Charlie's Blog: Thoughts on the Eve of the 2016 Presidential Election


Thoughts on the Eve of the 2016 Presidential Election

A vote for her is a vote for four more years of Barack Obama.

I have already cast my ballot in the 2016 election. I have one of those crazy jobs where a 12 hour day is considered a short easy day, so I know I would never make it to the polling station in my precinct. They should make Election Day a national holiday like Independence Day. But they don't. Businesses don't want to lose the productivity and profits, and Democrats know that people that work for a living never vote for Democrats. So, we work on a day where we have to find our own way to get our voting done. For me, this has been the absentee ballot process. I highly recommend it.

This has been one crazy election year. It was supposed to be Bush vs. Clinton, and Jeb Bush would be sailing smoothly into the White House against the scandal ridden Crooked Hillary who belongs in a prison cell. But the opponent the Democrats wanted is the one they got--Donald J. Trump. I wanted Ted Cruz, but his failure shows that the GOP is not a majority conservative party., So, we have Trump. I voted for Trump. I voted straight GOP on everything else. I voted no for the two measures calling for new taxes to be blown on whatever.

Hillary faces more and more scandal, and the media has done everything it can to ignore this treasure trove of corruption. Apparently, Woodward and Bernstein only go after Republicans like Nixon. More has been made of Trump's poor choice of words than about Hillary Clinton's felonies. Trump is not the best candidate, but only a blind fool cannot see the mile of daylight between these two individuals. Despite the media carrying water for Clinton, this country knows how dirty she is. If this country votes for her anyway, it shows how depraved we have become as a nation.

I have enthusiastically supported Trump even though I think he is inferior to both Romney and McCain before him. I didn't vote for either of those guys choosing to either vote Libertarian or just not vote at all. But the last eight years have taught me a valuable lesson. My life would be better today if either Romney or McCain had won. Instead, I have suffered under the worst president in my living memory. Barack Hussein Obama was scooped from the cesspool of Hell, poured into a blue suit, and slung into the White House to bring us to Hell's doorstep. Now, we have Hillary Clinton to carry us over the threshold into national damnation. Trump is absolutely right when he says that voting for Hillary is voting for four more years of Barack Obama.

There are those on the right who entertain ideas of voting for Gary Johnson, some unknown guy running for the Constitution Party, or simply sitting out this election. Their reason for this nonsense is simple. They care more for the Republican Party than they do for the United States of America. They would rather endure four years of Hell under Hillary than tolerate the four years of Republican purgatory under Trump. I understand these people. This is because I used to be one of them. They argue about voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. I would counter that by saying that not voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for the worse of the two evils. When I failed to vote for McCain and Romney, I voted for Barack Obama. I refuse to ever make that mistake again.

This brings us to another issue. Will Hillary and the Democrats try to steal this election in the same way that Kennedy stole the election from Nixon? Absolutely. Blue states are blue precisely because of the big cities in those states like New York and Chicago where the Democrat Machine runs the voting. They always rig the elections in those places. They always have. The antidote to this corruption would be voter ID laws that Democrats oppose every single time likening the showing of a driver's license to Jim Crow laws meant to curb black voting. The reality is that it would end their vote rigging.

I have never voted for a Democrat in my life. The Democrat Party has always been to me the party of evil, the sodomites, the baby killers, the closet Marxists, and those who hate America and wish the UN ran this country instead of We, the People. I am not always pleased with Republicans, but I have never been pleased with a Democrat. Democrats come in two flavors--evil and more evil. I don't know how any Christian person could ever belong to such a party.

I have hope that Trump will pull out a win here. As I write this, Hillary's campaign is imploding from the reopening of the investigation concerning her emails. I doubt that any of this makes any difference to Hillary supporters, but it makes the enthusiasm diminish to the lowest level possible. I think many of the people that voted for Obama will simply sit this one out the same way I sat out on Romney in 2012. I don't see the support for Hillary anywhere. I have seen more campaign signs and stickers for Gary Johnson than for her. As for Trump, I see hats. T-shirts, and all the rest on a daily basis. I think SC will definitely vote for Trump, and I hope this is the same for the rest of flyover country.

If Hillary wins, this country is doomed and will never recover in our lifetimes. If Trump wins, there will be riots as the scum of this nation burn down their neighborhoods knowing their welfare gravy train is coming to an end. Let them burn. But make no mistake about it. Trump is on the side of good. He isn't Luke Skywalker, but he is Han Solo. I doubt he will ever be a saint, but you don't have to be a saint to be a hero. You just have to know what side you are on and fight like hell. Trump is a fighter. He is the guy we need.

Saying Trump is the same as Hillary is a false equivocation. There are scoundrels, and there are villains. People need to know the difference. Trump is a scoundrel. Hillary is a villain. Just vote for the scoundrel. You will have four years to consider someone to take him down in the primaries for 2020. And don't forget this other fact. Trump doesn't have any other Trumps to staff his cabinet and administration. He already picked his first hire in Mike Pence, and that guy is solid. I could easily vote for Pence for President. And I truly believe that Trump will listen to his people on policy.

I pray for this country. I pray that Hillary never becomes President. I pray that Trump will be our President. And I pray that Trump will become a better man than the one he is now. Give the guy a chance because Hillary will never give you a chance. She will finish the demolition begin under Barack Obama. This country can't take four more years of this. Get out and vote for Trump.