July 2008 has been a very bad month for the C-blog.

DVD-American Psycho

I debated putting up a movie review or a book review. Either way, American Psycho sucks.

I remember reading this book back when it first came out in 1991. It was then I realized that Bret Easton Ellis was an overrated hack. The book sucked fiercely with its graphic senseless violence and endless reviews of toiletry products and pop music. Every bit of the book was senseless. The movie is no different.

Christian Bale is a fine actor, but this is not his finest work. Patrick Bateman is not a great character. Bateman is a yuppie snob from the 1980's who is narcissistic and homicidal. Or, it appears that way. I won't give away the ending, but it is weak as fuck. It is like a porno without the money shot.

This movie is all surface and no depth. It is a waste of time to watch. Your life will not be better at the end. You will wish you could have those moments back.
It is very hard to blog daily when you are tired as teetotal fuck.
I hate cheez-its. People should stop offering them to me.
MESSAGE OF THE DAY-- Dont lose the clench!
Love comes and goes. Lust is forever.

Famous Atheists

PRINT-Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow by Mihaly Whatshisname is a must read volume on my favorite subject--happiness.

Mihaly bases his theory on Aristotle's understanding of happiness which is very simple to understand. Happiness does not come from hedonistic activities like drugs or fucking. It comes when we are in a state of "flow." This is essentially the same as Aristotle's eudaimonia or "flourishing."

For Mihaly, this state of flow occurs at the midpoint between boredom and anxiety as we become engrossed in activities that give meaning to life. Individuals who achieve this state are called "autotelic" which means to be self-directed.

Mihaly goes on and on with examples of autotelic people who find meaning in their lives. The one I remember the most is the prisoner in solitary confinement who translated English poetry in the soap he put on the soles of his shoes.

Happy people are robust and active. They shake off misfortune and go on in their lives. Their lives are full and meaningful.

Mihaly includes information on how to find flow in activities, but the best you get is a feel for the process as opposed to a recipe. He also includes ways to find flow in social relationships, but I think this is the weakest part of the volume. I have found in my own life that it is other people who rob you of flow and frustrate your efforts to be happy and fulfilled. But overall, the book is solid, and I highly recommend it. It is a lot easier to understand than Aristotle.
I am feeling very fabulous today. Now, I am worried that I will get over it.