Charlie's Blog: SOC 8



The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

When I peruse the pictures on Rich Kids of Instagram, I ask myself a few questions. The most obvious ones deal with decadent lifestyles. Fortunately for me, God made me poor and blue collar. Even if riches fell in my lap, I could never indulge the same level of conspicuous consumption that the RKOI manage. But the other questions deal with the fact that the RKOI feel the compulsion to post the pictures on social media. They add vanity to their indulgence.

Sometimes, I wonder if this blog doesn't serve my own vanity. Then, I remind myself that no one reads my blog. And, if I need any greater doses of humility, I only have to open the comboxes once again. I'm not into self-promotion so much as idea promotion. I am passionate about the things I believe in, but I find it difficult to post pictures of myself or my lifestyle like your typical Facebooker. I'm more about religion, politics, economics, and things other than myself which is why I prefer Twitter to Facebook.

I have been extremely busy for the last month which is why the C-blog has not been active. My real world life has taken the wheel from my blogging life, but I need to get back to being a writer again. I feel out of practice at the moment, and I need get back into my groove.

The Left is apoplectic over the Trump victory. It was the same thing with the Brexit. The elites look down their noses at the rubes not realizing that this elitism is totally out of step with their self-professed ideology of equality and justice for the oppressed. The reality is that the Left is against God, Family, and Country. They champion secularism, the collective, and the push for one world government. They know better than you how to run your life. Now, they are angry that some people have decided to take back their lives and their country by voting for Donald Trump.

The spoiled brat response of the Left was to be expected and held no surprises for me. But this leaves me to address the next group that opposed Trump. These were the Purists. These were the ones who could never vote for Trump and fished for various ways to vote third party or not vote at all. I urge you to ask yourself a question. Didn't you feel a surge of relief and optimism when you saw that Trump won and Hillary lost? Didn't it bring a smile to your face? I can understand the misgivings about Trump because they match my own. But you have to feel good knowing that you escaped a much worse fate. I urge people to rethink their purism and embrace the pragmatism. Reject the notion that you should do nothing because you can only do a little. A lot of people doing their small part is what led to the upset of Hillary's coronation. I feel vindicated in my pragmatism.

Recently, I could not help but reflect on Nigel Farage. Farage was the guy behind the Brexit over in the UK, and he stepped down following the victory of that effort. He figured his job was done. Now that the rats are doing their best to hamstring the Brexit, Farage is learning the lesson that the job of fighting evil and tyranny is never done. You always have to keep fighting. The war does not end until the Second Coming.

This is an important lesson for the Trump era. The battle goes on. The Left is regrouping and will certainly strike back. They hope to lull us back into complacency. To hell with that. If Obama does not pardon her, Trump needs to go after Bill and Hillary and bring them to trial for their crimes. The Clinton Foundation needs to be shut down. Her lackeys at the Justice Department also need to go to jail. And Trump should publicly demand James Comey's resignation as head of the FBI. That man has been an absolute disgrace to law enforcement.

I am glad to see the end of the Obama administration. The last eight years have been horrible. They end with Trump. Unfortunately, I don't think the acrimony that man helped create will end at all. I get tired of the race card getting tossed out every time you contradict the leftist rhetoric. I think blacks and Latinos will have a better time under Trump than they ever did under Obama. Yet, the racism of many of these people blinds them to the reality that the Democrat Party uses them and disposes of them until the next election cycle.

As for the people who pledged to leave the country if Trump won, don't let the door hit you on the way out. This country doesn't need you or your kind in it. Go to Canada or go to hell. Just go away. This act alone will make America great again, and Trump will have succeeded in his mission before he was even sworn in.

I am laughing at the misery and tears of the Hillary Clinton supporters in a state of shock, depression, and despair. They may feel badly now, but they will get over it. They get to feel for a few days what I have felt for eight long years under this despicable president who doubled the national debt, gave sanction to sodomy as a basis for marriage, and inflicted Obamacare on us all. Right now, CNN gets more laughs from me than Comedy Central.

I feel awesome. I thought this good feeling would fade after 24 hours or so, but it remains with me. It is the feeling of hope. It has been so long that I had forgotten what it was to look forward to the future. I see light in the darkness, and I think things will get better for this country. May God bless us.