Charlie's Blog: SOC 29


SOC 29

When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.

My last SOC post was not a good one. It was written while tired. I had resolved to give up writing, but as you can see, I am still writing. That Nietzsche quote nails it. When we are tired, old ideas and doubts come back to life. Sometimes, you just need to rest and rethink life.

I divide life into three large areas. The first area is the servile. This would concern working for a wage, performing chores and errands, or learning skills like how to build a table. These are the basest of things with the aim being the maintenance of the body. The servile is important since it sustains life. Unfortunately, people reduce life to the merely servile thinking life is only about making a dollar and satisfying bodily urges.

The second area is the cerebral and cultural aspect to life. This includes reading books, listening to classical music, looking at art, and spending time with family and friends. This aspect of life is what raises us beyond being mere animals or "cows eating grass." People given to a purely servile nature despise this cultural and cerebral aspect to life. Anything that doesn't serve the body is seen as a waste. When they do indulge things of this sort, they usually are of a debased nature involving sports, action movies, and pop music.

The third area of life is the spiritual. For me, this part of life is fulfilled by prayer, praying the rosary, attending Mass, and reading the Bible. This is the most important part of life and is the reason why God commands us to observe the sabbath. We are to develop and observe this part of life as being supreme over all the others. It is why God commands us to put God first and all the other things will be added to it.

I am good at the servile things since they feed the body, and I am good at the spiritual things since they feed the soul. It is the second area in my life that takes the beating. This is why I am always contemplating the end of this blog.

Writing helps to feed my brain. But all I see is the servile work I could have done in that time or the prayers I could have said. I have become unsettled in that part of my life devoted to cultural and intellectual pursuits. But those things matter. And they don't matter because they earn you money. They matter for their own sake. In short, it is good to be smart, learned, and wise. It matters that you write, draw, paint, or play music. Poetry is a good thing. Bach is a good thing. Shakespeare is a good thing.

I feel guilt over this intellectual part of my life. This goes back to my old man who taught me that the only thing that mattered in life was making money. He taught me nothing higher than that. But life is not for making money. Money has its place but only as a means to a higher end. Now that I'm middle aged, I wish I was richer, so I could buy more stuff which is dumb. I don't even know where this comes from, but I suspect that it comes from the stupid culture.

I am acutely aware of being surrounded by idiots. The one thing dumb people have going for them is the strength of sheer numbers. They are a zombie horde of brain dead fools. And this ignorance is a self-inflicted thing. These foolish morons mock people like me because we read books. Somehow, all those brains should yield a higher income. Money becomes the proxy for wisdom and genius. The result is the hyperspecialized fool who earns a high income as a computer programmer but spends his leisure time on video games.

Dealing with these people induces idiot fatigue. This is why I retreat online or to my books to read smart people as an antidote to the idiocy. Dumb people appreciate intelligence when it makes money. Otherwise, intelligence is a waste for them. But intelligence is valuable for its own sake and not for the sake of some other end. We have forgotten this as the servile arts have subsumed the liberal arts.

The liberal arts matter. I find myself having to defend it in this age of derision as most liberal arts majors graduate with massive student debt and dismal job prospects. But I think you need both the liberal and the servile arts to be complete as a person. This would be the physician who heals bodies but can also play classical piano and speak two languages.

My blog and my writing is what keeps this part of my life alive. Yes, I make nothing from it, but who cares? It is still worth doing for its own sake. I have to keep it going because it is one of the things that keeps me from devolving into a football watching zombie idiot.

I have to fight. This was brought home to me last night. We have a Franciscan friar preaching a mission at our parish, and he is a wonderful priest. I love Franciscans. So, I come home to check him out online because I am interested in his books and ministry. It turns out he has a blog much like this one and a Twitter account. In these two venues, he gets political, praises gun control, and bashes on Donald Trump as a racist. Should a priest or religious engage in such stuff? I don't know, but I find it ironic that this Franciscan feels the need to fight. I think he is wrong in his opinions, and I question the wisdom of tainting his ministry with the political. But this is how it is in the era of Pope Francis.

I have been AWOL from the fight. I have given up social media, but that is where the fight is happening. Like it or not, social media is our new town square. It all goes down there. I have tried to be purely a blogger without the social media, but this has been a halfway thing. I don't like halfway things. I'm either all in or completely out.

There are certain things I believe in. I believe in veganism. That is a small thing to me. But I also believe in Catholicism, and I mean the real Catholicism that flourished before the modernists got their way post-Vatican II. I also believe in conservatism and Donald Trump and the capitalist system of free enterprise. These things matter, and they are worth promoting and defending. They are worth the fight. If a Franciscan feels the need to fight, then a layman such as myself should certainly be fighting.

Writing is fighting. That is a little mantra I tell myself. It gets me stoked because I know that words and ideas matter. Sometimes, the fight fatigues me, and it helps to rest once in awhile. But I see so many standing up and fighting like this lady. And you can believe that the Left is fighting. They never stop fighting. Evil never dies.

I am grateful to that Franciscan friar. He shows to me what happens when people like me shut up and play nice. People like him get to spread the wrong message. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. I can't do nothing. It goes against my nature.