Charlie's Blog: Thoughts on the Aftermath of the Alabama Special Election


Thoughts on the Aftermath of the Alabama Special Election

The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election.  I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!

Mo Brooks should be the next senator from the state of Alabama. Instead, we got the Democrat Doug Jones. How the hell did this happen? Well, Gentle Reader, it all goes back to when Donald Trump tapped Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general. That has turned out to be a colossal mistake because Doug Jones is now going to take the seat Sessions vacated while Sessions is a disaster as AG who needs to be fired. The USA would be a better place if Trump had left Sessions in the Senate.

The next mistake was when Trump did not endorse Mo Brooks in the GOP primary. Brooks is a solid conservative and would have advanced the #MAGA agenda in the US Senate. But people outside of Brooks's district hardly knew the guy. Trump could have changed that, but he didn't. He picked Luther Strange. I will never understand the reasoning behind that pick. Strange was the guy Mitch McConnell wanted. Trump should have known better, and he had a better option in Brooks. But he blew that one BIGLY. I doubt the POTUS will fire off a tweet about that.

Judge Roy Moore became the nominee for two main reasons. The first was that he was already well known in the State of Alabama and was a folk hero especially to evangelical Christians. The second reason was Steve Bannon. Bannon could have picked Brooks, but he didn't. I do not understand this. But Bannon threw his weight behind Moore, and I think it was primarily to rub it in Mitch McConnell's face. In hindsight, that looks pretty dumb.

That primary was an unmitigated disaster. The reason is because Mitch McConnell and Steve Bannon are in a pissing match. This civil war within the GOP threatens the #MAGA revolution, and it does not bode well for the 2018 midterms. These two guys need to come to some sort of meeting of the minds or else the Democrats will take back the House and the Senate. Trump will be lucky to remain in the Oval Office because those jackals will certainly impeach him. This election disaster may be a blessing in disguise if it serves to unify the party.

In the general election, I wholeheartedly supported Judge Roy Moore and fully expected him to win. Moore would have done a fine job in the Senate. That election was his to lose. Then, the unthinkable happened. The Democrats pulled the usual dirty tricks, but they outdid themselves this time. In the past, they would dig up the dirt, but it at least had the virtue of being true. In the case of Roy Moore, they tossed out all restraint and just flat out lied about the man. Combine money and trailer trash whores in a place like Alabama and the rest is what you witnessed.

There are people who will say anything and do anything for a dollar. Moore's accusers were silent for over 4 decades, but they spoke up now. Why? The answer is simple. Money flooded in probably from the likes of George Soros, but these women would have sold out for $50 and a carton of smokes. It didn't take much for them to slander a good man and destroy his reputation. They just needed their lies to be convincing enough to make a lot of Republicans stay home and sit this one out or perhaps write in some nobody which is what many of them did. It worked. Sad to say, this was a stroke of pure genius on the part of the Democrat Slime Party. I'm surprised they didn't throw necrophilia and bestiality at the poor man.

The sordid story with that forged yearbook is all you need to know to realize that Moore's accusers were a pack of liars. The unsubstantiated lies alone were enough, but they had to sweeten it with a prop that was later discredited. Here's a tip to the liars out there. Don't try and be creative. The simpler a lie is the easier it is to sell that lie.

Because these lies worked, you can expect the same strategy to be applied to every single GOP candidate going forward. They are already throwing this crap at Trump as they resurrect the already discounted sexual assault allegations against him and start tossing money out there in hopes that some other trailer trash bimbo will prostitute herself and lie for a dollar. This is the part that I can't stand. These liars are at a competitive advantage in this regard as Republicans generally don't stoop to outright fabrication to win an election.

These lies shouldn't have mattered because most of the people who voted for Moore saw them for what they were. They weren't fooled. But this leaves the NeverTrumpers like David French who hated Roy Moore before the first allegation was tossed out there. NeverTrumpers are a despicable lot. They are Benedict Arnolds. They allow evil to flourish because they cannot bring themselves to vote for imperfection. None of these clowns supported any of the other candidates in the primary. Instead, they write opinion pieces about their "principles."

I am a principled conservative, and I supported Trump and Moore. Other principled conservatives like Mark Levin and Ted Cruz supported Trump. Levin also supported Moore. I can understand if people were a bit put off by the allegations. But NeverTrumpers don't vote for anyone or endorse anyone. They are armchair warriors who'd rather write than fight. They are an insipid lot of cowards and idiots. Who needs these clowns?

Here's a suggestion. If you don't like the guy on the ballot, who do you support? NeverTrumpers can't answer this question. They are waiting for Mr. Perfect. Well, keep waiting because he ain't coming. In the meantime, why not support the best guy available? Like it or not, Roy Moore was way better than Doug Jones, yet these NeverTrumpers effectively elected this supporter of baby killing to the US Senate. If you're not for us, then you are against us. A NeverTrumper is a closet Democrat who doesn't have the stones to admit the betrayal.

Where do we go from here? I think the solution is that all Republicans including Donald Trump should agree on a common set of conservative principles and fight like hell to advance those principles. Unfortunately, the only things Republicans are fighting are each other. In the meantime, Alabama is stuck with this clown for the next two years.