Sports at Taxpayer Expense

Richland County is considering building a baseball stadium for minor league baseball. As a libertarian, I automatically oppose such horseshit. Here's the letter I sent to The State:
I applaud the State's editorial on Jan. 22 opposing
plans to use public dollars to finance a private
venture--a baseball stadium. I only wish the editors
had gone even further in opposing what amounts to a
subsidy for entertainment.

It is not the proper role of government to be a
builder of stadiums. Essentially, such projects amount
to robbing from Peter to pay for Paul to have a good
time and to enrich the owners of these teams at public
expense. Meanwhile, do Richland County citizens
receive a rebate or free tickets to attend these
sporting events? No, yet they have already footed a
large part of the bill.

I'm not against sports. I love baseball, football, and
hockey. But it would be unjust for me to expect others
to pay for my entertainment. This is why I oppose
these things on principle.

Finally, some will make the argument that such
arrangements benefit the community in increased
revenues from property and sales taxes. Yet, no
evidence exists to show that this is the case. It is a
well known fact among politicians and think tankers
that the public expenditures upon sports are never
ever repaid through these ephemeral enhanced revenues.
As it stands, virtually every publicly financed
stadium has resulted in a net loss for the communities
that funded them.

The Richland County Council must wise up and nix this
project both as a matter of principle and pragmatism.

Steelers win. Panthers lose.

I quit watching the Panthers game in the fourth quarter. I couldn't bear to look anymore. The reality is that the Panthers had no running game because of injuries. The result was that the Seahawks defense spent the remainder of the game covering Steve Smith like stink on shit. Carolina was doomed.
I was pleased to see the Steelers win. I will be rooting for them to win the Superbowl since my Panthers have been eliminated.

AFC/NFC Championships

I've made some football predictions this year, and my record is worse than the Swami's. Chris Berman should hang up that act because he really sucks at it. I do, too.
I won't tell you who will win, but I'll tell you who I want to win. I hope the Steelers kick the shit out of the Broncos. What a story. They beat the Colts who were a joke. Payton Manning just isn't a team leader.
On the NFC side, I'm rooting for the Panthers, of course. But if the Seahawks prevail, I'll be rooting for whoever plays them. I thought the Bears would whip Carolina, but I was wrong on that one, thankfully.

A New Year

This is my first post of the New Year, and there's not much to report except that everyone on my new job is a whiner. In addition, none of them seems to give a damn about the other guy. Of course, this has been true everyplace I have worked. People think only of themselves.
I've always admired Dennis Rodman both as an athlete and as an individualist. One of the unique things he did was to be a loner on the team. He pretty much stuck to himself. He was a selfless player letting others do the scoring while he did the blue collar work of defending, rebounding, and scrambling for loose balls. He was also an animal when it came to his fitness. But overall, he remained separate from his teammates. They didn't like him, and he didn't give a damn.
That's how I am on my present job. I try to bust my ass and be as blue collar as possible. I'm doing all the shit nobody else wants to do. But I'm also learning to stick to myself. These people aren't my friends, so there's no use pretending they are. I'm a teamplayer, but these people aren't. I will make my contribution just like Rodman did, but I'm going to be myself and be by myself. I'll save the socializing for my private life which is way more interesting.
As for my social life, I don't have one, but I think I'd like to change that. I need to get out more and have some fun. I might even do some drinking. I wish I still had my friend Scott Pallotta to hang out with. That guy was a lot of fun to have at a bar or wherever. Great drinking buddy. But I'm also torn by my desire to keep my life on the level. I don't really know if I am someone who likes to party or be a teetotaller. You can't have it both ways, that's for sure.