Saturday Night at the Zoo

I went to Riverbanks Zoo last night with my friend Tiffany and company to look at the Christmas lights. Tiffany took some pictures with her camera phone, and I am posting them here. Enjoy.

Tony and the Chase

The recent success of Tony Stewart and his failure to make the Chase pretty much shows what such a contrived piece of crap NASCAR's playoff is. I preferred the old system but with a minor change--make victories count more. As it stands, Smoke is the best driver out there. This season will go down as one of his best, and the Cup champion will be largely overlooked. The Chase is a joke.

Blog Overhaul

I've made a few changes to the blog here. Most are minor, but the most noticeable one will be my changing the flag at the top to one without the confederate battle eblem. I did this because I was concerned that some readers might think I am a racist or a member of the KKK. I'm not either of these.
For me, the confederate battle emblem is a sign of regional affiliation. I am a southerner, and I feel no shame in this. I love where I am from. But with that said, I must also acknowledge that the emblem is also considered racist by both hate groups and black people. I would prefer to avoid this mixed message. This doesn't mean that I am taking a turn towards political correctness because I will continue to say whatever the fuck I feel like. But I do not believe in racial collectivism, and I don't want to send the message that I am.
I am still working on the Alma Jean story which a lot of people are eager to finish reading. I am trying to get this done between my many other projects, but I am getting back to regular writing after a layoff. I think many of you will be satisfied with the result of my efforts.