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C-Notes for FRI 24 NOV 2017 BLACK FRIDAY

1. My life without a smartphone. A short but great read.

2. Greta Van Fleet sounds so much like Led Zeppelin that it's scary. The singer sounds exactly like Robert Plant. The upside is that they are an awesome band. The downside is that they are Led Zeppelin reincarnated. At some point, the crowd is going to beg for Stairway to Heaven, and they are going to become just another cover band. It's the Recycled Generation. Everything old is repeated.

3. I still continue to listen to classical music instead of classic rock. Classical music stimulates my brain for some reason. I find that I think better and focus more when I listen to it.

4. I pray everyday for the people of North Korea.

5. I think if Charles Dickens could witness Black Friday today he would never have written A Christmas Carol.

6. The phenomenon of "bike doping" shows that professional cycling is the dirtiest sport that has ever existed.

7. Bravo to Christopher Plummer. Never retire!

8. It's way too late for pinko liberals to start virtue signaling about the rapist sex fiend Bill Clinton.

9. The Flash is a terrible superhero. What can the guy do? Run away really fast?

10. If the accusations against Judge Roy Moore are true, he should do the honorable thing and run as a Democrat.

11. Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher. The UK needs Mogg!

12. The Keurig is an abomination. I never drink coffee from these hellish devices.

13. Smartphones and social media are evil. People just don't know exactly why. I think it has something to do with boredom.

14. Cryptocurrency is no substitute for gold. Gold is money. Always has been. Always will be.

15. You have to be either really hateful or really stupid to prefer letting your son rot in a Chinese prison for a decade than give Donald Trump credit for doing you a favor.

16. There's nothing I really want for Christmas. For some reason, my love for the material has diminished considerably.

17. A fine example of the parasite class in action. If you want to trim the fat, start at the top.

18. I am a fan of artificial Christmas trees especially the ones made from aluminum like this beauty:

It was the Charlie Brown Christmas Special that killed fake trees for a lot of people. People went back to the natural trees, and I have to wonder how many houses have burned down as a consequence of a cartoon.

19. Anyone who really wants socialism should just go to North Korea. Your option exists, and you don't have to lift a finger to build it. Enjoy your Marxist hell.

20. Bill Clinton was warned he did not have long to live, so the guy went vegan and ended up looking great. Then, Hillary convinced Bill to give up the vegan thing and go paleo. This is the result: