Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 33


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 33

I don't have a girlfriend, but I do know a woman who would be mad at me for saying that.


I thought it was pretty awesome that they cheered Donald Trump at the Army-Navy tackle football game. That moment captured something that everyone needs to remember going forward. We dodged a bullet when Hillary Clinton was defeated. I have tempered expectations when it comes to Donald Trump, and I would be overjoyed if he resigned on Day Two and let Mike Pence have the job. I am not a Trump fan, but I was not a NeverTrumper either. Trump is simply the worst of the best which is still better than Hillary Clinton.

Trump's game plan so far seems to be primarily economic. The other jobs in the administration I suspect will be handled by the professionals. I glean this from the fact that the guy works day and night to keep businesses in America, but he only takes one intelligence briefing each week. Mike Pence takes the briefing daily. Then, there is that bizarre choice of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. I thought Trump should go with Bolton, and Bolton will be deputy at State. It seems to me that Trump is duplicating at State the same thing going on in the administration with him and Pence. You have a CEO and a COO. Trump is the CEO of America. Pence is the COO. Tillerson will be the CEO at State. Bolton will be the COO. Trump is going to run it like a business. He might be a genius on this. We will see.

Trump has taken a protectionist turn which was not unexpected. Businessmen don't give a damn about economics. They seek advantage and make deals. Those deals may not benefit the larger economy, but they do benefit the businessman. Trump is following the same logic with his economic policy.

Trump is neither a political philosopher nor an economist. He has no overarching strategy or ethos. He is business. People were not pleased that he mended things with Mitt Romney, but that sort of thing is typical in a business environment. Business is nasty, but you still have to work with people even if you don't like them. This is how money gets made. You are going to work with these people because you aren't going to work without them.

People need to understand Trump in this business context. Trump is not a politician. He is a businessman. Conservatives may wince over this, but they should see it as an opportunity. I think Mike Pence understands this. I think we can pursue and make progress on 80% of the issues conservatives care about. The issue of free trade will be the sore spot. I don't believe in protectionism. It doesn't work.


The Holy Father reached a new low when he decried media people who report on papal scandals as coprophagists. For those without a dictionary handy, these are people who derive sexual pleasure from the eating of feces. This would be a new low for this media pontiff. None of this criticism was made about the ones who interview the Holy Father and twist his words as endorsements for gay lifestyles or abortion. It was aimed primarily at people like the excellent Edward Pentin who reports factually and honestly about this pontificate.

Pope Francis is a bad pope. My gut has been telling me this for a few years, but it is clear for everyone to see now. Francis was the pick of the modernist heretics. The schism that was always submerged is now open and visible. The Roman Catholic Church is splitting between those who embrace modernism and heresy and those who are with our Lord and with tradition. I think all of this was foretold by Our Lady of Akita. Dark days are ahead.

Much in the same way Bugnini using Pius XII and Paul VI's (with his support) authority undermined and went beyond anything envisaged by the bishops at Vatican II so Francis uses the same tactic or never speaking clearly but using his authority to undermine. This has been a steady strategy used by liberal Modernists for over 5 decades. They undermine, hijack positions of authority, promote and cover for each other. I personally think Francis is a heretic. He says its a sin to seek to convert others to Christianity. He promotes heretics like Cupich, he manipulates synods and now wants adulterers and others living in mortal sin to receive Holy Communion. He even uses a heretic and schismatic Patriarch of Constantinople as his mouth piece. The Greeks are so enslaved to caesaropapism allowed second and third marriages to appease the laws of the Byzantine state before the 10th century. When Christ's words are ignored what point is there. I have known authority has been used to destroy the Church. I have lived and we are living through it. Enough is enough!
4. Q & A

Q: Would you ever consider reopening the comboxes on the C-blog?

A: No. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't hear some story about combox trolls. I have considered trying to use the authentication tools as if people identifying themselves will somehow end the trolling. But people do the same things on Facebook and Twitter which require you to open an account. I don't have a problem with open dialogue, and I enjoy reading combox comments on other sites. When they are really good, I quote them here. But these comments are like finding a gold watch in a septic tank. It doesn't change the nature of septic tanks.

People who want to comment on my stuff should just post a link on their own blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, messageboards, and Reddit and rip me to shreds there. I don't put comments in comboxes but choose to respond here or on Twitter. The downside of this approach is that people who read posts here may not be able to read the comments. And that, Dear Reader, is why we have combox trolls. They want to share the stage and hijack it sort of like a heckler at a comedy show. Why build your own show when you can ruin someone else's show?


What is the difference between a Jesuit and an evangelical? The evangelical knows he isn't Catholic.


Flee idleness... for no one is more exposed to such temptations than he who has nothing to do.

Be sure that you first preach by the way you live. If you do not, people will notice that you say one thing, but live otherwise, and your words will bring only cynical laughter and a derisive shake of the head.

Act, and God will act. 

I don’t understand how you can call yourself a Christian and lead such an idle, useless life. Have you forgotten Christ’s life of toil?

I passed by the field of the slothful man, and by the vineyard of the foolish man:
And behold it was all filled with nettles, and thorns had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall was broken down.
Which when I had seen, I laid it up in my heart, and by the example I received instruction.
Thou wilt sleep a little, said I, thou wilt slumber a little, thou wilt fold thy hands a little to rest:
And poverty shall come to thee as a runner, and beggary as an armed man.
PROVERBS 24:30-34


--Pizzagate has blown up in the faces of those who built it.

--The Russians merely did the job the mainstream US media would not do. It is sad when RT is a better source than the Times or CNN.

--The CIA claims the Russians influenced the election in favor of Trump. Meanwhile, the pot made remarks about the color of the kettle.

--Geert Wilders is a hero. Freedom of speech is dead in Netherlands.

--France outlaws the pro-life message. Freedom of speech is dead in France.

--Dylann Roof is cold evil. He has no conscience.

--Republicans predicting the permanent demise of the Democrat Party need to remember that those predictions were made before. Evil never dies.