Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 52


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 52

A doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn’t pay his bill, so he gave him another six months.


It has been awhile since I posted an RTOVS. Trump has been a busy guy during my hiatus, so I will be brief in my thoughts. I think Trump whiffed on the thing in Charlottesville by giving a weak initial response. Naturally, the Left pounced on this which means nothing to me because they are the Left. But conservatives of which I am one noticed as well. That is cause for concern. The reality is that there is a split between conservatives and the alt-right. Trump has been unable to decide if he is on the side of alt-right people or conservatives. Steve Bannon has not made this easy on him.

With Bannon's dismissal, Trump has decided to go in the conservative direction. This is a good thing. This is because conservatism is absolutely good, right, and just. I think the alt-right is now going to fade into oblivion. Trump needed to repudiate them in some way, and he has. Granted, they helped him win the GOP nomination and the presidency. But the alt-right are mostly imbeciles. My advice to Trump is to stop listening to Steve Bannon and start listening to Mark Levin.

With Afghanistan, the alt-right has now turned against Trump as Trump decides to listen to the generals on that issue. I support this decision. Afghanistan is a breeding ground for international terrorism. Unfortunately, it will probably always be this way. We can't just up and leave. The isolationists don't understand this. This leads us to Trump's other group he has to deal with--neoconservatives.

The neocons hate Trump. Yet, they see in his moves with Syria and Afghanistan things to like. The problem with neocons like Bill Kristol is that they are scum and idiots. There isn't a war they don't like, and they won't be satisfied until we have a One World Empire. Trump does not believe in this and neither do I. It is enough to be secure from world threats without subduing the world. The Romans were a Republic and relatively free. But then they conquered the world in empire which cost them their own freedom. There is a valuable lesson there.

Neoconservatives do not believe in liberty. Liberty and empire cannot coexist. If you doubt this, look at all the civil liberties and protections that have eroded since 9/11 and the rise of the neoconservatives. Empires demand all powerful rulers. This is why neocons find so much in common with the Left and the Marxists and why they preferred Hillary to Trump. Let me be clear on this. Neoconservatism is an evil. It needs repudiation.

The middle path between alt-right isolationism and neocon imperialism is the conservative policy of peace through strength. Weakness is provocation. Trump seems to get this which is why his show of strength regarding North Korea is turning out well. It is not enough to leave others alone. You must also give them robust incentives to leave you alone as well.

In regards to Afghanistan, this is the equivalent of the incorrigible offender. I doubt that place will ever be made right, and we shouldn't even try. That country like some people needs its ass kicked on a daily basis.

As for Trump, he has really had a rough time of things. My advice to him going forward is to be conservative and retain and hire conservatives to serve you. The more Trump follows this advice the better he will do. Ironically, he seems to be doing just that. This is why I like Trump. He ends up doing the right thing despite himself.

As I write this, Trump has issued more direct guidance on banning transgender troops. I totally applaud and support his decision on this. I also applaud and support his decision to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the ridiculous "crime" he committed. Basically, the man enforced the law despite a judge's order to not enforce the law. We are at the point where one part of government such as a judge or a mayor can act in defiance and order others to act in defiance of this nation's laws. It just boggles the mind. This presidential pardon is exactly what the Founders envisioned happening and why they thought it was needed. The pardon power is a check against tyranny. The conviction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for doing his job is tyranny.


Pope Francis continues to infuriate faithful Catholics. The latest outrage is when the Holy Father said that countries should set aside safety for the sake of mercy. Basically, a country should take in all Islamic refugees and embrace rape, murder, and pillage as acceptable things out of mercy and compassion. You would have to be a complete papolater to listen to and accept this madness. As one person pointed out, Pope Francis is the head of his own state and can practice what he preaches anytime he likes at the Vatican.

With Amoris Laetitia, the schism widens ever more as diocese after diocese either embraces adulterers or rejects them. Cardinal Burke has finally declared that a correction is coming which the three remaining dubia cardinals will give privately to the Holy Father. I appreciate and admire Cardinal Burke, but this correction amounts to nothing since I expect Pope Francis to never answer the door. If they want a face-to-face, maybe they can catch him in the hallway somewhere. Otherwise, Francis will just ignore them. A public rebuke may provoke a response, but it will end in the loss of red hats and possible excommunication.

There are things that need to be said, and I don't see anyone saying this. So, I will say it. The pope can announce that he is an atheist, publicly worship the Devil in a satanic sacrifice in St. Peter's basilica, declare the entire Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church to be null and void, and copulate publicly in St. Peter's square with a prostitute, and there is nothing the cardinals can do about it. NOTHING. They can decry the man as a heretic and point out his errors. They can declare him an antipope after the fact. But they cannot remove him from the chair of Peter. The secular authorities can lock him up for criminal activities, but he would have to step beyond the Vatican for this to happen. Otherwise, he is the pope, and he must be endured until God Himself removes him from his post.

Theologians in the past have stated that any pope who declares heresy is automatically out of the pontificate at the moment of the declaration. Nevermind that this not even supposed to be possible per papal infallibility. The pope may declare errors privately but never ex cathedra. If you follow the logic here, a pope can never not be pope because he cannot utter error even when he utters errors. If this makes no sense to you, welcome to my world, folks. This logical pretzel is a form of the game of heads I win and tails you lose.

Let me clear things up for you, Gentle Reader. If a pope ever speaking ex cathedra declares heresy which would be errors in regard to faith and morals, that man has not ceased to be pope. Christ has ceased to be Christ. The gates of hell have prevailed, and the Petrine promise declared by Christ in Matthew 16:17-19 will have been rendered a lie. Christ cannot lie. Popes cannot err. They are infallible. A fallible pope is a calamity, and Jesus has left no escape from this calamity should it occur. If we set aside this teaching, we should join the modernists and also set aside Christ's teachings on divorce and remarriage. Or, we can join the Eastern Orthodox and deny papal infallibility.

I do not believe Pope Francis will bring this calamity upon us. I do believe that he will try. If Pope Francis succeeds in this regard, I will return to my atheism as Roman Catholicism will be the greatest mockery in all of human history. God keeps His promises, and if He doesn't, then God does not exist. If He does exist and breaks His promises, then the Mohammedans are correct in their theology. I will never be a Muslim or worship their monstrosity.

These are high stakes for the faithful because their faith hangs in the balance. I have faith, but it is not faith divorced from reason and common sense. There have been bad popes and antipopes. There have been popes who said and did things in contradiction to the Magisterium. I think Pope Francis is one of them. But no successor of Peter can ever issue heresy as true doctrine because the Holy Spirit won't let him.

Where do things stand at the moment? Here is what I believe and know about Pope Francis:

--Francis believes in giving communion to remarried adulterers.

--Francis believes in artificial contraception especially for the sake of protecting the environment through population control.

--Francis abhors the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and will rescind Summorum Pontificum.

These are not idle speculations but the common sense conclusions we can draw from the man's words and actions. Just this week, the Holy Father threw his magisterial weight behind the Novus Ordo. What that means is still being debated, so I will not comment on this at this time. But when you see the dark clouds overhead, keep your umbrella handy.

Because Pope Francis cannot overthrow the Magisterium himself, he does so by a move I call "heresy by proxy." In Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis did not change church teaching, but he gave the greenlight for others to do it for him. Cardinals and bishops can err, so this is how you get one diocese promoting the error being suppressed in another diocese. The result is schism with faithful bishops fighting it out with apostate bishops. Where popes quieted schism in the past with their words and authority, Pope Francis promotes schism and heterodoxy by his silence and by decentralizing his authority. It is almost satanic in its fiendishness.

What can faithful bishops and cardinals do about it? As I said, NOTHING. Laypeople can certainly do nothing except exercise the power of the purse by not giving money to Rome. The papacy is an absolute monarchy. The remaining faithful bishops can stand fast, but a demonic pope can simply remove them and replace them with his own bad bishops. As the college of Cardinals gets stacked up with modernists, the next pope will certainly be worse than the current pope.

Where do things go from here? That is the subject of prophecy, and there are many prophecies about this coming calamity. All I can tell you to do is pray the rosary, go to Confession, attend Mass, and do works of mercy. Keep your lamp shining and never give up. God wins in the end.


Living on a Dime is a favorite of my wife who enjoys watching their YouTube channel. Most of their advice is cooking and food related, but they also give a lot of commentary on how most people are living hand to mouth in the most ridiculous of ways. People with money problems are usually people with spending problems and lifestyle inflation. Watch the videos, learn some things, and get your act together.


No one heals himself by wounding another.

The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but men of tradition.

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