Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 69


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 69

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.


The McCarrick scandal continues to burn hot for the Roman Catholic Church in the USA. As always, it is not the crime so much as the cover up that is the real scandal. Now, the laity are fed up and are pledging to cut off funding to diocesan causes. Basically, laypeople like me are tired of paying for sex abuse and giving money to bishops who aid, abet, and cover up this abuse.

The priests and prelates of the Church of Rome don't get it. They are tone deaf on these matters. It sickens me. Yet, the moment the money dries up, these scoundrels, cowards, and fools suddenly give a damn. I have already pledged with others to never give to another diocesan level cause again. I will continue to give to my parish, but that support will no longer be unconditional.

It is time for priests and bishops to starve. They deserve this.


Pope Francis tries to declare the death penalty to be against Catholic teaching. This is merely a way for him to deflect attention from that McCarrick scandal. It won't work. The other problem is that the death penalty was Catholic teaching for the entirety of its history. Either the Magisterium of the Catholic Church is wrong, or Pope Francis is wrong. It can't be both ways.

In my heart, I believe Francis to be an antipope. Wicked popes have existed before, but none of them ever changed the teachings of the Church. Basically, none of them ever rose to the level of formal heresy. Francis is at that level now. I expect worse things to come. The Church's teachings on contraception, divorce, and sodomy are sure to fall next.


Unemployment is down. House prices are up. Inflation is happening. Those tariffs are hurting American consumers. The Fed needs to raise rates. Trump needs to eliminate the tariffs. Another tax cut would be great along with a full repeal of Obamacare.

I am with Ron Paul that we are in the biggest bubble in world history. I expect it to pop at any moment now. I won't care if I am able to buy a home and get a new job. My goal remains the same--create my own economy.

4. Q & A

Q: Why do kids keep going to college when it will only make them indentured servants to student loan companies?

A: With ginormous tuition and student loans that may take an entire lifetime to pay off, kids still keep piling into colleges while universities keep jacking up those tuitions beyond what anyone could reasonably expect to justify in post-college earnings. For people so educated and smart, college kids are pretty stupid. But at this stage of the farce, this knowledge is widely known. Why do they keep doing it?

The answer to this is obvious. The alternative to white collar indentured servitude is blue collar freedom. Basically, young people today have no interest in working dirty jobs with no status even if they would come out ahead financially. They would rather starve in a palace than feast in a shack.


Any cleric or monk who seduces young men or boys, or who is apprehended in kissing or in any shameful situation, shall be publicly flogged and shall lose his clerical tonsure. Thus shorn, he shall be disgraced by spitting into his face, bound in iron chains, wasted by six months of close confinement, and for three days each week put on barley bread given him toward evening. Following this period, he shall spend a further six months living in a small segregated courtyard in the custody of a spiritual elder, kept busy with manual labor and prayer, subjugated to vigils and prayers, forced to walk at all times in the company of two spiritual brothers, never again allowed to associate with young men for purposes of improper conversation or advice.
ST. BASIL THE GREAT (H/T: Bethune Catholic)

There are some exceptions to the extent of this prohibition to killing. The power of life and death is permitted to certain civil magistrates because theirs is the responsibility under law to punish the guilty and protect the innocent. Far from being guilty of breaking this commandment, such an execution of justice is precisely an act of obedience to it. For the purpose of the law is to protect and foster human life. This purpose is fulfilled when the legitimate authority of the state is exercised by taking the guilty lives of those who have taken innocent life.


--Cardinal O'Malley is a despicable hypocrite. This guy fired an innocent janitor for using a boys restroom while he tolerated knowing about McCarrick for decades. O'Malley needs to be fired.

--Apple becomes the first company to reach trillion dollar status. This is sad news considering the awful state of their products. Friends don't let friends buy Apple.

--He can be nutty at times, but I love Alex Jones. I think his heart is in the right place, and I admire his passion. In his weird way, he is a hero of mine.

--I am saddened to learn that Art Bell died of an accidental drug overdose. I hate prescription meds.

--I took a mental health day exactly one time in my life. I didn't want to work with a difficult coworker, and I knew I would get fired if I did. I took the day for the sake of job preservation. It was totally worth it. And I can't say it won't happen again because it probably will.


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