Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 66


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 66

I tell you, with my doctor, I don’t get no respect. I told him, “I’ve swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills.” He told me to have a few drinks and get some rest.


It is said that when you want to beat a dog that any stick will do. Right now, Donald Trump is the dog, and immigration is the stick. Somehow, Trump is a big meanie for busting up families who come to the USA illegally. Nevermind that this was the policy of the previous administration.

Here's the problem. Mexico is a crappy country. If it wasn't, so many illegals wouldn't be trying so hard to get into the USA and stay in the USA. How many Canadians do you see swarming our northern border? And those Canucks have to contend with snow and ice for much of the year. Yet, Mexicans come here for a better life. I get it. Life is better in the United States. This is why I stay here and don't jump the border and invade Mexico.

The problem with the Mexicans is that they don't want to be Americans. They want to work here. They want to live here. They want our welfare benefits. Hell, they even want to vote in our elections, and the Democrats try and make this possible. But they don't want to become legal citizens. They make no effort to try and become legal. And the penalty for this crime? They get sent back home. Is this really so bad? Is sending someone to Mexico a human rights violation?

The problem here is that you have Democrats who want to rig the vote in their favor, and you have Republicans who want cheap labor for their donors who run businesses. The result is that Democrats want Mexicans on the welfare rolls while Republicans want them picking fruit and cutting grass but not voting.

The remedy for the situation is obvious. Illegals should receive no welfare benefits. We need a wall. Businesses should be punished for employing illegal immigrants. And illegal immigrants need to get legal. This means becoming an American. Ironically, this is the one thing that Democrats, Republicans, or Mexicans are not interested in seeing happen. The result is a permanent class of invaders who get to vote, mooch off the system, and be exploited for cheap labor.

No country on earth is as open to immigrants as America. We just ask one thing from immigrants. Become an American. I am for making that process easier for immigrants. I know immigrants from Mexico, and I want good things for them. The best thing you can want for them is to become American citizens.


Pope Francis is up to his wacky hijinks again. Apparently, he doesn't read his mail even when it is hand delivered to his residence. But he does read the newspapers. Or, maybe he is just a liar.

Meanwhile, the German bishops got the greenlight for intercommunion with Protestants so long as they do it in an underhanded and deceitful way. They just can't make it official. The veneer of Catholicism must be maintained as the structure is allowed to mildew and rot underneath. And why is this? Because this has been an effective strategy for decades. Say one thing and do the other.

Pope Francis is a wicked man. I pray for all faithful Catholics that we will have the grace to patiently endure this calamitous pontificate.

3. Q & A

Q: Are you a workaholic?

A: That's laughable. No, I am not a workaholic. But I wish I was.

Workaholism seems to be the only vice people would like to have. In contrast, I don't know of anyone who aspires to alcoholism or drug addiction. The reality is that no one is really a workaholic until their work comes into conflict with someone else's play. Then, there are those ridiculous calls for "balance."

Here is the third commandment as a refresher for your memory:
"Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work; but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work."
Everyone knows about resting on the seventh day. But we gloss over the "six days you shall labor" part. Do we really do this? I know I don't. I work five days and loaf for two.

Here is Saint Josemaria Escriva on leisure:
'It seems' — so you say — 'as if every imaginable sin were awaiting the first idle moment. Why, idleness itself must be a sin!'
He who pledges himself to work for Christ should never have a free moment, because to rest is not to do nothing: it is to relax in activities which demand less effort.
The true disciple is never idle. He is always doing even on the Day of Rest. On Sunday, we should spend that time at Mass, in prayer, and reading the Bible and the saints.

I struggle with laziness which is idleness. Never be idle. This includes the Sabbath. I believe we sanctify the Lord's Day by refraining from our normal weekly activities to spend time in worship and reflection. The worst thing you can do on Sunday is turn on a football game. That is a waste of life.

Monday through Friday is a busy time for me. Saturday is the killer for me. That is the day when I am supposed to tend to household chores. Needless to say, I rarely get anything done on that day. It gets treated as a sort of "second Sabbath" which is actually a violation of the commandment. You need to work six days and not five.

You become a workaholic when you work seven days a week. Some people do this. This is not good. This deprives God of the time and worship that He is owed. It will also be a detriment to you. Do not do this.


--I think it is disgraceful but not surprising that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was denied service in a restaurant. Christian bakers have to bake cakes for sodomites, but conservatives should eat at home. The bottom line is that leftists want a civil war. For now, they have to be passive-aggressive.

--I have gone out of my way to not vote for Henry McMaster. I will probably end up voting for him in November, but I don't think he is the best person for the job. But he is friends with Trump, so he gets the assist from DC. The result is that true conservatism is being thwarted by Trumpism. Sometimes winning is losing.

--Chris Pratt believes in God. But he could have spared me the advice on pooping at a party.