Charlie's Blog: MLK Day Reflections 2018


MLK Day Reflections 2018

What Martin Luther King understood, and used with great effectiveness, was the fact that blacks and whites alike ultimately shared a common moral universe in this country.

Each year on this day, I take time to reflect on race relations in America. In the past, I would paint as realistic a portrait as I could but was generally hopeful. This year, I am not so hopeful. Things are bad in this country as racial tensions have reached a pitch not seen since the 1960s. What happened?

Some reading this essay will answer the question sardonically. "Donald Trump is what happened," they say. I find that statement amazing. Dylann Roof walked into a black church in Charleston, SC, and killed nine people to try and achieve the sort of racial divisions we see with us now. Now, Dylann Roof is a racist. We know this because he says so. Donald Trump is not a racist. We know this because he definitely didn't kill 9 people but also because he says he isn't a racist. Yet, people insist that he is a racist.

We are at a weird moment in our history where racism is determined by others and not by you. I am not a racist. But I am white, a Southerner, a conservative, and a Republican. On the scorecard that cultural Marxists keep, this makes me a racist. But I can magically unbecome a racist merely by changing my party affiliation to Democrat. And that, Gentle Reader, is how Donald Trump became a racist. Despite decades of good relations and well wishing from the black community, Trump became a racist the moment he declared himself to be a Republican.

TRUMP: Tool of the black man.

Some will say that Trump has changed, but he hasn't changed. Looking back at clips of him over the years, he has always been a Republican. He praised Reagan and gave to Republican candidates. He has also not been a racist. There are too many black people who are friends with Trump for Trump to convincingly be a racist. If anything, his candor has made him especially beloved among the black community. Trump tells it like it is. This is in contrast to white Democrats who are two faced in their dealings with the black community. Going back to LBJ, the Democrat M.O. is to publicly love the black community while privately not giving a damn about them. This is how you get a city like Chicago where Democrats run City Hall while blacks fear for their lives each night.

Donald Trump is not a racist, but a lot of people would like it if he was. Some of those people are the alt right fringe racists who hate blacks and Jews and expect Trump to be racist and antisemitic like them. Yet, Trump makes a horrible Nazi with a daughter who married a Jew and converted to Judaism and has been the best US president in his relations with Israel. They love him so much over there that they want to name a street after him in Jerusalem.

You won't see this picture at the Nazi Party HQ.

The people that want desperately for Trump to be a racist are the left wing in this country. They hate this guy for being a conservative Republican. Hate overwhelms them. Their brains burn and smoke with hatred for the man. They sit ready to pounce on everything the man does and says in order to use it and whatever calumny they can generate in tearing down the man and his agenda. Consequently, this hatred is burning down news networks, newspapers, and the entertainment industry as these haters pile on each other to tear down Trump. Instead, they tear themselves down. The most potent and vivid example of this self-destructive hatred is the travesty of the kneelers in the NFL.


These million dollar athletes who are paid enormous sums of money to move a football up and down the field have decided that they have had enough of being oppressed by the racist white society that has made them so rich. So, they disgrace the country, the National Football League, and themselves by taking a knee during the national anthem. What really drives them to this sickening display of contempt is their singular hatred of Donald Trump. Trump came out in support of the anthem and the flag against Colin Kaepernick, and this was enough for them to hate America. If Trump had come out on the side of oxygen, these fools would have stopped breathing, turned blue, and died.

What could Trump do differently? Nothing. He can't stop being white. He could probably stop being Republican, but that isn't likely to happen. And, it shouldn't happen. The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln. Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington were Republicans. Martin Luther King, Sr. was a Republican. In regard to race, the Republican Party has changed little over the years sticking consistently to its principles. Over the same time period, the Democrat Party went from being the party of the KKK to being the party of Lyndon Baines Johnson who famously said, "I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years!" LBJ would refer to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as the "nigger bill." Johnson is so bad on these sorts of things that MSNBC said in a headline, "Lyndon Johnson was a civil rights hero. But also a racist."

LBJ: A good Democrat and a total racist
LBJ was and is the epitome of what the Democrat Party stands for today. Blacks, women, gays, immigrants, or whoever are really useful idiots that they play to win elections and advance their agenda. All you need is a little lip service and virtue signaling, and you have their vote and support even if they have to use the service entrance and sit in the "colored" section. The cynicism of these scoundrels is breathtaking. But it works. LBJ got it right. The next 200 years.

The Democrat Party hasn't changed a bit since LBJ. It amazes me how the left wing can gloss over the blatant flaws of their heroes. A great example is Woodrow Wilson who segregated the armed forces and the federal government. Wilson was a true friend to the KKK.

WOODROW WILSON: A progressive ahead of his time
The simple fact is that the Democrat Party was the party of racism while the Republican Party was the party of equality and justice. The other simple fact is that the Democrat Party is still the party of racism while the Republican Party is still the party of equality and justice. The difference is that the racism of the Democrats is now a stealth racism. They lie to black people to get their votes, but they hate them and hold them in the lowest regard. Somehow, this is preferred to the honesty of Donald Trump who really is a friend to the black community by bringing black unemployment down to its lowest levels since they began recording it.

Erased from the history books by the Democrats.

We know this closet racism lives on in the Democrat Party thanks to Uncle Joe Biden and his comments regarding Barack Obama. People forget that other black men ran for the Democrat Party's nomination. This would be Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But Obama was different. Joe Biden said that Obama was "clean and articulate." Jesse Jackson called Obama an "Uncle Tom." That's pretty nasty stuff there. But the Biden comment nails what most white Democrats think of most black Democrats and the black community, in general.

Obama made this man his VP.

The irony of this brief history lesson is that Donald Trump is accused of the very things that the Democrats do. Psychologists call this "projection." It's where you see your flaws in others. So, the racists of the Left both black and white project racism on everything that Trump says and does because they are racists themselves. The Bible has a better word for it. It is called "hypocrisy."

This projection problem was most noticeable when Senator Tim Scott appeared with Donald Trump and other Republicans to celebrate the passage of the recent tax bill. Scott was the architect behind getting this passed in the Senate. Tim Scott is an awesome senator and way better than Lindsay Graham who is a RINO. I am proud that Scott represents my state, and the man does an outstanding job. Yet, the left wing "mainstream" media vilified Scott as a "tool" and an "Uncle Tom."

TIM SCOTT: The one guy in this bunch who gets it done on Capitol Hill.

Since all Republicans are automatically racist, the Left doesn't know what to do when one of those Republicans is black. It is ludicrous for a white liberal to call a black conservative a "racist." So, they use other derogatory terms as "Uncle Tom," "cooning," and "house negro." This is some sickening stuff.

There is special hatred for black conservatives in the black community. This is ironic when you question black Democrats on issues such as taxes, gun control, abortion, religious freedom, LGBT rights, and all the rest. The vast majority of black people that I talk to on these issues are overwhelmingly conservative. They especially hate that the civil rights movement has now been linked to the LGBT movement because they despise these perverts. These black Democrats also know that welfare, illegitimacy, and the breakdown of the black family are the biggest problems for the black community. These problems are largely self-inflicted. Yet, these conservatives continue to vote for Democrats. It really staggers the imagination.

To be a black conservative today is to invite the hatred and ridicule of people who should know better and actually do know better. I applaud great men like Larry Elder, Allen West, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Sheriff Clark, and others who stand on principle instead of race and identity politics. What drives these black conservatives is a belief in God and country. They are Christians and patriots. Yet, the black community which has turned its back on God and country sees fit to heap derision on these conservatives who champion the things these hateful people know to be true and right.

Martin Luther King, Jr. changed this country. He helped to right a wrong. He did this by reminding white America that it had a conscience. By displaying Christlike charity, King reminded this country and the world that all people are deserving of dignity and equality. His revolution was a fundamentally Christian movement. I was reminded of this when Dylann Roof perpetrated his evil acts. Christians--black and white--came together to reject this young man's hatred. I was amazed that this Christian charity still exists, but there it was.

The Left is not Christian. It is Marxist. Philosophically, they reject the bonds of Christian charity in favor of the Hegelian dialectic. Charity wrecks the Marxist strategy since Marxists being the modern proponents of Hegelianism need alienated minorities to exploit for their agendas. It's not unlike the way certain pharmaceutical companies create an illness that doesn't exist in order to provide the cure they have. This is how you get young black men gunned down by each other on a nightly basis, but the big problem is racist cops even when those racist cops are black themselves and led by a black police chief answering to a Democrat mayor.

These race problems did not begin under Trump but under Barack Obama. A black president should have made things better for Black America. He didn't. He made them worse. This is because Obama was and remains a progressive pursuing this Hegelian strategy of the left wing. Unlike MLK, Obama is not a Christian. He may be a Muslim. He is certainly a Marxist. But he is certainly not a follower of Jesus Christ. Making Black America Great Again was never Obama's agenda. Consequently, blacks have never had it better than they do now under Trump, yet they burn with an anger that cannot be quenched. Somewhere, George Soros is having a nice laugh over this.

The key to improving the black community is the same key to improving the human race. This key is the Judeo-Christian ethic. King understood this. Would King still champion the same ethic today? I doubt it. It pains me to say that, but people need to remember that King was on a left wing mission to help garbage worker strikers in Memphis when he was gunned down. The civil rights thing was in the rear view mirror, and King had morphed into a social justice warrior demanding the sorts of things SJWs want today which amounts to a government check. This makes him a Marxist in my book.

The left wing agitates. Then, they exploit that agitation. Once upon a time, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others like him were Christians. Now, they are opportunists like Al Sharpton who smells racial conflict like a great white shark can smell the bleeding cut on a swimmer's leg. We no longer share a common moral universe. And this is the fundamental reason for the breakdown in race relations in this country. The USA has ceased to be a Christian nation and has moved into a post-Christian era of secularism, Marxism, and tribalism. Mahatma Gandhi was the inspiration for MLK's civil disobedience, and it is said that Gandhi thought the same method would have worked for the Jews in Nazi Germany. But this is laughable. The Nazis were not Christians at all. They had jettisoned such morals as weakness. Gandhi succeeded because the English were Christian. Similarly, MLK succeeded because Americans were Christian.

Today, Christianity is equated with racism. If this isn't a trick of the Devil, I don't know what is. I pray that people will see the falsehood in this lie, but I suspect they won't. What these race baiters don't understand is that a potent group of real racists exists in the wings ready to exploit the same agitation that the Left is creating. These racists are without conscience. No civil disobedience will dissuade them. They want to meet the violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa with their own violence. This country will spiral down the toilet if a civil war between these two groups break out.

Where do we go from here? I think the words of Martin Luther King tell us what we need to know. "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." When King said that, he got it right. Hate is always evil. We should hate no one, and that includes our enemies. Our country should not be about black or white. It should be about those who love and those who hate. Hatred is what is tearing this country down, and there is hatred on both sides. It needs to end, or it will end us.