Biting the Pillow

Washington is going to bail out Wall Street. This is a certainty now. We will get 24 hours to read the fine print, but do not fool yourself. You are going to take it hard and deep.

The government routinely blows money and destroys wealth, so $700 billion is no big deal. But everyone knows it won't stop there just like it didn't stop with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bad economics will prevail, and we will all reap the consequences. Right now, I wonder if I should pull some spending money from my Wachovia account or whether there is someplace I can go to get gas for my car. I also have to listen to every shithead from politicians to pundits to Joe Schmo on the street opine on economics and talk as if they knew something. The sad reality is that they know zilch.

And so it goes. . .
Hell is being stuck behind a cripple.
I am a fifth gear man in a second gear world.

Welfare for Wall Street

It sickens me to see all of these corporate bailouts. Now, to top it all off, W. and others have proposed buying all of these toxic assets and letting us, the American people, take it straight in the ass while these rich fat cat motherfuckers get to preserve their companies and their profits. I want to fucking puke.

This is not capitalism. In a free market, you suffer for your mistakes. It is this danger that keeps things like the housing bubble from happening in the first place. But everyone knows Uncle Sam will be there to bail you out when you fuck up.

This shit has gone on long enough. No more bailouts. No more corporate welfare. No more screwing the taxpayers of America.
Be nice to nice people. Be nasty to nasty people. Punch mean people in the face.
Monday is my favorite day of the week. Everyone else is pissed off that the weekend ended.
Workaholics make lousy boyfriends.

The LP Disintegrates

The Libertarian Party is falling apart. Bob Barr snubbed Ron Paul by not appearing with him at an event. There is even a movement within the LP to have Barr "impeached." What a joke.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in liberty and the freedom message. I think it is also a winning message. The problem is with the messengers.

Ron Paul has done wonders for the freedom movement. He works within an established party. He reaches out to anyone who will support him. But he remains principled in his beliefs and his actions. This is a winning strategy. Ron Paul has done more for libertarianism than any candidate preceding him.

The problem is not with libertarianism but with third party politics and mentality. They reverse the Paul strategy. They isolate themselves but actually end up compromising their principles. Barr is the LP candidate, but people wonder if he is actually a libertarian.

I don't like Bob Barr. I like the freedom message, but I don't like Bob Barr. I'm also not overly fond of the LP either. It resembles a private club that no one cares to join.

This is the strategy I believe in. Be hardcore in your beliefs and message. Never compromise. Be unbending on principles. But be open to other people. Work with others. Be pragmatic in achieving your ends. Ron Paul has done this. No one doubts where Ron Paul stands. And everyone likes him.

This past year has been an eye opener for me in terms of strategy. I have evolved in my thinking. I think a libertarian has a better shot running as a Republican and winning local races and working their way up. But never compromise along the way. I think they call this leadership. Ultimately, this is what the LP lacks and what Ron Paul brought to the table. Dr. Paul is a leader.

I'm not wasting my time on the LP again. I have gone back and forth desperate to join a movement I can believe in. I don't think I am alone on this. Right now, the Ron Paul movement is it. But I think a bigger one is yet to come.

Dirtbags and Slackers

I always get pissed off when I walk into a fast food place or a store or what have you and have to endure the glacial movement of some slack fucking dirtbag. These people are a fucking goddamn waste of humanity. These people should insert the business end of a pump action shotgun into their worthless mouths and pull the trigger.

You may think this is harsh but consider this. People who hate working are people who hate life. For them, doing a job is nothing more then torture and drudgery. Their lives are miserable. They have not figured out the secret to getting paid to sit on their fat lazy sorry asses. So, they make the rest of us miserable by doing the shittiest job they can.

These people should end their own lives. They should kill themselves. They should give over to death because they are nothing more than fucking zombies.

I hate lazy people. I despise them. I am merciless to dirtbags and slackers. I don't pity them. I abhor them.