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SOC 36

The more you know, the less you need.

The only time people listen to you is when you stop talking to them. Conversely, when you do talk to them, those ears close right back up. This is because people want reinforcement in their errant beliefs and ways. They give you the opportunity to be the amen corner to their foolishness, and this is called a "relationship."

I am not good at lying to people. It's not my thing. Obviously, lying is a sin, but I was bad at it even as a scumbag atheist. You can't be charitable to people and also lie to them. It doesn't work. The sad thing is when these people want you to lie to them. Because of this stupidity, you can't be friends with these people.

My honesty has cost me friendships. People come in two basic types. You have the self-aware and the self-deluded. The self-deluded people can't remain in my orbit for any long period of time. They find out things about themselves they didn't want to know. I take no pleasure in these revelations, but I also don't like being in conflict and cognitive dissonance with these people. A good friend does not lie to you even when you ask him to lie to you.

Whenever I find myself in these conflicts with self-deluded people, I strive for peace which means not having anything to do with them anymore. They don't give you any options on this stuff. For instance, what should a parent do with a drug addict son who won't clean up his act? The only thing that fool might listen to is being put out of the house and shunned by his family.

I know of a woman who refused to practice this tough love with her son. The consequence of her stupidity was that she became his enabler bailing him out of his scrapes time and time again. Eventually, prison became his home. He might have been spared that had his mother been tougher on him, but she could not do this. She had already lost a son, and she could not bear the pain of losing another. Nevermind that she was making things worse. She did not love him so much as she wanted to avoid pain.

Pain is a permanent feature of my life, so I am used to it. I have been betrayed and mistreated so much in my life that it no longer affects me anymore. God wanted this for me, so He allowed it. I have become stronger for it. This fortitude is what enables me to speak the truth in charity without regard to the consequences.

People are as bad as you allow them to be. This is why family members treat you worse than strangers. If you put up with it, they will do it. I know because I put up with it. Then, I stopped putting up with it. Basically, I don't take people's crap anymore. Get better or get gone. Since people almost never get better, they get gone.

I learned this lesson one very dark night alone in a motel room wondering why my life had gone so wrong. What had I done to deserve this? But it wasn't anything I had done but what had been done to me. I had been complicit in my own destruction. I let people do this to me. Even now, I can still taste the bitterness of that revelation. I vowed that this would not happen to me again, and it hasn't. People will destroy you if you let them. I don't allow this anymore.

I don't feel sorry for people anymore. Evil people deserve what happens to them. It may be tragic what happens to them, but it is not unjust. Don't believe the Calvinists or the evolutionists. We all have free will. We make our choices. No one makes them for us.

I own three watches now. My wife thinks I'm off my rocker with the watch thing, and I have to assert that I am not a collector. I just had a bit of a crisis when my Timex Ironman went the way of all cheap watches. When these things happen, they make me think, and I tend to think way too hard on things. But I come to a point of resolution, and the crisis is over. I am at that point now.

I used to hate Casio watches favoring Timex watches. But I didn't know anything then. I know better now. Casio makes better watches than Timex. Timex just makes prettier watches. Here's a basic Timex for example:

That is a nice looking timepiece. Now, for comparison, here is a basic Casio:

The Timex wins the beauty contest for me. But you will find Casio watches are cheaper, more functional, and more durable. They are just a bit ugly like a Volkswagen Beetle or a Glock handgun. I have developed an aversion to aesthetics in products. I'm not sure why I have ventured down this path, but I like the uglier things now. For some reason, ugly products perform better. I think this is the force of function over hype. Thanks to Apple, companies have found that they can charge more for junk so long as it is pretty. A potent example of this is the Fossil watch:

The Fossil is a beautiful piece of crap. Seriously. Every Fossil watch owner admitted to me that they can't keep time worth a damn, and they do not last long. But they do catch the eye.

Casio does make some beautiful watches in its Edifice line, but they are very expensive and not worth the money. Watches should be cheap which is anything under $100 for me. Even in that price range, you should seek value for the dollar which leaves Casio as the clear winner in my book. Here are the watches I own.

The Casio F-91W is the best cheap watch ever made. You can get it for $10. It keeps great time and is durable. And, if it breaks, you can get another one for $10. The only downsides are that it has minimal functions and a crappy light. But you should buy one anyway because it is the best beater watch you can own. I wear this one on the job, and I am very satisfied with it.

The Casio DW5600 is the essential G-Shock watch. This is the watch that I should have bought to replace my Ironman. It is built like a tank, has a 24 hr stop watch and timer, and lights up like a Christmas tree at night. The F-91W is like a Volkswagen Beetle. The DW5600 is a Jeep. It is also incredibly ugly. But I like this watch for exercise such as walking at night or the early morning.

The Casio A168 is a cheap watch that just happens to be beautiful. It goes for about $17 and is essentially a shiny version of the F-91W with a really good backlight. I wear this one as a dress watch, and it is my favorite one to wear. This would be the Buick your grandma gave you when she died. It looks a bit like the watch Uncle Rico wears in Napoleon Dynamite.

Looking at my watches, you could infer that I have a thing for the eighties. I admit that I am fond of that decade. The design of all three of my watches are informed by those old school watches from that time. I don't think everything from the eighties is awesome. For instance, the Swatch came out in the eighties, and I found those watches to be hideous.

I am also not a fan of the more modern G-Shock watches which I find as hideous as those old Swatches.

I like the watches that are simple and functional and on the dorky side as opposed to the elegant side. They have to be digital and in a square shape. An analog watch with a round face is not my thing. Plus, they have to be cheap. Expensive watches are like Porsches. They are the choice of rich douchebags.

The beauty/function thing exists across many products. For instance, I think Gibson makes the most beautiful guitars. Unfortunately, they don't stay in tune very well. I always thought Fender made the ugliest guitars. Yet, they stay in tune and are way easier to fix and maintain. Fenders are made from plywood. You won't find a Gibson Les Paul under $1000, but you can easily get a Fender Strat for less than a grand.

The point is that you can buy quality for a low price. I've believed for a long time the adage that says that if you buy cheap you pay twice. But that isn't necessarily true. There are many good things to be had at a low price. Unfortunately, you're not getting back the time you wasted reading this.