Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 49


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 49

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses… drinks right out of the bottle.


So, the POTUS starts a flame war on Twitter with Joe and Mika. This was in retaliation for the flame war they started with him except they somehow didn't start it. Naturally, Trump is the bad guy for repaying in the same coin he was dealt. The result is a massive distraction for the MSM to immolate themselves over for a week of news cycles. Meanwhile, the agenda proceeds while Trump has a laugh.

Where do I stand on this? I think the Trump tweets of this nature are immature and not something I would do. To paraphrase Marcus Aurelius, the first great talent of a president is the ability to endure great hatred. This is not a trait of Donald Trump.

The advice of Marcus Aurelius in this matter is also appropriate. The greatest revenge is to not become like your enemy. And this is the crux of what conservatives don't like about Donald Trump. He lacks these virtues. He can be classless and crass.

The essence of Donald Trump is that he is your typical loudmouthed New Yorker. I am a Southerner, so I find all Yankees to be like this. These are those "New York Values" Ted Cruz mentioned back in the campaign.

People think Trump should get off of Twitter, but there is nothing inherently wrong with Twitter. Barack Obama and Mike Pence have Twitter accounts. Ted Cruz has a Twitter account. The pope has a twitter account. So, what is the difference? Trump tweets his own tweets. The man is unfiltered.

I don't believe you should say or write everything. Sometimes, reticence and silence say more than words. Barack Obama got this which is why he was the opposite of Trump. I have much disagreement with Barack Obama, but I did admire his style. That cat was cool. He never lost that cool.

Trump is not cool. He is hot and ill tempered like the people that elected him. Those people don't want him to change. As for Mike and Joe, my advice to them is that when they sling crap at people that they keep their mouths closed when it comes flying back at them. You get less of it in your pie hole.


Pope Francis gave the pink slip to Cardinal Muller. Muller was a thorn in the pontiff's side, and the Holy Father has replaced the good cardinal on the CDF with a fellow member of the Society of Judas. Francis did the move with ill intentions, but I think Muller deserved the sack because he failed to support the four cardinals in their dubia regarding Amoral Licensia. Excuse me, Amoris Laetitia.

Pope Francis will now push forward even harder on the modernist agenda that he supports materially even though restrained by the Holy Spirit from supporting formally. Here are some of my expectations from the Holy Father going forward:
--Ordination of female deacons paving the way for ordination of female priests.

--Further denigration of the Novus Ordo in a Protestant direction into an ecumenical celebration where Lutherans and perhaps others will be welcome to profane the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ as they feast unworthily. Perhaps this will be avoided if the denigration of the rite renders it invalid making communion on par with juice and crackers time at the Baptist church down the street.

--The nullification of Humanae Vitae through ambiguity giving a green light to contraception.

--Decentralization and break up of church authority into national churches like the Orthodox with a "patriarch" over each country's dioceses. This will negate the authority of future popes who are protected from error by the Holy Spirit. Schism will reign.

--Blessing of same sex unions. 

--Vatican III

Yes, Gentle Reader, things are very dark in the Roman Catholic Church. It can be dispiriting. Then, there is this interesting video where Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI greets some new cardinals. One of those cardinals is this guy. And this guy. Benedict's response to them that "the Lord wins in the end" has become a telling statement for quite a few people.

Was Benedict forced out of the papacy? That is just a rumor, but it would be devastating if it turned out to be true. I don't see how a former pope who was orthodox can look on at the damage his heterodox successor is doing and bite his tongue. My personal opinion is that Benedict should have never resigned the papacy. But the point is moot when you consider that the wolves were always at the door.

Satan has the Roman Catholic Church. His workers are in control, and they are working hard to bring about the destruction of the faith. The Lord wins in the end. This is what we must never forget. It is disheartening to see such evil triumphing, but God always has a way of turning these defeats into victory.

This is a great chastisement for the Church. We must patiently endure these trying times until the Lord Jesus triumphs in the end.


The epitome of the Society of Judas is Father James Martin. You may recognize him as the celebrity priest who is a regular on Colbert and pushes all things gay. My personal suspicion is that Father Martin is gay himself. This comes from the poorly kept secret that the Society of Judas is corrupted by sodomites. This might amount to detraction or even calumny except for one thing. Father Martin and the Society of Judas think there is nothing wrong with sodomy and being gay. Well, folks, here's a newsflash. Perversion is perverse. Yeah, that is a total shocker, but there's a reason Sodom and Gomorrah got the fire and brimstone.

Now, people with these inclinations are welcome in the Roman Catholic Church. One of the apostolates formed for helping people with same sex attraction issues is Courage which ministers to LGBT people. Does Father Martin ever endorse Courage? Hell no. Instead, Father Martin is the darling of New Ways Ministry which the Catholic Church condemns. What is the difference? Courage calls gays and lesbians to chastity. NWM does not.

Father Martin is a heretic. He leads souls to Hell. He is a wolf in a sheepsuit. Sad to say, these wolves can be recognized by the letters "SJ" at the end of their names. 



Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.

Don’t worry about me no matter what happens in this world. Nothing can happen to me that God doesn’t want. And all that He wants, no matter how bad it may appear to us, is really for the best.

Life does not ask what we want. It presents us with options.


--The iPhone came out a decade ago. It was a terrible thing.

--A certain rapper admitted to cheating on a certain singer. It's good to know that some people still feel shame over sin.

--I hate Morning Joe. I only watch it when I visit left leaning family members. Waiting for Joe and Mika to get divorced to see who gets the show in the settlement.

--Canada is insane. Pronouns are now on par with the N-word in Canuckistan. Complete idiots.

--I totally support Kate's Law. Criminal foreigners deserve harsh penalties. Get out of this country.

--Put an expiration date on Obamacare. That would be something every Republican could support. Spend the next two years debating replacement and working on that.

--The Charlie Gard story is heartbreaking and a warning. The right to die is now becoming the obligation to die.

--Some blue states would be red if they stamped out voter fraud. Democrats are slime.


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