The Workaholic

My name is Charlie, and I am a workaholic. I am not in recovery, and I hope to always suffer from this affliction.
Some of my coworkers have been getting on me for working so much. I don't actually put in as many hours as a lot of other people. I usually work about 60 hours a week. But they say it has to do with my attitude towards work than the actual amount that I work.
When I am working, I feel as if I have some control over my life. I feel like I am making some headway against the forces and circumstances arrayed against me. Work gives me confidence, cures my boredom, and alleviates my poverty. What's not to like?
Nothing has ever depressed me more than being unemployed. I hate it more than anything in the world. I suppose a diagnosis of cancer would be worse than not having a job but not by much. My work is my life.
I like to have fun outside of work, but I am not into hobbies. You won't see me on the golf course or collecting stamps. I like to goof off like the next guy, but I prefer to spend my time making money or working on some important project. Most of my leisure pursuits like watching sports are done while working on a writing project.
I'm also lazy in a lot of ways. I don't always clean out my car or take out the trash in a timely manner. Of course, that's usually because I am working so much that I don't have the time. But I can always do more than what I am doing.
Currently, I'm a bit frustrated in my life because I feel that I am not making enough progress in my projects or my work. The answer? Work harder.
Workaholism is not a vice. I refuse to believe that it is.

Stupid Ass Women

"Where are all the good men?"
It always surprises me when I hear this from the mouth of some female. The reason is because I know a lot of good men, and I like to think I am one of them. I work with a couple of them, and I am related to some others. The real question is why these women are so blind that they can't see what is in front of their faces.
I have been AWOL on the C-blog here for awhile because I have been assisting in a situation involving domestic violence and two females. It is shit straight from Jerry Springer. I couldn't make up a story like this, but I can tell you that it involves battering of women, forced sex, weird sex, theft, false confessions of murder, etc. Folks, it will nauseate you.
What amazes me is how sadistic men have little if any trouble attracting women. Not all women are this ignorant, but I have witnessed with my own eyes how some ignorant bitches have left and forsaken good men to be with men who are drunks, thieves, and women beaters. So, here are some tips for women for finding a good man:
1. Don't get involved with a man who likes to drink.
This should be basic. Men who drink and use drugs have a high likelihood of being pieces of shit.
2. Avoid men who don't have jobs or lay out from work.
Laziness is another huge warning sign that your man is a piece of shit. Lazy men always have money troubles and will never provide for you.
3. If he hits you, it is over with.
Men should never hit women. EVER. I could imagine extreme scenarios where a woman might have a gun or a knife and needs to be put down. But for the most part, if a man slaps you around to make a point, it is time to get out of that relationship.
4. Avoid men with weird sexual proclivities.
I love sex just like the next man, but I draw the line at anything that involves degradation. Now, the definition of degradation can be quite slippery, but I think anything involving additional partners would most definitely qualify. Midgets, dogs, three ways, "swinging," and other such stuff just isn't something I go for nor does it represent what I consider to be normal sexual behavior. It represents boredom, and when you go down the path of perversion, it requires ever more extreme acts of degradation to get the fix. This is probably the only useful thing we ever learned from the Marquis de Sade. Sex should be an expression of love not cruelty. Avoid men into cruelty.
These things are pretty basic. In fact, they are grouped under that category we label "common sense." But I can tell you that common sense is never common.
The reason why certain women find these pieces of shit so attractive is because they find it exciting being with a dangerous man. That's all there is to it. If he has a big dick, that helps a lot, too. As it stands, I have little sympathy for these ignorant women. As Dr. Phil would tell you, you teach people how you want to be treated. Battered women share some complicity in their abuse because they tolerate it.
In the way of an epilogue, my Jerry Springer story is 1 for 1. One elected to wise up and move on with her life. The other chose to return. Both women were with the same man. I swear I am not making this up.

Politics and Entertainment

Oliver Stone has recently made a movie called World Trade Center which is surprising a lot of people because it is apolitical. Stone has made such a career out of indulging his left wing bullshit and his crackpot conspiracy theories that people are rediscovering that the man is actually a pretty good filmmaker. But I've heard a few people lament that Stone has "sold out." Give me a break.
There's a fine line between entertainment and politics. I don't think politics should be verboten in the context of entertainment, but it needs to be done better. Clearly, Oliver Stone has been a fuck up in this regard.
Another example of this shit is the Dixie Chicks fiasco which they are still paying for. Then, there is Bono who I simply can't stand. Bono takes every show and turns it into a political soapbox. It is nauseating to behold. Maybe I would feel differently if he was a libertarian.
I'm not saying that rock stars can't be involved in politics or have political opinions. But fans pay money to be entertained and not preached at. Turning a show into a political rally is a bit disingenuous. Plus, it ruins things for the people who don't share your opinions. I love U2's music, and I think they are the best rock band in the world. I just want Bono to shut the fuck up and sing. When he starts whining about third world governments and their debts, I want to barf and ask for a refund. Suck a dick, Bono. Put your mouth to better use.
My advice to those in entertainment is simple. Do that shit on your own time and your own dime. If you deal with politics in the lyrics of a song or within a story, make it part of the story or song and not just propaganda or preaching. For instance, I love Stone's Wall Street. I don't agree with Stone's conclusions about those in business, but it is thought provoking.
At some point, you're going to lose some folks. You can't please everyone. But entertainers know who their cores are, and those are the people who you owe a good show to. In regard to the Dixie Chicks, those Chicks should have known better. I wasn't offended by the remark that put them into oblivion much like I was not offended when Sinead O'Connor shredded a picture of the pope on SNL all those years ago. But both were kinda dumb.
Keep your work and your politics separate.


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have made headlines recently with their combined contributions of wealth towards causes they consider to be worthy. Both men believe in confiscatory tax policies and the power of government to change things. Yet, neither one has elected to donate their fortunes to the federal government.
Gates and Buffett are idiots with money. It happens. And like lottery winners, both these billionaires seem intent on dissipating their wealth in wasteful pursuits. But hey, they made the money, so they can dispose of it as they please.
Why are these rich guys giving away their money? Because they believe the Marxist lie that they have stolen the wealth they possess. So, they will now attempt to atone for this theft by returning this money. In other words, they have spent their respective lifetimes "hurting" people, so they will now try to help them. It boggles the mind.
What would I do with the money? Well, I'd probably do my best to make even more of it by offering products and services to customers and putting people to work. Hell, the best thing Bill Gates could do for humanity would be to develop an operating system that didn't crash all the fucking time. But I am digressing. . .
In the way of purely charitable causes, I would put my money to work on the causes I support now namely promoting freedom. I don't believe there is a better place to do good than here. Other places I might deploy cash to would be pure science endeavors. There are things that I would like to know and discover that would yield not a single cent of profit to anyone especially myself. SETI is one of those projects, but Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen has already tossed some money that way. But I'd probably start something called the Pure Science Foundation just for this type of stuff.
The bottom line is that capitalism is not evil. It's a shame that two of the most successful capitalists in history don't see it this way. But I'm not going to complain but elect to put my principles into action and accumulate some of my own wealth to deploy as I see fit.

Life Among the Philistines

The Philistines were a group of people that populated the Ancient Near East and were the enemies of the Israelites as recorded in the Bible. They represented the scum of the earth as opposed to the more enlightened members of the tribes of Israel.
The term "philistine" became a pejorative term during the 19th century and was used to describe people that are anti-intellectual. I like the term and use it quite often.
If you wonder why libertarianism has made such little headway in the world, it is because of the philistines. I can always tell the philistines because they regularly tell me that I am full of shit though they can never proffer a single argument defending this assertion. This is because they do not think or are even capable of thought. A lifetime spent in mindless absorption in things that don't matter have rendered them incapable of contemplation, reflection, or even the possibility that perhaps they are the victims of people who have no moral qualms in exploiting their ignorance.
If you do not believe this position of mine, consider these truths. People complain that they are tired of lying politicians, but they reelect them time and time again. These are the same people who want a bloated government promising them cradle to grave welfare while simultaneously not having to pay the taxes that such a welfare state would demand. These are also the same folks who will go off, fight wars for "freedom," then return home and allow themselves to be ass raped by their own governments.
The beauty of the free market is that it does not require people to be smart in order for it to work. Even the most illiterate, inbred, shit-for-brains idiot is often able to produce some measure of wealth and buy the things he needs. Of course, a large part of his income will go to the purchase of lottery tickets, but so be it.
I must admit to doing a lot of stupid shit in my life and believing in things that simply aren't true. We all get fooled from time to time, and I don't see this as being that tragic. I don't even consider myself smarter than the average bear. But there is one thing that distinguishes me from the herd, and that is the fact that I read.
Philistines don't read. The only books they ever read were the ones they were made to read while in school. Now, this doesn't mean that I think people should be forced to read. In fact, I think these people should be free to be as stupid as they please. If people wish to be ignorant and apathetic, this is certainly their right. I would be a hypocrite to think otherwise.
So, what is my problem with the philistines? It isn't that they are stupid, unenlightened, and ignorant. It is when they pretend to know something that I have a problem with them. I don't think there is a day that goes by that they don't open their mouths and say shit that makes no sense at all. Here are some examples of stupidity I hear quite often:
- "We need to nuke those fuckers."
This is the foreign policy answer of every man in the street. The reason we have so much war is because the USA doesn't kill enough people. If we kill enough people, then we will have peace. It doesn't take much to realize that we would have to kill just about every person on the planet to resolve all conflicts. It also isn't a stretch to realize that our opponents esp. Islamist terrorists have the same "nuke 'em" mindset.
- "There oughtta be a law!"
I hear this bullshit uttered on a daily basis. Some fuckhead shithead retarded mongoloid illiterate cocksucker will be going along in his life, encounter some bit of adversity (a smoker, an unsightly lawn ornament, whatever) and call for massive government intervention in order to alleviate him of this particular malady. Nothing is so small or insignificant as to not warrant some serious legislation on the matter. The latest example of this shitheadedness was when I heard a guy complain that Spanish should not be offered as a feature on ATM's or customer service lines because it requires him to press an extra button, and "there oughtta be a law!"
- "If you don't like this country, then leave it."
This is another one I hear constantly. The same people who complain about the most insignificant shit will become quite livid when you complain about shit that really matters such as confiscatory income taxes, wasteful government programs, theft of property under eminent domain and zoning, and what have you. I can't count how many times when someone has said to me, "Well, why don't you go live in China or North Korea or Iran?" In other words, I don't have a right to complain about my government because a.) I should be grateful and b.) things could be much worse.
These are just a few examples, and I can go on and on with them. But don't get me wrong. I have no problem with people being stupid. I also have no problem with people speaking their minds. I do have a problem when mindless fuckers speak their minds. It helps when you speak on a matter that you have something at least remotely intelligent to say.
So, how do I get through my days? I simply mock people all day long. My days are filled with endless amusement as I entertain myself baiting these shitheads. Remember, folks, life is a joke. The secret is learning how to laugh at it.
Don't these folks get mad? Hell, no. They are so stupid they don't even realize that I am having fun with them as the butt of the joke. And won't these folks read this blog and realize my secret? Once again, hell no. These fuckers don't read. And even if they did read this shit, they are either stupid enough or arrogant enough to not realize that I am talking about them.
But not all is lost. Philistines may be stupid on a lot of subjects, but they generally become very adept at one of them. I don't know shit about rebuilding transmissions, wiring a home, or what have you. But I know that I don't know, and I know to listen to those who do know. I can't learn it all or know it all, so I defer to those who do. I don't let pride get in the way, and I certainly don't pretend to be an expert on shit that I don't know anything about.

Give It Up, Floyd

Floyd Landis is a doper. Both his A and B samples came back positive for testosterone. Yet, Landis is insisting that he is innocent, and he will prove it. Undoubtedly, the same people that framed Landis are also the real killers in the OJ Simpson case.
There is no conspiracy here. It just boggles the mind how far these dopers will go to not only deceive the public but to deceive themselves.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects

1. Floyd Landis tests positive on both A and B samples. This is a milestone for the Tour de France. Landis will always live in disgrace. The sad thing is that he isn't doing anything different from what I believe 90% of cycling is already doing. Like it or not, cycling and endurance sports is drenched in doping. And what about Lance Armstrong? I don't believe that fucker one bit when he says he competed clean.

I think doping is here to stay, and the public will embrace it.

2. Steve Spurrier is a big time shit talker, so when he says this season's team at USC sucks, you better believe it. Meanwhile, I see all sorts of construction projects going on around Williams-Brice stadium in an attempt to capitalize on the increased popularity of the Gamecocks that will ensue if they ever win something big like an SEC championship or a National Championship.

Now, I root for the Cocks since I went to USC, but I temper it with a dose of reality. The USC football team has always been mediocre and is likely to remain that way. This is likely to be Spurrier's last job coaching, and he will retire after a few respectable seasons. But that's it.

I wish I was wrong on this shit, but I doubt it.

3. The current format for the Race for the Chase is getting on people's nerves. The reason is because a lot of fan favorites are getting tossed out of the running. Personally, I wished they had never fucked with the points system. I liked the old system, but NASCAR is intent on increasing its popularity and revenue with its "playoff." But people tune out when Dale, Jr. or Jeff Gordon or their favorite driver isn't in the Chase. With talk of "tweaking," I suspect that the current system will be made to ensure that these people have a spot in the end of season running. I don't see this as a good thing.

I'm all for giving the public what they want, but the public wants real competition. Hollywood doesn't always give us a happy ending and neither should NASCAR.

4. I've been having a good laugh about the Mel Gibson controversy. As someone once told me, "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts." The man hates Jews. Now, he'll suffer the consequences.

5. The New York Times recently had an article discussing the trend of single guys entering middle age without getting married. A lot of explanations were given as to why this was happening. As one of those guys, I'll tell you why. It isn't worth it.

It all boils down to money. Women are expensive as hell. They live to suck and bleed a man dry. And they are never satisfied. A man on an average income wanting to have such things as his own car, a house, and a retirement would be well advised to steer clear of these greedy thieving whores.

A wife is a luxury item. Only someone earning in excess of $100K can afford to be with today's woman.

Sir Paul is Royally Fucked

I feel bad for Paul McCartney. I felt bad for the poor bastard ever since he chose to forgo a pre-nup and marry Heather Mills. Dumb.
Heather Mills may be missing a leg, but she is all bitch and a gold digger to boot. I doubt she ever loved Paul but was more enamored with the cash she could get out of the ex-Beatle. Such is the way of women.
I could understand Paul making this mistake. He was married for decades to Linda McCartney who turned out to be a great pick. A woman like her only comes along once in a lifetime. Paul didn't understand this.
So, where did McCartney fuck up? He fucked up the day he said, "I do." Call me jaded and cynical, but I think it is foolish for any man to get married. Marriage is a way for women to get their hands on money they didn't have to earn. And how do these bitches justify this? Because they think their pussies are worth a million dollars. Now, you understand why I have respect for prostitutes. They name their price at the beginning and generally deliver on the agreement and disappear.
I have no interest in ever getting married. Even the "happily" married tell me it sucks. Every day is a constant nag. Sex is non-existent. And there is a steady drumbeat for more and more money. Why would anyone sign up for this shit?
I admit that there are a few guys out there who fell into a great deal of luck when it comes to matrimony. I think Paul Newman hit the jackpot with Joanne Woodward. That's about as far as my list goes. I think any marriage that lasts ten years or longer is pretty damn good. But I can count one one hand the number of guys I know who made it that long.
As for myself, I am pretty damn lucky. I've gotten to 35 and remained a bachelor. I'm holding out for the rest of my life. There's plenty of sex out there, and I am honest with the ladies. Most of them are looking to hook a husband to pay for their sorry fucking asses, but I tell them from the outset that I'm not the marrying type. That doesn't keep them from trying. Plus, I can tell you that my success with women is directly proportional to the amount of money I'm making. Here's a handy formula:
probability of sex = cash on hand/current income/assets + financial need of the chick + number of children she has
I can't tell you how many women I've met who believe that their pussy control can overcome all. But it hasn't overcome me. And they all start out the same. They tell me how sweet I am and all that horseshit. Don't get me wrong. I'm a nice guy. I hold doors for women and do all the heavy lifting and all that shit. But there's a difference between being a Southern gentleman and being a sucker. I'm not a sucker. Once they find out I'm not a sucker who will marry their sorry asses, I immediately become a cruel heartless bastard. Sorry 'bout it.
The sorry sad truth of it all is that love is a crock of shit. Being in love is not any different than being hooked on cocaine. It's fun while it lasts, but like cocaine, you end up broke and brokenhearted. Look at Sir Paul. Those sad eyes will only get sadder.
So, how's a man supposed to live? The best thing to do is never get married. The second best thing to do is never move in together. And the third best thing to do is to never get in a relationship in the first place. The amount of grief you suffer will be directly proportional to the level of commitment. If Sir Paul had opted to shack up with Heather Mills, his troubles would be over now except for a child support payment. This would be no problem for a man of his means.
My advice for McCartney is to get a good lawyer. Divorce is expensive, but that's because it is worth it.