Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 68


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 68

All I needed now was a computer. And a 10-year-old kid to teach me how to use it.


I am not a huge fan of fake meat. I do have Boca Burgers, veggie dogs, Gardein meatballs, and fake chicken once in awhile. But they are not staples for me. When I first made vegan chili, I used fake meat crumbles the first time, but I switched to lentils. That was a huge improvement.

Recently, there is a company called Beyond Meat that makes veggie burgers and meats that are indistinguishable from the real thing. I can't comment on the nutritional information, but I can say that they are delicious and taste like the real thing. But I don't eat them. In fact, I only had a single bite of a Beyond Meat burger.

There are essentially two problems with fake meat. The first and most obvious is that they are expensive. This is because fake meats are processed foods. The second and more subtle problem is that they are a form of cheating. They are akin to the husband who owns a sex doll. It just primes the pump for real bona fide adultery.

Fake meat is the gateway to real meat. I realized this as I took that bite from the Beyond Meat burger. Memories flooded my mind from late night runs to fast food places to eat crap. I like fake meat that doesn't taste like the real thing. I've never wanted a real burger after eating a Boca.

The vegan diet really should be a vegan diet. You should get used to and prefer whole foods over processed foods. Fake meats are fine for moving someone away from real meat or for the occasional treat. But I used to eat burgers almost daily before I became a vegan. Substituting those burgers for Beyond Meat burgers is not a good thing. Chewing Nicorette is better than smoking, but I know people who are Nicorette addicts now.

I recommend that burger junkies learn to eat more beans and more potatoes. What burger junkies crave isn't the flavor of a burger so much as that feeling of fullness that comes from eating a slab of ground beef. I find that I get that same feeling of satiety from eating two potatoes and a bowl of beans. In hindsight, I realize that it was the french fries and not the burgers that did it for me. I never felt full after eating a hamburger itself but only after scarfing down a super size order of fries. Keep the fries and bake them and lose the meat.


I do not like Hillary Clinton. I also don't like Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, leftwingers, or the Democrat Party. But when I see a flag, bumper sticker, or T-shirt expressing political opinions or affiliations that I find to be stupid, I don't go insane, start spewing at the mouth, or vandalize people's property and/or physically attack them.

Lately, the Left has become more rabid than they were under Obama. Trump is driving these people insane. I don't think these idiots realize how ridiculous they look. The part that gets to me is that this madness is having a spillover effect on the ignorant masses. These are people who have no knowledge of politics or interest in politics. These things are fine except that these people who know nothing about politics now have strong opinions about politics especially concerning Donald Trump. Since these people are too stupid to read a newspaper, I believe this crap comes from the entertainment and sports side of the media.

The Left has weaponized sports and entertainment. Nobody watches CNN, but they still watch movies and football. So, these things have been hijacked to push the left wing agenda. This is why those Star Wars movies are so awful now and why football players spend more time on their knees mocking the national anthem than they do playing the game. Once upon a time, money shut these people up, but it is now about ideology.

We are on the brink of a civil war in this country. The Gentle Reader may think I am being alarmist here, but I know the Left. Without God or country, the Left desperately wants to fight and die for something. This something is Marxism. The model this civil war will take will be the Spanish Civil War. The two sides in that war bear a strong resemblance to the two sides in America today. For Spain, it was Marxists vs. Fascists. I am no fascist, but I prefer Franco to Stalin if I have to choose dictators.

Antifa is the group that causes me the most concern because they are left wing and violent. They are essentially a domestic terrorist group. People might dismiss them as fringe types with low numbers, but I could see them swelling rapidly from the ranks of Bernie Sanders supporters and college drop outs unable to repay their student loans. The ideology is the same. The tactics are what make them different. But if you believe the government belongs to Trump and the Silent Majority, that leaves Antifa tactics to take the day.

Marxism is inherently amoral and violent. The Right does not want a fight, but the Left does. This is the nature of Marxists. Everywhere that Marxism has taken over, the bodies have piled up. Marxism essentially has two flavors. The first is passive-aggressive. The second is just aggressive. The Obama years was the passive-aggressive phase. The Trump years will be the aggressive phase for these idiots.

Where will the civil war go down? That's easy--the big cities especially those on the East and West Coasts. These cities already experience violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Flyover Country will be fine. The battle grounds will be the suburbs surrounding these cities as they make attacks Manson Family style. Europe already experiences this sort of thing with the Muslim hordes in their midst.

The catalysts here are numbers. Marxists and Muslims are both alike in tailoring their tactics to the strength of their numbers. When in the minority, they preach mercy. When in the majority, they have no mercy. In the case of the USA, these Marxists merely need the numbers to leverage a city to their ends. Then, it will happen. If you are a patriot in a sanctuary city, it behooves you and your family to leave as hastily as possible.

It is easy to dismiss this as paranoia, but I believe that history has a habit of repeating itself. I would love to be wrong on this stuff. But I have to admit that this is the looniest the Left has ever been in this country. I'm not nuts. These people are nuts.


As Stater of the Obvious, I must now state the obvious. YouTube is an awful way to make a living. Hey, somebody had to say it. Now, for some delicious elaboration.

When YouTube first got invented, it was basically people posting funny videos of their cats doing weird things with Christmas trees or something. It was a hobby. It was fun. A lot of people liked watching YouTube. Then, Google bought them, and MONEY entered the picture. You could actually get paid for your cat attacking your Christmas tree. Naturally, people quit their jobs and started hanging catnip in their Christmas trees. Then, a strange thing happened. THE MONEY STOPPED!

Did I see this coming? Yes, I did. I am one of those weirdos who think it odd that you can get rich from cats attacking Christmas trees. Go ahead and watch. The C-blog will be here when you get back.

Making videos for YouTube is a hobby. You don't get paid for hobbies. Yet, I have to watch videos of people on YouTube crying about the loss of income and e-begging on Patreon. YouTube should have never started paying for content. Now, people expect to get paid for their hobbies.

What the world needs is a new YouTube which is just like the old YouTube. You get to post videos, and you get zilch. As it stands, YouTube is becoming television on the internet with real TV shows which you pay for sort of like HBO. I'd like to say this is some sort of improvement except we already had this. The only advantage of internet TV over cable TV is you get to watch programs on your schedule without programming a DVR. Otherwise, there is nothing new under the sun.

4. Q & A

Q: Will the Latin Mass save the Roman Catholic Church?

A: No.

This seems to be the hope of Traddies who think everything went to crap in the Catholic Church after Vatican II and the Novus Ordo. If those two things could be reversed, the Church would be fixed. The problem is that these problems were already there before when the Latin Mass was the liturgy of the entire Roman Catholic Church. A thorough reading will show that corruption of even the grossest sorts has always plagued the Catholic Church going back for centuries. The Novus Ordo is not the cause of this calamity, and the Latin Rite is not the cure.

The Latin Mass would certainly be the cure for liturgical abuses. For that alone, it is worth pursuing. But the biggest scandal and problem in the Church are the sodomites. These disgusting perverts are overwhelmingly the biggest problem the Church has ever faced. They are the cause of the sex abuse scandals. They are the cause of the cover ups. They are the cause of the decline in vocations as young man are either forced out or opt out of attending seminaries full of homosexual perverts.

The cure for what plagues the Roman Catholic Church is a return to the old style Inquisition. Despite all of the myths surrounding the Spanish Inquisition, the Inquisition was the law enforcement arm of the Roman Catholic Church. With its decline, we see heresy and sin running rampant in the Church. Yet, no one calls for its return. As for the CDF, it is merely a shadow of what the Inquisition once was.

Imagine a country with a government that writes laws but does not enforce them. That would be a government of mere paper. Likewise, the Catholic Church is becoming a church of mere paper as it stands righteous in what it teaches but tolerates those who flout those teachings. This town doesn't need a new sheriff. It just needs a sheriff.


--Rock and roll is a young man's game. There is something disgraceful in seeing a seventy year old rock star. No such disgrace exists in classical music. There's nothing inherently wrong with the aging. The inherent wrong is in the music. At some point, people need to grow up even if it is at age 70.

--An 89-year-old man who hangs signs had his work van and a lift stolen and recovered. For me, the real story was that this old man was still working. NEVER RETIRE!

--Donald Trump needs to pick better lawyers. Any lawyer who tapes his clients needs to be disbarred for life.

--The cure for bedbugs is DDT. We need to bring that stuff back.

--If you had any doubt that it was slavery, here's the evidence that will erase that doubt. Colleges are in on the scam. Kids, don't go to college. Join the military or learn a trade instead.

--I fully expect Julian Assange to end up in a US prison. The problem is that pesky First Amendment. That case will be before the SCOTUS. Jeff Sessions may decide to let Assange walk rather than deal with that. This is why Daniel Ellsberg went free after the Pentagon Papers.


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