Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 42


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 42

I hope to offend every reader.


In the space of a week, Donald Trump has disappointed me and also made me cheer. The disappointment was with his decision to fire Lt. Gen, Mike Flynn as National Security Adviser over what amounts to nothing. Trump admits Flynn did nothing wrong. Yet, he fired the man. Why?

The Flynn move was what you would expect to see on The Apprentice. It is the sort of numbskull move I see all the time in Corporate America where talented and valuable people are terminated while slimebags and rats linger like rotten cabbage. In the case of Trump, the rotten cabbage would be Reince Priebus who I expect to remain until the very end of the Trump presidency. I would never work for Donald Trump in any capacity on any project.

From my reading and talks with friends, this behavior is nothing new for Trump. The man has no loyalty whatsoever. When the going gets tough, he throws you overboard to lighten the load. This is the Trump Modus Operandi. I expect it to result in more terminations probably before the end of his first year in office. Why would any quality person work for this idiot?

I don't like Trump. I cry a little bit each day over how much better a Cruz presidency would have been. Yes, it could be worse. It could be Hillary up there. But I would love it if Trump resigned and let Pence finish his term or chose not to run again.

It's sad when we no longer discuss the man's policies but psychology. I know Trump's type. I've encountered his type in real life many times. He has no humility. He has no memory except the selective delusions he cherishes over his victories while forgetting all of his humiliations and defeats. And you can count on the guy to stick with you until it doesn't look so good, and he walks away from the deal stiffing you on the bill. Then, there's the three marriage thing. I expect a fourth by the end of this administration.

On the upside, Trump had a field day with the media at his press conference that Rush Limbaugh praised as the best he has ever seen. Trump is at heart a troll, so he made good TV. I appreciate seeing a man mop the floor with liberal idiots. But I'd like to see him answer questions from a solidly conservative press corps. Seeing him take questions from someone like Mark Levin would not be so flattering for the POTUS.

The problem with the liberal media is that they lie. Somewhere along the way, the media stopped being the tellers of truth and became propagandists for the Left. The Russian Hacking Scandal which is a non-story is the one thing the liberal media can't let go of. They don't care if its true. They just want it to be "truthy" in the hopes that some of their crap sticks.


I come home each evening to read my feeds with one question in my mind. What stupid thing has the Holy Father said today? The latest idiocy would be when His Holiness declared that there was no such thing as "Islamic terrorism." That bit has led to various Catholics on Twitter wondering why they should listen to anything Pope Francis has to say on anything.

The rumors about Cardinal Burke and Muller have turned into nothing, so they must have been just idle chatter. As for the Dubia, they remain unanswered. And why no answer? That is because the Holy Father cannot answer them in faith to the Magisterium. He is heterodox. This would never have come up with an orthodox pope.


Milo is a one name celebrity like Cher, Madonna, Elvis, and Adele mainly because his last name is so hard to say and spell. He is slated to be the keynote speaker at CPAC which I think is a huge mistake. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the face of the New Right:

The man is flamboyantly gay, and his act cannot be presented to a family audience. I don't see this guy doing a presentation at Liberty University anytime soon. Yet, conservatives are embracing this man because he absolutely infuriates the Left. The only reason he is a "conservative" is because conservatives are actually more tolerant than liberals. Milo merely demonstrates what we have always known.

Milo is a troll. He is with Trump because Trump is also a troll. And he is hilariously politically incorrect. Milo is an equal opportunity offender. This might be great fun for the moment, but it indicates long run trouble.

Milo isn't the first person to go to this place. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have trod this avenue many times over the years. The problem is that the behavior undercuts the message sort of like screwing for chastity.

Watching Milo is like seeing an arsonist firebomb the local HQ of the Communist Party. It's hard to defend the concept of private property while destroying private property. Likewise, you can't really be for traditional conservative values while engaging in sodomy and inflammatory rhetoric. Even liberals like Bill Maher can see the disconnect.

Once upon a time, I was a troll for libertarianism and atheism in the same vein as Milo. But I ceased being a troll when I became a Catholic and returned to conservatism. I'm weird in that I believe we should embody the values we champion.

This brings us to the larger problem of the alt-right. As a movement, the alt-right is too diverse to sum up in a few sentences or even a single blog post. What they do have in common is that they aren't liberals. Some of them are crackpot conspiracists. Others are racist white nationalists. Others are antisemitic while others are actual Jews. Then, you have a homosexual like Milo. And to think that Reagan had issues trying to get religious conservatives and libertarians under the same tent.

I see the alt-right as the natural creation and byproduct of Loony Leftism. Their authoritarianism has breeded a new radical, and Milo is the poster boy of this new radicalism. The problem for conservatives is that they are deluded into thinking these people are the future of conservatism. They aren't. They are the death of conservatism. When this drunken party ends, the conservatives will be left to clean up the mess.

4. Q & A

Q: With Pope Francis being a heretic now, can we schism out of the Church like the Eastern Orthodox or the SSPX?

A: NO!

Being faithful to Christ means being faithful to the Vicar of Christ. I read various bloggers who now refer to the Holy Father as "Bergoglio," but these people are in serious error to disrespect the pope in this way. They should repent of this error and seek out the nearest confessional. That insult is an insult to Christ. Whatever way you treat the Vicar of Christ is how you treat Christ Himself. After our Lord and the Blessed Virgin comes the pope in terms of honor and respect.

The problem with our pope is that he is a sinner much like all the ones that preceded him. But his office does not rest on his sanctity or his orthodoxy but on the promises of Christ. When the pope errs, he will have to answer for the error to our Lord. We are judged on our faithfulness and obedience. A bad pope is simply a test of that faithfulness and obedience.

Hang in there. Show some respect.


If God gives you the burden, God will give you the strength.

Withdraw yourself from people and spend at least an quarter of an hour, or a half-hour, in some church in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Taste and see how sweet is the Lord, and you will learn from your own experience how many graces this will bring you.

To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

Despite a voluminous and often fervent literature on "income distribution," the cold fact is that most income is not distributed: It is earned.

Especially threatening, therefore, are the industrious, independent, and successful, for they demonstrate what is actually possible under current societal conditions—achievement, happiness, and fulfillment—thereby contradicting and endangering the utopian campaign against what was or is. They must be either co-opted and turned into useful contributors to or advocates for the state, or neutralized through sabotage or other means. Indeed, the individual’s contribution to society must be downplayed, dismissed, or denounced, unless the contribution is directed by the state and involves self-sacrifice for the utopian cause.


--John Bolton would be a good replacement for Flynn until Trump fires him, too.

--As Boomers retire in droves, unemployment will vanish, inflation will skyrocket, and the US will default on its massive debts.

--Prayers for the soul of Norma McCorvey. May she rest in God's mercy and love forever.

--A shadow government exists in the federal government. Flynn was their first takedown. He won't be the last. Trump should fire those people instead of the ones loyal to him.

--Prayers for the soul of Michael Novak. May he rest in God's mercy and love forever.

--The biggest problem in the Catholic Church remains the issue of child raping homosexual priests. They need to be laicized and excommunicated in a reign of holy terror.

--The leftwing media must really regret coining that phrase "fake news." That bomb blew up in their own faces.

--The SSPX should take heart from the Society of Judas that you can remain in full communion with the Catholic Church and ignore everything it teaches.