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C-Notes for SUN 17 DEC 2017 GAUDETE SUNDAY

1. STATUS: Healthy. Wife, not so healthy.

4. Social media is bad. But we already know this.

5. GHETTO NAME OF THE DAY: Aquanette. Inspired by the hairspray, no doubt.

6. I pray daily for the people of North Korea. Being in San Quentin is better than being a citizen of that country.

7. Fire Mueller. We already have a constitutional crisis, and this guy is out of control. He won't stop until he has manufactured a crime to use to impeach Trump.

Mueller is amused when asked if there are any limits to his power or his evil.

8. Though Al Franken resigned, I don't actually expect that he will actually resign now that Roy Moore has been defeated. That whole fiasco was a head fake, and it will become more ludicrous the longer Franken remains in the Senate. I expect him to run for reelection when his term expires, and he will win. Democrats!

9. Looks like Pope Francis is chafing a bit after publication of The Dictator Pope. You can expect the anonymous author of that tome to face excommunication the moment he is identified unless it turns out he is Lutheran.

10. The one thing missing from Star Wars is sodomy. Who knew?

11. DOWNSIDE: You won a presidential election, but the Deep State and the Left Wing Media won't let you be president. UPSIDE: You've already done more in a year than most presidents do in 8.

12. You can watch The Last Jedi or save the dough and read this review instead. Disney is on a mission to kill all that was good in the world. Star Wars will be in the bodycount.

13. Star Wars could use some translesbians. Maybe they could also be Wookiees.

Chewie is not amused.
14. I gave up watching NFL tackle football long before it was patriotic or cool. That time is better spent with family and friends playing the delightful game of bocce.

15. Looks like Chris Matthews will go down with Matt Lauer and Tavis Smiley for being a creepy heterosexual. Maybe he could resign like Al Franken.

16. George Clooney is doing a series on Watergate for Netflix. The reasons are obvious. They are still gloating about how they took down a Republican president and wish to do so again.

17. You can totally disrespect the flag and the fans and this great nation. No biggie. But tweeting on the job in the NFL will not be tolerated.

18. They could probably build an entire new Star Wars trilogy based on this family. They just have to be Wookiees.

Chewbacca is still not amused.

19. This guy is a complete idiot at an entirely new level. It's bad enough to be a leftist, but you want to stick to tattoos of Mao and Che. They are way better looking than that witch.

20. MEMENTO MORI: Some people choose death before they are in the grave. This is called "retirement." Don't do it. Use every day you have. Carpe diem.