Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 18


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 18

I intend to live forever or die trying.


I must confess to being utterly surprised that the FBI and the Justice Department let Hillary skate on breaking laws concerning her email server and classified materials. I have always known Hillary was crooked, but this move this week shows that the whole system is corrupt. That was the real shocker. There are two questions we must ask. First, why did Hillary have that private server? Second, how did she get away with crimes that brought down others like Petraeus and Libby?

I can only speculate, but I believe Hillary was using the State Department as an extension of the Clinton Foundation offering quid pro quo deals to foreign donors in exchange for favors and information. The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a slush fund masquerading as a charitable endeavor. The reason Hillary needed that private server was to keep her emails from being subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. Her official emails would automatically be archived when she sent emails and replies to others in the State Department and vice versa. But the dirty emails would never see the light of day. Destroy the server and poof! Hillary can play dumb and naive, but she is one shrewd crook. She knew exactly what she was doing.

As for getting away with it, Hillary basically offered a job to AG Lynch in the new administration which amounts to a bribe. As for FBI Director Comey, he was probably bribed or threatened. There is no telling what transpired in that interview with Hillary, but I believe she knows where bodies are buried in DC. Hillary has carrots and sticks at her disposal.

Hillary is exponentially more crooked than Tricky Dick Nixon ever was. The key difference between Nixon and Hillary is that Nixon never burned those tapes that brought him down. Even that guy had his limits, and I am in agreement with my old man when he told me that Nixon was actually the cleanest guy in Washington compared to guys like LBJ and even JFK. Nixon went down over two burglaries and using the IRS to get even with political opponents and enemies. Compared to the things we've learned from the Snowden revelations and what Obama has done, Nixon was a lightweight. He got caught tearing the tag off a mattress while people were being murdered next door.

FBI Director Comey did do one good thing. He basically admitted to the American public that Hillary was at best grossly negligent and a criminal at worse. Comey knows and America knows that Hillary Clinton belongs in prison for the rest of her life. This information makes the 2016 presidential election a trial on Hillary's criminality, and the American electorate will act as the jury. Comey's actions stink like a dead skunk in an outhouse, but he knows that it will all be fine when the decision gets thrown back on us in November.

Will America elect a blatant criminal to the White House? Ultimately, America itself is on trial. Are we still a moral nation? Do we still believe in the rule of law? Or, are we a debased and depraved country that doesn't care anymore? If Hillary makes it to the Oval Office, this country will deserve damnation.


I am going to declare something radical, and it may get me in a lot of hot water. I don't care. It needs saying. Murdering innocent people is wrong. It really doesn't matter what color the killer or the killed may be. Murder is murder, and it is always wrong.

The problem we have today is a lack of moral clarity on these issues. This is because people choose sides over choosing what is right. Consequently, the end justifies the means depending on which side you take. Right now, I watch MSNBC and CNN run stories about black people getting shot by cops while Fox runs stories about white cops getting shot by black people.

The reality is that black people kill the most black people. Racist white cops don't even come close to the body count of gangs and thugs and drug dealers who terrorize neighborhoods and could care less than a place like Chicago is a "gun free zone." Yet, if black lives matter so much, why aren't the BLM people marching against the Bloods, the Crips, and every other killer of black people? Or, do black lives matter only when they are snuffed out by white cops?

The crime people are against isn't murder. It is racism. When a Blood blows out a Crip's brains, the good thing you can say about it was that it wasn't a racially motivated killing. Somehow, that makes it alright. With that thinking in mind, we should take all the white cops off the street, replace them with black cops, and let them mow down all black people. Murder is OK as long as there's no racism, and black cops can't be racist.

The problem with this country is that our moral code based on Judeo-Christian ethics and natural law has been replaced by political correctness, tribalism, and consequentialism. Without a common moral code, this country is forming sides and skidding towards civil war. Groups like BLM and individuals like our awful president fan the flames of this anger and hatred with their rhetoric that makes no appeal to God or morality.

In SC, the murder of the Charleston Nine should have provoked a cycle of racial tit-for-tat violence. This was Dylann Roof's objective. He wanted to start a race war. But Roof failed because he killed Christians who had families who responded to his senseless act with love and forgiveness. The aftermath was something that still staggers me now. As awful as that event was, I have seen SC become better because of it. That is the difference Christianity makes.

The rest of this country could care less about Christianity. Jesse Jackson had a great line. "End the violence, or the violence will end us." I can agree with that. Violence can never be a constructive answer. Yet, I am watching news stories that justify the killing of white police officers. And, no, those news stories are not on Fox.

I pray for this country. If things are ever going to get better, it will have to be the Christians who do it through their prayers and their charity.


The best argument I have against gun control are the arguments for knife control coming from the UK. Here is that ridiculous notion on display:

Now, even if you could manage to ban all knives, I can fashion a stabbing weapon from many things in my home in less than ten minutes. In less than ten seconds, I can mess you up really bad with a ballpoint pen. The beauty of learning Krav Maga or watching a Jason Bourne film is appreciating the value of improvised weapons.

Guns are good because they allow someone who is weak and defenseless to stop being weak and defenseless. This would be a ninety-year-old grandmother with a shotgun. Guns are great equalizers. This is why those in power want to take away your guns. They prefer a weak and defenseless population.

In the UK, the population is weak and defenseless. Consequently, those people are stabbed and bludgeoned on a regular basis by people more powerful and unafraid of weak and defenseless people. What is the answer? Stop knives and save lives. This is stupidity to the highest degree.

People have a natural right to defend themselves. There should be a new constitutional amendment establishing the right to self-defense and making clear what the Second Amendment assumed when it was written. But that was an era of common sense which has disappeared in our day.

Guns are good. You may not understand that now, but you will when you have one in your hand when some home invader kicks in your door.


George F. Will made a theatrical gesture of changing his voter registration from Republican to Independent because the guy doesn't like Donald Trump. Good riddance to Mr. Will. I wish he would go the rest of the way and stop calling himself a conservative.

George F. Will is an atheist. His political mindset can best be described as a small government progressive which looks almost identical to being a libertarian. When a conservative stops believing in God, he becomes a libertarian. This is what happened to me in my thirties. I became an atheist which turned me into a libertarian. I fully expect George Will to vote for Gary Johnson in November.

I think George wanted to do this for a long time, but he needed some grand thing to justify such a grand move. I doubt that Will could ever be a robust libertarian because his pessimism makes him see humanity as inherently evil. But I don't think Will cares about abortion, gay marriage, or anything else. He is an atheist who sees the value of Plato's noble lie as a means of keeping the ignorant masses in check. The Will worldview is simple--reason for me and religion for you. Yet, Will is the real fool.

If you are a conservative, you should remain a Republican and vote Republican. This is consistent with conservatism because conservatism is not an ideology like libertarianism demanding purity and absolute conformity to an abstract principle. We never vote for the perfect. We vote for the better. The perfect does not exist in this world. Conservatives who bolt the party have forgotten what conservatism is about. They need to go back to Burke, Kirk, and Buckley and learn how to read again.

4. Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I never look that far ahead. Life is what happens while you are making plans for a life that will never be. This is because circumstances dictate much of what your life will be. I prefer to think in terms of directions instead of goals. I don't know where I will be in five years, but I know I am pointed in the way that I should go. We will see if I get there.


I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.

Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people.

The reasoning man who scorns the prejudices of simpletons necessarily becomes the enemy of simpletons; he must expect as much, and laugh at the inevitable.

Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.


--People have forgotten that in order to have civilization people must be civil. In order to be civil, people must be civilized. And what civilizes? The answer is Christianity.

--When people bring in two codes of ethics--one for the elite and one for the masses--know that Hell is in the driver seat.

--Brexit was a step back from one world government. The Tower of Babel will always fail. Always.

--The 2% of the population that are vegan oppress the 98% that eat dead animal flesh.

--Trump should pick Newt Gingrich for VP. He needs a point man in Congress who knows the ropes.


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