time, I have a strange life. I just know that I wake up each day and have a blast. I think life is amazing. That is because I see identity as a self-imposed limitation. Fuck the limits.
In a nudist camp, men and women freely air their differences.
Aristotle and caffeine will change your life.
Go Devil Rays.
Encouraging idiots to vote is never a good idea.


Krugman gets a Nobel in economics. I can't imagine why that fuckhead deserves it. Krugman is a Keynesian shithead.

The economics Nobel is not a real Nobel prize. But with that said, I am starting to question the validity of any of them. In hindsight, I think we will find that these awards will be seen as wrongheaded. Realize that Apocalypse Now got beat out for Best Picture by Kramer vs. Kramer.

Krugman is popular. That is it. He is also stupid, and time will reveal this.

Seth Godin on Effort and Luck

Every so often, I read something on the internet that is simple yet lifechanging. This is one of those things.

You can't control luck. You can control effort. I can't tell you how dispiriting it is to watch some lazy lucky idiot or some cocksucking slacker bitch get ahead. I have lost count of the number of times I've heard someone say, "It is not what you know. It is who you know."

I think a lot of people have given up because they see some clueless bitch like Paris Hilton being where she is. But to Paris's credit, she was not content to be an heiress. She got out there and did something to make her own money. She was lucky to be a Hilton and to have the media's attention. But she did do something more than resting on these laurels of good fortune.

I look at the goals I want to achieve in my own life, and all of them are directly tied to my own efforts. I realize that I will probably never have the outsized success of a lottery winner or even Sarah Palin. But I know what I can achieve, and my biggest obstacle has been and probably will always be my own laziness.

Seth Godin has given me a kick in the pants, so I will now get off my ass and work a little harder. We will see where it gets me. I may fail, but Seth has taken away my excuses. The responsibility rests with me.
I hate it when a plan does not come together. Hannibal Smith had the luxury of being a fictional character.


There is this fucktard who insists on calling me a "Randroid" as some kind of clever argument. What I find funny about it is the fact that Ayn Rand would have certainly booted me from her circle within a day.

Rand and I share a love for capitalism and the selfish pursuit of happiness. That is about it. Beyond that, we diverge widely. Here's a list of differences:


Smoking is a bad habit. Yet, Rand glorified smoking as being almost sacred. I have to shake my head on that one. For her, genius burned brightly like the end of a lit cigarette. I beg to differ. For me, genius comes from a steaming cup of java. I think coffee has done way more for human achievement than tobacco ever did.


Rand believed that you should devote your life to one thing and pursue it even if you starve to death. And if you decide to take up a new pursuit later in life, you are an idiot. This comes through with her condemnation of Peter Keating to a kind of living hell as he realizes later on in life that he was an artist instead of an architect. His life was wasted and could never be redeemed. Poor fucker.

I don't believe in specialization. I used to believe in it, but I see it for the foolishness that it is. I believe in adaptability and trying new things. I believe in changing careers and having a wide range of interests. Rand did not. I find this strange considering her veneration of Aristotle. If her ideal is the fictional Howard Roark, my ideal is the real life Leonardo da Vinci.

3. WAR vs. PEACE

Rand would have supported the invasion of Iraq. I think it was a very bad mistake.


Rand was essentially a rationalist and believed that knowledge came from rigorous adherence to observation and logical deduction. I can accept this but enlarge upon it to include peer review which Rand seemed to disdain. I am a skeptical empiricist and don't share the dogma that Rand possessed. I am willing to listen to opposing viewpoints even if I think they are shitheaded. Rand had no quarter for dissent.


I consider myself a benign egoist. I will do things for other people as long as it doesn't hurt me. I can take pleasure in a charitable activity, and I think having a family is OK. I don't think Rand ever figured this out. Like Rand, I don't believe in sacrifice, but I don't think everything has to be justified as being purely for self-interest. I believe Aristotle's Mean has some bearing on this. I try not to be excessive nor deficient in my selfishness.


Finally, Ayn Rand got her pussy wet for Nathaniel Branden and had to have the fucker despite being married. Then, she flew into a jealous rage when Branden starting banging some other tail. All of this was framed in her discussion of values and other bullshit as if turning her husband into a cuckold was a rational thing to do. I don't know who Rand was kidding, but she was a whore--pure and simple. She should have admitted that she wanted some strange cock in that snatch of hers.

Like I said, I wouldn't have made it in Rand's social circle. But she has influenced my thinking along with people like Friedman, Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard. But I am also influenced by Aristotle, Nietzsche, Nozick, and Camus. But if you think corporations aren't all bad, then you get called a "Randroid." I hope my critics will excuse me if I also put a label on them--FUCKTARD.

Retirement Sucks

I don't believe in retirement. Retirement sucks. Retirement is the warmup for death.

Brett Favre could not do it. He could not stop playing. Lance Armstrong made a similar decision. After three years, he wants another TDF title. I do not blame these men for wanting to be back in it.

Thanks to Social Security, a lot of people consider retirement to be the pinnacle of existence. They believe that we should all labor to be free from working. I think this is sad.

Eventually, both Favre and Armstrong will have to hang it up. This is inevitable. We get older. We lose a step. It is one thing to retire from an activity. It is another thing to retire to inactivity. I hope both of them go on to bigger and better things.

I believe you should do the things you love for as long as you possibly can. I believe it is better to burn out than to rust out. I will probably be dead before 50, but I intend to work until the day I die whenever that will be. There is no happiness in idleness.