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SOC 12

The best fighter is never angry.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. I usually write something about the state of race relations in the USA on this day, but I don't feel like it this year. The reality of the situation is pretty clear. White society has become less racist while black society has become less virtuous. In the past, white masters would break up black families in heartbreaking fashion. And the atrocity was enforced with murder. Today, many black families are nothing more than unwed single mothers living on welfare while the fathers run the streets impregnating more females and killing each other. Somehow, this lack of virtue is the fault of white racist society.

If there is one overriding theme to this blog, it is the thesis that our society depends upon a Judeo-Christian ethic. Our society was great because our people were good. Our society is now terrible because we are no longer good. My remedy is simple. Be righteous. Forget about prosperity, power, and the rest. Become righteous. All the rest will be added unto you. I think Jesus said that.

Recently, I have been a bit miffed about the new Scorsese flick, Silence. I knew it was coming out over a year ago, and I knew the basic plot because of the novel written by Shusaku Endo. Here's the gist of the movie. Two Jesuits head to Japan back in the 1600's to find out what happened to their mentor who is rumored to have apostasized from the faith. When they arrive, they find the rumors to be true. Basically, the true believers are given a choice to renounce their faith or watch their fellow believers die excruciating deaths. It is one thing to die for your own faith. It is another thing to let others die for your faith.

Silence presents a classic moral dilemma. You are forced to do evil for the sake of the good. This is known as consequentialism. It is merely a variation on the Machivellian dictum that the end justifies the means. In the case of Silence, the end is saving the lives of other people. Naturally, the movie becomes an apologetic for apostasy.

I have not seen the film or read the novel. What I know about it comes from the reviews of others who have seen it. I will probably watch it when it comes to video as I hate going to the theater these days. It should not be a long wait as it seems to be flopping both critically and commercially. But I know enough about it to say that it is a bad movie.

The first thing that needs to be set out for you to know is that this film was directed by Martin Scorsese and represents a labor of love for him. The Gentle Reader needs to be reminded that Scorsese is the same man that brought us the blasphemous The Last Temptation of Christ. Scorsese is a lapsed Catholic in his fifth marriage with his four previous marriages all ending in divorce. He is your typical cradle Catholic who left the Church but feels that he has some birthright to criticize the Church and its teachings. Hollywood and the music industry are full of these apostates. They are easy to understand. They can't abide the Church's teachings, but they can't escape them either. Their consciences burn, but they cannot seek forgiveness and absolution for their sins. So, the new thing today is to try and meet these apostates halfway by offering them absolution without repentance on their part. This is called "mercy." This brings us to our second point.

The second thing you need to know about this movie is that it is not a Catholic film but a Jesuit film. Once upon a time, Jesuits were Catholic, but they have betrayed the charism of St. Ignatius of Loyola and have become the Society of Judas. If there are any tears in Heaven, they fall from the eyes of St. Ignatius over the demise of the order he founded. And if you think I am unfair in making this distinction, Jesuits will go out of their way to make it as well. The Jesuit badge has become their mark of distinction from the rest of Catholicism. Jesuits are different, and I agree with them on that point. They ain't Catholic.

Father James Martin of the Society of Judas provided consulting for the film, and it was screened at the Vatican. Pope Francis, a Jesuit, has also watched it. Basically, Silence gets the Jesuit endorsement. And there is a reason for this. Silence captures their current worldview. It is their movie. This is why it behooves us to understand it and refute it.

Once upon a time, the Jesuits were the good guys. A better novel for Scorsese to turn into a movie would be The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest which recounts Father John Gerard's efforts for the faith during the Recusant Period in England. Like Silence, it deals with Jesuits ministering in a hostile society. In the case of Gerard, he ran the risk of being hung, drawn, and quartered which has to be as fiendish as anything the Japanese could devise. The key difference between Silence and Hunted Priest is that Priest is a true story. Silence is a work of fiction. The other difference is that Priest encourages faith while Silence undermines it.

What happened to the Jesuits? The answer is obvious. They turned their eyes from Heaven and onto the world. This is why the Society of Judas is rife with liberation theology believers, social justice warriors, gay rights endorsers, and on and on. Basically, they are Marxists with clerical collars. It makes me appreciate true Marxists more because they at least do us the favor of not dressing in sheep suits and lying about their true motives.

Silence is the Jesuit movie because it tells in story form the decision many Jesuits make today to live a double life of faith and apostasy. In the movie, the Jesuits don't apostasize to save themselves but to save others. This is the gist of the social justice gospel. The spiritual is subordinated to the temporal. Jesus did not die to save our souls but to correct economic and social inequality. Somehow, this sell out of the faith to Satan is heroic. Nevermind that it isn't biblical, Christian, or Catholic.

The refutation of this apostasy is found in Jesus's response to His third temptation. Satan offers the world to our Lord if Jesus would just worship Satan. Basically, it is the same offer and extortion that the Japanese put to the Jesuits in Silence. And how does Jesus respond? "Get away, Satan! It is written: 'The Lord, your God, shall you worship and Him alone shall you serve.'"

There is nothing more precious than Jesus. Your love for Him should be so absolute that you would sacrifice everything you own and every person you love for His sake. If some evil person commands you to deny Christ or have someone killed if you refuse, the correct response is to not deny Christ. Even if it cost the lives of millions of people including your own loved ones, you should never deny our Lord even if the denial is as small as burning incense to the emperor or stepping on a fumi-e.

There can never be any justification for apostasy. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. The clever trick of the Devil is in the gray area of "extenuating circumstances." This is how you get things like abortion on demand. Somehow, babies need to die for the sake of some greater good.

Apostasy makes sense if atheism is true. If there is no God or afterlife, then you shouldn't even pretend to be religious. Go ahead and be a materialist, a Marxist, a hedonist, or whatever. What I don't get is how people can stop believing and still wear a collar. I have been an atheist, so I get atheism. I respect atheists because they are consistent. But I don't respect apostates and heretics who want to have it both ways. Either Jesus is real and we obey Him, or He isn't real and we forget Him.

The Society of Judas teaches that Jesus is real, but we should live in disobedience to Him. This makes them more satanic and evil than the atheists. How can I say this? Because this is the mind of Satan who believes and knows God is real yet refuses to serve. But the Society of Judas doesn't see themselves as disobedient but in service to the true Gospel that somehow got obscured over the centuries. Fortunately, these Jesuits are now privileged to reveal in our times what was hidden since the first century.

All of this nonsense is modernism which Pope St. Pius X declared to be the "synthesis of all heresies." To the modernist, religion is not an objective set of unchangeable facts but a subjective set of changeable beliefs. This is why modernists reject orthodoxy in favor of "spirituality." Spirituality is nothing more than do-it-yourself faith and morals. Even Scorsese says, "We shouldn't toss away spirituality." What is implied in this declaration is that we can toss away orthodoxy.

For me, the choice is clear. Either Jesus Christ was the Son of God, or it is all a bunch of crap. When I was an atheist, I was a complete atheist. I was not a pretend atheist dabbling in Wicca while trash talking Baptists like some of my peers in Godless Columbia. As an atheist, I lived in a stark and empty world. I lived like that for a decade. I had accepted that there was no God, and dying was merely the end of sensation. The only thing I believed in was not hurting people, but that belief was eroding considerably before God came back into my life. Had I not become Catholic, I would have become a monster.

What is a monster? For me, the definition of a monster is a person who jettisons all moral restraint and blunts his conscience to such a severe degree that no atrocity or crime is beyond him. One does not get there all at once. It is done by degrees. I was fighting the loss of the soul that I denied having.

The process of becoming a monster is a simple one. You begin with a small sin. For instance, you can linger on some nude image on the internet. Then, it becomes more images. Then, it is movies. Then, it is hardcore movies. Then, when these no longer thrill, they become pornography of a criminal and horrific nature. Then, these atrocities are committed in reality. Each step of the way takes you further down the road. The delusion is that it is only a small step down that road. The second delusion is that you can always turn around and go back. It is those delusions that bring a person into Hell.

The appeal of Star Wars is the story of a man who became a monster. He didn't get there all at once but was manipulated there by the satanic figure of Palpatine aka Darth Sidious aka the Emperor. It is no coincidence that those who embrace the Dark Side become disfigured as a result. This is because evil assaults the image of God in us. Evil can only be a parasite on the good.

Modernism in religion is merely a satanic disguise to get people to take the first step down the road to destruction. And that will be the justification. It is but a small thing. Do this one thing, and it will be over. But it never ends there. NEVER. Because the moment it is done, the Devil will never let you forget it.

This is the modus operandi behind Amoris Laetitia and the civil war in the Catholic Church that is now underway. By reintroducing ambiguity, Pope Francis has opened the door for the modernists to bring mayhem and destruction. Pope Francis is their guy. He was the pontiff they wanted while they bided their time under the previous two pontificates. This is the Pope who wants the doors of Europe opened wide to Muslims who rape and murder while trash talking young people with a fondness for the Latin Mass.

When the history is written about Pope Francis, it will be acknowledged that he was the worst pontiff in the history of Catholicism. Granted, there were ones worse in their personal behavior engaging in gross sins. But to their credit, none of them attempted to alter the doctrines of the Church. Pope Francis has done this with Amoris Laetitia and his refusal to clarify that document. The Holy Father has opened the backdoor for the wolves to slip in and devour the children in their sleep.

No one wants to say what I have just written in much the same way that no one wanted to declare that the emperor was naked. But there you have it. The Pope cannot proclaim heresy, but he can give the greenlight for others to do it for him. The history of the Roman Catholic Church shows time and again where popes have been ignored. Today, Pope Francis has put the Church on notice that he will look the other way as the modernists sow confusion and lead their flocks to spiritual death.

Where does this war end? I don't know. I don't have those gifts. I just know that the messages of our Lady and the Catholic mystics talk about a great apostasy to come and massive upheaval in the Church. None of this troubles me or disturbs me. This schism has always been submerged, but it is now clear and in the open. This is a chastisement. I don't know if it is the Great Chastisement, but we are definitely in a time of trial.