Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 70


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 70

Eventually you reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.

Sometimes, I wonder if Rich Roll isn't having problems in his marriage. Generally, when a husband does not sleep in the same bed as his wife, he either has a snoring problem, or he is in the doghouse. In Rich's case, the doghouse seems to be a tent outside. But I'll buy his story that he gets better sleep as a homeless person.

I don't have a sleeping problem. I have a problem staying awake. This is because I am usually exhausted from long hours of working and writing. They key to a good night's sleep is to earn it. This means getting up early and hitting it hard all day.

I don't think Rich would be sleeping outside if it was winter in Buffalo, NY or summer in sticky South Carolina. But that Southern California weather at night is like air conditioning. Basically, Rich likes to be cool when he sleeps. His wife likes to be warm. As for me, I like staying married.

I am deriving great benefit from the thoughts and words of Cal Newport. Cal is a comp sci prof at Georgetown which is only mildly interesting until he reveals that he has never had a social media account. This would be like a butcher declaring that he has never eaten a hamburger. Newport reminds me of Nassim Taleb in that he has one big idea and writes various books around this one idea. Newport's idea is essentially "deep work" which is working without distraction. This idea seems to be behind his three books he wrote for students to achieve high GPAs and his bestselling book on the subject.

I discovered Newport through this TED Talk video on YouTube on quitting social media. I can't watch this video without going and deleting my social media accounts. His argument is so powerful and persuasive that I can't think of a single good benefit from social media except that it can promote your work. But even that benefit is empty when you consider that anyone who follows the link to your blog or video will immediately tune out what you've created because of the demand it makes on their short attention spans.

I have been in a social media crisis for the last couple of years, and it has been bewildering. Cal Newport is pointing the way out of this chaos for me with his call to digital minimalism. I am answering that call. I am done with social media. It comes from the Devil.

I don't consider a blog or YouTube or even Reddit as social media. There are social media aspects to these things as people can comment and interact a bit. Social media is primarily Facebook and Twitter. Other services like Instagram, Gab, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are merely byproducts of those two services. The thing they all have in common is the short attention span. There is no depth in social media which is why it can eat so much of your time and leave you with virtually nothing in return. It is the internet equivalent of candy.

The draw for social media for me is that it has the promise of being something worthwhile. For instance, I can post a link to this blog post on social media to try and generate traffic. It works in that I get some hits from people who have their curiosity roused. But I know that I will have lost them by the third sentence. The bottom line is that idiots don't read. The result is that our civil discourse has been reduced to the tweet, the meme, and the 30 second video.

I despise this world of the short attention span. The way out is to embrace digital minimalism. I am already on that trip by my stubborn refusal to buy and use a smartphone which I consider to be a tool for pornography and the pipe for social media crack. I just need to make it complete by shunning social media on my computer at home.

As for promotional purposes and uses, I have to face an uncomfortable but uncompromising reality. When you are a writer, you want readers. People on social media are not readers. Writing is for smart people, and smart people are in the minority. This is why even bestselling authors still have to keep a day job. Most people don't read. Going forward, I can either keep writing, or I can delete my blog and become exclusively a star on social media. You can be smart, or you can be popular. You can't be both.


Alex Jones is losing the information war. He made a tactical blunder a long time ago, and he is now paying for it. Unlike Matt Drudge, Jones made the decision to build his media empire across all platforms. I used to think this multiplatform strategy was incredibly smart sort of like the German blitzkrieg in World War II. But I have to remind myself that the Germans lost that war. Their reach exceeded their grasp, and they could not hold what they had conquered. Likewise, Jones built his empire on the sand of other people's platforms. They have now de-platformed him.

Matt Drudge is a genius because he runs a relatively low cost operation which he owns completely. Aside from a little used Twitter account, he does not use social media. Others have made accounts for Drudge carrying his content, but Drudge's gig is his own site which is massively popular. He doesn't need social media.

Alex Jones needs social media. His expansion was built on the back of social media. Now, he will either have to scale back down and get lean in his operation or face bankruptcy. Since Trump's election, he has rode that popularity by expanding massively with additional shows and staff. Those people will certainly be laid off. Jones can't even get his podcast out there.

The lessons for me from this fiasco is that you can't count on delivering a conservative message across liberal platforms. You have to build your own platforms. Drudge has done it. Alex Jones has not. Jones could probably salvage something from this calamity, but he will have to get leaner and meaner to do it.

To a lesser extent, YouTube stars have experienced the same thing as Alex Jones. Many of them have been shadowbanned, demonetized, and banned outright by the YouTube Marxists. The democratic internet is a bit of a joke. What we really have going on here is digital sharecropping. When you farm on someone else's land, the owner of that land calls the shots.

It is hard not to fall prey to digital sharecropping. For instance, my blog resides on Google's servers in much the same way that YouTubers have their videos on the same service. But there is a key difference. I can download and store my content in a matter of minutes. Text based media is like this. But video and audio files are large and take more time. YouTubers build houses on their rented land while I pitch a tent. I can repost my content in a day on another service like WordPress or host my own site at relatively low cost. My content and my name are owned by me. They can't ever take that from me. I think this is why Blogger has not gained the same reputation for Big Brother behavior like YouTube. YouTube is a monopoly while Blogger is not.

It behooves content creators to be as independent as possible. With that said, being delisted by the Google search engine would have the same effect as being banned. If people can't find you on the internet, you may as well not exist. At some point, you get reduced to writing in a notebook and hiding it in your sock drawer.

Freedom comes from competition. Google has a search engine monopoly, but it can vanish as quickly as you can go to Bing or DuckDuckGo. No such alternative exists for YouTube. The fact is that businesses treat you poorly to the level that they can get away with it. This is why Walmart has become worse over the years as they have destroyed their competitors.

It is in the nature of businesses to self-destruct as they get larger. The field is already littered with the carcasses of businesses like AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft that exist in diminished capacities. In the future, the carcasses of Google, Facebook, and Amazon will also be in that field of bones. As for Twitter, they don't make money which is why they have been relatively nice to Alex Jones. Twitter is small, so they will play nice for now.


It is hard being Catholic these days. You can't evangelize these days without someone Protestant or atheist throwing pervert priests and bishops in your face. Nevermind that these scandals also exist outside of the Roman Catholic Church. The fact is that there is nothing special about the Catholic Church in the eyes of the world. The Catholic Church is the world, and it is no better than the world. Saying that it is no worse than the world is not a winning argument.

I have decided that I am no longer giving at the diocesan level. I will continue to give to my parish until the diocese decides to filch from their coffers to pay for their perverts. When that happens, my giving will be reduced to a single dollar each week that won't even cover the cost of my offering envelopes. The rest of my donations will go to feed poor people in starving countries.

Will I reverse course on this? I have asked myself what the Catholic Church in the USA can do to win back my support. The answer is nothing. It is too late for that. They can pray and fast and blah blah blah. The only thing the bishops have shown is that their repentance on these matters is insincere. They are not sad for what they have done. They are merely sad that they have been caught.

There are good priests and prelates, and I am sad that they will suffer unjustly for what their brothers in the Church have done. But here's the thing. I suffer unjustly as well from belonging to a Church known more for pedophilia than holiness. Here's my advice to you good priests and bishops out there. OFFER IT UP. This is what you tell me to do when I have to endure this crap. Take your own advice for a change.

I am always a Catholic. Nothing will ever make me leave the Roman Catholic Church. But I think bishops and priests need to starve for the next century. I pray to God every single day that He will rain down the severest chastisement on the Roman Catholic Church for the sins of these perverted monsters. It sickens me to know that the same hands that mere moments before were molesting an altar boy were holding the Body of Our Lord in the eucharist.

If God does not bring down severe chastisement upon this sacrilege and perversion, then He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. The Roman Catholic Church is a haven for disgusting sodomites, and this filth exists in all countries and at all levels going all the way to the Vatican. I have faith that God will purge this filth from His Church, and the world will be astounded at its severity. And no one will be able to say that they didn't have it coming. These bastards deserve Hell. If they receive anything less, it will be a mercy to them. As it stands, the morals of the prelates and priests is less than that of convicted felons serving time in our prisons. Even those evildoers will not permit child rapists in their midst. If you see clerics slaughtered in large numbers and the Vatican reduced to ashes and rubble, praise the name of God Almighty and tremble. And repent of your own sins and thank Him for His mercy.

Whip o'clock is coming.

5. Q & A

Q: What can I do about the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church?

A: There is a sarcastic quip in Catholic circles that laypeople are supposed to "pray, pay, and obey." Unfortunately, this attitude is what has brought this scandal to the rolling boil that it is today. Here is what the laity should do instead.

The first thing to do is to pray. You should pray for God's chastisement on these evildoers. I have been praying for this for years now, and those prayers are being answered. The evil is coming to light.

The second thing to do is to pay. Go and find a charity that serves poor people especially in third world countries. This would not be Catholic Relief Services. They belong to the Devil. There are charities and religious orders deserving of your contributions. God allowed you to earn that money. Likewise, charities must also earn that money by being good and faithful stewards. You should do the same due diligence with your charitable giving as you would any investment. Sad to say, there are Bernie Madoffs in charitable endeavors.

The thing you should not do is give money to the diocese or to any parish that supports evil. In the USA, virtually every diocese supports evil. As for parishes, some are good and others are evil. Catholics are required to support the Church materially, but a great deal is left to the discretion of the parishioner. If an evil parish required a tithe from me under pain of excommunication, I would spend it all on candles and leave them on the doorstep. But I wouldn't belong to that parish if I could help it.

The last thing is to obey. The Roman Catholic Church is perfect in what it teaches in regards to faith and morals. Granted, some priests and prelates are imperfect in what they teach, but you can safely ignore these heretics. I have to remind Catholics that Arius was a bishop, yet he was resisted. Many saints have been persecuted by bishops, and my own patron saint, Joan of Arc, was betrayed to her death by Roman Catholic bishops. Yet, she is in Heaven.

We are to obey Christ. We obey religious and secular rulers to the extent that they are also in obedience to Christ. When they stray, we obey which means conflict. So be it. Obey Christ and let the world be damned.

The final thing people should do is speak up. If you are silent in the face of evil, you conspire with that evil. The laity need to report evil to their bishops, to the police, and to the media. This is happening now, and I expect to see bishops in orange jumpsuits before it is all said and done.


--Impeachment looks likely for Donald Trump. I expect the Democrats to take back the House according to the precepts of defensive pessimism. I also expect many Republicans to side with the Democrats in the Senate to give them the votes to remove Trump from office. I don't want this, but Washington can't swallow a guy like Trump. The aftermath of this rejection of the will of the people will be very unpleasant.

--I won't cry a single tear when John McCain dies. The man is a disgrace.

--Pope Francis loves pedophiles and sodomites. They are disgusting but obedient. That may be a scandalous thing to write but far less scandalous than the fact that he tolerates them in the Vatican and promotes them.

--Capital punishment of the guilty is not wrong. The Roman Catholic Church has always taught this. It cannot be changed. If it can be changed, then the Roman Catholic Church destroys its own authority when it comes to faith and morals. But it is also not wrong to show mercy to the guilty and let them live.

--A co-worker abandoned his dumb phone when his wife bought him a smartphone last Christmas. He told me he wants a flip phone now. He is done with smartphones. Not a trend yet, but I can feel one coming.