Charlie's Blog: Thoughts on the Aftermath of the 2016 Election


Thoughts on the Aftermath of the 2016 Election

They're literally protesting AGAINST a democratic election.
Let that sink in.

I predicted that Trump would win the popular vote, and Hillary would win the electoral vote. I prayed that I would be wrong. My prayers were answered. I am elated that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. Do I think things will become awesome and great in the USA? Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. I see Trump's victory as the car not going over the cliff but slamming into the guard rail. The upside is that we can walk away from this one.

I have heard that people cried when Hillary lost. I have to laugh about that. I also have to laugh at the mainstream media who never saw this coming. Now, as I write this, protests have erupted across cities against Trump as the sore losers express the butt hurt of not seeing their Jezebel crowned. As for Obama, this election has been an absolute repudiation of his presidency, and O knows it, too.

Where do we go from here? The Democratic Party needs to ask itself why it lost the votes of working class people. I can answer that one very easily. The Democrats are the party of sodomites, trannies, thugs, baby killers, and any other minority they can exploit for votes. Those working class people and families were labeled as "deplorables" and shunned by the party that once upon a time embraced them. The Democrats were supposed to be on the side of the poor versus the Republicans who always catered to the rich. Working class families used to be the backbone of the Democrat Party. Now, Donald Trump has made a home for them in the GOP. Democrats can only call these decent working people "racists" and "homophobes." They vilified these good people, and these good people responded by voting for Donald Trump.

The Democrats could have won with either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. But they cheated Bernie out of the nomination, and Biden sat it out probably fearing what Hillary might do. Personally, I see the hand of providence in all of it. The Democrats had to nominate the worst candidate of all time to run against Trump and lose.

As for the Republicans, they have to figure out how they are going to work with a guy who is fundamentally neither a conservative nor a Republican. I recommend holding his feet to the fire. Never stop fighting. This is a lesson Nigel Farage has yet to learn post-Brexit. You may win battles, but the war is permanent until Judgment Day.

I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Trump. I voted for him. I wanted him to win. I am glad he won. But I really wish Ted Cruz was our guy instead of Trump. With that said, I will go forward as a Trump critic. This man is no Ronald Reagan. This election is God's judgment upon us, but He shall chastise this nation with a light whipping. But it will still be a whipping. If you want to make America great again, you must first make it good again. I'm not sure if Trump is up to that task, As for now, it feels good to get a win. We needed a win.