Charlie's Blog: SOC 30


SOC 30

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

Today, I want to introduce a word to you. This word is insipid. To be insipid is to lack character or flavor. Imagine a nice soup without a single bit of salt in it. That is insipid. The result is something bland and unappealing. It is soup, but it isn't the soup you really care to eat.

Insipid is also a handy term to describe people. For instance, in the Catholic Church, we have CINOs or Catholics in Name Only. In the GOP, we have RINOs or Republicans in Name Only. Like the soup, they resemble the thing you want, but they have none of the flavor. They are lukewarm and wishy-washy. You wish they were not insipid but had some steel in their spine. But they possess the spine of a jellyfish.

I don't think people intend to become insipid. Somewhere, they took on the form of what they wanted to be, but the substance has drained away. The Bible condemns insipidness in two places. The first is Matthew 5:13 where Jesus says, "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men." The second place is Revelation 3:16 where Jesus says, "So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth."

These two verses tell us one thing. It is a sin to be insipid. With the salt of the earth line, I read somewhere that the salt that Jesus and the rest used was actually a mixture of salt and other minerals. If this mixture became wet, the salt would dissolve away leaving the minerals behind. It looked like salt, but it would be thrown out once it was tasted and found worthless. Similarly, the lukewarm passage dealt with mineral waters that could be drunk if it was hot or cold. But if it was lukewarm, it would be so nasty that no one could stomach the stuff.

The inspiration for this line of thinking comes from two videos I recently watched from the The Patriot Nurse. The first one is here, and the second one is here. Though both videos deal with the issue of gun control primarily, PN also touched on insipidness. PN is definitely not insipid. The woman is a true patriot with a spine of steel, and I think she is very wise on the topics she talks about. She doesn't compromise.

How does one become insipid? PN clues us in. In her case, she is not friends with "libtards." These would be your Marxist progressive leftists who still can't get over that Hillary lost. To be honest, I don't associate with these people either except for the handful of leftist family members I have to endure. Like PN, I believe that you aren't going to convince these people because they are out of touch with reality. When a man can identify as a woman and these people think we should adjust our pronouns for the sake of this mental illness, there is not enough common ground to make any meaningful dialogue. These people really are hopeless idiots. But I am digressing.

We become insipid by a process of compromise. We associate with people who don't share our values, so we water them down for the sake of that association. Similarly, we feed our minds with leftist propaganda disguised as mainstream media, and we assume that this MSM represents what most people think. So, we go along with that garbage. Before we know it, we have become Mitt Romney, the clown prince of insipidness.

There is a choice we all have to make. We can square our lives with the broader culture and take the mob as the measure of the world. Or, we can square our lives with what conservatives know as the "permanent things." This would be God, the Christian religion, and natural law. These things never change. These are the things you live to promote and die to defend.

The world comes down to two camps. There are those who compromise with the world, and there are those who never compromise with the world. As far as possible, you need to reject the world and stand in opposition to it. Then, you need to fortify yourself against the world and its influence. This means listening to Mark Levin instead of NPR and finding fellowship with those who share your values.

Some people don't like to fight. I understand that. Peace is a better way to go if you can have it. But the world is at perpetual war with those who desire this peace. Compromise does not bring peace. It never has, and it never will. When you compromise, you give the enemy what he wants without a fight and receive nothing in return. This is because evil never compromises, and it is never satisfied.

I go back and forth in my own mind on these things. My epic battle with social media has ended with me deciding that being on Twitter and GAB is worth the fight. Seeing a Franciscan friar on social media bashing on Trump and calling for gun control really set me off because he touched on two sore spots for me--leftists and social justice warriors in the Catholic Church who endeavor to turn the Church from her divine mission to becoming just another NGO. I can stop fighting, but they never stop fighting. Evil never rests.

The opposite of insipid is being robust. This is being strong in flavor or character. I think Jesus calls us to be robust. It's like a comment I made to some people after a cooperator's circle about the nature of Opus Dei. The epitome of Saint Josemaria Escriva's teachings are "don't be half-ass." If you're going to be Catholic, then be a Catholic. If you're going to become a saint, then get to it. Don't be wishy-washy about it.

As I examine myself, I have concluded that I was more robust as a libertarian and an atheist than I am now as a Catholic and conservative. What an utter disgrace! I was more energetic in spreading lies than I am now about the truth. But that is important to remember because this is the same robustness our enemies have now.

Writing is fighting. I have put that line out there many times on this blog. There are lots of ways to fight. Some people protest. Others pray. Others make YouTube videos while others simply like or retweet things on Facebook or Twitter. I write, and this is how I fight. When I become angry about something I see wrong in the world, my impulse is to hit the keyboard.

I have a certain trepidation about these things. What if I make a mess? I remember that exhortation from Pope Francis to go out and make a mess. The Holy Father has certainly succeeded in that regard. But I understand where he was coming from. Because we fear failure, we opt to do nothing. But this is not what Christ wants from us. He wants our efforts even if they are clumsy. He wants us to do something. We should not fear making mistakes. We should fear doing nothing. By doing nothing, we become like the unprofitable servant who buried his talent in the ground.

We can all do something even if that somethinq is small. I think my blogging is a small thing in the whole scheme of things, and I have been very doubleminded over the last year about this project. But pursuing it has the salutary benefit of helping me to be uncompromising. I fortify myself through my writing. I become stronger in what I believe. I become more robust. I have to stay with this project and do it harder than I have ever done it before. By doing this, I maintain my defiance against a world that does not love God, truth, or virtue. By fighting, I remain true to my principles, and those principles never change and never will.