Charlie's Blog: PRINT--The Dictator Pope by Marcantonio Colonna


PRINT--The Dictator Pope by Marcantonio Colonna

Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope in 2013 as a liberal and a reformer. In fact, he had long been known in his native Argentina as a manipulative politician and a skillful self-presenter. Behind the mask of a genial man of the people, Pope Francis has consolidated his position as a dictator who rules by fear and has allied himself with the most corrupt elements in the Vatican to prevent and reverse the reforms that were expected of him.

I bought this one as soon as it was available on Kindle. It promised to be an eye opener, and it was. If you want to know whether or not Francis is a bad pope, this book will answer it for you. Pope Francis is indeed a bad pope. The Dictator Pope goes into extensive detail as to why Francis is a bad pope. In a nutshell, he is the Argentinian dictator Juan Peron reborn as the Roman pontiff.

The first thing that needs to be established in this review is that "Marcantonio Colonna" is not the author's real name. The name comes from the admiral of the papal fleet during the Battle of Lepanto. You can read his Wikipedia article here. The reason for the pseudonym is obvious. The author faces the very real prospect of reprisal should his identity be made known. Rumors swirl that phones are tapped and a Stasi of sorts exists within the Vatican reporting everything back to Pope Francis and his lieutenants. I pray that nothing bad happens to him.

Colonna reports nothing staggeringly new to me as I have been reading these stories ever since Francis became pope. What is new are the details of those stories. Colonna fleshes them out and puts the stories in much better context. I don't want to give away everything in the book since it is rather exhaustive, but here are a few important things I have gleaned from The Dictator Pope:

1. The election of Bergoglio was shady from the start.

The book goes into detail about the St. Gallen Mafia group that originally wanted Bergoglio instead of Ratzinger to succeed Pope St. John Paul II. They lost in that mission in 2005 but were elated that they would get a second bite at the apple when Benedict abdicated. They openly campaigned for Bergoglio, and Bergoglio accepted it. This is a big no-no with the possibility of automatic excommunication for both the St. Gallen group and Bergoglio. It could possibly void his election leading to a declaration of Francis as an antipope. The book doesn't go to that conclusion, and it is not for us to draw it. But I would not be surprised in the future if this is actually declared to be the case regarding Pope Francis. The book says nothing about the rumors of Pope Benedict being forced to resign.

2. Pope Francis loves to be surrounded by scum.

The scum could be people engage in shady financial dealings at the Vatican Bank, sodomite clerics, or pedophile priests. Francis looks out for all of them because people with dirt on them are more easily controlled and manipulated.

3. Pope Francis's display of humility is false.

All of Francis's displays of humility are exactly that--displays. His "common touch" is an affectation to endear him to the masses. It was a trick the Argentine pope picked up from Juan Peron. Basically, the Holy Father makes sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

4. Pope Francis hates the good guys.

The good guys in this case would be the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, the Knights of Malta, and Cardinals Burke, Sarah, Mueller, Pell, and whoever else upholds the One True Faith. He has moved ruthlessly to smack these guys down in various ways, and you can expect this dictatorial behavior to continue under the man.

There is much more than just this in the book. Do I recommend it? Absolutely. It is must reading for any Catholic concerned about this disastrous papacy. But the book does not answer the fundamental question. Where do things go from here?

My personal belief is that Cardinal Burke and Company should convene a conclave of faithful prelates, draft a document like the filial correction, and demand that Francis either repent or vacate the Chair of Peter. I think this move will draw the ire of Francis and his allies, and things will become very ugly very quickly. Basically, it will be the fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima and the warnings of Our Lady of Akita. I don't expect Francis to repent or abdicate. Worse things are yet to come. Watch and pray.