Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


George Clooney busted up with Sarah Larson after one year. Not sure why. There's a lot of speculation that she pissed George off by talking publicly about their relationship or because pictures are surfacing on the internet of Larson in the nude. Who knows? I just know that Clooney is always going to be a bachelor. Smart guy.


I've just sort of gone with the flow and I ended up here. Crazy. I'm not going to start planning anything, my life is way better than anybody could have planned it.

Amazing woman.


I'm glad that McClellan wrote a tell-all book where he drops all the shit he knows on Bush. What I think is ludicrous is the idea that this guy is a "hero." He is an opportunist cashing in on a bestseller.


I shy away from economic predictions because they are almost always wrong. But I hope George Soros is right when he says that gas and oil prices are in a speculative bubble that will pop. I think we will see cheap gas again.


Charlie Sheen is an idiot for getting married again. He is still dealing with shit from the last marriage. Glutton for punishment. This will be his third trip to the altar.

PRINT-Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell's Blink is about instinctive thinking. It deals with intuition and gut reaction. The book is evenhanded showing how this type of thinking can be positive, and how it can be negative.

Gladwell points out that more deliberate thinking involving logic and data leaves out a great deal of this subconscious processing that goes on in our brains. He gives an example involving how experts were easily fooled by counterfeiters concerning some ancient Greek statuary. Other more trained eyes immediately spotted the counterfeits. How did they know? They knew in their guts.

The flip side of this thinking is when people make prejudicial decisions based upon things we know to be erroneous such as sex or race or the way someone looks. Gladwell noticed how he got more harrassment upon letting his hair grow out in a wild fashion. I noticed similar things when I elected to shave my head. People react to you differently.

At the end of the day, it is evidence that is the final determinant of whether or not that gut reaction is valid. Intuition is a good starting point and should never be dismissed. But you still have to verify. This is the message I took from Blink, and it is a good one. I recommend this book.

SORAYAMA, unknown

Economic Illiteracy

The thing that separates libertarians from the rest of the political world is that libertarians have a keen understanding of economics. Talk to any Democrat or Republican, and you will find them to be clueless fucktards on economic issues.

I can tell you that this country will never come around to a pro-freedom direction until the public becomes educated on economics. This does not mean they have to have Ph.D. level knowledge on this shit. But they should have some basic clue that the miniumum wage is not good, trade deficits are not bad, government does not create wealth, and taxation has a way of depressing economic activity that would be beneficial to both prosperity and government revenues.

People have an intuitive grasp of economics because they practice it everyday. Most people know nothing about comparative advantage, but they practice it everyday when they call a plumber to fix their shit instead of doing it themselves.

Correcting widespread economic illiteracy will be difficult, but I don't think we have a choice on the matter. The reality is that many people such as movie stars, rock stars, talk show hosts, or whatnot are very good at calling attention to environmental and social policy concerns they may have. Unfortunately, most of them are shitheaded. But they prove that there can be mass changes of mind among the populace on key issues. They just happen to be the wrong ones. We just need some folks to do something concerning the right ones.
BUMPER STICKER-- Save a cow. Eat a vegetarian.
How do you get a nun pregnant? Dress her up as an altar boy.

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Not much to say about this weekend. I saw Iron Man on Saturday with a charming young lady. It was a great movie and great company.

On Sunday, I goofed off until I got the usual Sunday evening blues. I foguht them by seeing the new Indiana Jones movie. It only made me sadder as that movie is filled with nostalgia. Nostalgia is a form of sadness which is why the movie is kind of a downer. Still fun, but you felt a bit wistful watching it.

On Monday, I had a day off but managed to go into work anyway. It is probably my best way to spend a holiday.

Finally, I want to note and reflect on the many who gave their lives in defense of this country and freedom. They are gone but not forgotten.

The Social Cost of Atheism

One day, a son approached his father and said, "Dad, I have something to tell you. It may upset you, but I have to tell you this."

"What is it, son?" the father replied.

"Dad, I am gay."

"Oh, thank God. You had me worried there. I thought you were going tell me you had become an atheist."

I share this fictional anecdote in jest to show how far acceptance of homosexuality has come compared to acceptance of atheism. The reality is that there are many atheists who spare themselves the social cost of that atheism by never declaring their beliefs on the matter. Being an outspoken atheist will cost you friends and family and even your career.

I regularly get emails in my myspace inbox like this one:

I will pray for you. Based on your myspace -- you are a lost soul. I am sorry for that b/c you are missing out on alot of life!!!!

As an ex-Christian, I can tell you I missed out on more as a Christian than I do now. My life would be far different than what it is now if I had never gone down the path of faith. But life isn't over yet, and I am living it up in the here and now.

I have it pretty easy as an atheist. My family has shunned me, and I am OK with that. They are a fucked up bunch, but I just try to keep working and stay social. One of the best ways I stay social is to attend the meetings of Godless Columbia. I always have fun meeting with those people, and we hardly ever talk about atheism. There's nothing to discuss. We usually discuss the social cost of being atheists, and I realize that it is very difficult to be an atheist in our armed forces. The discrimination is institutional.

In time, I think America will become more like Europe. Religion needs to die. It is stupidity. What amazes me are the new religious movements that pop up in our modern times such as Scientology or the Oprah Winfrey spirituality horseshit that is creeping out there. The monster just spouts out new heads as you chop the old ones off. But atheism will be the majority in time. Religion has tried to adapt to modern times, but people wise up in the same way they no longer believe in a flat earth.

Most people cling to religion because this was what they were brought up in. My wise friend never goes to church or anything. Religion plays zero role in his life, and he is a functional atheist. But he believes because that is what he was brought up in. He was born a theist, so he remains one. But ultimately, he could give a shit.

I think the biggest reason atheism is so controversial isn't because people think you are wrong so much as taking that stance sets you apart from the herd as a maverick and a freethinker. This is probably the biggest reason why atheism is persecuted so heavily in the military. Atheism is a non-conformist position. One day, it won't be. But for now, to be an atheist is to declare that you question authority and think for yourself. This is what people find most intolerable.


Bob Barr for President

Bob Barr is the LP candidate for president. He has my vote and support.

Yes, I know he has no chance of winning, but I am hoping he will get enough support to be included in the presidential debates. He is already being called a spoiler. Personally, I don't see how we would be better off with either Obama or McCain. Neither one of them gives a damn about freedom.

If the Ron Paul Revolution falls in behind the Bob Barr campaign, good things will happen. I think our message will be heard and our ideas gain a greater adherence. I think people are starting to wise up about things.

Vote for Bob Barr.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


It is time for this stupid bitch to take a curtain call. That RFK remark was really stupid politically. She is our IDIOT OF THE WEEK.


The only good thing I can say about this fucktard is that he will get us out of Iraq. Of course, Bush promised no "nation building." Presidents have a bad habit of doing the opposite of what they campaigned on.


More of the same. Voting for him would be no different than voting to extend the Bush presidency.


Though I hate to admit it, I like this punk. He is a rebel and a non-conformist. He says what he thinks. He is off my shit list. I hope he wins it all.


I don't give a fuck about either of these sports. I also don't care about baseball either. Football and racing are the only things I can follow because they happen mostly on the weekend.


Bad economics but good politics. Those checks are meant to by your good will despite the fact that it was your government that fucked things in the first place. But the American People, those shitheaded imbeciles, will gladly take those checks and forgive.

Learning to Be Alone

There are two cures for loneliness. The first cure is to go out and find some people to be with. This helps a bit, but it doesn't change the fact that you live alone. You can get a girlfriend, and try to change this reality. But she is simply going to use you or fuck you over. The simple fact is that when I am dating someone I usually end up worse off than before.

The second cure for loneliness is to immerse yourself in work and projects and forget about finding someone. It doesn't really cure anything much like eating rice cakes won't stop you from being hungry. But it is better for you even if you don't feel better.

I am alone, and it is a permanent condition that I am going to accept. I'm not going to fight this anymore. My wise friend says I am better off. It is easy for him to say. He has a wife and a kid. I don't even own a pet.

It is hard to live like this. But I have to choose between loneliness and betrayal. It's like choosing between the electric chair or lethal injection. In the end, you go with lethal injection because it will hurt less.

Everyone focuses on winning. They become so wrapped up in winning that they don't see the losses piling up. They don't realize that the easiest way to win is to stop losing. Take what is your left of your stake, put it in your pocket, and walk away from the table. Just stop losing.

Over the past two years, I have been involved with three different women. I am worse off today as a result of this. I have nothing to show for my time or efforts. I am not happy, and the only satisfaction I have gained is the knowledge that I am not losing anything by being alone. Dodging a bullet is not the same as missing something. There are some things you are better off missing.

Alone is better even if it doesn't feel all that great. I am all I have.
All women are different, but all wives are the same. (Hat tip: my brother Jason.)
NEXT GREAT INVENTION-- The vibrator-salad tosser combo. (Hat tip: my wise friend.)

Why I Go Public

I have a habit which may or may not necessarily be bad. But it is one I fall into again and again. When people fuck me over, I let the world know about it.

All of this began the day I went down to get in my car to go to work only to see that it was gone. Someone had stolen my car. It was later recovered, and I know who did it. It was an ex-girlfriend. She stole it and wrecked it.

This incident came after a lifetime of fuckovers from people close to me. I was just mystified as to why this had happened. I ended up blaming myself.

My problem is that I am nice to people. This is stupid. When you start being nice to people, they get greedy or whatnot and have to stick it to you. They have to do this. Not everyone is like this. If they were, I would have no friends.

I learned that you teach people how you want to be treated. If you tolerate bullshit, you will get plenty of it. You have to draw the line somewhere.

I don't go around beating the shit out of people especially when they are women. This is illegal. What I do is different. When someone does me wrong, I tell them. I ask that they apologize. I try to do this privately. But they never take me up on this. So, I go public. For some strange reason, this works. When people have their deeds exposed to the light of day, they change. It also changes me. I don't feel like the victim anymore.

So far, I am 3-0 on this. I got my apologies. No one is ever going to get away with it with me. I don't punish. I don't seek revenge. I don't try and trash them or reveal intimate details. All of this goes against what I believe in. I simply say what they did.

I am very fair about this. They are welcome to rebut anything I say. They can make their case in this court of public opinion. They rarely do. In the long run, they suffer for their misdeeds.

I am quick to apologize and make amends for my bad actions. I am also open about not being perfect. No one is. When you have a cokehead or an adulterer for President, you quit feeling bad about yourself. I am better than those men.

People try and say that I am being nasty and underhanded with this. No, I am not. The alternative is to just go along with letting people treat me like shit and keep it "private." Fuck that. If you are shameless enough to do it, then you are quite able to handle the consequences of those actions.

I believe in the New York Times test. Don't do anything that you would be ashamed to see on the front page of the NYT. This means not stealing or using people or whatnot.

I also take my own medicine. My flaws are here for everyone to read about. The people in my life are quite candid with me, and I encourage this. I never shoot the messenger. I get more shit talked about me everyday than any person I know. But people do it to my face, and I laugh about it. I am secure in myself enough to not ever let what someone says about me or think about me bother me.

So, there you have it. This is why I go public.

Love is Still Bullshit

Schopenhauer was right.

I want to believe. I want to believe that two people can be together, and it means something. But it doesn't. Love is a fiction. Love is bullshit. I am a fool for ever thinking differently.

The statistics, the reams of personal anecdotes I have collected, my observations of what I see going on everyday with others, and my own disastrous personal life all point to one inescapable conclusion. It is all an utter crock of shit.

Don't fall in love. It is an illusion. Women are fuckmeat. Even if you try to think higher of them, they will only confirm this truth. They are good for fucking, and that is it. No woman has ever convinced me otherwise, and I know that no woman ever will. Even women despise women. They know the truth about themselves. They are liars and deceivers, and they gravitate to the men who know this truth about them and treat them accordingly.

The moral and rational thing to do is to never commit. This means never marrying. This means abandoning the fiction of monogamy. Humans are not monogamous. The only time a woman becomes "monogamous" is after she has been knocked up, or she has bills that need to be paid. Even this is a fiction. She just needs a sucker to fall into her trap and take care of her worthless ass. While Mr. Sucker is out doing the right thing by working a job, the lovely Mrs. Sucker is back home sucking some stranger off.

I see it over and over again. I've never fallen into that trap known as marriage. Marriage is not about love. It is about money. It is a way for women to get their hands on money they did not earn. Any man who marries is an utter fool.

Yes, there are a few--FEW--happy couples. There are some--SOME--good women. They serve only as bait for a colossal trap. They emit the fragrance of hope. They make you believe it is possible. But to find a good woman is more a matter of luck than anything. I can count all the good women I know on one hand.

My wise friend says that I am wasting my time. He has one of the good women, but he knows when she is gone he is not likely to see another like her again. When even the lucky tell you it is a crapshoot, you can take it to the bank.

What is the answer? The answer is to live without commitment. Don't waste your time believing in it. No woman is ever going to be faithful to you, so there's no point in being faithful to them. I get hit on all the time by women in committed relationships, so I know what I am speaking about. I know the deal. Women are whores.

The moment you feel something for a woman, you just need to walk away from her. Get the fuck out of there. Don't be a sucker. She's a whore. You just have forgotten it. She will remind you later, and you will be crushed and devastated. And the whore you had such tenderness for will have not a trace of remorse or guilt about what she has done. If you love a woman, she will despise you for being a fool because this is exactly what you are. She might even pity you for loving her worthless ass. But she is still going to fuck you over. Women regret, but they never repent.

I'm not budging from this mindset ever again. I tried. I know. As my wise friend told me, we become angry because our expectations are not matched to reality. My expectations are now matched to reality. Love is bullshit. It will always be bullshit. It will never stop being bullshit.
Despair is the byproduct of a life of inactivity.


I am compelled to write this because I think someone needs this very much.

I am proud of who I am. I do what I do for me. I am good to other people not for their sake but for my sake. I like who I am.

I don't ever say that to anyone because it seems arrogant. But what is the alternative? I should hate myself?

I used to hate myself. When I did, I didn't care what I did to other people because I was a piece of shit anyway. People are amazed at how self-deprecating I am and will say that I hate myself. But I don't hate myself. It is because I accept myself that I can make fun of myself.

It takes pride to be the butt of your own joke. It also takes pride to post your life on the internet or be as candid as I am about myself. I accept myself for what I am and that includes my flaws.

It is also because of pride that I do not cheat on my girlfriends or abuse them or steal from my employer or what have you. I care about those people, but I also care very much about myself. I don't ever want to do anything to cause me to not like myself.

Shrinks call this self-esteem. But that shit always seemed hokey to me. It is pride, dammit. Yes, I lampoon myself. I also have my own logo and act like a flamboyant rock star. And as ugly as I am, I like to smile at myself in the mirror. I make ugly look good.

I live everyday liking who I am. I stopped hating myself a long time ago. Self-hatred is bad. The opposite extreme is narcissism. That is when pride becomes excessive to the point of turning oneself into a monster. Both self-haters and narcissists are consumed with themselves and are often quite indifferent to others. Oddly, those with the proper pride care for both themselves and others.

All of this is part of what Aristotle called magnanimity. In some ways, I am still learning what that means. But I do know it means not hating yourself or loving yourself to the detriment of others.

As I said, someone I know needs this very much. I hope she stops hating herself because I don't hate her.

The End of Joyce

Joyce and I are done. I tried very hard to make it work with her, but she is now no longer speaking to me. I'm not sure why, but she says it is for the best. Sadly, I must agree.

I am a good guy. I hate writing that, but it is true. I don't cheat. I don't beat on women. I work my job and pay my bills. I have great compassion for others. And when I love a woman, I love her absolutely.

I don't know why women can't deal with me. They want to be with me so bad. Then, they fall apart. They can't keep it together. Why do they have to date me? Why do they do it?

Joyce never deserved me. In order to love me, you have to love yourself. I tried to tell her that, but she never got it. We never got to that lesson. So, another one goes down in flames. Another will take her place. The cycle will repeat itself.

Goodbye, Joyce. In spite of it all, I really liked you. You made me feel very good inside for a little while. I will miss that.

Skywalker, Solo, and Vader

I have a taxonomy of women called the Three Categories. Naturally, women ask me if I have a similar taxonomy for men. I lie and tell them that I don't. The reality is that I do and have had it for a long time. I categorize men in three categories--Skywalker, Solo, and Vader.


A Skywalker is a nice guy. He is a boy scout. He goes to church. He honors his parents, and he is respectful of women. A Skywalker is a good guy, and he has a squeaky clean image to go with it. This is the type of guy every mom and dad would want their daughters to be with.


A Han Solo type is not a nice guy. He is a rogue. He is selfish. He loves to fuck. He suffers from a bad reputation. But like Han Solo, there is some core of decency in the guy. He is loyal to his friends, and he does not exploit the weak. But he watches his back. This is the type of guy every woman wants to be with, but every parent frowns upon.


A Vader is a man of pure evil. These are your womanbeaters and serial philanderers and violent drunks or what have you. These men were born without a conscience or perhaps became that way over time. They exploit the weak and hurt them and brag about it. This is the man that many daughters end up with and become the fodder for all those dramas on Lifetime.

Who is the best of the three? I will put my money on Han Solo everytime. Skywalker was a pussy even when he dressed all in black in Return of the Jedi and kicked his daddy's ass. Vader went from a whiny ass punk to a monster to a pathetic man who turned good only at the last minute. In real life, Vaders stay Vaders.

A Han Solo is at heart a good guy. But numerous scrapes and screwovers turn him into someone wary. He has had the innocence beat the fuck out of him. But he stills holds to something in spite of it all. As much as he wants to give up on humanity, it is usually his friends that bail him out of a jam. That is because he may be a rogue. But you have to like the guy.

The Fountainhead




Ayn Rand on Phil Donahue

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Part 5
I have a real knack for pissing women off. I just tell them the truth.
It is hard to hold it together on the outside when you are falling apart on the inside.
I feel very ill at this moment. Stomach hurts, and I cant eat. I feel like throwing up.
My next computer will be a Mac. Vista blows.
The greatest resource is the human mind. The greatest threat is human stupidity.
Stay skeptical. Think critically. Assume nothing.


This is a subject that I discuss with my wise friend quite often. It is the subject of hobbies.

What is a hobby?
In trying to come up with a definition, I can tell you what a hobby is not. Watching television is not a hobby. Neither is noodling around on MySpace or what have you. These are activites that consume time and money. But they do not qualify as hobbies to me.

A hobby is work that you engage in for which you are not paid and is done purely for personal satisfaction. For instance, cleaning house would not qualify as a hobby. Neither is working out at the gym though bodybuilding can be a hobby.

Essentially, a hobby is an unpaid job. It takes the type of dedication that you would commit to your job except you pay to do it instead of getting paid to do it. Essentially, a hobby is the job you would really like to have but never got. Usually, these involve sports like golf or fishing or in my case, writing.

Hobbies are kind of sad when you think about it. But we can't all be Tiger Woods or Stephen King. On the other hand, there was a time when both Tiger and King were hobbyists.

How many hobbies should you have?
I can't really answer this one. Some hobbies are seasonal like hunting. I find people who hunt also like to fish and play golf. But there is only so much time especially leisure time. I would say that your hobbies should not consume more than 20% of your waking hours. This amounts to 22.4 hours per week if you sleep the recommended eight hours per night. This follows the 80/20 rule. Work should not exceed 89.6 hours per week.

The reason I put this together this way is because hobbies are essentially speculative in nature and cost money and time that could be spent on your real job. Most people don't come close to working 89.6 hours or goofing off for 22.4 hours. Time is spent doing chores, running errands, or just sitting in commuter traffic. But it helps to know what the upper limits are.

When it comes to time, you fall into the concentration/diversification problem. Or what I call the CDP. When you concentrate your efforts, you get greater impact sort of like shooting out a high powered bullet. The problem is that you want a very accurate aim or else all the power of that bullet will be for naught. On the other hand, a shotgun is less powerful but carries a greater likelihood of hitting your target. If you pursue ceramics as a hobby, you might become good enough at it to start your own business with it. But you might live in a place that doesn't give a damn for ceramics. So, you will remain a hobbyist. On the other hand, pursuing various hobbies like surfing, fishing, hunting, stamp collecting, etc. carry a greater likelihood of capturing opportunities to pursue them in a full time capacity when combined together. But you won't be very good at them which makes them less satisfying.

When should you abandon a hobby?
I think you should abandon a hobby when it is no longer fun or you simply have no skill at it. This is often not a rational premeditated decision. People usually abandon hobbies over time as they do things they really enjoy doing. This is where you get all those rusty golf clubs and dusty musical instruments and molding boats or what have you. It is not intentional, but in time, you realize you are not doing that shit anymore. I have a relative who has a cabinet full of guns, but I doubt he has been hunting in years. But his metal detector and his Harley get a fair amount of use.

What are the best hobbies?
The best hobbies are the ones you can do on a very regular basis. For instance, surfing would be a poor hobby for me because I don't live close to the beach. But writing is a perfect hobby for me because I can do it just about anytime anywhere. Cooking is also something else I am interested in because it is something I do every day even if it is warming up leftovers in the microwave. I find the best hobbies grow out of things you already do.

Listening to music, watching TV, or reading books does not qualify. If you take up a musical instrument, then that is a hobby, but listening to all kinds of music is not a hobby. It requires some degree of work to qualify.

Are you better off without hobbies?
This is where the debate comes in. Personally, I think if you have money invested in shit you don't do then you need to sell it and get your money back. This might mean pawning that Les Paul or listing that boat on Craigslist. Additionally, if you are pursuing something you simply have no talent at, you are wasting your time. For instance, I like drumming on things a lot. Maybe I should get a drumkit and try and be the next John Bonham. But my friends keep me grounded on these ambitions by pointing out that I really suck at it. Finally, if you play golf, just stop already. I already know you suck at it. It is sad shit seeing grown men shooting 95 or worse betting on holes and then getting wasted at the clubhouse. Men golf to escape wives and girlfriends, and it is easier on the knees than basketball.

I think as long as people have leisure time they will pursue hobbies. Is it worth it? I think it is if it results in making you a better person. Being a bad triathlete is way better than being a perfect couch potato. But I see little difference in a couch potato and a fisherman. You just need more insect repellant for one instead of the other.

These are just random thoughts at this time, and I might revisit this subject in a future post.

All Misery/Flowers

Altruism, Narcissism, and Egoism

Much of this article is inspired by the writings and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I do not agree on all points with Ms. Rand, so please take this all with a grain of salt.

I was watching a children's program one day and was a bit miffed at the moral lessons being taught on this program. In the program, some bug family gives their last bit of honey to the ants. When the child asks the mother why she gave away the last bit of honey, the mother replies, "We should put others before ourselves." I thought this was utterly retarded. I could understand if they had a surplus of honey, but they were on their last bit. Dumb. Utterly stupid.

People may think I am being harsh here, but that is because of the lessons our culture teaches us along with its necessary hypocrisy. We are taught from a young age that we should be selfless and sacrifice for others and the "greater good." The net effect of all this selflessness is to be more accomodating of the tyranny of government, religion, etc. in our lives.

Altruism is the belief that a life of selflessness is the best way to live. Experience and common sense will show that this is not the best way to live and is antithetical to life itself. I will now demonstrate.

You work and get a paycheck. Now, there are other people who are certainly in greater poverty than yourself. The whole of sub-saharan Africa is a good place to start. Those people are worse off than even the homeless in America. Should you cash your check and send it to them and give up the luxuries you enjoy such as a flush toilet and air conditioning? Should your family starve so that their families can eat?

I don't know of anyone idiotic enough to actually argue for this type of sacrifice. Even if they are, I highly doubt they do this themselves. It will surprise you to learn just how well off many egalitarians and leftists are. They will argue so passionately about equality, the greater good, and sacrifice all while enjoying benefits of our selfish, capitalistic, individualistic culture. Many communists are filthy fucking rich.

The people that preach sacrifice are narcissists. One great example would be Bono who lectures the rest of the world about their greed and insensitivity while enjoying himself on the French Riviera. Another would be Marxist G.A. Cohen who defends his own lifestyle by saying it would be much harder for him to part with his wealth than it would be for common folks like you and I. Therefore, he needs to keep his money while you part with yours. You can hear him make this argument here.

Narcissism is the belief that others should sacrifice for you. The reason narcissists preach altruism is because they feel some guilt for their good fortune and/or theft. So, they preach to everyone else. This lets them off the hook much the same way a carbon offset lets Al Gore off the hook for his wasteful energy consumption. By making you sacrifice a greater amount, this lets the narcissist not sacrifice at all. If you find this hypocritical and nauseating, join the club.

Egoism stands opposed to both altruism and narcissism. Egoism holds that you should not sacrifice for others. It also holds that others should not sacrifice for you. It is rational selfishness. It is moral, and it is right.

The Golden Rule is based upon egoism. We should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We measure our morality by our own self-interest. Self-interest is not immoral. It is actually the only true morality there is.

Altruism is merely a tool for guilt. It is a way for people to exert power and control over you. So many times, I see relationships where people are caught in this shitty thinking where they feel bad for wanting to be happy or feel guilty for enjoying something. The argument is implied that you do not have a right to be happy unless everyone else is happy. You owe everyone else the fruits of your labor or whatever else that you have. You are required to give and maybe--MAYBE--you might get something back.

All collectivist ideologies from religion to Communism to fascism to our current Bush flavored patriotism has this altruistic justification at its core. We are to subordinate ourselves to the greater good. Naturally, we will be showered with gratitude from those we sacrificed to, and this will make it all worthwhile. The reality is that you end up sacrificing and even dying for the selfish sake of some narcissistic egomaniac who really could give a fuck about you.

On a personal level, I see this thing a lot and even lived it. There are people in this world who will take all that you have to give, demand even more, treat you like shit when you can't deliver, and simply devour you until you are miserable, commit suicide, or wise up and get the fuck away from them. This is why altruism is antithetical to life. It makes you want to give up and die.

The biggest problem area on this deals with your loved ones. These are your family and friends. You will know who loves you because the moment you stop giving, they turn on you and toss you. It hurts to realize that the people who loved you were really just using you the whole time. You were a means to their end. When you stop being that means, they have no problem whatsoever disposing of you. Remember, these were the people who told you to be selfless and sacrificial.

I am not selfless and sacrificial. This does not mean that I do not give. I give all the time because it pleases me to do this. I do it for the sake of my own happiness. When I give, I truly give because I expect nothing back because I have already received what I was seeking. I give out of selfishness. We all do this to some extent.

Consider taking a shower. I do this because I want to do this. I think you do it for the same reason. But who benefits? It is all the people who don't have to smell your funky ass. In economics, this is called an externality. Externalities are excess benefits or costs that come to a third party in an economic transaction. For instance, Shakespeare wrote plays for his ticket buying public. But Shakespeare is dead, and you get to read his work without paying him or his estate one red cent. You are enjoying a positive externality of his work. A negative externality is when a tree hugger drives his oil burning VW with the Greenpeace sticker through town polluting the air you breathe.

Egoists produce positive externalities and minimize negative externalities. We benefit from their "generosity" The reality is they are not being generous at all but pursuing their own ends. We reap the benefits and consequences of those actions. For instance, you benefit everyday from the selfish pursuits of Thomas Edison who died a long time ago. Edison didn't give a fuck about you because he didn't even know who you were. You didn't even exist. But he changed your life, and I bet you are grateful for it unless you are the most primitive of Luddites.

Narcissists want the direct benefit of your work as opposed to the indirect benefit. In short, they want to be the master, and they yoke you with their slave morality. They will gladly take all that you give but call you selfish for wanting to keep even a little of what is yours. These types of people become politicians, preening moralizing celebrities, and domineering parents and lovers.

By being selfish in the egoistic sense, everyone benefits. You give, but this giving is not sacrificial. It is fulfilling and satisfying. It does not lead to bitterness. It leads to utter happiness. It is truly the only way to live. To be anything else is to be a slave or a master. I am neither of these things.

I have spent years posting to this blog. I do this for my own self-indulgence. I love to write, and I will always write until I am dead. I don't make any money from this, but I still do it. I do it for me. And you, Dear Reader, benefit from my "sacrifice." But it is no sacrifice. It is what I love to do. And if you don't like the product of my labor, go elsewhere and find something that does please you. Just know that I will not stop because it makes me happy to create.

Selfishness is a prime component of happiness. It took me decades to learn this lesson. Prior to this, I put others before myself. The result was that I became bitter and angry and sad. I was dying inside. And no one loved me for this. They hated me as they should have. But I found my way, and I will never go back to that. I live for me. No one will take from me what is mine. No one will filch the happiness I now have. I will never crawl into that grave again. And I will not feel guilty or apologize for doing what is best for me. I deserve what I have.

In conclusion, it is good and right to be selfish. Do not sacrifice for others, and do not expect them to sacrifice for you. Be neither slave nor master. Just look out for number one and be happy. You deserve it.
The reason people do not embrace libertarianism can be summed up in two words- ECONOMIC ILLITERACY.
SIGN--Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

How to Beat Depression

At the outset, I want to say that I am not a mental health professional. My advice on this subject is probably worthless as hell. But I share it because it makes sense to me.

People become depressed for a variety of reasons. For instance, a mother with postpartum depression is depressed because of a severe imbalance in brain chemistry. Others are predisposed by genetics to be melancholy. It is in their DNA. Depression is not a character flaw. For these people, meds may be the only answer.

Other people become depressed through events. These are things like a death or a divorce or some other tragedy or setback. The depression that follows from this can lead to self-destructive behaviors which lead to further depression. This spirals into an abyss that many people find it difficult to come out of. Once again, meds and/or therapy may be the only answer here.

Finally, there are people who become depressed because they have some faulty thinking about the world. For instance, if you believe that everyone in the world is utterly corrupt and evil, it will be hard for you to have close relationships. Since this distrust leads to isolation, depression is often the consequence of such thinking.

Depression is ultimately pessimistic thinking about the world. Or as a wise person put it, depression is anger without enthusiasm. You get mad at the world or your life or what have you but feel powerless to do anything about it. Desire plus impotence leads to frustration, rage, and disappointment. In time, it corrodes your thinking, and you surrender. It really makes sense. It is learned helplessness.

Many of you probably remember the experiment on learned helplessness involving dogs. Dogs who were shocked but had a way to escape the shock learned to avoid the outcome when the alarm was sounded. Dogs without an escape simply learned to embrace the shock even if later they had an escape.

These reactions are similar to the attitudes in humans of optimism and pessimism. Opimists believe they can change things. Pessimists do not believe things will change. A person who is depressed is fundamentally a pessimist.

The problem with pessimism is that it is often correct. No matter what, you are never going to change the fact of your ultimate death. In addition, you are never going to see people become selfless altruists who always do the right thing. And shit will happen to you.

It is foolish to tell depressed people to cheer up or try to feed them some bullshit about tomorrow being a brighter day. The problem with optimists is their credulity. Pessimists may be dour, but they have a firmer grasp on reality.

Optimists and pessimists both have one thing in common. They both will tell you that things will never be better than what they are now. I reject this because we can see both progress and regress in human history. Things can always be better. They can also be much worse.

My approach to life is what I call Balanced Thinking. Optimism and pessimism are extremes that are not representative of reality. Balanced Thinking comes from my embrace of skepticism. I have learned to take it all with a grain of salt. I realize that the sunny optimists and the gloom-and-doomers are full of shit.

I know I am on the right track because everyday I hear two criticisms that are utterly opposed to one another. The first is that I am "negative" usually told when I debunk some pie-in-the-sky horseshit. The second is that I am "full of shit" usually when I point out the flaws in gloom-and-doom thinking.

This blog here is a very good example of my thought. You will see both highs and lows here in my writings, and you will see the criticisms I talk about. The fact is that optimism and pessimism is a false dichotomy. My optimism and pessimism on any given issue is dependent upon the facts. But I am not an optimist or a pessimist in any general sense. On average, I think life is pretty good, and I hope it stays that way.

People become depressed because they feel powerless. They want to change things, but they can't. I find that the way to overcome this powerlessness is to exert some control over a small thing. It might be something as trivial as cleaning the dishes. When you are done, you can reflect on the fact that you made that difference. It feels good to have changed things even if it was simply moving the dishes from a state of dirtiness to a state of cleanliness.

Depressed people are usually inactive people. This is because of the feelings of impotence. They stop moving or acting. That is because they feel it makes no difference. Happy people are active people. They do things. As I have learned from Aristotle, happiness is an active thing. It flows from a life of purposeful activity.

For a depressed person, the thought of constantly doing things seems utterly exhausting. But I find that feelings do not precede actions but are often the consequences of those activities. I can honestly say that I have never felt like going to work or school. But I am usually happy as a result of my almost near perfect attendance in these matters. I never call off from work. And I hate having a day off.

My advice for the depressed is elemental. DO. That is it. Just do something. It can be anything but simply move. Make things happen even if it is nothing more than taking a shower and checking your email. Getting things done causes good feelings to emerge, and this brings enthusiasm. It may not assuage your anger and may even increase it. But if depression is anger without enthusiasm, I find the best solution is to get robustly pissed off and act. Telling people not to be pissed off seldom works.

I am not a shrink, but if I were, I would make all my patients do some kind of work or activity. The way it stands now, shrinks tell people to get in touch with their feelings, or they put them in hospitals or clinics where they sit in idleness. It is the psychological equivalent of bloodletting. Depressed people simply need to do something.

There is a reason depressed people are so creative. It is because it brings relief. Depression has birthed many novels, paintings, and songs. Creative activity changes things. Nothing brings happiness more than creating something. If you fill your life with such activity, you will be happy.

In conclusion, all I can say is that you never should wait to feel good before acting. You must act in order to feel good. You will encounter setbacks, and you should simply get pissed off when it happens. But don't give up. Take that anger and make something out of it. Just keep moving. And if you wonder where I got this advice, I got it from Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild who tells you to keep moving even if you are making mistakes. It seems the greatest threat to your survival is your decision to give up. Just move even if you aren't sure it will be worth anything. Move move move.

VILLAINS- Oprah Winfrey

A lot of people ask me why I have such animosity towards Oprah Winfrey. The time has come to explain my extreme dislike of this woman.

Oprah Winfrey is the most influential woman in the world. She heads a media empire, and she is rich. All of this is amazing when you consider her humble background and the tragedies she endured to get to where she is. You have to like someone like Oprah and root for her.

I do not despise Oprah because of her race or her gender or her success. I used to like Oprah back in the day, and she used to be someone worthy of adoration and emulation. But all of this changed for me. Whatever Oprah used to be, she is not that person now. She is merely an egocentric fuckhead these days.

I noted the change when the Hermes controversy erupted. Winfrey went to this store in France to buy some shit, and the store was closing. Oprah flipped. Granted, these stores routinely keep stores open for VIP customers, and Oprah is a VIP. The French employee who turned her away was undoubtedly your typical French cocksucking asshole. But what nasueated me was the way in which Oprah complained of this treatment. She was OPRAH, goddammit. She deserved to have her ass kissed. This was totally out of character for the woman I used to admire.

Oprah is full of Oprah. Oprah is vain and self-centered. Of course, I don't have a problem with this since I am probably the same way. But Oprah has put herself on this moral/spiritual pedestal as if she is some sort of fucking enlightened being. She is humble. This is simply horseshit. Oprah is a brand, and she is a cult of personality. She wields considerable influence, but she uses it for the worst shit imaginable.

Oprah is now a spiritual guru. She is pope of daytime television, and her devotees are a mass of shitheaded women who have fallen under her sway. She dispenses spiritual advice now which as an atheist and a skeptic I cannot abide. She fosters ignorance, stupidity, and shitheadedness.

Nothing best exmplifies the damage that Oprah has done like her endorsement of The Secret which is a self-help philosophy which blends spirituality and pseudoscience into a dangerous mix of utter fucktardedness. According to this philosophy, the universe responds to the vibrations that your thoughts emit. For instance, if you think about wealth, you will receive wealth. If you think about cancer, you will receive cancer. The bottom line is that everything that happens in your life is under your control both good and bad. This means that gang rape you endured was really your own fault. You were sending out the wrong vibrations.

You can see why Oprah would embrace this philosophy. Her success is improbable. But Oprah wants to believe that she deserves this success. So, she has weaved this tapestry of bullshit. In Oprah's fucked up mind, she is a person of destiny who made her success and utterly deserves her success.

The reality on Oprah is that she is incredibly lucky. Some aspect of her personality connected with a lot of people. There is no explaining the fickle taste of the public. Remember, this is the same public that liked disco so much that it made John Travolta a superstar then crucified him and later restored him. Public appeal is a transient and fickle thing and inspires humility in myself.

Oprah has become wrapped in a cocoon of stupidity and ego. It doesn't help that her best friend is Gayle King, an utter sycophant of the highest order. She even sounds like Oprah. I doubt that Oprah has a single honest friend that would call her out on her bullshit. But I wouldn't care except that her pathology is spread to many other women through her show and magazine.

Oprah exhibits the same traits that you would see in some cult leader. The one common thing you will see in all the people on my villains list is they occupy some sort of moral pedestal they don't belong on. It is when they assume to be some sort of moral authority and try to preach to the rest of us that I utterly despise them. Oprah falls firmly in this category. Similar women like Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray get a pass from me because they don't put themselves on this pedestal. They show that you can be popular, rich, and all the other good qualities that Oprah has without assuming the mantle of cult leader and moral and spiritual authority.

It is my sincere wish that Oprah experience a popular backlash. I think when a lot of women experience the failure of her spiritual bullshit that you will see this happen. Folks, sometimes good things happen to you that you simply had no control over. Be humble over this. Bad things happen to you for much the same reason. Don't beat yourself up over this. And people make mistakes all the time. They also do good things as well. Just be humble and forgiving. Realize that your shit stinks just like everybody else's. And in the long run, we are all dead, so enjoy the life you have even if it can be a bit messy at times. These are the lessons Oprah should be teaching her flock of followers. She doesn't. I despise the bitch.

The Left

I rub shoulders with a lot of left wing thinking people. This is usually happens as a result of being an atheist. Generally, I respect their social and religious views because they are similar to my own. I do not respect their economic views. This is because those views require having shit for brains, and I do not have shit for brains except maybe when it comes to picking my clothes and friends.

Before I even begin with this literary beatdown, I want to go ahead and deal with the only argument my leftist friends will make against me. "That is not my way of thinking at all. You are overgeneralizing. Blah blah blah." In short, these folks try to slice their apple so thin as to say that it isn't an apple. But it is an apple, folks. Let us begin.

Lefties, liberals, or whatnot are communists. This is the bottom line. This is where we go back to the apple slicing analogy. Lefties try to disclaim Marxist thought because of the negative but empirical data showing that it is an utter failure and can never work. In short, they want a Marxist world, but they try not to call it Marxism or communism or what have you. But it is what it is.

Communism does not work. The Soviet Union collapsed because its economic system did not work. Eastern Europe went with it. Communist China has abandoned its strict economic control and given way to capitalist free market reforms. North Korea is a nightmare world of starvation and oppression. Cuba is in a time warp. Wherever there is communism, freedom and prosperity are absent.

The Left is desperate to salvage communism because they believe in the dream of total equality for all. But it is simply a dream. Only a deluded fool can go along with it. Communism does not work. Under the mixed economy of socialism, you have a diminishment of prosperity and freedom. In France, unemployment is high along with taxation and the ability to work extra hours to make more money.

Where we have free markets (or some level of freedom since there are no absolute free markets), there is an increase in prosperity and freedom. China, India, and Ireland were all very poor nations. Since instituting free market reforms, they have boomed in a dramatic way. Again and again, economic freedom is shown to improve the quality of life for all people. Granted, this prosperity is not equal. But which is better--the unequal prosperity of the USA or the equal poverty of North Korea? The reality is that the impoverished in capitalist countries fare better than those in communist countries.

I find it absurd that I have to continue to present these arguments. It amazes me how utterly fucking retarded lefties are on this shit. How can anyone ignore the mountain of evidence in support of economic freedom?

This doctrine of equality among the Left is more religion than fact. It is a touchstone of faith and not empirical thinking. I laugh at how far lefties will go to delude themselves into thinking that a simple tweak of Marxist policy will yield some egalitarian utopia. Capitalism works every time. Communism fails every time. Free markets do not need pristine conditions to work their magic. Hell, they often work despite efforts to suppress them. Black markets spring up all the time to fill the vacuum.

The only real argument the Left has is damage to the environment. As I said before, the Reds are Greens now. This is because lefties care less about the environment than they do about greedy corporate interests. They would believe in just about anything so long as it is anti-capitalistic. If it hurts business, they are for it.

I am not a supporter of pollution, but I will match the environmental record of any industrialized Western nation against the Soviet Union. The USSR was an ecological nightmare. A big part of the reason why we care about the environment here in the USA is a direct result of our prosperity. We want clean air and water. We don't want costs imposed upon us, and these are legitimate concerns which I support. But the answer lies in economic freedom not in economic control.

My advice to the Left is to abandon Marxism. Quit being commies. Instead, embrace capitalism, entrepreneurship, and free markets. Use freedom to come up with alternatives. If you believe that corporations impose costs upon others, then sue them. But don't kill free markets thinking this will make things better. Freedom isn't the problem. It is the solution. Communism never worked. It never will. So, get some brains and evolve out of being stupid.

Vatican Orders Coverup of Sex Abuse

Something for Christians to Consider from Sam Harris

Consider: every devout Muslim has the same reasons for being a Muslim that you now have for being a Christian. And yet, you know exactly what it is like not to find these reasons compelling. On virtually every page, the Qur'an declares that it is the perfect word of the Creator of the universe. Muslims believe this as fully as you believe the Bible's account of itself. There is a vast literature describing the life of Muhammad that, from the Muslim point of view, proves his unique status as the Prophet of God. While Muhammad did not claim to be divine, he claimed to offer the most perfect revelation of God's will. He also assured his followers that Jesus was not divine (Qur'an 5:71-75; 19:30-38) and that anyone who believed otherwise would spend eternity in hell. Muslims are convinced that Muhammad's pronouncements on these subjects, as on all others, are infallible.

Why don't you find these claims convincing? Why don't you lose any sleep over whether or not you should convert to Islam? Please take a moment to reflect on this. You know exactly what it is like to be an atheist with respect to Islam. Isn't it obvious that Muslims are not being honest in their evaluation of the evidence? Isn't it obvious that anyone who thinks that the Qur'an is the perfect word of the Creator of the universe has not read the book very critically? Isn't it obvious that Muslims have developed a mode of discourse that seeks to preserve dogma, generation after generation, rather than question it? Yes, these things are obvious. Understand that the way you view Islam is precisely the way every Muslim views Christianity. And it is the way I view all religions.

Wasted Time

I think this post is a companion piece to the one on useless knowledge. It seems to be along the same theme as the previous one, but it applies to time.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the topic of hobbies which I have been discussing with my wise friend for some time now. I often wonder of hobbies aren't simply a waste of time. I define a hobby as an activity that you are not required to do and for which you will not be paid. This could be something like fishing, playing golf, hunting, surfing, or posting daily to an obscene blog where you excoriate religionists, politicians, fuckheads, women, and transexual midgets who leave you handcuffed in a seedy motel room and make off with your wallet and your pants and your laptop computer with sensitive government data on it. But I digress. . .

Like knowledge, you never know when a hobby will turn into something good. Most businesses start out as hobbies for someone along with many careers. Who knows? I might become a bestselling author with my hobby. But I'm probably going to keep being a loser.

The question that I explore is what makes something a waste of time as opposed to not being a waste of time. Clearly, it has to have something to do with our ultimate end which is happiness. I'd like to say if you don't make money at it then it is a waste of time. It is the dream of all to get paid to do what they love. But I figure that if it makes you happy and you can afford it, then it is worth doing.

Getting paid is still better than not getting paid. This is why I cling to my dayjob. But I think it pays to use time for things that are speculative in nature. Both Tiger Woods and Tony Hawk were hobbyists that ended up going somewhere with what can only be an avocation for the rest of us.

As for me, I will continue to waste my time with this project along with many others. There is always something to do, and I have fun doing it. That is all that matters to me.
Sleep is rehearsal for death.

The Dresden Dolls 'Girl Anachronism'

The hardest part of blogging is consistency. Some days, it takes all you have to just post a sentence.