Charlie's Blog: VIDEO--Clinton Cash


VIDEO--Clinton Cash

The law dictates how much politicians can collect in campaign contributions, limits their ability to make money on the side, and requires the disclosure of those contributors. Hopefully, politicians are also limited to some extent by their conscience. A sense of decency and good judgment ought to prevent politicians on both sides of the aisle from engaging in certain transactions—even if they think they can get away with it.

I highly recommend this documentary. You can watch it here.

Clinton Cash is a documentary that shows how the Clintons went from being flat broke and in debt when they left the White House at the end of Bill's term and how they became multimillionaires since then. The two of them are career politicians who have spent the entirety of their careers in public service. Yet, Bill and Hillary managed to turn what is relatively low paying work into a highly lucrative racket. Here's how they did it.

The Clintons make a lot of money from speaking fees. They can bring down in one speech more than they make in the entire year. They also receive large donations to their Clinton Foundation which masquerades as a charity but is nothing more than a tax free slush fund for the two of them. Less than 10% of the foundation's money goes to charitable and humanitarian activity. And why do foreigners pay so much cash to these two crooks? These two crooks use their influence to bring about favorable outcomes for these foreigners. It reached its full dirtiness when Hillary was Secretary of State.

This documentary documents the shadiness that is Clinton. As I watched it, it confirmed things I already knew, but I was shocked at just how extensive the scheme has been. I think it continues with the likes of Goldman Sachs and others paying large speaking fees to Ms. Clinton. This is nothing less than bribery of public officials. Yet, it is "legal."

When you get to the end of this documentary, you will be disgusted that such slime exists and can even be running for president. Hillary Clinton and her husband both belong in jail. At the very least, they don't deserve to occupy the White House again. All I can say is that the Clintons make Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Heaven help this country if this crooked bitch gets elected.

Follow the money. Watch the documentary.