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C-Notes for SAT 16 DEC 2017

1. STATUS: Enjoying a nice Saturday morning with the wife who is feeling under the weather. She attempted to show me how to make Chai tea, but this ended in epic failure. I'm only good at producing the Juice of the Magic Black Bean.

2. This is a troubling development for Catholics who uphold the Magisterium. Now, the Magisterium is in conflict with itself. Right now would be a good time for Cardinal Burke to actually do something instead of talking about doing something.

3. MUSIC: Lute Suite In E Minor, BWV 996 J.S Bach Julian Bream. I love guitar and lute music.

4. I don't care to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the theater. I've already helped myself to the spoilers online, and I am not a fan of where the story is going. But I do like that they chose Rey's parents to be nobodies who sold her for drink and who end up buried in paupers' graves on Jakku. Basically, Rey is galactic white trash. OTOH, it's probably better than having Darth Vader as your daddy.

5. If I spoiled the movie for you, I don't care. I will probably watch it on home video. You should, too.

6. DOWNSIDE: You have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. UPSIDE: There are some things you'd like to forget.

7. If you become vegan, you will live to be 100 but hate every damn minute of it.

8. This is a picture of my brother-in-law's cat who would rather be on the roof outside than indoors.

9. I forget how being off of social media brings back the joys of simple blogging. Why do I keep forgetting this? It's like a smoker who forgets the refreshing qualities of clean air to go suck on a cancer stick.

10. I don't think Judge Roy Moore should concede to Doug Jones in Alabama yet. Count all the votes. I also believe they did the usual Democrat thing and rigged the election. I'm not saying Moore will triumph, but nothing says you have to let evil have an easy win.

11. Are Democrats evil? Absolutely. Maybe JFK was a good Democrat, but he would certainly be a Republican today. Today, the Democrat Party is the party of Marxism, baby killing, euthanasia, transgender freakism and child abuse, and the end of the automobile and individual freedom. And those are just their declared positions. The more nefarious stuff they keep secret, but it's there.

12. Bitcoin is a bubble. Don't let it bust on you.

13. Gold, silver, and land remain the only stable stores of value in today's world or any world. Everything else is a casino.

14. Robert Mueller is not pursuing justice. The underhanded way he took down Flynn shows this. Mueller is a Democrat hit man. Trump is innocent, but Democrats are evil. Mueller is a Democrat. He will not go until he is indicted for his own crimes or fired. Evil never dies.

15. I'm glad they repealed net neutrality. I was fine with the internet as it was in 2015. I'm not so fine with the internet in 2017 with the censorship. If it angers Democrats and progressives, it is a good thing, and we should go with it.

16. MEMENTO MORI: Over 900 people have died on the road in SC this year. Driving is the most dangerous thing you do on a regular basis. Your last ride could be your last. Carpe diem.